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Galaxy Nexus Receives 5 Minute Hands-On Video Just Before Tonight’s Announcement

As we all wait patiently for the Samsung and Google event, a German technology website has posted a hands-on video of the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus. The video shows off the new Nexus boot animation along with the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich user interface. The video was uploaded then suddenly set to as private, but thanks to our friends at Android and Me, we have it again. 

Anyone else as impatient as we are?


Via: Android And Me, BriefMobile

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • KojimaSnake

    what a crappy vid. and what a bunch of douche bags.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why is it that we are always caught in the middle?  Yet again it’s a 3-way tie between getting the new galaxy nexus, buying the galaxy s2 hoping it receives ICS in less than 6 months, or in the same time frame buy the galaxy s3 only if the 2ghz dual-core and 1.5 gb of RAM specs hold up.  One thing  is sure unless HTC pulls a “ONE MORE THING” fairly soon or Motorola remember that it’s possible to make blur free droid Samsung has my money in the bag

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This guy is going to need to wash his hands when he is done. Is he not getting ice cream all over his hands?

  • Release date?!?

  • zac

    where the crap is the youtube live stream I am sick of this music haha

  • Kierra

    Nothing groundbreaking, but a nice phone. 

  • Damn. I may need that Nexus to brighten up my mood cuz I just soiled my pants :!

  • looks stupidly smooth!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Specs just dropped over on phandroid.  http://phandroid.com/2011/10/18/official-galaxy-nexus-specs-revealed/

    No CDMA…..no Verizon…..suck it.  RAZR FTW!!  No Verizon Nexus!!!

    • JG

      oh yea cause verizon doesn’t have LTE…i forgot…

      • Anonymous

        Unless we are in 2013, how will you use 3g or talk on Verizon.  Need CDMA support.

    • Uncagedchipmunk

      You clearly can’t read and are moron

      • Anonymous

        Where does it say CDMA.  You can’t talk over LTE.  Could be anyone’s LTE…

        • 253f35fg

          It says verizon on samsung’s website you moron

          • Anonymous

            Oh cause the internet sites are always correct…..where is the i*hone 5…..

          • Ahsan

            VERIZON and SAMSUNG’s websites.

          • Anonymous

            Really….Verizon.  Hum…on the site doesn’t say anything about nexus….says about the razr though…

    • LiterofCola

      It says LTE moron

  • LiterofCola

    Dear Galaxy Nexus,

    I need you in my life.


  • Ahsan

    I’m confused. Is their a menu button on 3.0/4.0? Whats that button with two rectangles on it?

  • Someone want to explain why a 200mhz bump in procc speed makes the nexus the cutting edge vs the bionics “last years tech”? It’s the same god dam SOC just binned…

  • JG

    my god the music on the Android youtube page is makes my pee pee tingle.

  • Some Random Dude

    Gots my laptop hooked up to my 50 inch LCD  … like a boss  8)   im ready for some ICS 😛

  • Anonymous

    Phone looks like crap.  Very plain and no frills.  RAZR looks so much more pleasing and that is more what the consumer cares about.  Quad-cores FTW!!

  • Mr_Snrub

    I don’t care what the MP count is.  The camera is supposed to be much of better quality, which is what matters.

    Face Unlock too.  That’ll be sweet.

  • just_some_nobody

    Why are the buttons at the top of the phone?

  • Tcali

    $300 you say?
    As a consumer, there is no way I would condone that! Especially without that mouth watering, South Korean, piece of beauty Exynos or MicroSD Card capabilities. *sighs* I guess my Ol’ Droid & I will have to wait for the Quad-core Wave…

  • Hep

    I hope this is my next phone.  I’m tired of waiting to replace my OG Droid.  And with a locked bootloader and no removable battery…the RAZR has failed me.  Running out of options.

  • kurttrail

    Paginated app list? WTF!

    On a tablet, I can deal with it, but on a under 5″ device, swiping each page is a PITA.

    • Ahoy

      Yeah, that’s kinda lame.  I was kind of happy to be leaving that behind on my Tbolt (less of a happy surprise with the gingerbread update), but oh well.

    • Anonymous

      Devs at Rootzwiki or XDA can fix that for you.  Just like in Sense 3.0

  • Pardes33

    Do videos play at FULL 720P resolution (landscape mode) on this puppy ?  worried about those lost pixels for soft buttons ….

  • eazy

    what time does this start (central time)?

    • Txbeaner

      9 central time

  • Kierra

    Is it 4 inches? If it is its too small…

    • Anonymous

      thats what she said…

    • Anonymous

      I’ll jump in before all the “OMG U IDIOT HAV U EVEN READ THIS SITE?!?!?!” comments.

      It’s 4.65″ diagonally.

  •  *Shrieks like a little girl*

  • dubs_01

    razr wut?

  • Holy force close city Batman!

