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Contest: Two Kindle Fire Tablets Up For Grabs From CompanionLink

On the day that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is released to the world, what better way is there to celebrate than by giving two (2) away to a couple of Droid Life readers? Thanks to our local Portland friends at CompanionLink, we get to do just that. In a meeting with them last week, we were discussing the fact that their Android product is taking off in the business sector like crazy due to the massive growth on the platform. But as any growing company, they want to learn more and find new ways to expand or better their products. So that’s where this contest comes in to play – they want you to tell them a few ideas about how they can make your smartphone even smarter. 

A little background:

CompanionLink is a software company in Portland, Oregon, specializing in data synchronization for mobile devices. With over 15 years experience in the field, it’s safe to say CompanionLink knows sync. Today, CL’s largest focus is Android to Outlook sync, though they do a lot more than that. If you’re in the market to sync your Droid, be sure to check them out. You can also find them on Twitter for more info.


Two (2) Kindle Fire tablets.

The contest and how to enter:

CompanionLink wants to know what killer productivity feature you wish you had on your Android device?

In order to enter, all you have to do is give them feedback to that question in the comments below. And feel free to think outside the box here. For example, what if your phone could automatically send out a message when you’re running late to an event? It would send a text message to everyone attending the event and use GPS and traffic estimates to let them know how late you’ll be. Things like that.

The contest runs from the time of this post through Friday (11/18).


On Friday (11/18) Monday (11/21), the folks at CompanionLink will sift through the comments and pick our their two favorite ideas. From there, we will contact the winners and get the Kindle Fires sent out!

Update:  CompanionLink is enjoying all of the responses and would like to give you the entire day today (11/18) to respond. They will pick winners over the weekend and give them to me on Monday morning to announce.

Good luck everyone!

  • Steven Sangster

    I want an app that list every grocery store, their layouts and where to find items..

    Like seasonsings Isle3 in tom thumb. 

    I hate wondering around grocery stores clueless for 30 minutes to pick up a few things for my girlfriend.

  • Droidexaminer

    I wish that my android device knew how to actually cheer up a user. Maybe have a emotion indicator. For example im having a bad day and it will send me inspirational quotes or compliment what im wearing by looking at the front face camera.

  • Palmerj213

    I’d like to see integration with blackboard and android calendar features. It’s annoying to have to go and manually re enter info that’s already on blackboard.

  • I want the ability to dock an ICS phone inside of a tablet shell making it function as a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, android is so diverse I’m actually have a hard time thinking of things. I think android should have a built in sound recorder to record telephone calls or things of that nature. Also, an IR blaster to control my home entertainment system would be awesome.

  • I would like the ability to control my entire house through my phone, i currently use x10 hardware around my house and it is a shame there is nothing worth while enough to use on my phone it is a untapped market… I would happy toss money at whoever made something awesome there…

  • Kenhunt86

    I wish airplane mode worked…get it?

  • jawabba

    Create an app that would link to other android users as you walk by sharing basic info such as apps and contact info.

  • James

    I would love the ability to write notes directly on pdf files and have them auto sync to dropbox from a single app

  • I think a killer productivity app would be the ability to control the weather! Then I can bring hurricanes and tornadoes to all my enemies and demand $1,000 dollars to not kill their awfully cute puppy with a lighting bolt. MWHA-HA-HA-HA! 

    Or maybe something that just makes a good espresso.  A think I need a good espresso.

    But I really hate that puppy with their uncontrollable cuteness and soft puppy fur and that unconditional love. Ugh.

  • tstecknj

    I would like to have my Android phone to be used as a Credit Card, Debit Card, and all my loyalty cards all in one.  Yes I know there are things like KeyRing for my loyalty cards and I use them, but it would be awesome if I could use my phone instead of the credit cards and debit card to pay for things at brick and mortar stores/restaurants.  Of course retailers would need to be able to accept using my phone and me being able to select which credit card or my debit card to pay for the items, but..  Not having all these stupid plastic cards in my wallet making it a brick would be a most awesome thing. 

  • I am thinking like George Jetson. Drive my car, get me dressede, shave for me (cuz I hate shaving)

  • I’d love an application that keeps track of my fridge/grocery list based on what I already have at home. I could scan in/out items as i buy/use them. It kills when when I get home from the store, only to find I had half of my list already (pasta, bread, milk, etc).

    Enable NFC with the fridge for added bonus of not having to scan in and out (tag EVERYTHING)

  • Anonymous

    Within the context of what the company does, I think it would be really nice to have a much better email client to synch with my work’s Exchange.  Right now, none of the applications I have found are very intuitive.  An easier way to select multiple emails (beside using checkboxes) and then performing some action on them would be nice.  It would be nice to have the OS read them to you.  I’m sure some of these things already exist.  Unfortunately, don’t have enough time to research it.

