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Pandora and Froyo Not Playing Nice, Issue Processing Audio Files

A few of you have reached out to let us know that since manually updating to official Froyo on your Droid, Pandora seems to be lacking in the sound quality department.  Well according to Pandora, this is an Android 2.2 issue and should be fixed in the next release…of…Android?  Whoa…

Froyo has a problem processing our AAC+ files. We have confirmed that this is an issue in the OS, and they should have it fixed in the next Android release.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Best Regards,

Pandora Listener Support

And since we have no idea when we’ll see Gingerbread, maybe a fix will be issued in the mean time?  I know there are a ton of Pandora addicts out there who are more than a little frustrated.  Hang in there!

Cheers Gady and Mark!

  • one

    Hey everyone? I got a quick question since i got the 2.2 OTA on Droid X my messages as we know are out order and they always come late.

    But my screen doesnt turn anymore in landscape mode. I tried to calibrate it but isnt working any ideas or suggestions???

  • Okay, I've checked online about how to fix this, and got intimidated by the process of rooting for the proposed fix. Pandora would work on wifi, but not cellular service. Then I got frustrated that Google Sky stopped working and the camera wouldn't save pictures. Everything was running slow. I was planning to go to the nearest Verizon store when I got the idea to turn the thing off then back on.

    That seemed to work. Camera working, Pandora working, everything is faster. Google Sky was fixed too, but only after I stumbled on the right setting to change it so that it would show the starfield where I point the phone (I looked everywhere in the options but only found it by accident.


  • Okay, I've checked online about how to fix this, and got intimidated by the process of rooting for the proposed fix. Pandora would work on wifi, but not cellular service. Then I got frustrated that Google Sky stopped working and the camera wouldn't save pictures. Everything was running slow. I was planning to go to the nearest Verizon store when I got the idea to turn the thing off then back on.

    That seemed to work. Camera working, Pandora working, everything is faster. Google Sky was fixed too, but only after I stumbled on the right setting to change it so that it would show the starfield where I point the phone (I looked everywhere in the options but only found it by accident.


  • Not having this problem, but seems to be dropping Pandora or not connecting after using auto mount. Had to reboot phone and worked if didn't mount phone.

  • saimin

    Any chance that this will get fixed with the new Froyo update for Adobe Flash?

  • No problem with Jrummy's Froyo builds and Pandora. Makes getting through paperwork at work bearable.

  • Several other streaming apps list the same problem with AAC+ files; it's a well known Android bug by now. If you use streaming apps regularly on Froyo, you already know about this problem.

  • lol, pandora, wasn't that last years fad?

  • Sibuna

    This is unfortuniate, while the ap functions under CM 6 RC2 the SQ is worse. SLacker used to work fine but it hates CM 6 RC2 or 2.2 in general and will hard crash after 20 or so minutes of playing. Last.fm hard reboots my phone

  • I know this link was provide already in the comments, but it is a few pages down now. There is an open bug report for this issue with Google. It has been open for over a month now and is still only listed as a “Medium Priority” issue.


    If you are having a problem with this issue, please take the time to visit the bug report and toggle the little star to star the thread, at the top next to “issue 9308” to raise its priority. The more people that vote for this issue hopefully it will get some attention.

    • saimin

      Any way to do this without rooting your phone?

      • Jeff

        Unfortunately no….

        It does seem to work though…

  • Simple solution: switch to Last.fm. Both apps have pretty much the same feature: search for an artist/genre and get a radio station for it. Except Last.fm comes with a pretty good social network and much more features than simply liking songs.

    • No offense, last FM has nothing on Pandora. I tried last.FM on Xbox and it played nothing I knew or liked and I like a lot! Pandora plays about 6 songs I know and like before I have to thumb one down.

      The fix posted on XDA forums comes with a downside. Your linpack scores will drop by 50% after this fix is applied.

  • hickerbocker

    off topic question… i just unrooted my friend's phone so that he could return it to Verizon. it's giving him problems. after unrooting he has 2.0.1– how do i get him to the 2.1 update 1???

    • Winterfresh

      Whenever i put my phone back to 2.0.1, almost immediatly after i booted it up and activated it, the OTA would pop up on my screen. That was a few months ago so idk how long they keep the OTA live for, if they even stop offering it ever.

  • SiNep

    same issues on the incredible. sounds like crapola.. good thing i dont really use pandora much.. just when on long car trips.

  • I am not sure why, but I don't have any problems listening to Pandora. It works the same as it did before I manually updated my Droid with Froyo.

