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New DROID X Ad Takes Another Shot at Apple

Another full page Droid X ad is hitting newspapers tomorrow and it takes a wonderful shot at the i*hone and its ridiculous free bumper giveaway…

At Motorola, we believe a customer shouldn’t have to dress up their phone for it to work properly.  That’s why the DROID X comes with a dual antenna design.  The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like to make crystal clear calls without a bulky phone jacket.  For us it’s just one of those things that comes as a given when you’ve been making mobile phones for over 30 years.

Apple, we’re laughing at you again.

If you missed the last one, check it here.

Via:  Motorola Facebook

Cheers Christopher!

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  • Very Interesting Information! Thank You For Thi Post! The could have photo-text message all the owners of the phone a barcode to get the jackets for free where they purchased their phone.

  • New DROID X Ad Takes Another Shot at Apple ? Another full page Droid X ad is hitting newspapers tomorrow and it takes a wonderful shot at the i*hone and its ridiculous free bumper giveaway…? Apple, laughing at you again.?

  • DROID Xのウリは「ジャケットいらず」ですか。。。

  • DROID Xのウリは「ジャケットいらず」ですか。。。

  • Tyler

    Hey look! This article was referenced on PCworld! http://www.pcworld.com/article/202117/droid_x_a

  • Bjkb

    A) it's Motorola phone
    B) It's on Verizon
    C) It's on a CDMA network which is a technology that is already long dead that Verizon still holds onto for dear lide

  • JB

    Droid X user here!!! I LOVE IT

  • anotherbird

    Apple has gotten into the bad habit of blaming others. Nice add by Motorola.

  • queen77

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  • vas

    “without a bulky phone jacket”

    WTF? The iPhone, even with a bumper, is still way less bulky than the Droid X.



    And WFT is that big bulge at the top? Was the Droid X just happy to see sexy iPhone?

  • Kgballa

    Apple made a mistake going against Motorola 30+ Years of cellular experience against apples 3+ years. Thats either plain stupid or extremely arrogant!

  • I love it! Pretty clever!

  • jj

    love it {clap clap}
    love it {clap clap}

  • Is Motorola claiming that this video has been doctored then? http://www.apple.com/antenna/

    • DX Best phone ever

      “I” am claiming Apple is a finger pointing giant baby….

      All I know is my house is hell for cellphones from all carriers. GPS does not even register at our home….you have to go to the end of our driveway so it will locate.

      THE DX is the best reception phone I have ever owned. I have not dropped a call….not even walking to the basement.

      My personal opinion in my very old age…is when a company or person gets as desperate as Apple is worrying about the other guys ( http://www.apple.com/antenna/ )….they are really afraid. Magicians use the same technique….smoke and mirrors…you are not really seeing what you think you are.

      What I see Motorola doing with their advertising is light-hearted joking much like brothers..(the best jokes are the ones that smack of truth) . I am fairly sure if this were a Droid issue….The Appledumpling gang would be far more vocal. (I personally would have made an add “Got Signal?”with a witch holding a poison apple)

      I appreciate the advertising Motorola is doing…they are making a point without being unprofessional or insulting to a competitor that really should just take the situation on in a responsible and positive matter. I mean are not all the Apple store designed to make you feel you have died and went to heaven…LOL. The one time I went in the store with a friend….I expected the sales people to be carrying harps.

      Apple is such a tech Company….with all of their resources they should have not only have admitted the problem…but had the remedy shipped to all apple stores in bulk as they do their pre-order phones. The could have photo-text message all the owners of the phone a barcode to get the jackets for free where they purchased their phone. How COOL would they have looked saying…that was the problem..the fix…and how we are going to HELP you our customer and the fix is waiting for you. OH and I think for their time and trouble and deciding to keep their Ipawn Apple should also kick in some free free app downloads.

      But of course I am am used to dealing with companies that want to keep their customers by performance not brainwashing..LOL

  • googfan

    I am a bit torn. This works great for Apple haters. They will dance in delight. However, you can't seem to shake a fanboi's faith and we are not them is not much of a claim.

