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Apple Introduces iOS5 with Notifications, OTA Updates, Cloud Services and Tabbed Browsing – Android Users Giggle at Their Late Arrival

We just couldn’t help but take a few minutes to point out some of the interesting announcements from Apple’s WWDC today.  They brought forth iOS5 (well not until Fall), which basically introduced long-time Android feature after long-time Android feature – something we are finding to be hilarious.  While I’ll try to refrain from tossing out too many little jabs since so many of the people in this world lack a sense of humor on the Apple vs. Android subject (“why you so bitter!?” -Twitter), I’ll just say that this marks a pretty important day for Android.  It’s now clear that Android has moved well beyond Apple on the innovation scale when it comes to mobile software.  For a company that continues to stand on stage and put up twisted statistics, one that claims to have invented everything, and one that takes cheap shots at every other company in the industry even while the rest of them have moved on, we couldn’t help but giggle a little.

With the introduction of notifications, OTA updates, tabbed browsing, cloud services, a mobile IM program, and the ability to activate a device without having to connect to a PC, the roars from the WWDC crowd could be felt across the interwebs.  We can’t fault iOS fans for cheering today – after all, they should have been enjoying all of these features for years now.  What we’ll do though, is remind them that swiping, notifying, tabbing, clouding and customizing became the norm if your phone ran on a green powered mobile OS years ago.

So to our Android brothers and sisters, give each other a little fist bump today and then be sure to welcome your random friends with iPhones to 2011.

*Note – I hate that I have to leave a note on this, but let’s all try to be civil here.  It’s all supposed to be in good fun.  If we can’t rib the competition a little, what fun would this be?  So before you take to the comments with hatred, sit back for moment, smile a bit, sip on something other than Koolaid (see what I did there?) and try to giggle with us.

  • I wish I could design something for Android that would combine all of your notifications from all your apps into one place, that you could get to at any time just by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen.

  • Spc Hicks09

    I find this article just hilarious. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

    2012 – iOS6= Widgets
    2013 – iOS7= Flash Support
    2014 – iOS8= Jailbreaking Illegal

    Widgets, Flash AND jailbreaking are all copyrighted by crApple. Enjoy your Android phone since apparently crApple invented everything for it! (Rolls Eyes). I remember pulling down my notification menu for the first time in late 2008 I believe. Now looking to my left 3 years later and saying “Oh hey crApple! Nice of ya to finally show up.”   ~~~~~~~~o/~~~~~~~~~ <—-crApple drowning in the sea that is Google!

  • Ben Dawson

    I have owned each and every apple iPhone since its release. During this time, I believed everything that was fed to me from apple to be fact, without question. Lately a lot of my friends started switching to androids. I began to hear the whispers of the droid features, but i stayed strong with the iPhone.

    Last week a friend of mine came to visit, he brought his droid. My curiosity beckoned and I asked him if I could check it out. He warned me that if i did, i would want to make the switch from iPhone to droid. After some ribbing I checked it out to prove him wrong, saying that my iPhone could do everything his phone could do and more…Then I unlocked the Samsung Charge and began. Immediately I asked him what all these mini-programs on his OS were, such as ESPN with his favorite team, weather display, Facebook, news, etc., etc., etc. He said they were widgets and showed me how he customized then. Honestly i was blown away. I responded, you mean i don’t have to open a program to see some quick info on my favorite sports team? Or to check the weather? Or to post on Facebook? In a word, awesome. But this was the tip of the iceberg… Still being stubborn, i quickly brought up that iPhone has the best apps and no one can mess with that… He showed me this place called the ‘market’. Which had every app i ever used and half of them were FREE! He wasn’t being nickel-ed and dime-ed by Apple. I was staggering, I went for the trump card, iTunes, I want iTunes on my phone, android can’t sync with iTunes, i have 700+ songs, and i want them on my phone. With a grin, he showed me an app called double-twist, and within minutes he had downloaded all of my songs to add to his library…! Then came the last straw, the voice command button by the google bar. I press it, and tell it whatever i want, and the phone does it…instantly. Best voice recognition I have ever used. I could go on and on, but i felt like a kid in a candy store. Almost like the first time i played with an iphone years ago. I made the switch the next day and have not looked back. The more i know about this phone, the more it pisses me off that i held on to apple for so long. If you’re on the fence about it, take the plunge, you wont regret it.


