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ESPN ScoreCenter Hitting Android This Month?

After announcing that the Score Mobile app had hit the Android Market today, and expressing our frustrations with the lack of a ESPN ScoreCenter app to date, one of our commenters informed us that it is officially on the way.  Possibly by the end of May.  (Yes that rhymed.)

Playdom, who created the iPhone version, is said to have it almost ready…

In social media, the company said it has a deal with Playdom to develop ESPN-branded sports games that can be housed on Facebook and MySpace. Also, ESPN’s ScoreCenter, which provides score updates to iPhone users, will be available as an Android app this month.

This news, just made my Friday.

Source: MediaPost

Cheers Scott!

  • husher315

    Hey yo mamma, try checking when that tweet was made…5 months ago!

  • husher315

    Hey yo mamma, try checking when that tweet was made…5 months ago!

  • Yo Mama

    This blog is bull shit…maybe you should do about 5 minutes of research before posting something. Idiot!

  • I'm with mcdoogles. We need ESPN Radio for Android! My closest iPhone friends say it is the best sports app.

  • mcdoogles

    When are we getting the ESPN Radio app? DOWN WITH THE IPHONE!!!!

  • Batfan


  • mathew

    about time!! love that app on my itouch! I hope they don't dumb it down like the facebook app..

    • The Facebook application for Android was not written by Joe Hewitt and none of the code from Hewitt's application was used for the Android version – so, as such, you won't see any of the custom features and in-depth stuff that Hewitt was doing for his application. The app definitely is not “dumb downed” from the iPhone counterpart, but it is definitely lacking some features. But considering it's joint venture between Android team staff and Facebook developers, we are lucky to have what we even have now.

  • goose50

    Looks like Score will only be on my phone for a little while.

  • droidroks

    Great find! Getting rid of other sports apps when this one comes out.

  • iammebane

    I JUST GOT A CHUBBY!!!!!!!!!!

  • caphoagie

    It's about time that's something that has been lacking big time.

  • Drew

    If this has a nice widget I will be elated…the widget is the only reason i still have sportstap installed.

  • Magneto

    But will it be free?

  • Moondonkey

    Finally, some new sports score apps. I did not want to go through another football and basketball season with SportsTap

    Now we just need a decent Tv guide app

    • brandonmee

      TV listings for android is pretty nice.

  • I will uninstall sportstap the day this comes out! Score Mobile is pretty but not very useful-already uninstalled.
    Can't wait for ESPN and my east coast bias!

  • aarynk

    Great news… just downloaded score mobile and that is even a much better improvement over sports tap

  • Paul E.

    Great News… I tolerated SportsTap, like Score Mobile, and this looks even better.

  • fantastic! granted, there's a heavy east coast bias with espn…despite that, their nfl coverage is top notch

    • kellex

      And the iPhone version of this app is so fantastic. Easily the best sports app ever made.

  • ionathrows

    awesome news!