  • Mr_Snrub

    Hey Uter, werden wir die flyest funboys in allen Gadebusch mit diesem Gerät sein. Sehen Sie, wenn Ihr Teenager-Freund kann man es das Verdeck auf meinem Audi fallen.

  • J Dub

    I am not watching or reading this article. The event is an hour away. I can wait that long. I think.

  • Anonymous

    Go here to watch the awesomeness!!! http://www.youtube.com/Android

  • Joseph George

    is the camera 5.0 megapixels or 8.0 megapixels?

    • Anonymous

      I keep reading that its gonna be 5 but I’m thinking there is no way, I mean come on the GSII has 8! I’m thinking this should have at least 8 as well. 

  • Jefferz00087

    Is that Arnold Schwarzenegger doing the commentary on this video?

  • Stevehunt86

    I wonder if it works landscape….

    • Stevehunt86


  • Pardes33

    seems like a isheep got to be the first person to manhandle a new nexus…..

    • Pardes33


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    jesus could this guy be any more clueless on what to do…. how about show us the notification bar & app tray like 5 more times

    give me that phone, let me show you how to use it!

  • Anonymous

    Comes to show that anything will look small in the hands of ze Germans…

  • Loltehe

    It crashed like 5 times, kinda disappointed.

    • It didn’t crash…it was website security certificate

  • eazy

    is anyone on the android youtube channel? is it also making weird sounds to you?

    • Please standby, feel like I am getting a massage, hope there is a happy ending 😛

      • eazy


    • weaponx

      yes, very weird…..

  • webby

    Bad videeo, Great phone!  Hubba hubba!
    All ur Nexus r mine!

  • Michael Allis

    Really can’t express the excitement… I’m too excited to even watch blurry cams anymore.


  • Zomygodowned

    Man they gotta stop filming these with iphones 

  • can’t wait for this phone!

  • DanSke

    I think they are looking for the Google maps app to get to Octoberfest…

  • Tyrian

    I wish people in that position of privilege actually knew how show off technology to starving droid-life users.

  • Ray

    cant wait i will be glued to http://www.youtube.com/android

  • Kevin

    What horrible video quality. Were they filming it with an HTC?

  • foreWard

    OK, that dude must have huge hands, cause the phone looks like it is the size of an incredible….

    • Daniel

      That’s what she said

  • Anonymous

    Was this recorded using an old Razr?

    • *recorded using OG DROID

      • WHOAAAA!!!! What’s up with the OG droid diss? Don’t forget where all this shit started.   

  • Anonymous

    Box of Ice Cream Sandwiches, Check. Computer on, Check. Tuned to 4 tech websites across two monitors, check. Girlfriend watching some vampire show, check. Waiting for live blogging… check.    

    • Arodroid

      Not getting laid tonight…check!

      • Anonymous

        This is much more important!

        • Anonymous

          no check

          important, yes.  more than sex, no.

          • Anonymous

            ICShead – can’t beat that.

          • Anonymous

            Already got that tonight, don’t need it again.

          • Anonymous

            I’m  heading over to my girl’s place in a few minutes. Some how I completely forgot what time it was and missed 75% of the video, it can wait. sexy girlfriend > Galaxy Nexus 

          • Adam Elghor

            sex with galaxy nexus better than sex with real person?

        • Anonymous

          You must not get laid too much lol,,  This device is cool and ICS looks awesome but it can’t take care of  some good lovin 🙂 

          And no Mary and her 5 friends is not what i call lovin, just stress relief lol

      • Lol

      • Anonymous

        oh contrair the Zimbabwean women relish a man who knows his technology, while most don’t know further than rocks and sticks.

      • bigrob60

        He will. He’ll just use the flesh lite. LOL.

    • Same here especially about gf being occupied double check that

    • Sure Dude

       We all know it’s a pretend girlfriend.

    • Anonymous


      tsk tsk, man. I’m disappointed.

    • Anonymous

      Turbo nerd status, check.

    • palomosan

      This phone looks better than the pictures posted before.

      • Anonymous

        It actually looks thinner and pretty thin even against the RAZR

        • Anonymous

          Not really, 7.1 mm vs 8.94 mm.  Of course I personally couldn’t care less.

          • Anonymous

            Of course, I know the specs of both devices thanks, I was merely saying that from the recent pic the G Next looked really thin. 🙂

    • Dan

      Comment of the week! 

    • kretz

      substitute beer for the ice cream sandwiches, the gf watching some stupid ass housewives show, and I’m right there with you. Please don’t let her figure out this phone is bigger than my…

    • Anonymous

      I forgot the Sandwiches at the store… damn eeet!

  • Anonymous

    1 star for this lame video.

  • Anonymous

    Sehr Gut Galaxy Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Moto had it’s 15 minutes of fame, poor moto, serves them right for locking the phone.

