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Ultimate Android 2.1 Live Wallpaper Guide

Looking for a list of live wallpapers to spice up your newly updated 2.1 Motorola Droid?  We’ve put together a pretty solid list that should keep you busy at least through the weekend.  And we’ve also included direct market links to each to make it even easier.  Enjoy!

Digital Rain

Earth Rot


Galactic Core

Pop Squares

Social Wallpaper



Live Waterpaper

And since I’m expecting at least 50 people to ask…the clock/weather widget on my screen is called Beautiful Widgets!

  • Mrjayjaystars
  • androidwallpapers

    Someone went and brought flurry from mac to the android phone!!


  • androidwallpapers

    Someone went and brought flurry from mac to the android phone!!


  • Marinellib

    how do you get your icons on launcher pro colored?

  • Hoetel4dawgs
  • Hoetel4dawgs
  • this.onEnterFrame

    These bacon and beach live wallpapers are pretty cool too http://www.appbrain.com/search?q=builtclean

  • Rpcob

    How did you get your icons down beside the app menu button?

  • KingDread

    ok i have the apps on my phone, but they will not work. I have the 2.1 and i should be rooted, but it is not working.. what am i doing wrong?

  • Geneva Fraser

    I love EarthRot … but it freezes every time I check a notification or use another app. Does anyone else have this happen?

  • Greg K

    Can any one tell me what type of files are the live wallpaper? I know on my old pda phone I was able to make gif files. I would like to create my own live wallpaper but I need to find out more about how to create them and then to beable to add them to the droid. Can any help or direct me to were I can learn more?


    Another pretty cool live wallpaper is called Magic Smoke. check it out.

  • Beautiful Widgets is awesome. Still well worth the money I spent, even after the Android 2.1 update. Built-in weather/clock widget still doesn't compare.

  • I'm surprised you didn't also have “Seeds of Life” on there (and yes, it responds to touch).

  • mikefrench

    Woke up this morning to the OTA 2.1 update. I was somewhat conflicted as to whether or not to update, but curiosity got to me! So like any new (11/17/09) and proud Droid owner, I took the leap. And then it happened, my first 'force close loop', something to do with the launcher . After about ten minutes of exasperating clicking and closing, I went to 'The' source for salvation and checked in at Droid-Life. There I found a solution that worked quicker than the OTA messed it up. The people who use this site are an incredible group. Their knowledge and willingness to help are impressive, as is that of their mentor Kellex. Thank you to all, and keep the stream of conscienceness going…

  • LTD10

    I've been using it since Keller reviewed it…. of course !!

  • machinegun68

    None of my live wallpapers respond to a touch to the screen as I've seen K demostrate. Anyone know why?

  • painfull22

    Where did you get that skin for Beautiful Widgets, mine doesnt have it : /

    • Avery42

      you have to download the skin. you can do that in the settings inside bw and theres alot of other skins to choose from as well

  • cccola29

    can't seem to get the social wallpaper to open in the market

  • lakerzz

    Anybody else having a problem with these live wallpapers freezing up when you connect your charger??

    And does anybody know if theres a way youtube “high quality” can play as default?

    • US_Marine_beta

      it's default if you're connected to a wifi connection. That's the only way i know.

  • Yay thank-you for posting these!

  • danny

    Do you happen to have the Nexus 1 live wallpaper? The one with the 4 colors… :O

  • Paul

    Social wallpaper link on the stock browser says “not found” in the market.

  • jeesung

    Digital Rain made my Droid soooo slooowwwwwww

  • jonj95835

    Anipet Goldfish is a cool one you feed the fish the lil green android guy

  • antrison

    When I click on the direct market link, it shows a 404 error. ?? Any thoughts?

    • kellex

      From the stock Droid browser you are getting that?

      • antrison

        I was using xScope. Tried stock browser. Works great. Thanks!

  • Sailor

    The links don't seem to work, what am I doing wrong.

    • jeesung

      it was pointed out to me that some browsers can't handle the Market links.

      Opera & X-scope lite can't. Stock or Dolphin should work.

  • hihello72
  • rooted.. am using 2.1 stock rooted from rom manager.. not so hot.. it slowed my overclocking down.. looking to go with this rom.. didnt work ones before.. ill try it again.. will update when i finish..

  • whowland

    LOL… I love it, you cut everyone off with the Beautiful Widgets questions…

  • erik211

    if you update manually does it void your warranty?

    • shane0790

      No. That's just verizon trying to scare you. I know someone who works for verizon, and he said Big Red is just trying to scare you. He has a rooted droid running cyanogenmod.

  • jeesung

    link issues?

    i just tried going to Digital Rain, Timeslider & Live Waterpaper and got 404 error messages. search in Market got me to them AOK.

    • shane0790

      Are you opening it in the stock browser or Opera? Opera can't handle market links. Try opening Droid-life.com in your stock browser

      • jeesung

        it was x-scope browser. maybe same issue as Opera.

