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Download: Google Music 4.0.1 – Pulled From Ice Cream Sandwich?


A new Google Music apk (4.0.1) has reportedly been pulled from Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus which also means that it was built specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).  The hints of ICS are all over it, but most noticeably from the color scheme which has turned cyan-blue.  It also feels much more polished than previous builds.  

Download:  Music2.apk

*Note 1 – It is recommended that you uninstall your current Google Music before installing this one.

*Note 2 – If you want to sync with your Google Music account, you will have to head into Settings>Applications>Manage Apps> and then “Clear Data” on the app.  Should work after that.

Via:  Android Police

  • Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know if there is a way to uninstall the stock music player from the nexus one without having to root the phone?


  • Tried installing it on my Photon 4G and got an error “Application not installed”.

  • blasterrrrz

    anyone know how to uninstall the google music 3.0.1. apk from a Motorola Xoom v3.2.1.  When you drag and try to drop, there is no Uninstall.  The music2.apk won’t install because it has the same name.  any ideas?

  • alko

    On HTC Hero not working :/ all time Force Closed

  • Anonymous

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  • Colin Zack

    Anyone gotten this to work on a galaxy tab yet? I got it installed fine but it keeps force closing, even after changing permissions

  • Anonymous

    Man if musical bigotry is your biggest problem, then I envy your care free lives.

  • Stuarthanderson

    Droid X, can’t find a way to access my cloud music…where is the online access button?

    • Stuarthanderson

      Apparently just clearing data a few times got it to work…weird

      FWIW, this IS a nice upgrade over the previous player

  • Matthew

    it keeps reading ‘application not installed’

  • Anonymous


  • Samsung devices that don’t show the message to connect to your Google account will need to copy the APK to /system/app in order to bypass that security message. That means you need to have root, by the way.

  • Superdroid

    Awesome on my D3

  • Getting force closes when trying to play music from the ‘cloud’. When music is playing from local storage, it is fine.

    DX rooted

  • Anonymous

    Ics is looking good 🙂

  • vernon

    I like your taste in music kellex! btw check out the till i’m gone remix by toestah and joseph vincent on youtube

  • Anonymous

    this app is working awesome on my Tbolt running BAMF SOAB 0.713

  • Finger

    I’m running Peter Alfonso’s build of gingerbread on my OG droid and it won’t give me the option to uninstall the existing music app. Any way to manually uninstall?

    • Anonymous

      root explorer

  • Anonymous

    It looks like blur.

  • Parrotheadmjb

    Its cool and all on my droidx, biggest difference is on my revue… works perfectly now, not all screwed up like before 🙂

  • Mike

    I can’t even find the old copy of Music to re-install now that I un-installed it 🙁

  • Mike

    I can’t even get it to install. I’ve done everything you folks mentioned and everytime I get the msg “Application not installed”

    Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

      did u uninstall the old one then reboot?

  • Fix: on previous Google Music Shuffle all would not function properly with offline music only, this version is very smooth with this.

  • Smtxom

    Does your device have to be rooted for this to work? 

    • George Davis


  • Anonymous

    Working just fine for me, and is a lot faster than the version before it. Still bother me that there is no sorting of ‘recently added’… How am i supposed to find songs that i just added without having to search for each one individually?

  • Y0ule3

    im on the OG Droid stock not rooted and i downloaded the music2.apk but when i go to install it starts installing but at the end it says it did not install. any suggestions or help please. thank you

    • Anonymous

      uninstall old version first. if still hving issues reboot and u shud be good

  • Jnmigr

    Look better but widget still suck and no lock screen control.

  • A dude

    Oooh very nice. Thanks!

  • screw it, i’ll just wait for the prime…

  • Chad O’Hara

    Doesn’t fix duplicate listings of songs which were sideloaded and also uploaded to google music.

  • Thank you for the support steve. I opened the file, added it to my droids file list. I put it in the “download” folder. Now I don’t know how to open it… or make my new music app the ICS version

    • Steve Hawk

      Get at me on gTalk at hawkxcore 85 @ g mail dot com

    • Steve Hawk

      I’ll just walk you thru it here. First, go to Settings > Applications > and check the box to allow you to install from unknown sources. Now, go to your phone’s file explorer, and navigate your way to /sdcard/downloads/ . You should see a file in there called Music2.apk . Tap on that and you’ll get a prompt to install it (you may have a choice on how to open the file, choose Package Installer). Click install, and as long as it comes back successful, you should be golden. If your phone doesn’t have a pre loaded filex explorer, hit up the market… ES File and Astro File are two good/free ones.

  • okay, i put the file on my phone, but how do i open it….

  • Anyone try with a Honeycomb tablet yet?

    • Steve Hawk

      Tried on Transformer, no bueno.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing here either. The file conflicts with the pre-installed music app.

  • will someone tell me how to add this to my phone? step by step?

