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Download 60GB of Data in 13 Days on 4G LTE and Verizon May Throttle You, Thought Only 3G Customers Were Affected? (Updated)

Verizon has made it clear that they want the majority of their new and current customers to have an enjoyable network experience throughout the life of their contract.  One of the ways they will make sure this happens is through what they are calling “Network Optimization Practices.”  It’s a form of temporary throttling that only happens once a customer meets a full list of requirements.  Well folks, one of our readers may have checked off all of the boxes on that list and then some.  Because as you know, these practices were not supposed to apply to 4G LTE customers.  

As you can see from the shot of his account, he has busted through almost 60GB of data in 13 days. Take a minute to digest that number and then let’s continue.  So what happened?  During peak hours, he is most definitely seeing his data connection drop to “slower than 3G.”  In fact, during times when network use is high, he is apparently only able to browse the web if he toggles down to a 3G connection.

Now, I’ll even admit that seeing someone use 60GB of data (none of which was tethering) in such a short amount of time is leaving me speechless, but Verizon’s own disclosure on their data practices specifically say that “if you have a 4G LTE device you will not be impacted.”  So why is our reader getting throttled?

He was told over the phone that his excessive downloading was an “abuse of the network.”  That “abuse” apparently led to VZW making an exception to their own rules.

Update:  Another of our readers (@IsamarChajon) is reporting in that he has done 120GB in 10 days and has not been capped or throttled at all.  Could be that our original 60GB reader is just extremely unlucky. Here is his 120GB proof. Damn that is a lot of data.

*Note – on a positive note, he’s giving away his Bionic over at RootzWiki to a developer.  If you are a dev and interested, head on over to this post.

Cheers Mavrick987!

  • Brucehlee1971

    Sad to see all the Nazis in here.

  • eddieonofre

    120GB in 10 days… daaaaamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is like a loooot of video and porno movies downloaded

  • Bewara2009

    For a fact they are doing torrents and sharing there network too! 

  • DroidLifeRules

    It may have been discussed but I don’t see it and I am a noob. How do you know if you’ve been throttled?

    • You could do a speed test, I’m sure there’s an app for it, the results will tell you how face your upload/download speed is.

  • hatethanet

    Hmmm…so maybe if enough people go crazy with their data usage, the “Top 5%” will be like 20 GB/month and up, which is great news for people like me using less than 10 GB.

    • hatethanet

      Keep up the good work, people!

  • michael evans

    2 GB/Hour thats crazy. Torrents possibly? 

  • jbonics

    120…..60….everyone clap your a looser still.

  • Fyrenzy

    To all those complaining how much data he uses… HE PAYS FOR UNLIMITED! UNLIMITED MEANS UNLIMITED! he can use his data how he sees fit as long as its within his contract. who cares what hes doing! Its HIS contract! HIS unlimited plan! if he is following his contract, he is legally able to use it!!! simple as that! dont be mad cause you were to dumb to switch to verizon before they removed unlimited plans! thats not his fault! thats verizons! and yours!!! IF YOU PAY FOR UNLIMITED, THEN YOU SHOULD GET UNLIMITED!!! are you ok with paying full price for a hamburger and only getting half a hamburger even though they told you it was a full hamburger? are you ok with going to a all you can eat buffet and getting told your not allowed to have a third plate? VERIZONS POLICY STATES THEY WONT THROTTLE 4G, and they are breaking that policy! simple as that!!! dont defend them for lying to thier customers!!! they should be held accountable!

    • DBK

      Wrong. The amount of data you get to use is unlimited, but there are conditions IN THE CONTRACT that state how the data is allowed to be used. Break those conditions and you get throttled. Which is what these guys most likely did.

      Not to mention, you are only throttled when you go into high traffic areas. You get your speeds back when you go into low traffic areas. Something Kellex forgot to mention.

      You can quit your bichen now.

      • Fyrenzy

        read what i said. “if he is following his contract” or “he can use his data how he sees fit as long as its within his contract” those are exact quotes from what i said!!!! READ WHAT I SAID!!!

        • Fyrenzy

          i love how people want to try to correct me when they dont read what i say.

          • Fyrenzy

            and kellex posted the actual policy from verizon… “if you have 4g lte device you will not be affected” thats a quote from the verizon website. thats verizons policy. verizon is breaking there own policy!!!