    • i honlestly think i need to hold on to this post. sounds like what all my friends that have iPhones tell me

    • Ryan C

      Ha reminds me of this kid i noticed at lunch. He finally got a white i*hone and after a week, I saw he had a Droid incredible 2. you honestly never do look back.

      • Granted

        I somewhat believed this story until you said he downloaded your 700 songs to his phone. So he had no songs on his phone? How large of an SD card were you using, what was the bitrate on the songs. That fact was just to good, what a made up story. You sounded like an advertisement, hitting all key points. No one talks or writes that way.

  • Raylusk

    Uh while I am a big fan of android, none of these features were invented on the android platform. Windows mobile had many of the features before android and others were first seen in the desktop world.

  • WormDoes

    Is it just me or does this piss anyone else off? I don’t want any i*hone users to have the awesome features us robot lovers adore. 

    • smark

      Well, whenever you see one of your friends pull out their iphone to check their notifications, just tell them “You’re welcome”. =)

      • Yes, and your iPhone friends should say the same, as should your Palm friend, and WinMo friends, and etc.

  • not even surprise 4.5 ??

  • Anonymous

    I love how a while back an iOS app Camera+ had a feature that let you use the Vol+ button as a shutter key. Apple tore it down from iTunes and Camera+ had to remove the feature to get back on the market. Then Apple throws the feature into their own camera app and acts like they invented it. Pretentious assholes. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s crApple in a nutshell.

  • Anonymous

    I must say i jumped from a droid x to an iphone 4 about a month ago…The hardest part of the jump was losing all the customizations that android had. I actually complained a lot so this is nice to see apple at least copied android and brought some notification features over. I must say after using both devices there are parts and pieces i love from both I have yet to find a device that has permanently swayed me.

  • TheAndroid1

    There are actually some things announced today that Google should copy.  Apple backs up app data (which I think android was supposed to do but it was never implemented), photos, etc.  They copy all of your music and automatically upgrade them to their high quality counterparts, you don’t have to wait for your entire collection to sync.

    Most importantly they now allow patches to apps.  You no longer have to redownload a 500mb app just for a minor update.

    Android users should rejoice today, they know many of these features will come to android (I am not saying they are copying, its just how this works, OS’s copy all of the time from each other, apple takes from google and google takes from apple)

    • when i purchased my thunderbolt, and i signed in to the market(and even switching roms on my incredible), my thunderbolt automatically downloaded all of the apps that i had downloaded from the market. did the same thing on my Transformer. don’t know what you’re talking about there.

      • Yes, but the application may have downloaded, but your app data, ie saved games, settings, etc., do not transfer.  Apple is going to be doing that.

        • Mike

          That’s what Titanium Backup is for.

          • TheAndroid1

            You shouldn’t have to hack to back up your angry birds game.

        • it is a downside, but honestly, the only app i’ve ever had that problem with is angry birds and a couple other games. no big deal

    • Anonymous

      As much as I like to dis the iPhone, I do agree with TheAndroid1 in that one of the most frustrating things to me is the inability to back up app data outside the phone. (Yes, I know, there is titanium backup for rooted users, but that shouldn’t be a prerequisite, and even then it isn’t in the cloud, requiring some funangling to get saved game progress onto a new phone).

      Also, for years now iTunes has tried to charge me money to upgrade songs I purchased through iTunes into the higher-quality DRM-free versions that later became Apple’s business model. I wonder if this change will now allow me to make those upgrades for free, or if only ihardware owners will benefit from that.

      At the end of the day, I am a true Android enthusiast and do giggle with Androidia at hearing that 90% of Apple’s announcement today with iOS5 is already existing in my phone, but I do hope that google mirrors some of the few new perks Apple announced.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellen, when are you adding Google’s +1 button. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    Admittedly, I did start laughing before I even read the last part of your headline.  Hilarious.  You know, Apple invented the internet, too…

    • Anonymous

      No… That was Al Gore. 😉

    • Riz

      sorry that was Al Gore but appel did invent touchscreens.. icons on desktops… and the word ‘appstore’.. 

      no, no and effin no appel! geez

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t you hear? Apple was the puppet behind Gore.  Apple gave Gore the technology that allowed him to pass the law that allowed him to create the internet.  Jeez people, keep up on your revised history!