    • Keith Sumner

      Yes, take your phone back to the store, return it, and ask for an iPhone instead. Seriously if you can’t even figure out how to download a file and open it………

      • Steve Hawk

        Dude, be kind. We were all new at one point.

      • Yeah Keith, I forgot you knew how to do all of this right out of your mom’s snatch.

    • Download the file, email it to your gmail account on your phone, choose install from the email. Make sure under settings>applications you have Unknown Sources box checked.

  • Bcorrell34

    okay where do i add the file when putting it on my phone? is there a specific location or folder to put it in? I’m new to this. A slight walk through would be helpful.

  • KrsWon

    Downloaded, works fine for music saved on my phone. But when it ask for permissions to sync my amount, underneath my gmail are the letters “sj”. Is this safe, or something that was sneaked in on the apk?

    • Keith Sumner

      That had me quite curious, too…

  • I’d been hearing that the “Make available offline” feature was gone in this build, but I’ve got it and it’s working great

  • Chad

    Also noticed you still do not have the ability to play the ‘Thumbs Up’ auto playlist or mark songs as ‘thumbs up’. Hopefully this gets added in the finished version…

    • While playing a song hit menu>Show Options.  There’s a thumbs up and thumbs down.

      • Chad

        Awesome! Didn’t even notice that. Now if I could only get the thumbs up playlist to show in the playlist section…

      • Chad

        Wow. The thumbs up / down is in the giant screen shot at the top of the page. That’s what I get for trying to work and read at the same time….#fail.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe somebody can help verify, but if you can’t remove the stock music player from your device – not the Market 3.0 version, the stock one – can you still sync to a Google Music account? I got rid of the cached data and approved permission to sync data, but it still doesn’t sync.

    If it helps, I’m on a non-rooted DROID 3 with the most recent OS update.

    • Yes.  Just did it on my D3.  

      If it won’t let you sync, clear the app’s data from Settings > Applications.  

      If you do want to root, though, you can freeze/disable/whatever that other incredibly irritating music app, but doing so breaks the ‘bedside’ dock mode from playing music.  Blurware FTW.  /s

      EDIT: Tee hee, I tried to make a ‘real’ HTML sarcasm tag, and it didn’t show up. 🙂

  • Jakewoodblues

    It synced very fast on my Evo 4g.  Seems to play fine, but I hope that the problem with repeats in the shuffle have been addressed.

    And yes the widget is basically the same ugly one

  • Chad

    Anyone notice how the menu looks unfinished like a half baked app from the market? What happened to the icons for settings, make available offline, etc? I don’t think this is a finished product…

    • Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t a finished product….

  • Peter

    This is way better than the old version, it make me really exited see how polished ICS is going to be. 

  • wow. ICS is a HUGE improvement. This is a great upgrade. 

  • viewthis66

    works great on my Tbolt. not rooted….. yet 🙂

  • mtbhk44

    If you clear data a couple of times it works just fine.  Thanks for the .apk Kellex

  • I really hope it does a better job of queuing up songs.  3.0.1 was horrible.

  • quakerdan

    Dang it is FAST! Loads instantly on my Thunderbolt and no lag when switching tracks. I had no issue with sync, everything is there and working.

  • Steve Hawk

    Force Close City on Transformer tablet on 3.2.1

    • Anonymous

      same here on Prime 2.02. looks nice but i cant click any music without a fc. damn it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    hopefully they fixed the bug in this mofo that stops it from always running in the background even if you do NOT have it set to sync automatically nor have used it in days.

  • Check under settings.  Did Google just make Google Music open source?

  • R K

    Its definitely way faster than the v3

  • anyone else having problems installing this on the Nexus S??

    • Anonymous

      also having a problem getting it to install on my rooted stock droid x

  • Guest

    It syncs on mine (Samsung galaxy s) as well. I did have to clear data twice and then manually choose sync to google account from the music player settings.

  • Rakoskjc

    sync works fine

    clear data in manage applications
    go into google music
    hit menu goto settings
    choose accounts
    choose ur google acount

    watch it sync

    hey droid-life add this to your note on the front page

  • Anonymous

    Getting lots of force closes on the XOOM. Also, the widget is a step backwards.

  • viewthis66

    does this work on a tablet specifically the Asus T101?

    • It should being that it was ripped from ICS. I don’t have my GT 10.1 with me to verify though.

      • viewthis66

        yeah i don’t have my T101 with me at the moment. just wondering if it will have tablet UI. i’m with you though i would just assume it would be fine.

        • wouldnt install on my xoom

    • Anonymous

      it runs for me onprime but i get force closes when i try to play a song.

      • Keith Sumner

        are you saying you have a Nexus Prime already?

        • Anonymous

          hahaha i wish! prime is a rom for the asus transformer tablet. sorry for the confusion!

