DL Sweatshirt Winners Are…

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We asked you last night what your dream device would be and boy did you guys come through in a big way.  With over 2,000 comments that just took me an hour to sift through, we’ve picked two winners.  The decision was not easy…


Verizon, motorola, nexus, unlocked. Enough said.


My dream tablet:

-Would suffer from processor WINE…yes that’s right…the processor would produce wine. If you’re playing Angry Birds, it would dispense chilled white wine. If you’re watchin videos, room temperature red wine.

-Would be powered by a remote charger with unlimited range…the power source for this charger would be Governor Tom Corbett running in a human hamster wheel…one mile for each dollar he cuts from education funding.

-Would be free but supported by ads for Preparation H with the following slogan: “If you don’t have hemorrhoids, you don’t have hemorrhoids.” Of course I fully anticipate a lawsuit from Apple for overwhelming marketing similarities…and they would be right…both hemorrhoids and the iPhone are a pain in the rear.


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