        Then there’s video chat revolution called Skype– err, I mean Facetime.  Re-written!  Somebody’d better go update that wiki page ASAP

  • next version of iOS will be android 2.4 with a sin called iSkin 

  • MDEscher


  • HTC can sue them for being able to open an app in the lockscreen like Sense 3.0.

    • Anonymous

      And Google can sue them for the slide down notifications! 

  • Yes a lot of the features Android had before iOS, such as the pull down notifications, the cloud for pictures, email, contacts, documents, music.  But c’mon, it’s no secret that Apple takes existing ideas and just makes them better.  They took the smartphone, and made it better.  They took the MP3 player and made it better.  They take Android’s ideas and make it better, more cohesive, easier to use.

    One idea that Android does not have baked in is the idea that app data is stored.  Lose your iPhone, activate a new one, download all your apps and settings, and keep playing Infinity Blade from the last point you were at!  Android can’t do that (without root, and even then it’s only a local store on your SD card, which if you lose your phone, what then?). 

    I’m impressed with what they’ve done.  I’ve used many Android phones, since the G1, and really like the direction that Apple is taking.  It’s ok to imitate, if the idea is a good one.  Android would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the iPhone.

    • I think you got that backwards iPhone wouldn’t b where they are without android… lets face it competition pushes both platforms but without either one it would be less innovating…iPhone is good and so is android both have problems on my iPhone I get constant crashes so just like android the only difference being is that I expect android to have some fc because it multitasks and Widgets but an iPhone crashing makes no sense…it has nothing taxing like Widgets etc

      • Interesting, the general consensus is that Android is much more unstable than iPhone.  My iPhone 4 very rarely if ever forces me to reboot, whereas my Android phones I reboot at least once a week, same with BB.  And no I don’t got anything backwards.  Have you see the original Android screenshots?  Know why it looks like the way it does now?  Because of the iPhone.  Both platforms have their merits, and if you’re a Google user, Android phones are the best you’re going to get (love Google Nav). 

    • Download an app called Where’s my Droid
      Phone will never get lost again.
      Issue solved.

      • Not sure how that helps.  I have that app, and if someone takes my phone, I’ve lost it.  So uh, yeah the program doesn’t keep the phone from getting lost or stolen.

        Yes the app tells me where it is, but the iPhone has that too with Find my iPhone, so not sure what your point was. 

    • last i checked, google syncs all of your settings for your wifi, and all of the apps you download. i activated my thunderbolt and all my apps started downloading.

      • Yes I know, I mentioned that, but did all your apps keep their data?  Saved games, settings, etc?  That’s a feature that Apple introduced that Android does not yet have.

  • What’s the point of this service if both VZW and AT&T have tiered data plans now (other than to make the companies a ton of money on overage charges)?
    – Sherwinator

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that I wished Android would get that iOS5 has is a BBM knockoff.

  • Jroc869

    Seriously apple is like communism and android is democracy. That’s the easiest way to describe the two and scarily true.

  • Jroc869

    Seriously apple is like communism and android is democracy. That’s the easiest way to describe the two and scarily true.

    • Really?  Tell that to the devs who had the emulators removed from the Android marketplace with no warning or real reason why.

  • AndroidATX

    So in summary…..the new Apple update turns your phone into an Android Phone! I see iPhone sales going up! Lol!!!

  • Stephen D

    Welcome to 2008, iOS users. I guess when Apple said year of the copycats, they were talking about themselves.

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    Apple cant think anything original!!
    they say they were the first person to make a tablet when they didnt, archos did even though they didnt go mainstream with thier products, Also the notification system….Google should sue for Apple cause that s just a copy bigger than anything else even the cloud sync and everything else they did is a rip off!!
    this makes me more pissed off about apple

    • I don’t mind having apple icloud but the notification is a bit too much

    • Please show me the quote where Apple said they were the first to make a tablet, love to see that…on second thought, since that statement came out your ass, keep it to yourself.