  • eak128

    There is also the issue where the Navigation kills Pandora. In 2.1 it would pause it and once the Nav. stopped speaking it would resume playing. Not the case with 2.2.

  • Just make the switch over to Slacker radio, I haven't used Pandora since i discovered it.

    • saimin

      Slacker has the same problem if you use cacheing or 3G streaming. Only WiFi streaming avoids the problem, since Slacker uses higher quality MP3s in that case.

  • I'm rooted on Froyo simply stunning 4.6 and i havent had any problems with Pandora.. i was actually just listening to it as i walked home from work.

  • Guest

    I'm having no problems with FRG01B manually installed.

  • I noticed this today and I also use Iheartradio to listen to talk radio like Limbaugh and Hannity and Iheartradio fc's every five minutes. Similar issue?

    • I guess iheartradio doesn't want you listening to propaganda hahaha

    • RLJSlick

      That's what you get for listening to those jerks.

    • Uscpeter11215

      Its the Obamanazi trying to shut down the last voice of freedom…or its just wipe and reinstall progam.

  • Joshua

    I thought i noticed a drop in sound quality. though i'm running 2.2 from BB V0.4?

  • adapted_truth

    there are audio artifacts within pandora on 2.1 even. at least on my droid1.. always have been.

  • This is going to destroy pandora and sky rocket slacker if they don't fix this

    • saimin

      Slacker has the same problem if you use cacheing or 3G streaming. Only WiFi streaming avoids the problem, since Slacker uses higher quality MP3s in that case.

  • You just noticed this issue? Anyone with a custom rom and bluetooth could have told you this months ago!

  • admin

    Here's a better option use last.fm it kicks pandora's ass

    • Finger

      I've listened through my ear buds and my studio headphones. I've compared it to the in-browser version and I hear no significant difference (apart from the usual Pandora quality limitations that can vary from song to song.) I don't know why other people are having problems, but all I can say is that I'm having none. Sorry. I guess maybe I am lucky :

      Don't know why.. but it appears that “admin” has removed my initial comment.

  • How can something like that not get noticed earlier than general release? Don't they test against upcoming OS releases? I haven't tried to test an app like that on Android, but if it was part of program strategy, I would be. Seems weird that this would be an issue now, unless something changed really late in the game on the OS side.

    • Rdcamero

      The people that write these software updates must be either Microsoft or Apple rejects.It takes them for ever to write then and they all ways end of full of bugs and glitches.I am just glad they are not working on any mission critical projects.We would all be in a world of hurt.

  • I just canceled 2 Sirius accounts. This SUCKS, I hope we don't have to wait for Gingerbread for this to get fixed.

    • lastfm, slacker, theres a few besides (and maybe) “better” and pandora-(last years fad)

  • Finger

    I manually upgraded my Droid yesterday and I happened to be listening to Pandora on it when I saw this article. I've noticed no quality problems.

    • Sigmundroid

      uh huh. I guess your phone is special than everyone elses?
      I have my droid plugged into $2,000 Event Opal monitors and it's clearly crap
      compared to either online via a lappy or desktop or through 2.1

      I've got high quality recordings via Nuendo that tell me otherwise.
      If you're using Sony Hi Fi Stereo equipment (which is EQ's to hell) or
      just listen through your speakerphone you may not notice the discrepancy.

      • Finger

        I've listened through my ear buds and my studio headphones. I've compared it to the in-browser version and I hear no noticeable difference. I don't know why other people are having problems, but all I can say is that I'm having none. Sorry. I guess maybe I am lucky :

        • Snowblind164

          Same here on BB 0.4. I have no loss in quality. I tried both wifi and 3G with my earbuds and both sound the asme as 2.1 or Pandora on PC.

  • Mobrienjr85

    I am not going to read all of these comments, but will say this…this is an overall issue w/ all 2.2 ROM's The people that are saying that they are not having issues just have not noticed it. You will see that some of the songs are “flat” or no bass at all. Pandora should do one solid and change the use of AAC+ for streaming, and go to MP3…because they use different formats if you use wifi or 3g

    • Mobrienjr85

      BTW…slacker has had issues on the original 2.2 builds…they have now sent out an update, but the issues are not consistant….

      • saimin

        Slacker only uses AAC+ for 3G streaming or caching. If you can listen via WiFi streaming, then they use MP3 for much better sound quality.

  • I got a question is there a way of getting the black notification bar on the bugless beast v.01? Any1?

