HTC One Owners Jelly Over MotoMaker? Check Out HTC’s Official Custom Double Dip Cases

Thanks to the launch of new custom-color cases, HTC is providing a flare of customization for One owners. The cases are Double Dip cases (which have been around since the phone first launched), and buyers can choose up to three different colors to add to the cases, out of six different color options. It is by no means as awesome as Motorola’s MotoMaker for Moto X buyers, but some color is better than no color, right?  (more…)

Box App Updated to 4.2, Includes Improved Photo Viewing and Alpha Sign-Up

It can be difficult to sift through the myriad of cloud storage apps available for Android, but some have always stood out because of superior design and usability. One of these is Box, which many may associate with the service’s promotional 50GB packages that have come bundled with select Android devices in the past. Today, the Box team released an update that focuses on performance, but also lays the groundwork for improvements far into the future.  (more…)

George Clooney Kicks It With a Galaxy Nexus in New Commercial

What, you didn’t have your celebrity Android fix for the day? Well, here you go. George Clooney was in Malibu this week filming a smartphone commercial and just so happened to have a Galaxy Nexus on him. We are going to go ahead and assume it wasn’t a commercial for the G-Nex since they blacked out the Samsung logo on it, but thought we’d share anyway. I wonder if it’s running 4.0.4? AOKP maybe? LTE or unlocked? How does George roll?

Now, back to the NBA Playoffs or a beer or kimchi tacos or your son’s baseball game or whatever it was you were doing for the evening.  (more…)

Another DROID Bionic Speed Test, Showing Off Its 4G LTE Capabilities

Possibly the cleanest snapshot of the DROID Bionic yet, showing off its super fast 4G LTE speeds. This latest picture was snapped by Yoda Man over at the Android Forums, and he doesn’t mind giving us all a few little sneak peeks. No official word yet from Verizon, but we can only hope that we are not too far out. Anybody anxious for an announcement?

We know this whole delay fiasco has a few people turned off, but we are hoping once all the promo goes out, that people will fall in love again. Sometimes we wonder what would happen if September 8th just came and passed with no release. Riots? What is the Bionic’s top selling point in your minds? The 4G? 1 Gig of RAM? It’s not the i*hone 5?

Via: Android Forums

Cheers Michael!

Custom Theme Friday: Five Kovdev Themes For ADW EX And LauncherPro Plus

We’re quite fond of the developers like Koveleski and Tha Phlash who are always bringing us new ways to make our phones sparkle with custom goodness. What’s so great about these different themes is that you don’t even have to be rooted to enjoy them, and all you need is a home replacement launcher such as LauncherPro Plus and ADW EX.

We’re going to post links to just five, but they have a very large list of themes, with even more on the horizon. You can check out some really awesome work that they have planned by visiting Tha Phlash’s website, here. (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: DropTheme For CM7

We’re not shy to show our love for DropTheme. It’s been one our favorites for a long time, and now that it has been ported to the CM7 theme chooser in the market, it makes enjoying these themes so much more easy on all of our devices. And if you’re one of our newest CM7 users due to the release of CM4DX, then definitely check these out. There’s a few basic colors to choose from so far, including all the classics. Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow have been a landmark in the theme world.

Here’s the links and more pictures.  (more…)

Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, DROIDX2, and Xperia Play Wallpapers All Bundled Into Individual Apps

Dave Kover – a continuous giver to the Android community. Creator and maintainer of some of Android’s most popular themes, has now put up on the Market individual applications for all of the aforementioned devices’ wallpapers; putting them in easy to use, slick user interfaces. All users must do is download the application, hit Wallpapers from a home screen, then select from the different folders. All the images have been taken from the individual system dumps and packaged nicely for us. Simply hit the links below and be taken to the Market for download. All free.

DROID Charge | HTC Thunderbolt | DROIDX2 | Xperia Play

See all of Dave’s great apps and theme add-ons by clicking here.

Review: Make Your Clock Widget indulges our need to tinker

We feature a lot of widget posts here on Droid Life; we believe that part of what makes Android so amazing is the ability to customize your home screen however you want. Sometimes, though, what someone’s thrown together isn’t enough; you need something a little bit more personal.

Make Your Clock Widget is an application currently in beta that allows you to do just that. At face value, it’s a very simple do-it-yourself app; from its menus, you can choose different elements of date and time, change their color, add a drop shadow, mess with layering and size, and generally muck about until you create something you’re happy with. This is great for fickle types like myself, who need to have things exactly so.   (more…)