      Yes the shad notification is a copy of Android, but hey, have you seen that cool idea of slide to unlock that Android first introdu…oh wait, iPhone had that already…

  • Armorthane

    Say what you will about Apple, if they weren’t around do you really think we’d have Gingerbread out now? Apple pushes Android to evolve, be happy it’s here. Competition is good, no GREAT, for this industry! Without it how many of us would still have an iphone?

    • Look at the bright side, if Apple didn’t exist, people would not be wasting their money on such expensive, not-worth, out-dated products.
      People would be wealthier, and use Android phones. 
      /Everyone is happy after all.

    • Brandonv Gillis

      Yeah because a lot of the features we got with Gingerbread are to make sure we don’t fall behind apple.

      give me a break.

    • Anonymous

      The world would be much better off if Apple didn’t exist.

  • Eric V

    Depending on how good this is i might have to drop my thunderbolt when the iPhone 5 is out

    • I’m confused here.
      Your phone is far more advanced & functional than the i*hone.
      In fact, the OG still outcompetes the i*hone.
      Basically, you are willing to go backward and use old-released technology.

      • Eric V

        yeah because the one thing the iphone has is iTunes

        • And iTunes is the only music service out there..?

          • Eric V

            no its not the only one but its the best one

          • 2 Options
            1. Use an alternative Music service
            2. Use ur thunderbolt & Google Music. No need to buy music.

          • 2 Options
            1. Use an alternative Music service
            2. Use ur thunderbolt & Google Music. No need to buy music.

          • Eric V

            With how much i use my Thunderbolt its battery wont stay charged for all the music i listen and the iphone screen is better than any droid

          • No gorilla screen.

          • Thunderbolt is a pos! And if you think iPhone has great batter it doesn’t its a myth

          • Interesting.  My iPhone has better battery life than any Android phone I’ve ever owned.  Myth?  Guess I’m the only one who has great battery life.

          • Anonymous

            iTunes SUCKS I seriously hate it, it is NOT the best music service Apple and the media spoon feed the public their opinions. And do you NEED the retina display? I think most times you’d barely notice or care. I don’t even care the DX2 has a higher res screen than my DX, mine still is great. I think we need an updated version of the “Pretty” Droid commercial to remind people what the iPhone is, and why Android is better

          • LionStone

            That puny thing? lol….

          • Mike

            Why are you getting ripped off 99 cents at a time?

    • Anonymous

      amazon also has songs cheaper then itunes

  • G3NIU5

    get over yourselves…apple could care less what features android has before them…they are the ones banking on their phones right now..and their the ones who are actually organized with their sh!t

    • Banking on their phones right kool aid

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that’s why they have to make false claims against android at every one of their conferences.

  • AppleFUD

    Come on now. . . we know all the previous features in iOS were taken from Palm, RIM, and then Android. . . this is nothing new for apple. Let’s just fondly remember back on how they invented the GUI by copying Xerox and then saying MS copied them. . . nothing changes at apple.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t all you android fag-boys just get along? You should all thank apple. We all know apple rules and android losers drool. Giggle, giggle!

  • Jeff

    “IOS6…it has this thing that lists all your apps on it, so you don’t have to
    put icons everywhere. we’re calling it an “app basket’.”

      If only I could like it more than once.

    • Granted

      I could completely see apple doing that and calling it that.

  • Mneighbo

    All I could do was smile while reading this. Thanks for posting. I feel very fortunate to have already had these features and to be part of the Android family!

  • Anonymous

    LOL!!!! ROFL!!!! I needed this news, I can’t sop grinning from ear to ear!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone see the “new” keyboard for the ipad that splits into 2 and allows easier typing for thumbs on a tablet?  Basically taken from an android app and baked into the operating system for ipad.  It really wasn’t clear until now that Android really is ahead of apple.  Thanks for pointing that out apple.

    • actually, i think the windows 8 tablets are going to have that built in. they announced it like a week ago

      • Anonymous

        Yup, MS copied the idea from the android app as well, just like almost all the features in Mango are already in android.