  • Anonymous

    A service similar to BBM would really shine on Android

  • Ryan McLelland

    I would like for the device to make true synchronization of media better. Being able to select networks, and use the phone as a cloud device between them. So as I enter a wireless network at location A it grabs new files and adds them to the phone and places the files that are new from A on the phone. Then when arriving at B it does the same thing. It acts as a personal cloud. None of the security risks from normal cloud stuff but the same level of convenience.

  • Connecting it to my phone via Bluetooth or something and being able to send emails and texts from my tablet. Another thing would be better word processing and the ability to view embedded PDF files in the browser. 

  • Patrick Reardon

    I’d love to see affordable NFC technology (like door locks that the previous commenter mentioned), and more apps that would be useful to an IT Admin such as managing networks, Google Apps administration, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a Topo app for wireless freqs to help calculate furnell loss a cross topology of the land on my xoom. Being an wireless internet tech working with the layout of the land and line of sight technologies, this is a must.

  • Shawn

    Use the GPS to determine phone settings based on environment. In the office, movie theater = quiet mode; at home = loud etc. You should be able to define the context and setting for different environments.

  • all id want is a better usage of word processing and powerpoint on android. Quick office is ok but lacks many of the features I would like to see in a processing app. I wish then whatever i could make in the word app would sync to the cloud and be available on my computer for further tweaking.

  • Mark Lewis

    Use machine learning to understand my routine.  Use my task list and calendar to anticipate what I’m planning to do.  Offer suggestions based on both.

    For example, I hang out with friends every Thursday night.  We always eat out, and sometimes we’ll catch a movie too.  My Android phone would know all of this and offer suggestions on where to eat and what movies are playing nearby that we might like.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to have some kind of text messaging gestures. I’m thinking canned responses that you can associate with a gesture, integrated into any text field on your phone. Make it happen CompanionLink!

  • justin norman

    i think some cool use of the new NFC Technology, would be the ability to open up your front door with your secure NFC, input a pin number, wave your phone, door unlocks. ( yes i know this can also sound scary ) but look at automatic unlocking cars now, how awesome would it be to just wave your phone with a handful of groceries and have your from door just swing open for you 😉 

  • My vocal cords have been paralyzed since I was 10 years old as a complication from a surgery I had.  I can only speak at a low whisper.  Technology has been great to me as it has allowed me to do most of my communication is done with text messaging, email, etc!  I love it!  🙂  With that being said, there are still some technology features I would like to see developed.  It would be great if there was a high quality sounding text to speech app for android phones/tablets I could use.  There are some text to speech apps out there but they are clunky and/or sound awful.  I am looking for voice quality found in the Paul voice of the Natural Reader text to speech software.  Or, the voice quality of the voice used in the IBM Watson supercomputer.  Granted this app doesn’t really count as a “productivity feature” you wanted but it would help me be more “productive”.  😉  I know as far as I am concerned, I don’t want to use machines specifically designed just for text to speech.  A text to speech android app is much more practical.  If anyone knows any dev who could make this happen, please pass my idea/suggestion on.

  • justin norman

    ill post another idea for my lady, who for gosh sakes, loves to shop!

    what if you had a googles maps of each mall in the usa, the ability to view their daily specials and what is actually being promoted in stores before you even go there. black friday, and the holidays are already upon us, and it would be nice to have a step ahead of the game. 😉 just an idea for thought! thank the girlfriend for that one.

  • Ryanwv24

    I would give my left nut or 1st born to be able to wireless sync my excel docs like a share to my pc.  this way when i make a edit on my phone it will auto update on my pc.

  • Anonymous

    I would love my all my android devices to have macro features where I can set several programs to launch and complete a certain function with the touch of a widget.. for example.. when I get in my car after work I push the home widget and it launches my Google music playlist syncs my Bluetooth to my car and launches Google maps so I can see traffic. It would also launch something like vlingo so i could hear and dictate text messages without having to take my eyes off the road…

    That is what I am really looking for in an app..

  • justin norman

    i think my final idea i would love to see on a device, would be the ability to share things im doing on my phone with a buddy of mine. Ive been browsing websites, or playing in an app that they had as well, and thought that they should see the same thing that i see. to have a buddy list to be able to share with, instantly that would pop up on their screen at the exact location that i am at would be dope!

    plus, it would be great for conferences, someone could be doing a demo of something up on stage, and you could have your android device right in front of you, following along with them close up and personal, rather then on an un-interactive, jumbo screen above. 🙂 lets get this done!