  • z32589

    The simple answer is to root and use the newest version of Sapphire (v 1.0.0). By default, it uses Opencore for media processing – which handels streaming audio better than the usual 2.2 encoder: Stagefright.

    The only problem is Opencore is not a video beast like Stagefright, so you have to choose based on what you do with your phone.

  • Michael_NM

    It “sounds” like Froyo has opened Pandora's Box!

    Luckily (knocking on wood), I haven't had any problems with the manual update.

  • mhoe

    Use Slacker Radio instead, I think it's playlists are tons and tons better than Pandora.

    • saimin

      Slacker has the same problem if you are caching or streaming over 3G. If you stream over WiFi, then Slacker sends uses MP3 files to avoid the AAC+ problem.

  • “they should have it fixed in the next Android release.”
    Pretty sure that means there developers will have it fixed with the next Android release of Pandora not Android itself. Think you misread that a tad.

    • No — several other streaming apps list the exact same problem with AAC+ and list in their release notes things like… “This is a problem with Froyo. Sorry — there’s nothing we can do!”

  • redbar0n11

    Just need to change the build.prop and it'll fix it. It does have some side affects. One option will affect local things, one wont. You're looking for “media.stagefright.enable-player=true” and “media.stagefright.enable-http=true” If you change the PLAYER one to “media.stagefright.enable-player=false” it'll affect local video stuff like quadrant benchmark scores… If you change the HTTP one to “media.stagefright.enable-http=false” instead, then it shouldnt affect benchmarks and other local stuff. I have tested this today actually, and it works. I personally have the HTTP one changed to false, since Pandora uses data, and since it's not local — And my Benchmarks stayed the same — And the Quality came back. ALSO, make sure to check the preferences in Pandora, and change to High Audio Quality. Done!

    • mhoe

      brain = can't process this

    • redbar0n11

      MUST BE ROOTED, with R/W permissions. Go to /system, find build.prop, use a text editor (or something like Root Explorer) to find the lines I just mentioned (they are at bottom)… Change “=true” to “= false” (I reccommend the HTTP one). Seems like if it saves, then ur good. Just go back into it and double check. Some might need a reboot (check again afterward for the change). Good to go!

    • Sorry, im piggbacking…

      JOIN ME in the IRC everybody!!! 🙂

    • poeddroiduser

      Can do you that in ENGLISH? 🙂

      • redbar0n11

        1. You need to be rooted.
        2. You need a file explorer (ASTRO, Root Explorer, etc)
        3. Go to /System folder, find build.prop, and open it using a text editor. (this means you also need the proper read/write permissions in able to save (write) the file)
        4. Find the line you wish to change (at bottom of file) – (“media.stagefright.enable-http=true” recommended)
        5. Change the last part from “=true” to “=false”
        6. Save and exit.
        7. Go back into the file using text editor to double check the change stayed. Reboot if necessary.

        How's that??? ;-p

    • MITBeta

      Text editor on phone or computer? Is there a stock phone text editor or can you recommend one?

      • Anonymous

        On your phone. I used ASTRO to do this. Some ppl do it using a Terminal Command. But you need the correct permissions to do so. When in ASTRO, go to /System, then long press on build.prop, then open as, then choose text, then choose Text Editor. Go make the change, and then when you exit, it will prompt you to save you changes. Save. Then go back into the file the same way, and double check that the change saved. Done!

    • tbaybe

      i am rooted but cant find the file… damn it!

      NEVER MIND! downloaded root manager and fixed it… i;ll see how it sounds when im outta work

  • Tyler

    Pandora is working fine for me…

  • aczm1988

    Ive had no problems with pandora running on froyo, i use it everyday on my way to college. Guess im lucky?

    • saimin

      More likely your headphones are so cheap that you can't tell the difference.

      • aczm1988

        I dont use headphones, the music comes out the speakers in my car. There is no problem with sound quality what so ever. Never had a problem

    • Sigmundroid

      It runs fine on my bb v0.4 2.2 FRF84B build as well…
      But it doesn't sound as good. Meaning the bitrate is significantly lower.

      It sounds like its running at or below 96=poop

  • saimin
  • Bravobrown

    It doesn't seem to affect all units. Droid running deodexed FRG22 with no Pandora problems at all (also no voice search problem).

  • adammhaile

    Well…that confirms that I wasn't going crazy this morning. But still… NOT cool. I use Pandora every day and I'm not sure I can wait for the next version of Android to have it sounding good again.