  • Anonymous


    • If you have DSP Manager, hit menu when a song is playing and it will bring up an equalizer tab.  Been there since 3.0.1.

      • Anonymous

        Too much work. I just want it to be built in and easily accessible! 

        • Keith Sumner

          Really guys? It’s as simple as download, open file, click “install” and then open the app from your app drawer…

          Maybe an iPhone would be better for you guys, a little easier to use..

  • Rayman411vm

    does it still have the same ugly stock widget?

  • Anonymous

    running cyanogen mod 7 on evo…

    syncs fine.  installed, accepted permissions, cleared data through manage applications… waited a minute.  went back to music app, and in settings it had the option to sync with account.  works great!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry off topic, but i can’t seem to find drocap or shootme on the market.  Anyone know whats up?

  • Anonymous

    This app shows clearly that Google has finally learned that the little things matter.  Very nice!

  • Billy Thompson

    Syncs fine on my Bionic Placeholder For Prime

  • Sync’s fine with my account on google music. Tbolt on Gingeritis 3D 1.0 Final

  • Anonymous

    Man, they weren’t kidding when they said no more green

    looks pretty polished though, can’t wait to see what else ICS has in store 

  • Works for me on rooted DInc running CM7 nightlys.  I had to clear the data a couple times, then go into the settings in Music, reconnect to my Google account, hit refresh, wait a minute and everything was there.

  • i got it to work with google music.. had to delete data to times and then it gave me the option in the settings and started to sync. .Droid Bionic

  • Cleared data, want back to app and syncs fine 🙂

  • Nex

    It DOES sync AFTER install CLEAR CACHE as previously stated

    • Nex


  • Calvin Williams

    Good choice in music 🙂 

  • Why does every screenshot of every music app have rappers on it?

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Yeah we’re mad because you constantly say this in every post, bro

        • Mctypething

          okay Bionic boy.

        • Chimps can learn up to a 300 word vocabulary, this thing is up to  3.

          • Greene

            hah.  let’s watch to see if he utilizes primitive tools…

          • great comment. just made me smile.  ty 🙂

          • Billy Jenkins

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        • Anonymous

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      • Shooter_454

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      • Anonymous

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      • I hate phrase but in this case, it applies. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      Because we like music… not instruments that are banged on

      • Greene

        i think that was his point – rap *isn’t* music.  it’s just a crowd of illiterate goons fooling other illiterate goons.
        sure, i’ll take the beats and layer upon layer of audio/computer tricks employed to sell the stuff, but come on.  all you have to do is print out a copy of the lyrics from any rap “song” and then read them out loud in your normal speaking voice.  result?  audible dung.  

        • Greene

          i will say this, though – tempah is pretty good.  but only because he’s not an american rapper.

          • Anonymous

            wtf does that have to do with it. He’s good, because he’s good….

          • Greene

            meaning his lexicon is a far cry from that of “fiddy cent” and the like.

        • Anonymous

          I like rap and like they say, opinions are like assholes….

          I dare you to attempt a rap song and sell a million records in a week, or 20 records in a month for that matter

          • Oh, I see, the if you can’t do it, don’t critique it. Well you can not produce a iPhone in your garage and sell 10 million of them, so don’t talk smack about that either jack.

        • Steve

          listen to one of eminem’s songs and proceed to kill yourself

          • Kakashiisagod

            Listen to journey and feel alive again, just saying.

          • Justin Kos


        • Right, 95% of all rappers can not perform live with any degree of quality, which is the true test of a musician.  The 5% include Eminem.

          • Anonymous

            Would that be because he’s a ‘white’ rapper? please. I think we can pretty clearly see just what informs your ‘musical’ taste.

          • yes its totally cause eminem is a white


          • Hyruu

            You mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          Audible dung..? Funny with your skinny jean wearing  screamo bands, your death metal, and etc that even through they are playing instruments they still sound like crap.  Funny though, if you knew anything about rap you would know how many of them actually have bands.. How many “instrument” bands call for the productions of hip hop producers.

          Yeah if you CANT do it or have no professional understanding or proficiency your opinions are wasted breath and moot points.. Anyone can complain about the iPhone for instance and hate it for your fan boy reasons but it isn’t a bad phone, closed but its 5mp camera STILL takes better shots than my brand new DROID Bionic… No fanboi, I love android.. Just truth..

          Lets all listen to some Hank Williams Jr… Stay classy..

          • Dr. Buttballs

            Actually there are a lot of good death metal bands out there. It’s just like with any genre of music you have to weed through the garbage to get to the good stuff. I wish people would just sit back for a minute and realize just because YOU can’t wrap your head around a certain type of music it is considered garbage. That goes for anything, not just death metal or rap.

