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Apple Introduces iOS5 with Notifications, OTA Updates, Cloud Services and Tabbed Browsing – Android Users Giggle at Their Late Arrival

We just couldn’t help but take a few minutes to point out some of the interesting announcements from Apple’s WWDC today.  They brought forth iOS5 (well not until Fall), which basically introduced long-time Android feature after long-time Android feature – something we are finding to be hilarious.  While I’ll try to refrain from tossing out too many little jabs since so many of the people in this world lack a sense of humor on the Apple vs. Android subject (“why you so bitter!?” -Twitter), I’ll just say that this marks a pretty important day for Android.  It’s now clear that Android has moved well beyond Apple on the innovation scale when it comes to mobile software.  For a company that continues to stand on stage and put up twisted statistics, one that claims to have invented everything, and one that takes cheap shots at every other company in the industry even while the rest of them have moved on, we couldn’t help but giggle a little.

With the introduction of notifications, OTA updates, tabbed browsing, cloud services, a mobile IM program, and the ability to activate a device without having to connect to a PC, the roars from the WWDC crowd could be felt across the interwebs.  We can’t fault iOS fans for cheering today – after all, they should have been enjoying all of these features for years now.  What we’ll do though, is remind them that swiping, notifying, tabbing, clouding and customizing became the norm if your phone ran on a green powered mobile OS years ago.

So to our Android brothers and sisters, give each other a little fist bump today and then be sure to welcome your random friends with iPhones to 2011.

*Note – I hate that I have to leave a note on this, but let’s all try to be civil here.  It’s all supposed to be in good fun.  If we can’t rib the competition a little, what fun would this be?  So before you take to the comments with hatred, sit back for moment, smile a bit, sip on something other than Koolaid (see what I did there?) and try to giggle with us.

  • sue them for trying to be kool like us, Google cant possibly fail (also i am sipping on kool-aid, for grow ups hahah )

    • Rocktoonz

      If Android fails, it will be because device manufacturers (looking at you Motorola) and Carriers (take your pick) hamstring their development.

  • Coaster36

    /fist bump

  • Rocktoonz

    Apple’s Next Big Innovation….FLASH SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    looks like i’m keeping my ipad 2

  • Anonymous

    And this is why Apple is awesome. Even the haters can’t keep its name out of their mouths. It has a featured post on an Android blog.

    • And Android is awesome because fans of other OS come to Android related sites to talk trash. I can’t tell you the last time I went to an Apple related site.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I agree. Android is awesome as well. I love my Droid Incredible, but I also greatly appreciate Apple’s products.

      • Mike

        I visit Engadget sometimes, that might as well be an Apple related site.

  • Remember, Apple is a great artist:

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I just finished reading the blog of the event on engadget and I felt like I was reading a press release from google highlighting the Android OS features from at least a year ago!

  • John

    Ya. People can’t take a jokingly post anymore

  • John

    Stock Camera button on their lock screen is much needed in Android. Yes I know you can use widgetlocker etc, but you shouldn’t have to download an app to use something that’s so widely used

    • Anonymous

      “Photostream” is about to have millions of pictures of the insides of pockets…

  • Sjm614

    Kellex…you are the man!

  • Mike – Arizona Stand Up!

    You know what they call a hater? Someone that is always talking about something or someone else. Now again I love android, and I love my iPhone as well so I think I can say this will all due respect…


    Damn just be happy with what you have and stop talking so much trash! Apple started the game!!!!

    • DBK

      1) Palm started the game. Crapple stole from them.

      2) Why the hell are you on this site since you own an iphone?

      3) Would you say the same on an apple site to posters hating on android? No.

      4) GTFO.

    • Anonymous

      If you call copying others’ products and stealing IP starting the game.

      I’ll be happy when the scumbags stop trying to kill competition by suing everyone and spreading lies in their propaganda.

    • Tesseract 3

      Bullshit. All apple innovated was how to steal existing technology from companies, repackage it, claim they invented it, spread their misinformation to their gullible fans and then turn around and sue the companies who they stole from. Apple didn’t start the desktop OS game, the stole the GUI from Xerox and MS beat their asses for it. Apple didn’t start the MP3 player game, MP3 players already existed. Apple didn’t start the smartphone game, Blackberry and Palm already started it. They didn’t even start the tablet game, tablet computers existed way before apple ever even thought about making an Ipad. These are all facts. Look them up and stop being a mindless Apple fanboy troll. The only thing Apple has ever innovated is slick marketing campaigns that convince some of the most gullible people in the world that technology that has been around for ages is somehow new, and that it is Apple’s idea. 

  • Anonymous

    Did they announce open source and unlocked phones like HTC? 

  • garrett sullivan

    Anyone else notice Apple charges 1600 dollars to come to WWDC..