    • justin norman

      you could call it BuddyView 🙂 also be able to share maps, apps, songs, contacts (i know a few of these can already be shared side by side ) but mobile browsing, app browsing, and certain other aspects of this cannot.  
      thanks again for the donations! glad to see a local portland company getting involved! keep it local gents! 🙂 503 <3

  • I want more graphic/art related apps on my Android tablet. Not sure they’re powerful enough yet for what I want to do though.

  • Chelred3

    Also this is no big deal, but I would LOVE to be able to use my smartphone while it’s plugged in and charging! It would make those unfortunate times when your battery dies at the worst moment possible, much more manageable! :]

  • Mobile productivity would benefit from allowing delegates to access, schedule, approve and deny appointments on the corporate calendar remotely.  Currently, only mobile users can connect and sync directly with only their primary account.  AFAIK, delegates can only access calendars remotely through a very kludgy setup.

  • Chelred3

    I think one problem…no not problem, more of a “missing link” in the android app services is the apps that are for the “self defined, electronically challenged mommy”. My entire family of 5 has smartphones (3 of them being droids), and needless to say we all vary in age and electronic experience; sometimes my parents call them the “too smart phones” because they “seem to make things harder than necessary at times”. My point being, it’s generally the adults whom are buying these smart phones… 1) they have the monetary stability and 2) they are just as guilty as the youth for trying to keep up with the times, even though their experience if often quite limited…why not make it easier for them? My idea is to enforce apps specifically for moms. 1) A grocery list app, kind of like a notepad that has a built in checklist and can also be seperated for multi-trip stores. Plain and simple, but little to no work enforced. 2) A coupon book app, but not just an app to the online coupons…more of an app to gather those coupons from these sites and put them in folders by items and dates. This way women’s online coupons are organized just like they would be in real time and it’s quick and easy to find them at the checkout. I would also really like it if this app had the ability to set alarms as a reminder for soon-to-expire coupons. As a business, it would be a good opportunity for yourself to make deals with the coupon sites and they could be advertised in the “resources” button on the app or something. I’m not sure that these apps don’t already exhist in some form, but somtimes it’s not the idea, but the rennovation that counts. I honestly believe your company could really benefit and put yourselves ahead if you focused on the womens’ market and how to make it easier for the everyday woman. Because you’ve already done a great job for the tech-savy woman.

  • Productivity should be about making one productive. We are lazy people, we procrastinate and no amount of task calendar applications really fix the problem. The reason is simple: They don’t tell us what to do, it’s a pain in the neck to set up the busier your schedule is and then the only reminders are set by US. If you have an app that can read in a calendar schedule and say, a to-do list, and then schedule the to-do’s intelligently in one’s ‘spare time’, or prompt a person during their spare time to do one of the tasks that is important. location awareness can make it so the app learns when a person is in transit or not between calendar events. And can calculate an appropriately timed reminder based on time and location of the event. If it can auto-set well-timed alarms while it’s at it to keep you in tandem, that’s even better. And for some tasks like phone calls, it should be able to auto-determine whether or not you’ve done so using your phone log. A smart app that tells you to be on time, and/or make up for lost time, to get priorities straight and doesn’t give the user the opportunity to procrastinate. It may be annoying, but it certainly will get us going. And if it gets people going, it’ll grab attention.

  • agdaniels

    I would like to see a more robust document editing/note taking suite that allowed things like persistent and synced document revisions or markups, photo manipulation, search, sorting,  and compatability with microsoft office documents.

  • Thesmith7

    An App to make me breakfast in Bed

  • Nick20719

    It would be truly amazing if my android phone had the ability to project a virtual keyboard. As a DROID X user, rooted and rom’d, I have everything I need except for a keyboard. There have been many times when my laptop baterry died but my phone still had some juice! While in class, I can type pretty fast using that nice 4.3″ keyboard, but with a virtual keyboard that could be projected, I could type as fast as I would on my laptop, and when im done I can just turn it off and not have to worry about carrying a bluetooth keyboard! I already use my phone as a USB/median for projects for class instead of a traditional USB, so having a virtual projecting keyboard would be amazing. I already have office suite/quick office, so all I need is a keyboard, and i could rely solely on my cellphone and make quick changes to papers/power points before and in class.

  • mikejs78

    A task app that integrates with all my Android devices and a website in the cloud so I can organize my day.  

  • Anonymous

    The ability to sync with a beer mug..