    • Lefty

      I am left handed…I am sooo glad I did not have that problem phone..lol
      It would have been my normal grip to hold phone.

  • The people @ Motorola have got to quit with that eFuse nonsense before they ever say a WORD against Apple. {{-_-}}

  • Quick question that I am sure has been answered cuz I did not look hard enough. Anyway, those who upgraded from Droid 1 to Droid X, what did you do with the old Droid 1? Can u still use it without the verizon coverage using wifi? I was wondering because I was thinking that if I do upgrade I could use it in the car for gps and mp3 player… kinda like a tablet versus a phone. Lemme know if any of you guys have tried this or something similar

  • Phil Collins FTW

  • Jacket??? It's Summer Time, Hot, And We're Eating Frozen Yogurt!!

  • Judging by the comments, I guess Droid-life has gotten big enough to harbor a couple iPhail fanboys lol.

  • dylan84

    I love that Motorola isnt afraid to take it to Apple like this.

  • Ashezz

    iPhone User: Whats that in your pocket!!!
    Droid X User: Its a Droid X 😀
    iPhone User: Ohh, I thought you are carrying a walkman, look at the size

    LOL!! Pz

    • Nick M.

      and then the Droid X user takes it out and makes a phone call….because it actually has service.

  • rals

    Hell yeah

  • zepfloyd

    “when you’ve been making mobile phones for over 30 years.”

    out of the whole sarcastic ad, I actually thought that was the zinger.

    • dh23

      Funny how they were almost out of the business soon after the iPhone came out and are just barely hanging on at the moment. Have your fun for now though, wont last long.

      • Lol, seriously? I can guarantee if Moto sticks with Android, their success will not be short-lived. Especially if Apple continues on the same path they are headed down.

        • vas

          Talk about Droid Fanbots.

  • don

    yeah, too bad the phone is too big to hold altogether. android sucks

    • DX Best phone ever

      sorry your hand is not accustomed to holding a larger than average unit

      • Jay

        GOT HIM!!!

    • WhereIsTony

      People know its big going in, they don't have to change anything about that to make it work.

    • Awww…. does somebody have small man hands? LoL. Are you afraid the droid X is gonna make them look even smaller? Its ok… Do you waray.airntray me to hold it for you?

    • Aceball

      You know what they say about guys who think the DX is too big to hold…….

    • StephanC

      When I am ready to let my self become Steve Jobs' bit*h I'll be sure to give you a call.

    • NorCalGuy

      Its ok some people just have “whopper jr.” Hands

  • venomX0125

    haha yesssss owned (applesauce b$tch)

  • LinuxLover

    Nice! Very clever…

  • Guest

    Now, Moto. Manufacture these things. What's the point of putting out an ad without actually having phones to sell?

  • AdPostsAreWorthless

    Is anyone else tired of hitting up droid-life and seeing 90% of the posts describing droid advertisements? Does anyone actually find ANY sort of value to any of these posts? All they do is make it more difficult to filter out the garbage to find interesting and worthwhile posts.

    • StephanC

      I don't see what you mean.

      • AdPostsAreWorthless

        flip through a few pages of posts. you'll see there's a TON of posts that are “New ad by Verizon” or “New Droid Ad” or something similar. Not so much today of course but in days/weeks past. There's some days I hit the sight and out of 10 posts i swear 4-5 are about new droid advertisements. I'm just not one of those people that wants to see every ad for a product I bought because the ads are cool. I hit this site to get newsworthy information and the fact that there's a new advertisement out is of no interest to me.

        • X2talk

          Umm do you mean kellex likes to pay the bills? Yeah, im cool with it.. I even click on the few links just to drive traffick for him. Why dont we all do that, lets click on the Ads.. it will help droid-life.

        • kellex

          This is a news site. We talk about DROID related material.