    • And did you realize that their tickets sold out in 2 hours, while Google’s sold out in 59 minutes?
      Also, they don’t give out a special/upcoming device @ the end of  conferences.

  • Actually, a lot of the Android features you’re talking about haven’t been around that long.

    I also wouldn’t say Google has moved “well beyond” Apple yet.  A lot of the features they talked about are ones that aren’t available on every Android device type (no phone can do first-party tabbed browsing, for example), and in many cases firmware fragmentation (yes, the F-words) mean you won’t actually see that code unless you root.

    Some of these were definitely overdue, though.  Apple should’ve had OTA and cloud much sooner.

    • Anonymous

      Good points. I would like to mention that a few tech sites have reported that iOS5 will not be supported on devices prior to the iPhone 4. So 3GS and below will not be able to take advantgae of these new features. Of course until this is released that can’t be confirmed.

      • Tesseract 3

        Say hello to Apple fragmentation! I guess it’s not just an android problem anymore. There goes an Apple talking point…

  • Jij

    I look to other smartphone makers to push the whole market forward like WebOS, but apple came out and said well I guess Google had right and now we have the same thing. iCloud is pretty slick but as far as iOS5 goes i was disappointed they didn’t introduce anything new.

  • Anonymous

    Did Apple inadvertently admit to just how crappy they are that they are mystifying features that have been around for years (like they always do)?

    It’s crazy that when I bought my Thunderbolt, a coworker of mine looked at me sideways and said, “why didn’t you get the iPhone?” My response, “Because it’s a piece of junk.”

  • Anonymous

    Apple: “Alright guys, so we know that you’ve wanted smartphone features that all of our competitors have had for the past 3 to 5 years, so this is what we’ll do, we’ll give you about 65% of them, which is better than the 0% you get now, but just kick it until Fall when we can provide more info.. we have to write the code first”

    ICS + Immediate updates among all certified phones = the only feature android needs to stay permanently ahead of iOS

  • Anonymous

    Now we’ll just wait for apple to sue google for the notification system apple invented.


    • Dave

      I’m surprised they haven’t already tried to patent the notification bar. I guess prior art and all that…

    • Know what I just realized?  Non-techies will see iOS 5 in a few months and see the notification bar, then play with the Droid 4 or whatever’s out by then, and seriously think that Droids copied iPhone

      • Granted

        Well your thinking is somewhat right, but non techies as you put it, don’t waste their time arguing over stuff like that. They go and hang out with their non electronic friends and actually have a girl to rub their meat, and not pretend their left hand is a girl while they watch porn.

        • Grim

          that’s right, nobody who likes technology gets laid. …moron

  • C Dirty

    I do not giggle.

    I guffaw.

  • Anonymous

    It is nice to see Apple join Android with iOS 5. They’re now pretty feature competitive with Android.  I like some things better than others (the messaging thing is just an IM client, I don’t understand why people are so excited about it, Android has had one pretty much since 1.6) but overall it is pretty solid.

    I’m interested to see what Google does with Ice Cream Sandwich.  Now that Apple has borrowed so many Android features maybe Google can borrow the copy/paste implementation and a little of Apple’s hamfisted control over iOS (not too much, just enough to keep manufacturers and carriers from trying to kill Android)

    • Brandonv Gillis

      Feature competitive…… seriously?

      It’s still just a grid.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, and an ugly grid of icons at that. Of course, I wasn’t talking about the look of it at all, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Feature wise, iOS 5 is pretty feature competitive with Android.

        • Anonymous

          No, not really.

  • Apple will still call it “revolutionary”….


  • Well…uh….uh….we have more apps! Yea! Android sucks!

    • Yeah that will work until, what, July? Then it will be “but, but, but our apps are better because of our close-mindedness and BS restrictiveness”

      • you know i was joking right?

        • Yeah definitely. I was more just adding on to your joke, not making fun of you. Just joining in making fun of Apple.

  • I love that last line

  • Anonymous

    I only really giggled when the notification pull down happened. I lol’d pretty hard core at that point.

  • Mr.Joe

    What is with Apple having conferences at the same time as other conferences?

    They used to have huge announcements at macworld during CES week and now they’re having this conference during E3? 

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t they always held WWDC within the first two weeks of June just like E3 always occurs during the first two weeks of June?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    please remove this story.. I thought I was visiting Apple.com

  • Anonymous

    IOS is on more devices than ANDROID? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    (….when you count out all android devices in america….europe…. in infinitesimal font size on the bottom)

    • That’s what I was thinking lmfao!
      Their pie chart in the conference was bs.

  • Chronolulu

    I don’t have any friends that have an iphone….

    • Anonymous

      I love Android and all, but that’s just about impossible…unless you have no friends.