          • Fyrenzy

            i really love how nobody actually reads the article, they just skim. you think your the only one ive corrected? ive corrected hundreds of ppl on this website in over a year and a half. BECAUSE NOBODY READS THE ARTICLE!!!

          • DBK

            I did read. You assume he did nothing wrong. Yet obviously he must have since he got throttled. If you bothered to make an effort to properly read my comment you would see that I mention the contract and what’s worded in it, not that particular policy. Just because that particular policy applies to only the 3G customers doesn’t mean 4G customers are completely safe from throttling. You violate the contract, you suffer the consequences.

            Your thinking is too black and white. You need to get out more.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, that’s not a 3rd plate. Thats like 120 plates…

      • Fyrenzy

        if you can eat that much… then yes. but its advertised as, all you can eat, wouldnt you get pissed off if they kicked you out for not being able to eat all you can eat? simple as that. its advertised as unlimited(within the contract)… if you following the contract, then you should have unlimited data. and not be throttled(against thier policy according to the verizon email above). if we let them violating thier own policy by throttling the high usage users(as long as they arent violating thier contract), then whats stopping them from throttling all users?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, if that floats their boat.

          Legality aside, on the use case note, most ppl don’t have all day to just sit around and eat or watch videos. A job or friends might alleviate the boredom to consume so much data.

          • Fyrenzy

            not legally able to work, its called disabled. i cant walk. thanks for bringing that up. and what does it matter what i do in MY LIFE? does my life affect yours? If i follow my contract to the letter, why cant i use as much data as i want? i pay for unlimited. unlimited means unlimited. as long as i follow my contract that I SIGNED!  What does it matter how i choose to keep the boredom away? its MY LIFE!!!

    • Austin Brkich

      Verizon Wireless strives to provide customers the best experience when
      using our network, a shared resource among tens of millions of
      customers. To help achieve this, if you use an extraordinary amount of
      data and fall within the top 5% of Verizon Wireless data users we may
      reduce your data throughput speeds periodically for the remainder of
      your then current and
      immediately following billing cycle to ensure high quality network
      performance for other users at locations and times of peak demand. Our
      proactive management of the Verizon Wireless network is designed to
      ensure that the remaining 95% of data customers aren’t negatively
      affected by the inordinate data consumption of just a few users.

      His contract states that if he is in the top 5% they have the right to throttle him, nothing in the contract that he agreed to about 3G/4G Devices.

      • Fyrenzy

        there has been no change to my bill since i switched to 4g. srry buddy, but i think your full of it…

        • DBK

          Maybe you need to read your contract more thoroughly (since you have nothing better to do) before you mock people. Maybe then you won’t look like such a fool.

    • Adamnj77

      DAMN FRENZY…every freakin 15 comments…WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ethan Leisinger

    Just an fyi I downloaded 200+ GB last month and I too am noticing extremely slow speeds on my thunderbolt this month

  • Here is mine 


    Have a problem? I really could care less. I have unlimted data and that is exactly what I am going to use, ULIMITED DATA.

    I use my connection every single day, even at work. When I am doing paper work it is a joy to be able to stream Trailer Park Boys and things of that nature just so I have a little entertainment while sitting and pencil pushing away. I’m surprised actually that it isn’t double what it says. I bet all the people who are complaining are the people who aren’t grandfathered into the contract LOL. Sucks to be you, should have jumped in when you had a chance.

    • Mack

      You do realize you full phone number is on that image…

      That’s one of those things you should blur out.

      • Yeah I fixed it but it won’t update the thumbnail, oh well. That’s what the blacklist is for.

  • Telephoneteck

    Okay verizon is in the wrong here, he pays for unlimited dataand so do I, although I find it hard to go through more than 3 gigs a month. I live in a 3g town and I install T1s, T3s, and fiber to the cell sites around here. Did you know with just 1 strand of fiber (glass smaller in diameter than a hair on your head) they can get 40 Gbit/s. Think how many users even @ 10 Mbit/s it woud take to clog that pipe? And thats one strand of fiber, that being said none of the cell site here utilize a full OC768 = 40Gbit/s. Hence the 3g 🙁

  • Wow way to ruin it for everyone. 60 Gigs even in a MONTH is ridiculous. 

  • I am still confused as to how you use 120GB in 10 days… how? HOW IS THIS SORCERY POSSIBLE?

