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Netflix on Android Updated to Support the Original DROID (Updated)

The Netflix app on Android just received an update and apparently supports our old friend, the Motorola DROID.  That’s right, the OG is still getting love even after almost 2 years of life.  There is a chance that it will only work if you are running Android 2.2, but feel free to try it on one of those 2.3 ROMs.

We also received a report that it may no longer be working on rooted DROID Incredibles, but can’t 100% confirm that.  Our Inc is running Gingerbread with root and definitely doesn’t work, but almost didn’t expect it to since the requirement is 2.2.  Anyone else having issues with their rooted Inc after updating?

Update:  Our guy with issues is also running 2.3.  Looks like that is the problem.  We have confirmation from rooted 2.2 owners that are not experiencing issues and still enjoying their favorite movies and shows.

Cheers Mark, Romma, and Clayton

  • Anonymous

    Glitchy as hell on my OG Droid with CM7.  (sound but no audio and hella FCs)

  • MattInPDX

    No thanks, hacked XDA version works great so I see no reason to go with the, “Official,” app.

  • Nice.

    It is about time the Droid gets some love.

    There are plenty of us still on 2 year contracts with this phone.

    The next thing we need is an official Gingerbread release.  If Peter Alfonso can do it (major props to him BTW), then Google/Motorola/Verizon should be able to do it.

  • Monoxide

    Running fine on my OG Droid with Project Elite 5.2. (Gingerbread).

    • Monoxide

      Update: It works without any issues on 3G, but it cuts out after a few minutes on Wifi.

  • Hexhector360

    Running flawless on my Droid X running liberty rom!

  • The new version works on my DInc running Miui 1.5.13 (GB Based). Watching Outsourced as I type this.

  • Mctypething

    Only interested if the bootloader is unlocked.

  • Ray

    guess i will dust off my og droid from my gadget shelf and see if this is working

  • Anonymous

    The D1 before the DX WTH! Well at least my wife will be happy. 🙁

    • go download the Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk it works on stock 2.2 Droid X, without needing root even

      • Anonymous

        Been there, done that. But had to flash my DX yesterday cuz I monkeyed around in the root folders and broke something. All is good now. Just waiting for the 2.3 goodness to roll out.

      • Anonymous

        Been there, done that. But had to flash my DX yesterday cuz I monkeyed around in the root folders and broke something. All is good now. Just waiting for the 2.3 goodness to roll out.

  • Murali Ponnaluri

    That pos casio gets netflix support??? What the hell!!

  • AHHHHH getting closer to Netflix on Stock 2.2 Droid 2

  • AHHHHH getting closer to Netflix on Stock 2.2 Droid 2

  • Craig Sweany

    what about the D2G?????

  • BULL3T

    ive got an og droid running chevys Simply Stunning 5.3 (2.3.4). i searched for netflix last night and did not show up in the market. Now it shows up installs and streams. (watching american dad as i type) 🙂

  • Mobileman0102

    still running good on my DX running rooted Gingerbread so no issues there as far as that goes 

  • Noles419

    WTF!!! No Thunderbolt support?!?

  • ChaosRV

    Damn it!  They just have to show the OG Droid some love as soon as mine
    decides to die on me.  Now I’m stuck on my worthless old bberry storm
    p.o.s. until the D3 comes out.  Maybe I’ll just buy a used one somewhere to hold me over…

  • Greg ✓

    No Skype, No Netflix, No Gingerbread. Is this a thunderbolt, or a Thunderbit#h?

    Seems like they use no lube when it comes to our 1st gen 4g LTE device.

    Shoot..I had to rob Peter & paul to get a MYVERIZON app for it. smfh

    • Dave

      More than likely to prop up the LG Revolution since it’s really only differentiating feature from the Thunderbolt is “got Netflix”

    • slappynutz

      Thats why you DONT buy something as soon as it comes out.

  • EC8CH

    My OGD just Puffed out it’s chest, threw up both it’s arms, cocked it’s head slightly, and is looking our the corner of it’s eye.

  • The D1 is where it all started and most people that bought it still have Atleast a few months left on their 2 year contract

  • Chris G


  • EC8CH

    Netflix probably saw all the OGD’s already streaming on their servers and figured…

    What the hell, lets just make it official.

  • Jasper

    Any chance of Gingerbread on OG Droid?

  • Mmoreimi

    I have a Droid Incredible that’s rooted via Unrevoked.  I’m using the stock ROM…..I’m rooted only for the apps.  I’m able to access Netflix after today’s update just fine…..on Wifi and 3G…so no issues here.

  • Wriggking

    Droid x don’t work huh?

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!!!!! Now the Iphone has lost its last edge to the OG Droid.

  • Anonymous

    My D1 will love it, but still waiting for the Wi-fi Xoom version 🙁

    • I completely agree.

    • Hoss789

      The new Asus Transformer (if you can find one) and Acer Iconia tablet are both available with WiFi only right now and are a few hundred bucks cheaper that the Xoom with similar specs…but if you have to have the Wifi only Xoom, Walmart has them in stock on there website.

      • Anonymous

        I all ready have the Wi-fi Xoom. I was talking about Netflix working on it.

  • Trombone Dixie

    Holy sh!t, why is the Thunderbolt getting fcuked over so much? I’m regretting my purchase of it more and more as the days pass.

    • Greg ✓

      Tell me bout it.

      • not hating on the OG Droid love, i’m all for it.. but the Tbolt was supposedly the “flagship” device for VZW right now, flagship my arse. lol

  • Chad

    get about a second of audio and video, then phone reboots? original Droid

  • How about some Charge love

  • XOOM!!!! PLZ

  • That is ridiculous how netflix is supporting the old droid and not the thunderbolt.