  • Agentorange1985

    The feature I would most likely want is something simple, that probably mayn people have thought of before.  If there were a row of customizable keys on the keyboard, say 5 or 10, and we could put our most commonly used words in each of those keys so we don’t have to type them out every time… for example, 3 of the keys would have my 3 different email addresses.  That way whenever I was filling out a form or texting someone, all I would have to do is hit that key and it would fully type out my e-mail address.  Kind of like the “.com” button on most keyboards, but customizable.

  • Cronek28

    not killer productivity but I would love a (bubblebee from transformers) app that I could type or say something and it would repeat it in quote and clips from movies and songs… but a sweet app for productivity would be one that dose all my work for me while I take a nap

  • Sgladwell

    Good Luck!

  • Finire

    Remote media and alarm control for android.

    I would like the ability to control my alarm clock and media on my tablet, from my phone. So if I wanted my tablet to be sitting on my desk, say hooked up to my tv via a HDMI cable, I could control what it was playing from my couch or bed with my phone.

  • Kal5el

    How about an errand course plotter? I tell it my errand to-dos, and it plots the best course for me. It could account for time of day and traffic, could make specific stops that I request, could find other stops along the way, and also account for my start and stop locations.  Like if I want to go from work to home, but I want Baskin Robbins, and I need milk, it would check the time of day and traffic, find a Baskin Robbins, plot my course past there, and give me a good place to stop for milk along the way. And all I have to do is tell it where I want to go and what I need to get done. 

  • It would be nice if my phone can forward a contact info to another contact without having to type all the info.  Example, colleague calls and needs a contact info…rather than typing all the info out to the colleague, you can forward the requested contact to your colleague. 

  • I would like to see…

    An app that allows me to sync (data/music/movies), securely, on my own WiFi network. Another words, when I’m working on my home PC and I can select certain files via an explorer from my encrypted drive and select “GO”, then the next time my phone is within my WiFi network, it will transfer to an encrypted folder on my SD card. Kind of bypassing the whole Cloud thing and keeping it In-House…securely! 

    I web interface for remote access and streaming would be grand too:)

  • Professandobey

    Running seperate apps simultaneously, each in a window, would allow for killer multitaksing, especially on tablets. For example, you are chatting with someone about an article on Google Talk; you could have the article take up half or 2/3 of the screen while your conversation uses the rless

    Perhaps you could even drag the border between windows to reallocate more or less screen space to an app as needed. Or maybe you could give one app about 10% and the other 90%, automatically switching the sizes when you make one window active. In some instances, making one app take up 100% could be as easy as a swipe up or down, keeping the other app ready to go and ready to be summoned again right where you left off.

    Another great example would be when you are taking notes on something. Perhaps you are watching an instructional video, and you want to put items on your shopping list as they are mentioned on the video. With app windows you wouldn’t have to leave the video to type in your notes. The windows could pause the video playback when you type. Furthermore, this could be helpful for inputting things from a webpage onto your calendar. Perhaps you want two webpages open at once to compare info or fill in a form.

    On a tablet, you could even have 3 or 4 app windows. The key would be making sure window management is quick and intuitive. The biggest problem could be that this type of feature would be better off baked into the OS.

  • An app that is always listening to what I am saying.  And depending on time of day (knowing I work during the day and go out at night), it can tell me if i’m starting to sound stupid at work because i’m rambling or it notices that my voice is strained and knows that i’m nervous around my boss, and then it vibrates in my pocket and gives me a warning, or even something i should be saying.  And then if it’s late at night, it knows i am out and if i am starting to slur my words, it’ll tell me to chill out, or even tell if im failing talking to girls and tell me the right thing to say or just to give up. 

  • Ps5281

    Being new to Chicago, I would love an app that would give real time tracking of all CTA buses and “L” trains.  Much like Glympse does now, track where a bus or train is, the direction of travel, and its speed.  I would also include a notification system that a user can setup to alert them when a certain bus or train arrives a stop along the route.  I would set the notification to alert me when the bus I will ride almost daily is at a stop 3-4 stops before mine.  Basically alerting me to down the street and meet my bus as it arrives, avoiding having to wait longingly staring down the road for my bus.

  • Ferradinho

    The biggest productivity feature I would like to have on my devices is a better time management/productivity system.  It would be awesome to be able to better manage and sync calendar, to-do lists & tasks, shopping, notifications, etc.
    A lot of this can be done with google services and third party apps but it would be great to have integration for everything between devices and use a type of smart notification/alert system.
    I have a Xoom, Rezound, and DX that I almost always have with me.  It would be nice if I dismissed a notification on one and it automatically dismissed it on the other devices.  Or even if it detected if a specific device had its screen on and only delivered a notification to that device.  Having to dismiss a Google Voice, Gmail, or calendar notification 3 times is always a pain.