  • Jon

    those are some pretty important things.  blows my mind they’ve gone so long without them.
    but it also seems weird that apple would stoop so low as to copy who they hate the most.

    actually….after rethinking that.  they probably think they just invented those new magical things we’ve all been enjoying for years.  well done apple…well done.

    if they keep this up….they might have a usable phone some year soon.  Being on Verizon makes them able to make a phone call.  now this.  amazing.

    • Actually, no, on Verizon, the antenna problem still exists, in fact, it’s even worse. Ugh I believe it said if your phone is within 4 ft of concrete, you lose signal and something else happens too that’s bad.
      It was on TechCrunch back in Jan.

      • Luke

        I believe usually doesn’t equal fact. Get an iphone and try it out before you make a ridic statement. Looking at both my iphone and Droid1, that have similar signal strength! Wow no way!

    • Anonymous

      Jobs thinks these ‘new’ features came to him in a dream.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, it literally was all the stuff that Android already did. Hell, I have an iPad 2 and was amazed that when I went to “share” the picture I couldn’t upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, flickr, etc etc. My Thunderbolt can do all that and the only thing my iPad could do was “email”. To share or upload anything I still have to go to the physical app, go to the pictures section, share it, and then it’s uploaded. What a joke.

    • That will be fixed in iOS 6. Dont worry. 2012 WWDC will be quite helpful for you then. 

    • Don’t worry, that will be fixed in iOS 6. 2012 WWDC will be quite helpful 4 u then.

      • Anonymous

        lol, its just amazing to me… I thought that all devices already did that.

        • I feel the same way. Actually, its basically become an annual custom for me to go “wait, the iPhone can’t do that right now???” everytime they have a conference like this. I seriously didn’t know that 75% of those things were unavailable on iOS.

    • LionStone

      Not to mention the very cool photo editing the TB came with…

  • Widgets and FLash support must be a IOS7 release. IOS6 will allow for the phone to be jailbroken :p

  • Immolate

    In other technology news today, Apple Inc. of Cupertino, California has patented the rectangle, glass, and the color black, and any combination of the three. And buttons. They have a patent on having only one button. Two is fine, so long as it isn’t black or glass… or rectangular.

    • Lol Apple is just insecure no need to worry.

  • Bill

    It seems like “Better late than never” is the direction in which ios is heading. They’ve been playing catchup with Android for a while now.

  • Bo

    Don’t you worry, little lambs: Steve’s not going to expose you to too much, too fast.  He’s going to protect you from the big, bad internet.  And as long as you keep buying his overpriced music on his outdated media platform, everything will be swell.

  • joe

    question; how many of you are running gingerbread on your phones?

    (i have a droid 2. i am not a troll, just sayin)

    • I am running Gingerbread on my Droid 1

      • I also am running GB on my droid 1. I see what you are doing there.

    • Anonymous

      I’m eating gingerbread over my phone running gingerbread?  Paradox in the time/ space continuum?

  • AndyBlowsJobs

    First it was iOS is smooth, but lacks function. Android is a completely functual operating system that lacks smoothness and UI appearance across the OS.

    Now? Apple is BOTH function and Polished. Android? Still in beta stages it feels like.

    ok, ok, apple copied Androids notifications! I think it’s great as that is exactly what I love about android.
    iOS started the game though.

    “but but android was out before” yeah, as a competitor to RIM. Step in Apple; Google changes their game

    In the end it’s Great news. Apple is functional, operational and has the best hardware to go along with it.
    As Android grows more mature, it will surely leapfrog iOS again, but quality control will never let it get to the point the iPhone has. Move along children.

    • DBK


    • A couple of things:
      Android does NOT lack smoothness. What are you using, a beta droid phone with a bunch of bloatware apps?
      UI Appearance? There are such things as: Themes, Launchers, and mainly, Rooting —> Roms.

      If android is in beta stages, Apple would not copy what Android has had years ago. 

      Last time I checked, Mac started the game, but PC took a shit on them.
      I believe it’s happening again.
      It doesn’t matter who starts it, what matters is what’s the best in the end. 

      Lastly, Apple does not have the best hardware. I don’t know how often you check the D-L life, but you know, phones like the Atrix which have been out for quite a while now, have far better hardware than the i*hone. A 1gb ram w/ a duel core processor outcompetes  i*hone’s hardware by a lot. And…Kal-El processors are coming out, yet Apple is still rocking their single cores.