    • Well the rzor serves a different purpose while this phone is geared towards devs, tech enthusiasts, and Modding community….the rzor is more enterprise and the average Joe and will still be a great device

    • Anonymous

      Locked.  Unlocked.  Makes no difference.  The people want ICS, NFC, bigger screen, etc.  Droid Razr is already old hat before it’s launched.

      • Anonymous

        Thin+LTE+good battery life

      • uh sorry nextroll “people” have no idea what ICS or NFC is so scratch that, and the usable screen is the same size. Personally i’m swapping out my bionic for a nexus, but I’d recommend the razr to 99% of the people I know. Funny thing you say the Razr is old before its launched when the internals is EXACTLY the same, it has the same OMAP 4460 UC to 1.2 so does this make your godly nexus old news too? The razr and bionic are both set to have ICS b4 the end of the year according to BMX Sigh… there’s no use with these nexus fanboys they’re just as bad as iDrones.

        • Anonymous

          So now we have Nexus fanboys as a subclass of Android fanboys?

        • Anonymous

          You uh, feel good about that do you?  I’m not a Nexus fanboy.  I own the Bionic and have money to blow on whatever phone I want.  Bionic won’t sniff ICS this year or next.  It’ll be like the Thunderbolt Gingerbread fiasco all over again.  So please kindly piss off.

    • Anonymous

      As someone that has no idea what a bootloader is, the Razr seems very interesting.

  • Pandawatch08

    Too bad you cant see shit. 

  • Aran Miller

    Did anyone notice how FAST that camera was? I know that it was mentioned that the camera was nearly instant time lapse, but that was ridiculous… I didn’t believe it when I read it to be honest, but after watching him take the picture, with the flash non-the-less, that was crazy fast!

  • Mikewoods94

    Wow have they ever owned a smart phone before. how many times are you gonna pull the notification bar down…..n00b$

    • Daniel

      My thoughts exactly… I would have taken his lunch money in school

  • Anonymous

    How buggy might 4.0 be? Hmmm….curious….

  • Pardes33

    ok when a video is being played do the soft buttons disappear and give you a full 720p display ?????

    • yes. like honeycomb

    • The buttons don’t disappear in honeycomb they just fade to a really little light barely no

    • James Adam

      thats the idea

  • fartbubbler

    nom nom nom

  • Anonymous

    The camera placement is killing me!

  • Anonymous

    Are those force close notifications? LOL

    • Anonymous

      No. They’re browser certificate errors. They were trying to get on wifi to make them stop.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the Engadget article for this video made a snoody little comment about how ICS was repeatedly crashing. I watched that, and realized how dense the Engadget editors were. Pretty sure I’ve never seen a Force Close error with three buttons, but the certificate error dialog box is exactly that.

      • Anonymous

        that was my second guess. Why are all leaked photos and videos the worst quality? Are people recording them on cell phones from 1998?

  • Anonymous

    I love how the guy in the video tries to make his hand movements all graceful.

    UI looks incredibly smooth, but didn’t watch the whole thing.  Still would love to be somewhat surprised tonight!

    • I know I hope they have some features hidden jeez

  • Vtxtank


  • Dan,

    Did you see the touch-sensitive bezel at 2:44?

    • Anonymous

      very interesting haha good eye on that one! guess we will know in about an hour 

    • Did you notice at the bezel on both ends of the phone can display the home/back/menu ‘buttons’. Pretty sweet. Saw it at about the 4:52 mark.

  • Kennie

    this is beautiful. i’m about to jump at my screen for it.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, wipenz de smudge offenz der lens!

    • Anonymous


    • IntlGrizzly

      Deine Mutter ist Hässlich!

      • IntlGrizzly

        und du hast keine intelligenz! 

  • Jason Purp

    Will they announce the full retail price tonight?

    • Unlikely….No one from Verizon will be there to talk pricing lol

      • Jason Purp

        Oh my God. I thought I was gonna find out tonight….

  • Mike Hunt

    People that shoot video in portrait should be shot!

    • Anonymous

      Hmm. That would be everyone who has an iPhone.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Trolling too hard that you can’t put two and two together?

          • Anonymous

            He mentioned liveblogs, which implied that he didn’t know about the stream.

      • Derp

        I never understand why iphone videos look like that… Can’t they just turn it sideways or something? Whats the deal?

    • bigrob60

      Doesn’t even matter in this video b/c the icon’s are so washed out.

  • Anonymous

    Man I am so getting this phone!!  I’m so sick of my TB I can’t stand it!! 

  • Michael Gomez
  • Techisblac

    yeah cause the screen doesn’t have a huge amount of glare or anything.

  • Anonymous

    That phone really doesn’t look that big. Was expecting much, MUCH bigger.

    • with buttons in the display, you get more screen real estate without a bigger device

    • Wilson

      It’s as big as the other 4.3″ bricks.

  • Anonymous

    wish camera app opened a tad quicker

    • Domakinsu

      what video were you watching?