      • DBK

        Not really. Up until a month ago, I didn’t know anybody that had an icrap (they either had BBs or Androids) either.

      • not exactly. from my 5 closest friends, 1 has an iphone and the rest have Evo’s or Thunderbolts.

    • Raven

      While I wish I could say the same I actually do have 1 friend with an i*hone 4.  He is an Android developer who also owns a Thunderbolt and an Incredible 2, and yet he chooses to use as his main phone his i*hone 4 because of one thing and that is battery life.  He claims to get 2 full days out of it without plugging in and barely half a day out of his 2 Android devices.  As an owner of a Droid2G I can almost agree with this.  Android phone manufacturers seriously need to do something about battery life.

      • ReebX

        Eh? I know at least 5 ppl with iPhones (many, many more with android) and at least 3 of them say they can barely get 12 hours off of a charger. They see me with my X out constantly, and ask me how I get my battery to last so long, especially with the bigger screen. Not uncommon at all for me to go 20 plus hours unplugged with moderate use.

        Don’t get me wrong, Gingerbread has me fuming with text editing flaws. Having your cursor just randomly jump from one place to another makes me seriously want Froyo back.

  • Jobs had the balls to claim cloud services were “our next big insight.” Does this guy bet on horses after the race too and thinks he won?

    What was the old joke back in the day?  Win 95 = Mac 84

    So, Apple…how’s that petard you’ve be hoisted upon?

  • Anonymous

    #thingsandroiddidfirst notification bar. cloud music. ota updates. tabbed browsing. multi tasking. wireless sync.. KEEP IT GOING

  • Anonymous

    Samsung’s Lawyers happiest ones in the crowd today at WWDC 😛

  • James Kernicky

    haha now the fan-boys can see what they have been missing out on…and we will still have the better OS

    • Anonymous

      They’ll just claim Apple invented it and android is copying crApple again like they always do.

  • John C.

    Hahahaahahhahahaha, Apple suckssss!

  • Dman27

    Seems like to me at this rate he should change his name to STEVE JOBLESS hehe

  • Nick

    my iPhone coworker asked what a widget was

    • You work with an IPhone?

      • Anonymous


      • Nick Yzzi

        lol, yes.

    • TheAndroid1

      He probably didn’t have a mac, mac has had those widgets for years, even before the original iphone came out.

  • Leroy1983

    I swear these tech blogs ate they little children. Seriously, the goes for apple fans & android fans. So was it copying when android instead of going the blackberry route, they decided to instead compete with iOS or iPhone. No it wasnt, kellex I’m pretty sure your a smart but stop starting flame wars.

    • Anonymous

      It’s all in good fun my friend.  If we can’t laugh at each other, then what fun is this industry?

      • Anonymous

        its ok kellex, some people dont understand that DROID-LIFE is supposed to be from the android perspective….apple fans mostly….

      • Leroy1983

        Fair enough, I just hate flame wars. To me there pointless. That goes for iOS users & android users

    • MrWolf

      Leroy1983 said:  “I’m pretty sure your a smart…”

      @ Leroy1983: And I’m pretty sure you’re a not smart.

    • Atlbaird

      Um as far as i know android has never coppied anything from good ol crapple

      • i think the only thing you can say they copied was the swipe to unlock

      • Leroy1983

        No, android was going after the blackberry & palm tree market. When they saw the iPhone they had to change direction.

        • DBK

          Wrong, Crapple went after the BB and Palm market and stole from Palm. Android went after the icrap market and then went after the BB and Windows market.

        • Anonymous

          Look at the early picture of android again, the UI is almost exactly the same, only the form factor changed.  Guess what, Droid Pro exists.  Samsung is also making an android phone with the blackberry style.

  • Anonymous

    This is welcome news for Apple users, and I know a few. So good for them. I won’t be switching.

  • DBK

    Uh oh, here we go again…….

    *Braces for the onslaught of angry iPhanboys*

  • Tsteege


  • Davros

    I think Google should sue them, Apple would. Hell, they’re even sueing Samsung for copying the iphone design when Samsung had their phone out first.

    • android is open source, google can’t sue anyone for it unless it’s something to do with their specific apps (gmail/market/etc). plus im sure they are not nearly as petty and insecure as apple. 

      • Anonymous

        its open source, but there are still licenses and copyrights and trademarks. That its out in the open doesn’t mean its not copyright infringment. ask apple 😉

        • And patents, don’t forget those little buggers. 😉

      • Davros

        I completely agree that Google probably isn’t worried. Even though it is free isn’t there some kind of licensing? Like it’s free for the asking but not free for the taking?

      • Anonymous

        googles got the cloud thing
        samsung can countersue due to the notification thing
        yeah, google and samsung can sue for apple to not be able to release IOS5 with those

        • joe

          samsung can’t counter sue for the notifications because they don’t own a patent for them. and google’s only good cloud service is gmail.