    • Tyler

      Try rooting? Seems like most of us on custom ROMs are fine

      • adammhaile

        As soon as they have a way to root for the last build (whatever it ends up being) I'm sure I will.
        Though, not really sure I want to run a custom ROM

      • Sigmundroid

        Don't spread false info because if you and 2 other people think it sounds just as good prior
        to 2.1 you may be tone deaf or cannot perceive the differences in sound quality, which is fine
        but isn't compelling.

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Man. I just played Pandora. In high quality mode, the voice slows like putting your finger on a record and making it play slower. Low quality is a little better. I may have to go back to Cyanogen RC2

  • tjpeco

    Both Pandora and Sirius XM sound fine on my D1 manual update non-root.

  • saimin

    Is this a Froyo issue? I know the Slacker people have been complaining about the Android AAC+ driver for a long time. I believe the problem only happens if you're streaming over 3G. Slacker uses higher quality MP3 files if you stream over WiFi.

  • villian1998

    If your audio quality is bad, I ended up going into preferences and switching to high quality. That works in terms of audio quality, but at times will lose the song. Good thing where I live I have pretty good reception.

  • Keith

    Take me back to 2.1

  • Pandora has had problems for me pre-Froyo, but I have noticed since upgrading that the sound quality has degraded. Glad to know I'm not just hearing things.

  • Rob Stemen

    Don't you think they could mean the next Android release of Pandora?

    • Timoh

      Nope, for it to be fixed either Android needs to be patched or updated to play the AAC+ better or Pandora would have to completely change the way they stream music.

      • Rob Stemen

        Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I get phenomenal sound quality on Sapphire 1.0.0

  • Evermour

    Its been having problems. I wish they'd fix them and im not even rooted.

  • I highly down D1 will get android 3.0

    • If the G1 can get 2.2 Froyo…..D1 will get 3.0!!! =)

      • rals

        I'm sure you can, but too work efficiently is a different story.

    • rals

      Yeah that ain't going to happen. No way would 256mb of ram and 550mhz can handle it.

  • Pcguru30

    havent tried using it since installing froyo but i long ago switched to last.fm because Pandora kept hanging on loong road trips, Last.FM never had a problem.

  • digitalicecream

    Pandora is working fine on my leaked 8/1 dInc.

    • Sigmundroid

      It might be working “fine” but it doesn't sound like it did in 2.1
      It's all good if you can't distinguish the difference but discernible ears definitely can…

      Plug in your headphone jack on your laptop or desktop, fire up Pandora and hear the difference….

      Or ignorance is bliss

      • Anonymous

        Actually it sounds exactly like it did in 2.1 because I have the 8/1 leak with the modified build.prop file to enable OpenCore on my Droid Incredible. If I’m going to listen to music to “discern” the difference, it’s not going to be on my phone, that’s for damn certain.

        I take it you were referring to yourself as being ignorant. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just try to keep up with the conversation.

  • Hopefully Pandora will address this now that other phones are getting Froyo. I've stopped using Pandora on my Nexus One because of the audio quality problem.

  • Tom

    Pandora was glitchy on 2.1 too, but not as glitchy

  • Qmartman711

    lol besides the marine corps ads..I love Pandora..however, when I am using the aux on my DInc..it triggers the skipping of songs..only in Pandora..Anybody else experience this? The only reason it stops is because, it reaches the 6 song skip limit in 10 seconds..haha

    • Tyler

      What's wrong with Marine Corps ads? If you don't like ads, upgrade to Pandora One! Definitely worth the $36

    • JT

      Another fix for ads: Root phone, install adfree android, reboot, open pandora, done.
      (I never saw those but I thought the ads were location based so maybe you’re near a recruiting office…?)

  • Pc747

    Had this discussion with the pandora dev a few weeks ago. “pandora does not support rooted devices”

    hey they could have accepted my help and had it fixed. Oh well good post DL….I noew feel better

    • Jeff

      That is funny because the only way to fix it is with a rooted phone……

  • You can add the SiriusXM app to the list of Apps not “Froyo Ready”. It constantly gets stuck in a perpetual loop.

    • Tracy Wilborn

      Well that kind of sucks. I guess I should count my blessings that X isn't going to be seeing Froyo for a while.

    • Paul E.

      On this official build? Really? Wow, now I'm glad I stayed rooted. One of my favorite apps, and it works fine on JRummy's ROM I'm running, but that was an older version of Froyo. Thanks for the heads up.

  • rich_r

    It's event worse with SiriusXM Online. That app is almost unusable.

