Samsung’s Extensive Galaxy S4 Pool Party Commercial Proves They Have More Money to Spend on Marketing Than You

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Last night during TNT’s NBA broadcasts, Samsung’s new “Pool Party” ad for the Galaxy S4 popped up at least a couple of times. The ad is long, like a minute and a half long. If there was any doubt that their marketing budget is practically unlimited when it comes to their flagship phones, this should change that permanently. You almost have to feel a little bad for their competitors, because there is no way they can keep up with commercials played during special events at peak hours that are pushing almost two minutes in length.  (more…)

Microsoft Pokes Fun at Samsung vs. Apple Stereotypes in New Commercial, is Actually Pretty Funny

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For the most part, Microsoft’s campaigns against Google, Android, and iOS that promote Windows Phone or their other products are all pretty lame. Think “Smoked by Windows Phone” or even those “Scroogled” spots. Not really the most clever of marketing ideas, to say the least. This new Lumia/Windows Phone 8 spot, on the other hand, is actually funny and worth a quick look.

In the spot, you’ll see iPhone users taking shots at Galaxy owners with their “enormous” phones and S Beam feature followed by comments made in return to grandmothers about being too young to own an iPhone. There are Apple logo tattoos, app availability trash talking, and even the thought that Samsung and Apple fanboys love the constant fighting. Silly.


Cheers Scott!

HTC’s New Blinkfeed Ad Makes Me Want to Hide From My Friends

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After HTC announced the new HTC One and its unique take on a home screen, also known as BlinkFeed, it’s safe to say that Android purists didn’t exactly warm up to the idea of having a non-removable panel of social and news feeds. But HTC was selling this to the average, everyday user, and rightfully so. To many, having a single home screen feed that can be filled up with your social networks, latest news from top sites, and calendar appointments, is incredibly convenient.

Unless it turns out to be anything like this new commercial that HTC released last night. In the spot, a girl is checking out her phone while riding on the subway. As she browses through BlinkFeed, her friends start appearing in the car along with her as if it’s some scene out of The Shining. There are sports broadcasters, football soccer players, and others all robotic-ly spouting out the word “like.” Shivers, down my spine. And that potato looks nothing like Elvis.

New DROID RAZR MAXX HD Commercial Touts “DROID Recognition”

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We haven’t posted a DROID commercial in a while, but a new clip for the RAZR MAXX HD surfaced this morning looking more like the original DROID campaign than anything we have seen in some time, and thought we’d share. Plus, anything is better than the desert bedroom explosion spot, right? Not sure this fully redeems the DROID brand after that ridiculousness, but it can’t hurt.

In this spot, instead of selling the new powerful Google Voice Search, Verizon has decided to brand it with their own term called, “DROID recognition.” Yes, that’s a silly word play on the phrase “voice recognition.” Come on, we should be able to do better than this.