          • Anonymous

            Google Docs and Google Music aren’t cloud services?

          • Freakoffashion01

            And Calendar, Reader, Picasa

          • AppleFUD

            I’m kinda enjoying my new Google Music. . . it’s actually got me back to listening to my music again.

      • garrett sullivan

        Your right about the pettiness of Apple, but anything is open source, can’t be made into closed source without breaking the GNU General Public License. Open source doesn’t mean it isn’t copyrighted. Should apple  “copyright” the same notification systems that is used on android then you could attack them for that.

        The reason this exists is because some a$$hats tried to copyright linux years after its inception. The creater of linux filed suit against these people and had linux put under the General Public License. I’m no lawyer but seeing as android runs off linux, and anyone can mod android I’m sure the notification system must fall under the GPL somewhere. 

        • Leif Andersen

          Umm…with the exception of the Linux Kernel, the rest of Android is released under an apache license, which does allow to make closed source derivatives.

          • garrett sullivan

            I knew I was forgetting something, even better, now we can really sue Apple’s ass.

    • Mr.Joe

      You’ve never had a PDA or smart phone before have you?  Go play around with PalmOS for a bit.  You’d be surprised by how much it has in common with Android and iOS.  Despite the fact it came out in like 1996.

      • Anonymous


        • No I think he meant Palm OS.  He’s right, many of the ideas that Android and iOS have are from Palm OS, because there is nothing wrong with taking an idea and making it better.

          • I really appreciate your comment. It desserved more than a like

        • Mr.Joe

          Never ever * me!


          PalmOS is what I meant not WebOS.  THOUGH WebOS is pretty kick ass!

    • omg apple copied the pulldown taskbar perfectly off google.

    • joe

      apple got the patent for the iPhone 4 before the galaxy s came out…

    • Lol…Seriously love the “APPLE INFRINGEMENT CASES” Whereas Google has such a gigantic opportunity to make Juice out of Apple….

    • Matthew Drazin

      Your an idiot samsung didnt have there phone out first. Moron know before you speak!

  • I cannot wait until the ICS release to see what Apple will be announcing in 2014!!!!

    • Anonymous

      LOL!!! Best comment.

    • Daviswa10

      4G?… Trolls

    • AppleFUD

      LOL. . . yes but if you are an apple fan you will have to upgrade each year to get just one or two of the features lol. . . and they will do it.

  • Darn, now what will my fanboy friends have to drewl about when they check out my D1?

    • Anonymous

      the fact that you can make calls

  • JTD

    Not much different than when Apple introduced MMS for i think iOS 3 ? … when all other smartphones and even dumbphones had the ability for years.

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m just gonna throw this out there, but probably all the Android users who constantly hear from Apple fanboys who claim that Android copied certain things from Apple. Honestly, i’ve even heard that about the general touchscreen smartphone, which Apple certainly didn’t invent (for the record)

  • iOS 5 Did not introduce widgets as far as I know, still behind the curve on that one.

    • They’ll introduce that for iOS 6. Don’t want to copy all of Android in one swoop.

      • AppleFUD

        gotta give the users a reason to upgrade lol

    • Anonymous

      That will come in iPhone 4S/5.

      They don’t want 3GS users to enjoy every single update now, who will buy the new phones then?

  • Andrew Akker

    First…no one gives a crap on your biased “journalism.” Next.

    • Anonymous

      I do, and you know what? He’s right.

      • MrWolf

        Someone doesn’t quite grasp the difference between “journalism” and “editorialism.”


    • LOL clown… it’s called Droid-Life.com for a freaking REASON. HAHAHA wtf did you THINK his thoughts on iOS were?

      No one gives a crap about your inabilllity  to see the obvious. Next. Ok? Thank you.


    • Thunderatrix

      don’t come to this site then….of course it biased; the site is DROID-LIFE

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking the same thing. Trolls come to see if we are making fun of them. Yep we are

    • Anonymous

      you sir are almost number 11…
      and his “journalism” is actually good.
      If you want unbiased “journalism” go to engadget (itll be biased the other way)
      you are on a site called DROID-LIFE, are you not?

  • Jordan

    Apple finally lets their customers feel cool, again… and again…

  • I giggled, I will admit it.

  • Jerry

    It’s magical! 

    • Deezus

      My Evo 4g has been an awesome phone, and the Gb update has made it complete and oh so smooth. I will be looking at WP8 next phone/tablet. I want wp8,4g,and 4.3 inch screen. My only issue with android, no way to sync zune….I love my zune and that is not going to change.

      • FiMachineGun

        Do you mean sync as in “put all your music on your phone”? 

      • johnny

        Zune +1

  • Eazyean1

    5 years late