Manual Android 2.1 Update for Motorola Droid

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Sure I attempt to get 5 hours of sleep and almost miss out on all the phone fun…

*Note 1* – If you need to return to stock from a custom ROM, follow these instructions.

Instructions to manually install 2.1 on your Motorola Droid:

1.  Download this file: (alt link)  (alt link 2)  (alt link3)

2.  Place file on the root of your sdcard (not in any folder)

Make sure it is named UPDATE.ZIP!  Alt Link2 needs to be renamed!

3.  Turn your phone off.

4.  Boot into recovery (Power + X)

5.  Wait for a triangle with exclamation point to appear.

6.  Hit the volume up and camera button (half-way down) at the same time.

7.  Using the D-Pad select “apply” and press in the gold button on the D-Pad.

8.  Reboot

9.  Bam!  2.1 goodness!

Update 10:01AM 3/31: Added a News and Note section to help those with any issues.

*Note 2* – By the way, if any of the download links drop, please contact me!

Full review coming later today for those still on the fence about unrooting.


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