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Best Buy Offers Free Smartphones Each Day through Holidays

Since the “Free Phone Friday” promotion through October was so damn successful, Best Buy has decided to bring it back, only by offering even more deals this time.  Throughout the month of December, they will offer a new set of “free” smartphones each day instead of just every Friday.  The plan is to offer at least 4 phones, 1 from each carrier, but as you’ll see from the “Buy” link down below, that there are a lot more than 4.  And who’s included in the first batch?  The Droid Incredible of course.


Via:  Best Buy

  • Jeff

    they still have the same phones on there… what gives???
    “they will offer a new set of “free” smartphones each day”

  • JB

    So buy the Incrdible or wait? I was told at the Verizon store that if you buy somewhere like BB, that if you change your plan at all, then Best Buy can then charge you the full price of the phone. They said that was in the contract you sign at BB. Any truth to that, or is the store just trying to sell the phones at $200 to $300 instead of free?

  • ryanallaire

    I think if the droid x rolls along in the deal, i might just have to snag it. Or should i wait??…

  • YoMomma

    Any thoughts on if the Droid X comes thru on these deals?

    • Pogbert

      The Droid X is really cool but I find it big of a device for how I use it. The Droid 1 I have is in the outer edge of size. It it wasn't the best device I have ever owned I would complain more. Most of my droid pals say the same thing.

  • First!!!
    To say…whoever is wanting one of these phones…should wait.
    It's understandable to get a phone at the beginning of it's career…but shelf-life on these bad boys is pretty bad.
    Just wait until the next gen comes out.

    • Timoh

      I agree, lots of new stuff coming out in Q1.

    • sc4fpse

      Well, it's all about the money in these cases. If you're looking for a free/cheap upgrade, I don't think you could get anything better than the Droid Incredible. I've been jealous of people with the Incredible, truth betold. That phone has lasted much longer than anything else around in terms of user/customer satisfaction and hardware specs. The OG Droid went obsolete pretty quick (at least in cross-carrier comparison. The Droid lasted until the Incredible, but that still wasn't that long) but the Incredible is still holding its own. For a phone as old as it is, it's doing extremely well in keeping up with current technology. And since it's unlikely we'll see the next real generation of phones until Q1, it'll get a few more months on it's relevancy life.

      Basically: If you want a cheap/free phone, pick this up without a second though. If you want a top of the line phone, yeah, I agree, wait until next gen. 🙂

    • Evileclipse420

      I completely disagree. The incredible is still one of the best phones available, and won't easily be eclipsed anytime soon. Aside from lte connectivity, the next generation of phones are only going to be incremental upgrades . It is my personal belief that the incredible and the x will remain relevant phones alot longer than verizon will carry them, or the droid ever was. If you're considering the incredible, jump on this deal. You'll be happier alot longer than you think!