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HTC Rhyme in Plum Available for Pre-order at Target September 21, Illuminating Charm Included

The HTC Rhyme (formerly known as the Bliss) will be available for pre-order at indirect Target outlets this Wednesday, September 21.  The device, which is clearly being targeted at women, will come in “plum” instead of that awful chewed-seaweed green that we once saw it in.  It will have the fancy little charm dangly thingy so that you will know when your phone is ringing or has just received a message while in your purse.  There will be “tangle free” headphones tossed in and a new-school docking station that we have not seen for any other HTC device in the past.

Update:  We initially thought this would just go out to indirect Verizon stores, but after seeing the sign-up page go live just minutes ago, we are now thinking this will be a much bigger release.

The specs won’t blow you away, but aren’t awful:  3.7″ display, front and rear cameras, and Android 2.3. Pre-orders will begin on Wednesday the 21st for $50 and there is a better-than-average chance of announcement for the phone at tomorrow’s HTC event in NYC.  The colors of the press invitation certainly would lead us to believe it’s going down.  

All other information regarding the pre-order along with details on the dock, charm and headphones can be found below.

Cheers J!

  • charm notifier?  seriously?

    they should get rid of that and bookmark this instead–> http://www.amitaytweeto.com/thequietplace/

  • pezjono

    Does the charm have a built in vibrator as well?
    …for the ladies…

  • Ugh, Sense 3.5 looks god-awful.

    • Hatesense

      sense was never good

  • tbaybe

    Its a cute phone, good concept… but not enough for me! lol. But might get some more girls into android for you nerds out there! 🙂 

  • Jak_341

    I wonder if the standard $199 will be the price on a 2 year.

  • Scott Willenborg

    If I woke up gay tomorrow the first thing I would do is hang a poster of Ed Norton in my room.  The second thing would be to buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

    Prime, Vigor, Bionic: consider yourselves terminated.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that they are covering this. Do I want the phone? No, but I think this phone (and others like it in the future) will be good for android. There are plenty of females now with android phones but lets face it the percentage of males that have one is alot higher. The opposite is probably true with the iphone. So anything that can make more women interested in android phones is good.

    This also shows androids biggest strength compared to iphones in my opinion. Its the different types of devices that are released. You can get a device that fits you. Different sizes, different colors, different form factors and different gimmicks. Find the phone that fits you. Not the one size fits all mentality of the iphone camp where everybody has the exact same phone in black (or white when the release isn’t delayed so far as to no longer be relevant).

    So make fun of this phone all you want. But bottom line is it’s a competent phone that should run decent and have a unique demographic that it pulls in.  It’s not a spec monster or game changer, but I still think its an important part of the android ecosystem.

    • Scott Willenborg

      You wanna buy a slightly used poster of Ed Norton?

      • Anonymous

        No thanks dude.  No telling what you’ve been doing with that poster.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Why not just buy a Droid Incredible 2?

    • Anonymous

      For those people not smart enough they just released the Incredible2 all over again.

  • Mike Ambrosino

    not to cross the male/female line here but i would find a light up dongle to be very useful.  when you plug it in have your phone switch to vib or silent and let the dongle dangle from your pocket.. also if it had a little button you could press to display time you wouldnt have to whip it out everytime you want to check the time

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  • Game

    wtf is this gay pride week  , why is droid life covering this phone?

    • Because women read this site too 😉

      • Trolololololol

        nonsense there are no girls on the internetz, even if they have computers in the kitchen

    • Anonymous

      This is a phone for homosexuals?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Will anyone actually USE that charm thing?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yeah I really have no idea what real purpose the charm serves. If you can’t see the single LED light blink to notify you, like what has been on phones for the past 10 years, there’s something wrong.

      Not to mention that thing is going to be broken within a week.

      • mdeblaz

        it’s for when the ladies have their phone in their purse/bag… come on think a little harder.

        • Anonymous

          I know what they THINK it will be used for, but, again, will anyone ACTUALLY use that?

  • Anonymous

    If this HTC event is seriously about the Bliss I’m going to cry. With the wording and the purple (or plum, whatever) cloth in the invite it seems tomorrow might turn out to be a very disappointing day 🙁 Please let me be wrong!

    • Anonymous

      October 6th there having another event in the UK, however the venue and the press invitations were requested to be private that they don’t want the internet to know. Slashgear got there invitation yesterday

      Vigor is likely at that event since its supposed to launch on Verizon the 13th, approx a week after that event. But that could very well change.

      • Anonymous

        A UK event just doesn’t make me think that they’ll be announcing a US superphone, although anything is possible.

  • Kierra

    I dont want that phone, but I do want that charm and my next phone to be pink and powerful.

    A girl can dream…

  • Cbx133

    They are not announcing the vigor tomorrow. Sorry guys.

    • Anonymous

      Guess we will find out tomorrow.

  • Oh, a dock? Man, it would be great if we could get a FREAKING FIRST PARTY DOCK FOR THE INC2!!

  • Is that the only color it comes in????? Boooo next.

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t marketed to you. If you would read you would see it will be for women and that color is exclusive to target mobile which means other colors will be available.

  • Anonymous

    That’s one sweet looking dock 

    • Anonymous

      Speaker/Alarm clock dock. I think its about time HTC upped the ante a little in that area, Samsung has a bunch of different docks for the Galaxy SII and the Tabs, HTC seems to outsource getting the accessories made for them through 3rd party OEMs

  • It looks that dock might be induction charging… eh?

    • Anonymous

      could be wireless charging/contact like most of the 4G phones on Verizon have as an accessory.

      reminds me though, the latest leak on the Incredible HD (Vigor) said on its specs that it will have inductive charging, it didn’t mention it as a separate accessory either.

  • Henry Evetts

    uhhh, why is droid life covering this phone?

    • Let’s work out the formula. X + Y = DLC; X being Android platform, Y being Verizon coverage, and DLC being Droid Life Coverage. Done.

  • Mr.joe

    So… this will have the newer sense, but the Thunderbolt, Incredible 2, and Incredible 1 most likely won’t…


    • Anonymous

      That is how things are with Android manufacturers and their skins.

      • Mr.joe

        Well HTC is.

        I mean COME ON.  How is this thing more powerful then the ones above?  

        • Anonymous

          Sense 3.5 was made to run on phones that couldn’t run sense 3.0

    • Anonymous

      Thats not the sense you think it is, its a tweaked version for smaller screens that there rolling out with. its very similar to the Sense thats on the myTouch phones on T-Mobile

  • Jason Purp



    Hmm, wouldn’t it be awesome if the vigor also came with an awesome dock and hdmi out now? lol. Im buying it no matter what but come on htc, if you make it 300…its high end…how bout a nice dock too…?

    • Anonymous

      Beats headphones are included so that’s what you get with the vigor. I agree I can’t wait to see what the vigor is like.

  • Dan

    I need the vigor to come out now

  • Anonymous

    Is it April 1st already?

  • DANG!!! I just bought a BIONIC Fri!!!

  • NYC… tomorrow? I guess we’re going to see why that guy thought the Vigor is better than the Prime.

    • Anonymous

      Ha I hope so lol.

    • Anonymous

      I know dude. The Vigor dropped from 4.5 to 4.3 screen. Lost DDR2 ram. It’s specs are going the wrong way. I don’t really care about gangsta ear buds.

      • Anonymous

        The vigor was never rumored to have a 4.5 screen. And ddr2 is plenty fine for ram.