        • Not to mention all those posts about Droid advertisments are to show facts, dates, or sepculation about the then unreleased DroidX, or the still unreleased Droid2. I think the bigger question is why are you waisitng your time here complaining when there's obviously a wealth of people that find this site more than useful, and I'm sure you could go find a site that makes you feel the same way.

        • drewr1992

          You sir, can GTFO.

        • droidd

          I get what you're trying to say, AdPostsAreWorthless, I agree that putting ads in posts (and presumably not getting money for it) can be annoying to some people, and those stories aren't necessarily general interest. IMO they're interesting sometimes, especially TV commercials.

          By the way, this is a COMMENT section. AdPostsAreWorthless wrote a COMMENT. It doesn't always have to be good, or say positive things about Droid-Life. I've seen countless instances of people being attacked by speaking their opinions. Why can't we all just lighten up?

    • havetolovemusic

      This is just a big time in promotion, but I feel its very well balanced

    • WhereIsTony

      I think the site is more geared toward its loyal readership who like a lot of updates, as we check the suite a few times a day, than to people who are looking for the biggest news of the last few days.

      “Worthless” implies its not good for anyone. A better Nome de guerre for you would be AdPostAreNotTargettedAtMe

    • Timoh

      1.New DROID X Ad Takes Another Shot at Apple – Sure, but I think it's funny and I'm sure others do as well. I bet most of us wouldn't have seen it at all if it weren't for this site. I appreciate that it was posted, started my day off with a laugh.

      2. Verizon Sending Email and Video Messages to Get You to Purchase a DROID X – Not really about the ad part but informing the readers that they may be able to upgrade to a Droid X if they weren't really eligible.

      3. Free Android Phone from American Eagle is Go, DROID 1 Now Included – I guess you could consider this an ad, I think it was just informing people that they can get a credit toward a Droid if they take up the offer.

      That's going back 10 pages. I don't get what you're saying.

      Before the Droid X was released there were quite a few posts about ads but that was because the ads were giving us a sneak peak of the upcoming device.

  • Good shot MOTO!!

  • mjfbush

    Take a seat Apple, grab some bench.

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    Oh no, once again it looks like Mrs. Jobs is going to have to get the “binkie” out and is going to have a few sleepless nights ahead of her, Steve is going to be crying himself to sleep again.

  • Droidxx

    droid x is ugly, nothing new to the table. I will pass on this! No thanks

    • Adfzfa

      droid x is the best android phone out, and its deff not a ugly phone if u seen one in person

      • No, either the Droid Incredible or the HTC Evo gets that honor. Seriously, the Droid X is the biggest Android currently, but the Evo can do more than it. It has some nice tech like multiple antennas and multiple mics, but the Evo has dual cameras, 4G, kickstand, more pocketable and of course, a much better UI than the X. Motorola's customizations suck! The Incredible is like a mini Evo, and has most of the features of the Droid X, but is easier to hack and has nicer software. I hate motorola phones. Nothing but problems.

        • nabooska

          sooooooo nothing mentioned about the HTC's horrible battery or the screen you cant see in direct sun??? ohh, yeah thats what i thought….

        • I guess you haven't seen some of the Evo vs. Droid X comparisons lol. A kickstand makes it better? That's like saying a spoiler makes a Honda Civic better than a Lambo. 4G? Ummm good luck with that right now. Better UI? That's definitely opinion, I hate Sense. The front-facing camera is the only thing the Evo has on the Droid X. Honestly, I don't like being a fanboy to a certain Android phone, I support Android as a whole, but your points are just hilarious.

  • The iPhone 4 is perfect for people with small dogs, they can dress them both up in matching jackets.

    • If Verizon uses this in a commercial I want an early upgrade so I can get the droidx

    • geleenjavelina


  • Hahaha, this is soo Great, Apple maybe u shouldn't have suffocated the droid x, in order to prove your antenna-shittyness

  • Socalrailroader

    I have an iPhone 4 and a HTC Incredible, and love them both. Why do people feel the need to go with one thing, then proceed to knock anybody who may not like their choices? Just get what works for you, not what Apple or Moto tell you too get 😉

    • Guest

      It's called marketing and competition. That is how America works 🙂

    • Rob

      Also, as usual, Apple started this. This is simply Motorola and the other companies defending their products. I think they have a right to do so.