  • Holy Sh*t 160GB WTF are you doing streaming porn on the on the son of a b*tch

  • I have to convey my gratitude for your kindness supporting individuals who absolutely need guidance on this particular field. Your special dedication to passing the solution throughout appeared to be particularly helpful and has consistently empowered others like me to arrive at their pursuits. Your insightful key points means a whole lot to me and a whole lot more to my fellow workers. Regards; from each one of us.

  • Fyrenzy

    unlimited! 60gb is a limit. UNLIMITED! if you only use 20gb a month then
    thats what you should pay for. unlimited means unlimited! how can you
    ppl not realize this? if your using your data in a way that is 100%
    legitamite with your contract… then you should have unlimited data. PERIOD! you ppl are saying its ok for verizon to throttle someone if
    they feel its ok to do it! i pay for unlimited and i will use 100gb or
    1000gb if i want to, cause thats what i pay for!!! verizon offers the
    ability of having unlimited data, yet you ppl want everyone to only use
    2gb a month? i pay for UNLIMITED! and i will use as much data as i want

    • Fyrenzy

      btw, i hacked my phone and started tethering cause they started throttling me when i was following the rules of my contract. they broke my contract when they started throttling me, so i dont care anymore, and hacked my phone and started tethering. there are ways to get around throttling. i have almost no problem now. and i still use over 50gb a month. less than what i was using when i was following my contract. i pay for unlimited, thus i will use what i want!!!

      • Fyrenzy

        they started throttling me before, they announced that was what they were going to do to the top 10%

        • Fyrenzy

          i mentioned them throttling me, as i was 100% legitimate with my contract over a year ago on this site. the main reason i rooted my phone! i will use hwever much data i want cause i pay for UNLIMITED!

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t you try out eharmony, join a book club, take up running, get a job, or you could always just use your phone less. Just throwing it out there.

          • Fyrenzy

            disabled, cant walk. and why does it matter what I DO? does my life affect yours in any way? i dont live in any major city, every person i live near has there droid rooted and use more data than me and i still get amazing speeds.

          • Fyrenzy

            I PAY FOR UNLIMITED!!! I will use however much data i choose to CAUSE THATS WHAT I PAY FOR!!!!

          • Joshua Granville

            You’re def a liberal scumbag who thinks the world owes him something, I can tell.

    • I feel ya.  My connection gets throttled regularly and has for 2 years.  I certainly do not even break 10, or 5 for that matter.  And as I’ve said before I lose 3g every night from 12 am to 1 am.  I really wish any other network reached everywhere I go.

  • Little kids need to go outside a little bit more

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WTF is he doing?

    • Anonymous

      Apparently not much other than watching videos.

  • Anonymous

    im 16 days into my cycle and not even close to hitting 1GB…120GB in 10 days is craziness

    • Anonymous

      Agree. Must have a lot of down time to rack up that much.

  • mike aim

    Back in March-April I used 193GB of data and never heard a peep from VZW…

  • I don’t care who’s right or who’s wrong in this situation.  There are so many more things I would rather do than sit on my phone and download 60 GB of data…

  • John Riley

    I don’t know, it may sound like a lot but 4.2GB a day, a couple of movies streamed on Netflix. What if this is his only internet connection  WiFi may not an option?

  • Anonymous

    120gb… Are you kidding me? Keep taking advantage of it and see what happens. Way to promote this kind of behavior kellex soon nobody will have unlimited data. Smh

    • Niteperson

      It’s going to turn into a contest to see who can use more data.  Not sure posting this was a good idea.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf… Quit fappin over 4g and use wifi.

  • blackguy

    omfg! how do u use this much date? i barely at 100mb and my billing cycle is in one week!!!

  • 120GB!? Turn off your f***ing phone off!

  • Sure, he _can_ use 120GB because he has an unlimited plan, but just because you _can_ be a jerk doesn’t mean you _should_ be a jerk.

  • Ry4meck

    good to know I’ll never be in the top 5% for throttling with these numbers

    • pj

      Haha! That’s exactly what I was thinking! I’ve never gone over 15 gb and I was kinda worried. Not now! I can prolly crank 20 and not make a ripple! Hells yeah

    • Anonymous

      Agree since these two alone will bring that top 5% up so I will be good lol.

  • Oh my god stop it! You (they) are ******* runing it for all of us. STEP OFF

  • Anonymous

    We should have a “payment optimization practice” when those hoe-bags at verizon pull this shit. Like that payment to those nut-bags is throttled down a bit. 