          • Anonymous

            I agree 100% (well not on screamo having any redeeming qualities). I am very objective about music. You don’t appreciate music until you can appreciate all music.. You know why I can’t truthfully talk bad about country, because I haven’t listen to it enough to draw a fair opinion and therefore my opinion has no weight..

          • Korntoff

            I don’t believe he said at any point he listens to metal, which you obviously have no experience with. I find metal in general is terrible, but there are the exceptions of some amazing bands

          • SteveTango

             If YOU knew anything about real metal music, you’d know how beautiful most of the guitar parts sound, not to mention how complicated they can be to play. Who the hell cares about hip hop producers? Guess what they do? The same things that rock producers do. Oh, and country producers, and every other producer under the sun. Dont act like there’s rappers and hip hop artists, then just a bunch of talentless goons wasting space on the music shelves at FYE.

          • Anonymous

            Hah the moment you mentioned FYE your argument became irrelevant. We are all experts on that in which we hate. Funny you say its wasting space but hip hop and synthesized voice pop music is the only thing keeping your beloved FYE open. But according to you people rather buy crap than actual music. You must be a dying breed true music lover… eye roll. Actually I knew enough to reference two SUB GENERES of metal or rock or whatever.

          • Dr. Buttballs


        • John Gaspardo

          i suggest u start smoking pot and take a couple hits of LSD and you will find some meaning in the lyrics. drugs make everything sound better :]

        • You obviously never knew… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k729U5AMIKI {{-_-}}

        • Anonymous

          Wait so Rap isn’t music now? Shhhh I can go to the park and hear someone banging on a bucket and I call that Music! So a genre that has complex beats with cleaver lyrics on top is for sure music. Don’t hate on things you don’t like or just don’t know about. That’s called close minded. Open up and you might just question what your parents and friends told you. It’s all MUSIC.

      • Anonymous

        rap died after the millennium.

        • Anonymous


      • Not until about 10 years ago did music start to have autotune and nothing but synthesized crap blaring over it…Anyone can write the crap being played on the radio now a days so long as you have a computer built within the last 10 years and a few hours on your hand…

        • Anonymous

          Every heard of the 80s genius? #soupsandwich

    • Anonymous

      Why does it matter?

    •  You’re surely welcome to try another blog out.  In fact, I insist.

      • Right, you prefer to have none of your beliefs or viewpoints challenged, most simpletons do.

        • Anonymous


        • Hyruu

          You mad bro?

    • Jon Garrett

      the screen shots obviously come from someone’s phone so if Rap is what they like the Rap is what you’ll see. my screenshots would be of Cradle of Filth.

  • dd

    wish the widget looked nicer

  • Mctypething

    It doesn’t sync with current Google Music accounts? Then what is the point of even posting this?

  • Anonymous

    I’m using the Incredible and it sync for me too. I uninstalled the previous version and I’m running Inc2 McTwist v1.0

  • Anonymous

    did anyone notice facebook as one of his artists?

  • Anonymous

    it looks much better. 

  • OMG its beautiful!!

  • It syncs fine on my Atrix… You have to clear your data Settings> Applications>Manage Applications>Google Music>Clear Data.. You have to resync the account after that.

    • Thanks man!

    • Steenerk

      Keyser Soze, should we call you Verbal, and do you walk with a limp?

      • Jey Wright

        @ Keyser Soze….Hey “pretzel-man” what’s your story? 

  • The sync seems to be hit or miss – try clearing data and trying again a few times, and keep an eye on the notification bar for any Google Account prompts.

  • Sync works.  Also, person who leaked this says it is from the Verizon Nexus PRIME

  • Paper-Cut

    Taylor Gang!

  • Syncs fine for me…make sure you clear data after you install it.

    • Flombardo

      which phone u working with?

      • Captivate running a leaked Gingerbread build.

        • Flombardo

          thanks, i’ll be checking it out on the OG later.

  • I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEE all the blue in ICS. Too bad this apk doesn’t sync.

    • Madcow06

      Am I the only one that liked the green more than the blue in ICS? I think green better associates with android too.

      • chris

        I’m with you buddy, not a big fan of the blue.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed that the green feels more “androidy” but the blue feels a bit more solemn and is probably more appeasing to the masses.

    • Alan Paone

      I loved the green on my milestone, but it looks like butt on my atrix the blue looks great though. Lets all take a moment to hate on pentile screens

  • Anonymous

    since the google music started, i have zero .mp3s on my sd card, i wish i could use this

  • Damn. No use if it doesn’t sync. 🙁

    • rayray

      true story.

    • Anonymous

      It does actually.  Fixed the post.  If you clear data on the app, it will then sync.

      • Anonymous

        Yep.  I have to do it every time I install Google Music on a new ROM, so I just instinctively perform this step.  Rumor has it that once the Google Music moves out of Beta it will no longer do the “beta” authorization check before giving you the option to choose a Google account.

      • Got it. 🙂 Thank you sir.