AT&T Intros Data Perks, Earn Data by Taking Surveys and Shopping

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For customers on AT&T, the company has partnered with Aquto to deliver a service that allows subscribers to receive data free of charge, if they are willing to take surveys and do a bit of mobile shopping. Called Data Perks, those on AT&T simply download the app, browse through different offers curated from a variety of brands, and then complete tasks to receive free, usable data on your account. 

As an example, you may see an option that states if you purchase $50 or more in shoes, you will be gifted 124MB of data once the purchase has been completed. The data that you gain from taking surveys and making mobile purchases is stored in the app, which you then must transfer to your account. It may sound a little confusing, but should be rather straightforward in usability.

According to AT&T, during a single billing period, a maximum of 1,000MB may be earned and transferred to your account, which is equal to 1GB. Additionally, only postpaid accounts are eligible to use this service, and no prepaid plans are supported.

If you already do quite a bit of mobile shopping, and Data Perks features a few brands you actually enjoy, I suppose there is no harm to the app. There’s nothing wrong with free data, but I feel that the money you must spend on items in exchange for the small amount of data you receive does not even out. If I was to spend $50+ on shoes, I expect more than 124MB of data. For $50, I could just buy a few GBs worth of data.

For those on AT&T, and are interested, you can follow the link below to check it out.

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