    One of the speedups in Froyo is the change from OpenCore to Stagefright for audio decoding. If you are tooted this can be fixed by modifying build.prop or by setting a system property (there's a good thread at XDA on the problem). For unrooted phones; I think your are out of luck.

    • rich_r

      Oops. That should read “If you are rooted…”

    • rich_r

      BTW: Pandora and Slacker work fine with Froyo the audio quality is just not as good as it was. SiriusXM is completely hosed.

  • My work blocks pandora and I depend on my droid for it… i neeeeeeeed this update

  • tbaybe

    wtf?!?! guess im not using pandora anymore… Gingerbread will be forever away, and my Droid pbly wont even get it!

    • Tyler


  • rals

    Yeah, ever since I did froyo a few months ago, this has been ridiculous. Last FM can do it well with high quality. Slacker kinda sucks lately, for some reason that app keeps shutting down easily with the GPS running in the background.

  • Mathenk2

    I'm a Pandora addict on my computer, but it's never been the best performing streaming music app for mobile- I've always had major lags with it, even over WiFi or in great reception areas. I use to as a backup when I have nothing else to listen to.

  • No problems with Pandora on Cyanogen 6 RC 2

    • I had no problems with CM, but Lithium mod has a lot of stuttering, almost entirely when you turn the screen on and off.

      • Chris Nimon

        I have zero problems with it on LM. Same sound quality Ive always had.

        • Not me :/

          • tbaybe

            me neither… sound quality sucks now!

  • I am not sure about this but I thought there was something in sapphire 1.0 where they changed something with the audio and video stuff to make it better. So someone should try pandora on that and see how it works. Sorry I dont know the technical terms for what they did.

    • mtkregs

      See this link:

      Scroll down to the Stagefright vs Opencore section.

      • Armyof2

        This works quite well the audio i'm getting now is great with the stagefright turned off

      • Toddlower

        mtkregs is correct. If you disable Stagefright Android will revert to using Opencore.

        Opencore is much better for streaming audio. If you use Quadrant to benchmark your phone you will notice a large decrease in your scores. This is because Opencore takes more time to decode H.264 video which is a big part of the benchmark. However your phone itself will not feel any slower, so ignore the lower benchmark.

  • Slacker FTW 🙂

    • oH MAN…NO WAY!!! Slacker has given me more problems than any other app Ive ever had installed. That thing force closes even if I dont open it! LOL

      • rals

        Yeah I agree. The app alone for some reason closes all the time. The best I ever seen it work when I was on 2.0.1 lol

        • *shrug* never had an issue with slacker on either my BB Curve or my EVO….
          except for running out of skips since i refuse to subscribe……

          • We r talking Droids here! 😉

          • rals

            I have a feeling it's a memory issue. I'm sure your EVO can handle it because of the larger RAM. I think the app is memory hog.

      • Palmyra

        Standard Moto Droid with 2.1 here and Slacker works fine. Never caused a problem.

  • Been running Froyo for 2 mos. I use Pandora eveyday and I have had zero problems, I must be one of the lucky ones I guess!! =)

    • I haven't had any problems either.

    • Paul E.

      Which build? I'm on Kangerade 5.0.9 and I haven't had any problems. Is this just with the official FRG01B/22 builds, I wonder?

    • Mikedcaffey

      same here i play it at work, no issues. i am using bugless beast

      • Anonymous

        I’m running BB and I can definitely tell

    • Anonymous

      It will still play Pandora, but the sound quality is sub-par. If you’re a real audiophile, you’ll notice. If not, it’s still “good enough” quality to be functional, so you probably just haven’t noticed it.

      • tbaybe

        yea it sounds horrible, on my phone, or streaming thru bluetooth on my car radio…. bummer!

  • nkhex19


    • gc14

      I'm pretty sure the genius Listener Support rep meant the next Android release OF PANDORA. Remember, there's more than one flavor of Pandora. I highly doubt they would be so dumb to just say F it to an entire major release of an OS.

      • joncarwash

        Except that the 2nd sentence in the Pandora Support email says specifically “THEY should have it fixed in the next Android release,” clearly implying that it's not Pandora that will be doing the fixing.

        I'm currently still on 2.1 and enjoy Pandora quite often, when I do get the OTA hopefully it will work for me and/or they will have worked out the bugs.

      • wingdo

        If you read up a few posts you will see this is from a change in CODECs used by Android, not Pandora. There is a workaround for those of us who have rooted.