  • Dcarleson

    Ha Ha! Yeah!
    Like this: http://12thman.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2v0ix3

  • dannyyang524

    oh snap

  • lvmydroid

    Love this one. Anyone got a quarter ? RT @DesertToyota Don't worry guys, we have been working hard and we fixed the antenna issue on the iPhone 4. Your welcome 😉 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5788697&i

  • Haha even better than the first ad!

  • droidd

    Why all the hostility? Can't we all be friends?! Maybe one day we can have an iDROID!!

    • -1

    • Octotron

      Or maybe I can stab myself.

  • I have the Droid X and am loving it, but I also got a protective cover around it. But I've been considering returning it since it likely won't fit with the larger battery once it comes out. What do any of you think? To cover or not to cover? Yes, it expands the phone's life, but is it really necessary if I'll likely upgrade in 2 years?

    • Retrokid223

      no cover droid x looks and feel sexy without one

    • I use to cover my Droid, but I took it off after a couple weeks. Looks and feels better without the cover, even though its been dropped a couple times 🙂

      • Seriously it does. I had a large bulky cover for the past 10 days. It felt durable like no cover before, but just went to to Verizon and traded it for a much smaller and sleeker cover that wasn't on shelves the day I went. Not only that but now if the battery extension comes out within the next 30 days, I can choose whether or not I'll replace the cover for the extension.

    • Reeb99

      Depends on how often you drop things. Myself, dropped my DX on the pavement the other day with case on. Case came flying off, but the phone itself didn't have a scratch on it.

    • I'm going to wait until the battery extension comes out. Verizon says they have the battery extension in the database, but there is no official date for when it'll come out. I figure I'll hold on to having a cover now, and I'll wait and see by the time the battery comes out (hopefully within the next 30 days) if I would prefer the longer battery life over a cover.

  • verds

    It also ads that it has Android 2.2. Just sayin…

    • tmoney

      Actually, it says that it will have android 2.2 and flash later this summer.

      • verds

        Man, I gotta get this narcolepsy checked out, must have fell asleep before I finished reading. Thanks for correcti

  • StephanC

    Droid X User: “All your bandwidth belongs to me”

    iPhone User: “Why?”

    Droid X User: “Because I rule the air!”

    iPhone User: “But I have the white one with the GeeBees”

    Droid X User: “Do you have a case?”

    iPhone User: “No…”

    • Michael_NM

      Droid X User: “Do you have a signal?”

      iPhon't User: “No…”

      • StephanC

        Droid X User: “Why not?”

        iPhone User: “Because I'm holding it wrong…”

        Thanks Michael, I got a nice laugh out of your comment. 🙂

        • kellex

          Look at all that swearing. The least you guys could do is asterisk out some of it. 😛

          • StephanC

            Sorry, I really should watch my language.

            For the record people; it's proper to refer to it as an iP*one (Other variations are acceptable) or an iPhon't.

  • thescreensavers

    Come on moto is that all you got? We need a much harsher letter! 😛

  • Chris Nimon

    Thats frackin hilarious. I love it that they're calling them out on such a poorly designed phone when they think they are the phone god. 😀

  • You need some ice for that burn?

    • StephanC

      Yeah, actually I do. I just spilled hot coffee on my hand and it really hurts. Ice could help.

  • Omarcarter84

    This time..Apple deserves it

    • StephanC

      What do you mean “This time?” Were there times when they didn't deserve it?

  • Awesome.

  • Dayy-umm, Apple! Moto put you on blast!

    Alright, I'll stop now.

  • skltr21

    so close!

  • thedonxr

    First! I saw this on FB and got all giddy!

    • Sparking22

      First to reply to first! I am glad Moto has these ads its great!

      • First to reply to the first reply of first.