Episode 228

Podcast: We Have the Galaxy S20 (Updated: Sorry)

  • UPDATE: Sorry, folks, but we ran into technical difficulties while on-air during this show and it’s just not up to our normal standards. We’re going to pull the video episode and won’t be uploading audio. Again, super sorry, we should be good to go again next week.

On this episode of the Droid Life Show, since it’s Galaxy S20 launch day, we’ll talk plenty about the S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra. We’ve been testing them for the better part of the week, so tune-in to hear early battery life results, camera thoughts, and if we’re enjoying Samsung’s incredibly expensive phones.

We also want to touch on the big March Android update that included the latest Pixel feature drop, Motorola’s Edge+ phone, and AT&T’s awful-sounding new TV service.

Trivia is back!

We’ll be live at 12:00PM Pacific (3:00PM Eastern).




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