  • Hiway12

    no love for stock Thunderbolt and Xoom, the two devices I own!

    • Mario

      I know and the Thunderbolt was supposed to be the first

  • Works on My D1 with SS 5.2!!  WOO!!  

  • Deraj3518

    OOk less annoyed with droid than the commando I mean really? Give the tbolt some love!

  • Why no droid X?

  • And now my hatred is complete, I upgraded to the Thunderbolt from the OG Droid

    • EC8CH

      Little know fact…

      This is the reason Darth Vader turned to the dark side.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody high up at Netflix is a tech geek…

  • Chris

    So an outdated 1 and a half year old droid gets official netflix support before a 2 month old 1 ghz 4g Thunderbolt?

    • Anonymous

      og droid is sexy and stock

    • Anonymous

      Or you could look at it this way, one of the MOST popular, Android devices, therefore pleasing the MOST number of customers was supported before the just released device that is still gaining market share.

      • Chris

        or you can look at it this way. most people have the OG Droid like you said so they will give netflix support to the OG Droid first before the newer phones like the thunderbolt. so while they are also making the majority of android users happy they are also causing verizon and htc to lose money. the OG Droid may be the most popular because its the one that started it all. but you can’t deny the fact that the thunderbolt is faster and better. so when everyones contracts are up they have a chance to upgrade their OG Droid to a newer and better phone thats faster in every way. but why upgrade and buy a newer phone when the old phone stil works fine and can do more. Verizon loses buyers for the newer phones. i used to have an OG Droid a month ago and just recently switched to a thunderbolt since its better in every way. if they released netflix support a few weeks earlier i probably wouldn’t have switched  so soon. and i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels that way. but if they added netflix support to the newer phones first like the thunderbolt then everyone who bought an OG Droid on day 1 will be due for an upgrade in a few months if not already. and they would be able to upgrade to the faster phone that can also do more like netflix. and then add netflix to OG Droid after more people switch and buy the new phone.

        • Dude, some of us with OG Droids are still on contract for almost a full year.  I would think by then that Netflix would release their app for more phones.

          They probably have to go through a certification process before they can release it for each device, so why not tackle the largest installed base of a certain Android device?

          All Netflix cares about is services for their subscribers, and the odds are more of them own Droids vs. Thunderbolts.  Netflix could care less about Verizon’s sales on new phones.

          Enjoy the faster processor and 4G on your Thunderbolt.  I wish my Droid was as fast.

        • Anonymous

          paragraphs are a good thing 😉

    • AmadHTCcustomer

      It goes by most popular, like others have said.
      The Droid X, OG Droid, EVO, Nexus S/One, etc, are all more popular than the Thunderbolt.

      To be honest, I have never known/seen anyone in public using a Thunderbolt, so they want to get the majority of the people happy first.

      Plus there are way more 1gz phones not just the thunderbolt.
      My Droid X is rockin @ 1.35 ghz.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say you’re the one with the outdated phone, then 🙂

  • Dave Diamond

    Droid but not D2??

    • Anonymous

      no blur like a boss

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Long live the OG Droid 🙂 

  • DAN

    My inc is rooted and it still works, maybe because its literally just rooted, no custom roms/kernals or any of that

  • DAN

    My inc is rooted and it still works, maybe because its literally just rooted, no custom roms/kernals or any of that

    • Anonymous

      If there is an update to Netflix do not update. That is what killed my rooted Droid. I was running CM7 Nightly #90.

  • OG Droid is the droid you want!

  • That is awesome. Even with the skins, motorola is making some good google phones. 

  • Wheres the DROID X? Altho I got a build off XDA that works 🙂

  • Droid OG FTW!!! Awesome job Netflix! Not giving up on my OG!

    … until the D3 comes O:-)

  • i can run netflix on my incredible fine. running latest released version of CM7 (not nightlies)

    • Same here. Updated app running just fine on CM 7.0.3

    • Running CM7 Nightlies (Ginger 2.3) #90 here and Netflix’s is streaming just fine. 

  • Patrick H

    Makes me miss my OG Droid…

    • Hiway12

      me too

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? The D1 before the thunderbolt?

    • Probably because there are a lot more D1’s out there than thunderbolts.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed on the fact that there is more D1’s than T-Bolts, I had one myself up until a month ago, but the hardware is nowhere near comparable. Just figured it would come to the Thunderbolt before the “ONE” that started it all!

        • BULL3T

          the D1’s hardware streams Netflix perfectly. so how is it no where near compatible? if it wasn’t compatible, do you really think Netflix would’ve added D1 support?

          • BULL3T

            sorry read your post wrong

      • Rocking D1 since Day 1!!! It’s sad that there has not been a good reason to upgrade since then.

        • Anonymous

          I know I can’t find a single thing i like as much if only the d3 had an unlocked bootloader and lte 

          • Agreed, unfortunately we may not see an unencrypted bootloader or Blurless Moto Droid device for some time (if ever).  Just going to have to pick the best option….or flip VZW the *Angry* Bird and switch. 

            For now, my “best option” is to stick with my D1   

          • Because its VZW that is forcing Manufactures to encrypt in the 1st place…

          • Because its VZW that is forcing Manufactures to encrypt in the 1st place…

          • And NFC so that it can still be cool with Ice cream sandwich. Otherwise your phone will be obselete in 6 monthes

          • Anonymous

            NFC does seem useful

        • Cmorty72

          ^^ +1 ^^

          Now… if per chance the D3 does become vanilla/unlocked and happens to be sporting LTE, that’ll be good enough reason to change.

    • Rioman9
      • Chris Berg

        That website’s download link doesn’t work. Any others?