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Angry Birds Hits Android Market!

Time to get your entire-day-wasting game on!  Angry Birds beta has landed in the market for your dominating pleasure and is as expected, free.  Do I even need to say anything else?  Go play!


Download Link

Cheers Rami!

  • Ashleighjordanellis

    is the full version not out yet!? my bf gets soo pissed cuz I'm addicted and have the full version on my iPhone but he only has the beta on his droid..

  • Michaelharris1109

    I can't find it on the matket for my Droid eris. Is it available for me?

  • Tbengry

    I would love to play the full version… when can I get it. What is this stupid email they send you when you try to download the full version, then the attachment won't open

  • Kaos

    i iwsh they would release it all ready and fix the bugs after release. it works fine on my X and im way past impatient.

  • Slipknot72058

    When is the full version coneing out? ?

  • Jmadigan23

    We need a full version bad

  • Robert Parmer

    trying to install but it will not let me whats up???

  • Atack_4

    is this USA only, i get “no matches” for the qr code

  • Atack_4

    is this USA only, i get “no matches” for the qr code

  • Somiac

    Game runs very nicely on Galaxy S. LOVE IT!

    Sometimes Force closes when I open it, other than that its sooo fun!! haha

  • Guestqwe

    DINC = Uninstall then install again. Please do not try to open a billion times.

  • Gfa0111

    Graphics are fantastic…smooth. Droid X addicted fan. When will the full version be available? Sign me up.

  • droidzack5

    Not found in the market of my lg ally

  • Shayl28

    doesnt work on samsung captivate i cant even find it in the android market

  • Mikes24

    Yes, seems like a common issue that this beta version will not work for DInc

  • Benps

    I have an Incredible, and I can find it in the market, but it will not install. Anybody else having this issue or have a fix?

  • I can't even get it to install on my Dinc. I keep getting the error “unknown reason -18” after its finished downloading.


  • bravoleader2

    If you like this game, try the one called “blow up” in the market. Similar physics but uses bombs in the structure instead of birds flying at it.

  • Benhiamovi

    how come when i click on the link, the link is broken?

  • Henry

    I LOVE this game! im not supposed to be on the phone while im working but this game is too much fun! 5/5!

  • Bruce77064

    I downloaded it on my Evo, every time I tried to load the game it shows loading for a few seconds and then shoots you right back to your home screen

  • Tammer1

    This app DOES NOT WORK on my evo with 2.2. Saw some other guy say that if you open it 10 times in a row it will work. I just tried about 20 times and it does not get past the loading screen before closing itself.

    • Rjohme

      I rebooted my evo and it worked after that

  • Michaelborders

    can't open it in the market with MT3G with Cyanogen 6.0 DS – says it doesn't exist.

  • droidknowsall

    works great on my droid….let's get past the beta…i want the full version now….

    • Sspemb

      So is the full version not available?

  • Irie5447

    it force closed on Dinc!

  • Eman_5467

    I just wish it worked on my incredible. Played it on my girlfriends iPhone, was a fun game.

  • Oliver

    can't seem to find it in the market…Do you think it may be my phone? I got a Samsung Moment

    • Tquinn1028

      me either! WTF!!! any luck?

  • Towelie420

    My little brother was playin the hell out of this on his i*od. It looks so much better on the Droid X. FINALLY a game ported from i*od that isn't slaughtered (for some unknown reason). Doodle Jump is kind of a let-down in that sense.

  • trumpet444

    love this game! It made me stop playing alchemy its so fun. (and that paycheck I get next week will include at least one total paid hour of playing this game!)

  • Gabrielguess

    Little slow and sometimes freezes my DIncredible. Have to force stop, hopefully it will get better with the full version.

  • ryanallaire

    Oh yeah no lag for me either, works great on D1 rooted 2.2 lithium mod. Seriously hope the full version has a lot more levels, and maybe more birds???

  • ryanallaire

    Pretty big file (11.41MB) for a beta, my phone took forever to download it. Anyways, simple but ADDICTING game it's awesome!!

  • rebelz13

    I only get the splash screen on my DiNC. Tried about 15 times. oh well.

    • lvmydroid

      One other trick besides restarting it about 10 times is to move it to your phone from your SD card. Was able to get it to work on my daughters Dinc

  • dredaav

    Rocks on my DX!!

  • KnightDavid

    Worked on my Dinc, but only once. Now when I launch it I get the Angry Birds splash screen, and then it plops me back on my home screen. Even after a phone reboot.

  • JTE

    I also find it funny that the market shows <50 downloads but over 2,000 comments !

  • Chris Nimon

    Just wanted to warn every body, DO NOT GET THE $1.99 version. its a rip off. I was fortunate enough to have read the comments first but it looks like a lot of people got taken for a ride.

  • JTE

    Alright, next step, peggle!

    • Bryan Grider

      +1 for this…

  • Justin

    Robot voice
    Droid life told me to download,i must obey

  • Static_prone

    This game is awesome!, Works great on my D1

  • Toddman214

    Wow…….runs smooth as silk on my DroidX. Fewer freeze-ups than on my iPhone.

    • Justin

      Please keep profanity to a minimum

  • DieselHomey

    will not open game on the incredible.

    • oscarahj

      I got it working on my Incredible. You have to annoy it a little: when you touch the icon to open the game, you kind of just have to click and drag, click and drag until it goes through to the start screen. Sounds stupid, but it worked for me.

  • This new comment formatting is pretty bad. No offense.

  • Evermour

    not working on my incredible. Also says its not on my SD card.

  • LandLockedPH

    On a quick try…works great on my DINC!

  • Skjwood

    It installed from Market straight to my SD card…sweet! Do other apps do this now with Froyo? Droid1…

    • Flyinion

      They can if the developer chooses to it seems.

  • Frustrated DroidX

    Works perfect on my Droid X 🙂

    Of course pre 2.2 but not to worry since I don't think they're ever going to give 2.2 to us Droid X users anyway.

  • cha7Li3

    For those of you running android 2.2 on the HTC Evo, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

  • Northstar 69

    Hey I have a the Incredible and it won't open. Anybody else having this problem? And I am not rooted.

    • justindh

      same thing here, vanilla incredible with 2.2 but it will not open. shows the launch screen then bails to my home screen.

      • cha7Li3

        Try moving the game from the sd to the phone.

  • ohshaith55

    Got it and tried to play but it just goes to the load screen and then exits after a few seconds on my DInc