  • cpeter753

    anyone else have a problem running these then going into landscape mode? they all freeze on me and i have to change them to get them started up again

  • mlawlor777

    Hey me again. Is there ayway to get a nexus one neural network with the colors?

    • shane0790

      If you're using the official OTA, not right now. But if you're on rooted 2.1 (not ese81 build), download NexusMOD from the market

      • kellex

        Its broken right now unfortunately. I hope they fix it soon though as it's my fav.

        • shane0790

          I'm using the pop squares now, but as soon as they fix nexusmod, I'll be switching back. I like the neural network one on the droid, but i like the option to make it darker with the nexusmod

  • cee_em_jay

    So just to confirm, these ARE compatible with Cyanogen if you're rooted?

    • aarynk

      Wondering the same thing… I would think so since Cyanogen is already 2.1

      • kellex

        Yep they should all work with Cyanogen.

        • aarynk

          Thanks Kellex… took the plunge and unrooted last night and got the official 2.1 so far I like it not sad I unrooted at all very stable so far for me

  • kenny78

    Try Shake Them all widget, from the market it's kinda fun to play with..

  • Nice, thanks!

  • This is a side comment but seeing as we're semi talking about apps, there's another music player app in beta called cubed below is a link to the life hacker article with more info. Im currently using it and imo its the best music player android has to offer so check it out.


    • shane0790
      • kellex

        Hah thanks for posting that 🙂

    • lakerzz

      You're right. I agree I think its pretty good…I do believe its the same developers that made the music app “RockOn” in the Android Market.

  • nkhex19

    Starfield running with Beautiful Widgets is awesome!

    • I agree and the performanceis great too

      • dontfeedthenerd

        The problem for me is that starfield has a nasty habit of freezing, requiring me to change to a different live wallpaper in order to “restart” it.
        I'm also running Helix launcher.

        Anyone else seeing this?

        • I have the same problem with starfield…also running helix launcher with beautiful widgets..it is a neat wallpaper it's just frustrating that it freezes up.

        • Perky

          I have the same issue too. It is a shame, and maybe a future update will fix it.

          I love it though!

  • tomjones

    any help getting the menu bar to turn off when docked in multimedia dock. please… anyone!
    It goes off in a room with light but in a dark room it turns on, its the sensor at the top right. that turns it on. cover it with your finger in a lighted room and bam it comes back on.

  • aerrick

    my favorite is the flying android wallpaper.

  • EggoEspada

    Defiently love the Pop Squares Live Wallpaper… But I can't seem to the Earth Rot. =/

  • I gotta say live wallpaper are the $h&!~ I find my battery to keep up with them pretty good, my cousin has the N1 and says that his battery drains quiet fast with LW running. i had my on today as i listened to internet radio and it lasted some good 6+hrs!

  • Yo Kellex, which Beautiful Widgets skin is that? I already have BW but don't recognize the skin. Thanks.

    • naked droid?

      • Trug

        yeah its naked droid

        • kellex

          Nake droid! 🙂

  • Ace Z.

    Lol someone asked about what was the clock/weather widget. I personally like the earth rotate and was using it when I had Droid Mod.

  • Bang3r

    beautiful widgets looks nice but im cheap so I probably wont buy it 😛

    • NewDroidOrder

      You can get any app you want for free for tempt part. I am not going to tell you how because I dont want anyone to jump on my back about it.

  • mlawlor777

    hey im using beautiful widgets as well. what skin is completely see through? mine is see through but you see the lining of the widget. thanks, appreciate it!

    • rob


    • BillyGardiner

      There are a few of them under the skins tab. I think most of them dub the skin as “transparent” or “naked” to designate that there isn't a lining on the widget. Hope this helps!

      • mlawlor777

        thanks that does help. appreciate it guys.

  • pyroholtz

    What weather app is running in these screen shots Kellex?

    • Meticode

      It's Beautiful Widgets.

    • BRIM

      Thought April Foools had passed…?

      It says on bottome: Beautifl Widgets

    • BillyGardiner

      Didn't he post it up there and say he did it because he knew people were going to ask? Hehe. Just saying.

      • pyroholtz

        Wow, I feel like a tard…sorry for the post guys.

  • Lane252

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you can't get these for 2.0.1

    • BRIM

      False. I've had all the ones that are shown here & more BEFORE this 2.1 update on my rooted 2.0.1

      • guest123

        ok Dwight

        • anonymoose

          lol love the office

  • BRIM

    Don't ask why, but one of the ones I paid for “seeds of life” makes me chuckle. Especially how touching the screen makes them surround the “egg.”

    Nexus Mod I love! (Free & donate).

    PS-Rooted on 2.0.1

    • Lane252

      Thanks, I think ill b rooting soon again bc the update sux