      • smark

        As much as I love Android and its ecosystem, it doesn’t have the user experience out-of-box the way the iphone does. Sure, after rooting, freezing bloatware, choosing and flashing a rom, applying a theme, and deciding on a launcher, Android is magnificent in speed and user experience, however, a large majority of consumers don’t want to go to all that trouble. They want to turn their phone on, activate it, and begin to enjoy it from the beginning, something the iphone has achieved, and android is slowly approaching.

        As for hardware, the duel core processor doesn’t make a difference in this argument; gingerbread isn’t even optimized to utilize both cores yet (only honeycomb is). It’s true that it makes the android experience snappier overall, but snappiness is something the iphone already pulls off without needing a duel core processor – not to mention rooting, etc. As much as I adore my Droid X, Google needs to step up their game and learn a few things from Apple’s constrictive viewpoint.

    • jason w.s.

      Speak on it brother…BTW, guys? My Palm Treo had notifications back before Google ever shit out Andy the Android.

  • http://dvice.com/archives/2011/06/future-iphones.phpiPhone 5++ don’t allow the user to take pics b/c the phone knows they dont have the rights.

    Btw: in the WWDC, they said iOS has more “installed mobile base,” than Android..I thought it was the other way, wasn’t D-L’s last post talking about comScore have: Android > iOS?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like apple just admitted which OS is better.

  • Anonymous

    The truth: They brought forth iOS5 (well not until Fall), which basically introduced long-time Android feature after long-time Android feature – something we are finding to be hilarious

    Gizmodos version of the same announcement: “The new notification feature Apple announced for iOS5 completely rethinks the way your iPhone or iPad will send you alerts.”

    I will let you be the judge..

  • Dragoneer

    *fist bump*

  • Anonymous

    Can’t BEAT Them Join Them?   Apple had an epiphany??  

  • iPhone. Then there’s the rest.

    Coming from a previous Droid user and current iPhone owner, I just gotta say it’s not about who was the first in coming up with these features so let’s not brag about how these features were available for Android years ago, which is beyond exaggeration!

    What I look for is stability and non-fragmented OS and that’s what my iPhone offers, and I appreciate the fact that Apple doesn’t just rush everything in a clunky manner and try to jam all the possible features just to go up against the iPhone. I prefer quality over quantity any day and it’s exactly why I’m a proud owner of my iPhone.

    Kudos for Apple for taking their time carefully, thoroughly, and strategically in everything they offer and execute.

  • iPhone. Then there’s the rest.

    Coming from a previous Droid user and current iPhone owner, I just gotta say it’s not about who was the first in coming up with these features so let’s not brag about how these features were available for Android years ago, which is beyond exaggeration!

    What I look for is stability and non-fragmented OS and that’s what my iPhone offers, and I appreciate the fact that Apple doesn’t just rush everything in a clunky manner and try to jam all the possible features just to go up against the iPhone. I prefer quality over quantity any day and it’s exactly why I’m a proud owner of my iPhone.

    Kudos for Apple for taking their time carefully, thoroughly, and strategically in everything they offer and execute.

    • James

      Couldn’t agree more, I cant wait to get a new iPhone. My Droid X is great but it’s just not the same.

      • ReebX

        I have a friend that works for a Verizon retailer. When the white iPhone came out, he sold his OG Droid and grabbed the iPhone. This week he dumped the iJunk for a X2.

        • iPhone. Then there’s the rest.

          your friend clearly have issue of being indecisive. who’s to say he won’t hop on the bandwagon when next iPhone 5 comes out?

    • They take a long time approving their apps on the market too, like the 25k+ fart apps they have. 

    • Brandonv Gillis

      I bet you still have a tube TV, nevermind the fact that the picture isn’t clear, its not over 32 inches and it weighs 100lbs.

      Slow and steady…..

      • iPhone. Then there’s the rest.

        you obviously are too narrow-minded to even begin to understand or fathom what I had said.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t rush anything in a clunky manner? That notification panel is still a huge mess tbh.

      There was nothing to think about this notification system, the whole concept is copied from Android.

      The swiping, the snippets and even the home screen notification and camera buttons…so yes, all of these things were available for a long time on Android and it isn’t exaggeration at all.