  • En28so

    This reminds me of those overweight people that eat way too much.

  • Guest

    You might also want to blur out your phone number.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah – I realized after I posted. Then I was like ~meh~ – I emailed Kellex about it. In any case, New Texting buddies heh

  • Guest

    HOLY CRAP…178GB in 17 days, Please tell us how you managed to do that?

    • Anonymous

      I just responded to this question – Basically no home internet for awhile + Many TV Shows and downloading games. Bup.

  • HOW

    • Anonymous

      Well, I just moved. And due to circumstances, we haven’t received a home internet. – And I tend to watch a lot of TV shows…A Lot.  Apparently, 180GB worth in half a month ~.~ Also been downloading a lot of trial games and MMORPGS to test out. First day of the month was 15GB, which is pretty much equivalent to downloading a full World of Warcraft Client (No, I didn’t download that) Heh. But, once we get a home network, obviously this will only be like 1GB at most.

      • Yeah, I will be moving soon and won’t have internet up right away. Two things, I can’t seem to check my tether cap, and how would I get past provisioning so I could use more then two gb of tethered data? Bionic.

        • Anonymous

          I’m unaware of a “tether cap” – as I’m rooted, and use the root Wireless Tether. If you’re rooted, then you can use that as normal. If I can get away with 180GB without feel throttled, either I’m just lucky, or they don’t throttle every person they see. As for Paid Tethered users, I’m unsure as to how their caps work.

          Though, as a general tip, you should only use your phone data for general web-browsing if you’re worried about reaching 2GB. Any big downloading/streaming – you should probably find a WiFi hotspot or possibly ask a neighbor to use for awhile. Where I’m located – it’s hard to find any wireless points unless I’m outside of my house, which isn’t good for my location. With the car gone most of the day due to parents working, and there’s no McDonalds/Starbucks/etc within reasonable walking distance, I use my phone pretty much all day, turning tethering off after it reaches a certain temperature. –

          Hope that helps

  • HOW. 60GB, he deserves a throttle. I use at max, like 5GB.

  • Tony

    You guys are idiots, it’s unlimited… that means it doesn’t matter how much he uses because he has an UNLIMITED amount of data.

    • Sp4rxx

      Throttle doesn’t mean capped moron – throttled means slower speed.

      • Guest

        Exactly…they didn’t tell him no more internet connection because that would violate the “UNLIMITED” portion of his agreement he has with Verizon. All they are doing is throttling his connection in congested areas only. I still want to know how he did this.

  • Guest

    60GB in 13 days…that’s 4.6GB a day…MAYBE he was watching Netflix videos?

  • Anonymous

    did he give you what did he do to make it 60 GB in 13 days. Most I have used in a month is 4 GB (well its on 3G)

  • Anonymous

    Did this guy also send you copies of his cease and desist letters from the movie studios? It is pretty obvious that he is downloading torrent.

  • Anonymous

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  • Ray

    Wow i dont even use that much data a month and i work from home and i am pretty much on my laptop 14hrs a day thats a lil excessive

  • hatethanet

    Ever since data on phones have become fast enough for people to try to use as their primary home/work internet connection, we all knew that “unlimited data” plans would eventually be swept away. Sad but true.

  • Comment

    If I were that guy I would take Verizon to court over violating their own policies with my contract. I bet that Verizon would settle for a lot of money and then change the official policy notice. I’m so sick of companies taking advantage of consumers.

    • Dlokey22

      How are they violating their policy??  They’re still giving the person unlimited data, it’s just that his/her bandwidth has been capped.  There’s a difference.

      • Fyrenzy

        they are violating there own policy cause thier policy is that 4g will not be throttled! Thats how they are violating thier own policy. the statement you made was as if you didnt even read the article. READ!

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  • Alexander Garcia

    Guys guys guys! He’s still getting his unlimited data. They’re simply just slowin’ down his roll that’s all.

  • Davidshack

    I have used over 70 gb. That includes unlimited mobile hot spot. So what does that mean for me.

  • Anonymous

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    • Alexander Garcia

      HOLY $#!+!!! Not you again!!!

  • So in other words, they broke a contract?

    • Right, which means at the very most, you can leave them. So, go ahead, go over to ATT.

      • Anonymous

        Agree and save us some bandwith geeze.

  • Jmkelly66

    55gb sounds like alot today, I remember when internet host did the same thing when you went over 1gb.