Contest: Win a Motorola XOOM WiFi from Droid Life! (Updated)

Update:  Winner chosen here!

It’s hard to imagine that our first ever Reader Appreciation Week has almost come to a close…

On Monday, we announced that we’d spend the entire week thanking our readers for being the best in the entire Android community through a variety of prize giveaways.  Hopefully we have done a decent job of that with all of the apps, t-shirts, sweatshirts and Android Collectibles that were handed out.  Oh, and of course the Asus Transformer and Acer Iconia – wouldn’t want to forget about those.  It’s been a blast, hasn’t it?

The last of our 3 tablets that will be up for grabs is the Motorola XOOM WiFi, a device that helped launch a Honeycomb and Android tablet craze that will take us well into the end of the year.  This is the “developer” device in a sense, and one that will continue to see updates before any other tablet for the rest of its life.  This is the original, people.  Sure it may seem a little heavy and awkward at times, but man is this thing a beast.    (more…)

Reminder: Acer Iconia Tab is Up for Grabs!

Update:  Winner chosen here!

Just a quick reminder that Reader Appreciation Week is still rolling along and we have an Acer Iconia Tab to give away today at 2PM Pacific.  Be sure to enter if you haven’t already!

To enter you must do one of the following (U.S. residents only again):

1a.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet the following:

Win an Acer Iconia Tab from @droid_life! Details here – #dlacer #android

1b.  In the comments of this post, remind us why Android is in your life.
2.  The entry period will run from May 25 until today (May 26) at 2PM Pacific.
3.  A winner will randomly be chosen and notified.  They will have 2 days to respond.

Good luck!

Contest: Win an Acer Iconia 16GB WiFi Tablet!

Update:  Winner chosen here!

Day 3 of Reader Appreciation Week is here and we’re ready to give away another Honeycomb tablet to one of our amazing DL readers.  This time we’ve got the Acer Iconia Tab, a 16GB, Tegra 2, dual-camera, WiFi beast that many people have been sleeping on.  We all know that the Asus Transformer and XOOM are top notch, but the Acer hasn’t been getting enough press, which is a shame.  The device is easily rooted with Gingerbreak, is starting to build up quite the following in various forums, and should get Android 3.1 in June.  So who wants it?   (more…)

And the Android Mini Collectibles Go to…

Sorry for the short delay on announcing the winner, but we wanted to push out news of HTC revisiting their bootloader policy first.

Soooo…back to Reader Appreciation Week!  Who wants this case of Series 2 Android Collectibles?  In just 8 hours of entry time, 2,000 of you jumped in and told us through Twitter or the comments how badly you wanted this box and also what your favorite comparable toy was as a child.  (And thanks to all of you I’m now running through G.I. Joe and Transformer listings on eBay.)  Ahh memories.  Anyways, let’s do this!

The winner is…   (more…)

And the Asus Transformer Winner is…

We kicked off our first ever Reader Appreciation Week yesterday with the announcement that we’d be giving away 3 different tablets:  an Asus Transformer 16GB, Acer Iconia, and Motorola XOOM WiFi.  First up was the Transformer, which is one of (if not the) hottest Honeycomb tablets on the market.  All you had to do to win it was retweet a simple message on Twitter – something almost 4,000 of you did in just over 24 hours.  Pretty remarkable.

So who won?   (more…)

Contest: Case of Series 2 Android Mini Collectibles Up for Grabs!

Update:  Winner announced here!

Day 2 of Reader Appreciation Week has begun!  We just handed out two limited edition DL hoodies and are just hours away from giving out an Asus Transformer.  So what can we do from now until then?  How about hand out more ridiculously hard to find Android swag?  If you thought the Transformer was tough to get a hold of, try asking around to see if anyone owns a case of Series 2 Android Mini Collectibles.  It’s a pretty exclusive club and we want to make you a part of it.

What we have pictured above is an unopened, fully-intact and unharmed case.  Those free-floating collectibles on top are simply from our personal collection and are there just for show.  The box we’re giving you hasn’t been touched and should include 1 of every Series 2 collectible including a mystery bot.

So how can you enter to win it?  By doing one of the following (U.S. residents only again):

1a.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet the following:

I want that FREE case of Android Collectibles from @droid_life! – #dltoys #android

1b.  Or tell us in the comments what your favorite toy was as a kid.  (Keep it clean.)
2.  We’ll pick the winner tonight at 5PM Pacific.

Good luck!

DL Sweatshirt Winners Are…

We asked you last night what your dream device would be and boy did you guys come through in a big way.  With over 2,000 comments that just took me an hour to sift through, we’ve picked two winners.  The decision was not easy…


Verizon, motorola, nexus, unlocked. Enough said.


My dream tablet:

-Would suffer from processor WINE…yes that’s right…the processor would produce wine. If you’re playing Angry Birds, it would dispense chilled white wine. If you’re watchin videos, room temperature red wine.

-Would be powered by a remote charger with unlimited range…the power source for this charger would be Governor Tom Corbett running in a human hamster wheel…one mile for each dollar he cuts from education funding.

-Would be free but supported by ads for Preparation H with the following slogan: “If you don’t have hemorrhoids, you don’t have hemorrhoids.” Of course I fully anticipate a lawsuit from Apple for overwhelming marketing similarities…and they would be right…both hemorrhoids and the iPhone are a pain in the rear.


And don’t forget to continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook because we are about to start dropping more goodies on both.  Announcement of the Asus Transformer giveaway is less than 5 hours away!