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Android Activations Now at 300,000 Per Day

Can we just deem this the “Week of Google” already?  First Gingerbread, then the Nexus S, then Honeycomb, Google Maps 5, and now this new tweet from Andy Rubin?  Can it get any better than this?  How does 300,000 Android activations per day sound to those of you on team good guy?  That’s the word we’re hearing from the head honcho himself.  Amazing.

  • does this number include “activations” that occur after the phone is rooted or a new rom is added? After the cache and everything is wiped, you have to “activate” the phone again. Surely this is not being counted as an “activation” is it?

    • PizzaGuyInErie

      The number of users rooted/romming is a small percentage. 98% are normal consumers just buying a phone. Of those 98%, 95% of them probably don't even know Android is on their phone, let alone what rooting is.

  • Rsswga

    no wonder 3g sucks so bad

  • JT

    Congratulations Android!! (and thank you!!) For fun, go read some of the comments at BGR (sorry to divert traffic Kellen). Its like watching the 7 stages of grief unfold before your eyes. (“Don't hate the playa….”) If you don't own stock in Apple, there's nothing to cry about — your fav IOS device prices will go down (lessons forgotten from Apple v MS). That's Econ 101. Enjoy it!

  • Gulfstream

    Stunning… Simply Stunning. 🙂

  • The350zWolf

    It's insane! Three of my co-workers got android phones this week. All of them amazed of the features!

  • EC8CH

    Andy, what does the Google say about Andoid's power level?


    • Don't you mean three hundred thousand?

      • EC8CH

        Yes, yes I did 🙂

  • Justin

    That's really almost hard to believe!

  • i*hone is goin down down down

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    thats a crazy number

    • feztheforeigner

      It's nearly a million phones every three days!