Custom Theme Friday: Five Kovdev Themes For ADW EX And LauncherPro Plus

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We’re quite fond of the developers like Koveleski and Tha Phlash who are always bringing us new ways to make our phones sparkle with custom goodness. What’s so great about these different themes is that you don’t even have to be rooted to enjoy them, and all you need is a home replacement launcher such as LauncherPro Plus and ADW EX.

We’re going to post links to just five, but they have a very large list of themes, with even more on the horizon. You can check out some really awesome work that they have planned by visiting¬†Tha Phlash’s website, here.

Tha Gemstone | Tha Crystal | The Eyefold | Tha Entity | Tha Whiteout

There are free versions of all these themes, but may we highly recommend the Pro versions. In the Pro versions, you will get a lot more fun icons that will take the place of every stock app on your phone. Plus, we want to support these guys for putting so much time and effort in.

They have sent along their direct email so you can give them suggestions, icon requests, or if you have any other questions. Just hit them up at “support @“. Be sure to check them both out on Twitter (Dave Kover, and Tha Phlash), but you must see their site. There are some seriously amazing icons in there.

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