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How to: Root DROID X Running Official Android 2.2

Since so many of you are curious about having a rooted device, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Droid 2 rooting method works flawlessly on the official update for the Droid X.  In even better news, the crew at XDA Forums have created a semi-1-click method so that you no longer have to use a series of adb commands.  You will still have to install the Android SDK, but that’s nothing right?



Download: DoRootForWindows.zip

1.  Extract and Update Android SDK package to your computer.  (Our instructions here.)
2.  Next, extract the files from the DORoot zip file to the tools folder of Android SDK.

(Take them out of the folder they came zipped in and place in tools.)

Ex:  C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

3.  Install Motorola Drivers:  (32-bit or 64-bit)
4.  Enable USB Debugging on your phone and plug it into your PC.  (Settings>Applications>Development)
5.  Double-click and run doroot.bat
6.  Let it run.
7.  It will let you know if it has finished completely.
8.  Reboot your phone and you are rooted!

If these instructions don’t seem all that clear, follow the step-by-step guide which includes adb commands.  Our instructional post can be found here.

Enjoy your newly rooted official 2.2 Droid X!

  • Directions are wrong. If you get “‘adb’ is not a recognized blah blah blah”. Navigate to “/platform-tools/” NOT “/tools/” like the directions say. extract the files into the “/platform-tools/” folder. If it makes a “DoRoot” folder, move the files into the “/platform-tools/” manually. Continue with the rest of the instructions. 😀

  • PsYkoBstrd

    The included bin file has a trojan included

  • does this work for an lg optimus me (p350f)

  • Stupid Virus Hater

    Hey Everyone,

    Be carefull! There is a Virus in the rageagainstthecage.bin file of the download.

    Please everyone keep posting this until it is removed!  They host of this site needs to get a life and not put viruses on our machines!    Please keep posting this! repeatedly!

  • Anonymous

    Or z4 root 1.3 in one click without a computer

  • Salespace


  • Omerion

    when im running daroot.bat
    the only messages the logs keeps showing are
    `adb is not recognize as a internal or external commant, operable program or batch file`
    is dat normal?

  • Grey Hat Brat

    Does this brick your phone? what happened to the whole “E fuse” thing when the phone first came out?

  • Asdfasdfasdf

    can this possibly brick the droid x?

  • Timababy04

    when i go to download the do root i get a security risk notification, is this normal?

  • Irisheyesblu1962

    The DoRoot for Windows download add a Trojan virus that you may not want….wow.

  • Beautxful

    Omg ive been debating and fighting all morning about whether too or not too root my droid I havent had it all that long but I really want too I just keep seeing all the forums about the bricking thing and im like 0_o watch I be like the one person in the world it happens too smh …………but would you guys honestly say it was worth it too root your phones like can it really do soooooo much more??? and does any one know if it actually matters if you have an contract with verizon vs it being a prepaid acct through them…cause the only thing it really affected on the whole phone was the whole letting other electronics tether your wifi and use it… verizon wont open that portion of subcription to prepaid customers….so if i root my phone will i have that same issue??? hope that made sense………..

  • mibo

    just did the whole thing….no idea if it worked, is there a way to check?

  • Why is it always hard to root an android? Never seems to go smoothly. Peter, Koowie.com

  • Fondolotz

    when im trying to root my phone its sayings abd is not a known command.

    • Fondolotz

      err adb commands.

  • Edie Szetoo

    This is a well put together instructions.
    Thank you developer !!!

  • lavabeast

    ontersting i keep getting adb not recognized

  • Dustin_parks79

    it keeps saying adb is not recognized as an external or internal command

  • xSiNx 26

    ok I followed the instructions and the only thing that happens is my desktop gets rooted what am I missing?

  • Brian

    I keep getting ” ‘adb’ is not recognized as a…” while rooting. Any solutions to this?

  • pj

    how about using linux instead of windows ??

  • Jerseyguyvero

    How do u unroot back to stock ?

  • Hello everyone, will this work with the Mexican version of Droid X named Motoroi X? I can give it a try but have to be sure I can get back to “normal” if something doesn’t work. Thanks!

  • andrew

    Can’t get to work. Keep getting “adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command” I’ve tried in PC mode, win media sync, usb and charge only. I’ve tried to the other drivers too…please help

  • I didn’t get my device rebooted. I have followed all of the steps and looked at the comments to try and figure it out.

  • Dwilliams

    8 hours into this crap and still no luck, i’ve tried everything i’ve found on the net. for the record….unzip the file into the “platform-tools” folder!!!!! where adb.exe is….otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time. anyway, i’m at the point in doroot.bat that it says open the adb server on desktop and re-login….and then says it can’t start daemon, then says it started daemon on port 5037 and then sits “checking for device”….WTF am I doing wrong.

    sorry for the frustration, Droid X…2.2.1

  • Flipmode_202005

    i dont get it all could u explaine to me how u do this better

  • Matias2500

    I rooted, but now I want to reverse this can you tell me how to get my phone back to factory settings?

  • Jconner1986

    Does it work with the 2.2.1 update?

  • Taprootdesign

    the doroot.zip file is corrupted and winzip, etc won’t extract anything… help!

    • Guestblah028603468304

      Same thing happened to me – just re-download it and it’ll be fine.. Seems like the server cut the download short the first time or something. So if youre still having problems, just re-download it until it works.

  • tim

    I have tried installing and uninstalling everything atleast 7 times.