      Fragmentation is a really poor excuse behind which all you Apple fanboys hide…we have 18 month software upgrades now and even though the 3GS is being updated after 2 years of release, we still get more updates because the release cycle is 6 months.

      Cutting edge. That’s the word. “Now you can use the volume up button for taking pictures”…congrats on that, hopefully you’ll get the 2-stage camera key next year.

      • iPhone. Then there’s the rest.

        let’s just see how “cutting edge” and functional your phone remains after a year from now.

        • Guest

          Like my iPhone 3G, which is now basically bricked because of Apple?

    • Granted

      Once again……………..I’m beyond baffled why an Apple lover is commenting on a DROID website???

      That is like going to Best Buy and ordering chicken nuggets, and then wondering why everyone laughs at you and wonders what the hell you are doing in Best Buy. But please go on with your Apple rhetoric, and order super sized fry while you’re at it.

      • jason w.s.

        Lol, well guess what? I currently own an iPhone and im on Droid Life EVERY day, multiple times a day, more than any other site on the web. And i do it because i love Android and iOS both. I had the OG from day one, the Dinc, and the X before i switched to an iPhone and ive been commin to Droid life since Kellen was walking us all thru (holding our hands) rooting with DroidMod ;-)….so….tell me why i cant come here? People need to stop being so narrow minded and just step back and look at the big picture. Tech is evolving at break-neck speeds with all the competition these days, and i effin love it! We all benefit from these competing companies, so just sit back,(take a die hard oath to a certain side if you must) but enjoy the ride and lighten up a little. I dont Love Android, and i dont Love Apple…i Love technology and everything involved. sorry for the ramble, be easy all 😛

  • FiMachineGun

    Steve Jobs reminds me of Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian, where all these people flock to false prophecies and mind control.  “Come to me child”

    • DBK

      lol I just saw that movie this past week! Awesome analogy.  🙂

    • DBK

      lol I just saw that movie this past week! Awesome analogy.  🙂

  • LinuxLover

    First of all, I won’t be using OTA updates, seeing how many of them actually have gone wrong on Android devices, especially those who’s batteries died during the updates. Android is a pretty cool operating system, IMO, despite it’s pitfalls. I really wanted a Droid Bionic, but Motorola screwed that up. I ended up getting an iPhone 4 because of all the absolutely cool apps available. Yeah, I know it doesn’t have lots of ports, but I’m not sure I would have used any of them anyway. I actually love iTunes and the syncing is without any sort of problems whatsoever. Anyway, I’m enjoying my iPhone 4 on Verizon, but I don’t hate any Android user. I’m happy with my purchase and if you got something else, I hope you’re happy, too. Why bother to wage a war of hate? Both OS’s are pretty darn great, and both will fit almost anyone’s needs.

    • Guest

      I’m with you, I love my droid x but given the chance I will gladly jump on over to the iPhone. I miss my iPod Touch.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad most people aren’t sane like you.  Too many zealous, delusional fanboys.

      • Granted

        Oh so you’re saying your fruit roll up is better than my fruit gushers!? Well you’re wrong and I’m right, and I have no life outside of the e-world, so I have to spend my life arguing over stuff that doesn’t matter except to shut in net-nerds! So there!

    • Anonymous

      You’re a linux lover…seriously??? Sound more like an iOS lover to me. Which is fine (I guess). But, what are you ding in a Droid Life forum?…

      Looks like someone is homesick :).

      • LinuxLover

        No, I believe in using what’s best for you. Linux works well for me. I also use Windows, too, sometimes. I simply tired of all the hub bub around updates, getting phones to market, LTE problems, etc. I needed a phone and went with iPhone because of all the great apps it has.

        BTW, Android may use the Linux kernel, but it’s not what we generalize as Linux.

        • Granted

          Very good point about linux.

  • I think this is funny, after so many discussions with Apple fan boys about their precious iOS products and the best their herald (Jobs) can bring is features and services that make everyone else says… “Yeah?, And?” Pathetic Showing Apple!

  • iOS 5?  They may as well call it “iEclair”  (havent caught up to Froyo or Gingerbread)

    • DBK

      lol It’s more like iOS 1.3.2   🙂