T-Mobile G1 and Android Celebrate 5th Year Anniversary Today

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Five years ago today, Google and T-Mobile took the stage at a press event in NYC to unveil the T-Mobile G1 (made by HTC) as the first device to run Android. As you all know now, Android is the number 1 mobile operating system in the game across the globe, and it’s not really even close at this point. But to think in 2008 that the original G1 would be the starting point to what we have now, is almost unimaginable. Certainly, there were those who had the vision to see its eventual power, but boy have we come a long way.  (more…)

HTC G1 Never Says Die, CM10 Up and Running on the First Android Phone

In the latest episode of “This phone has Jelly Bean before my phone?” we have the HTC G1, otherwise known as the HTC Dream. The first widely available Android device now has a (semi) working port of CyanogenMod 10 that has been shoehorned into the aging phone. Developers have gotten together and made a pre-alpha for the phone that is available for download now, but the build is extremely rough around the edges.  (more…)

Android Has Come a Long Way Since 2007, a Young Sergey Brin Shows Us the New OS

A lot of Google’s secrets about Android have come to the light in their recent legal battle with Oracle over the use of Java patents. One of the more interesting nuggets that we have learned was the existence of the never released device called the Sooner. Officially it is the HTC EXCA 300, a Blackberry-esque device that was the precursor to the G1. Packing an OMAP 850 processor, QWERTY keyboard, 64MB of RAM and a “generous” 320 x 240 resolution (that didn’t support touch capabilities), this phone was what Android was built on, and boy what four years can do to an operating system. (more…)