More XOOM and Thunderbolt Ads Pop Up in Esquire, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics

March’s magazines started showing up on doorsteps today and inside, our readers are finding all sorts of Thunderbolt and XOOM ads.  We found some earlier in the day from the SI Swimsuit Issue, but now we have more from Esquire, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science.  I’m sure you can find more in Rolling Stone and a variety of other publications, so feel free to post those in the comments should you run into them.  No dates given on any of them.

Announcement, please.  I’d really like for next Thursday to be epic.   (more…)

Thunderbolt and Motorola XOOM Ads Enjoy Time in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

One of the difficult parts of this job is doing things like heading to the local market to pick up the brand new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and fondle it flip through it while looking for ads for the latest pieces of technology.  And sure enough, we were able to accomplish this difficult task which turned out to be a great success!  Like it wasn’t going to be anyway…

The Motorola XOOM found itself in a full page ad which we deemed far too removed from Irina Shayk, but the Thunderbolt sure opened up in a 2-page spread somewhere near Peter Island and Brooklyn Decker’s section.  Neither ad includes a release date, but we’re still holding out for the 24th.  And now you have an excuse to go buy this issue.  (Like you needed one?)

Tbolt spot after the break.   (more…)

Widget: BobClockD3 brings the sexy

Earlier I had some people over on my RedWall review ask me what clock widget app I was using, so I thought I’d oblige that. This awesome clock is called the BobClockD3, and it comes to us from the fine people over at the XDA forums. The widget draws inspiration from the Korean-made Cowon D3 media player, which features a clock very similar to this one.

It’s available for free through a number of download links on the forum post. The one I’m personally using is a modified version of the original from user “lesa0208,” which has a number of color options available. However, you can only install one color at a time.

The .rar of the .apks can be found here (mirror for non-XDA members). Happy customizing!

Matt Demers is Droid Life’s app guy, and enjoys not having the top two rows of his home screen taken up by Beautiful Widgets.

You can find him on Twitter or by e-mail.

Original DROID Stars in Scream 4

This isn’t a complete joke, although we couldn’t help but laugh the entire time we watched it.  We’re talking about the trailer for Scream 4…speechless, right?  They are actually remaking the movie AGAIN, featuring almost the exact same cast of characters that managed to run and scream their way through enough bad reviews to warrant some sort of cult status.  There is one bright spot though, and that would be the star of the film.  At least that’s what we’re calling him…the OG DROID.  At some point in the movie, he makes an appearance although it looks like it might be right before someone dies.  Sad.   (more…)

DROID Snowbot Commercial Updated to Include DROID 2 Global

The Droid Snowbot commercial has  been updated again, only this time mentions the Droid 2 Global instead of the original Droid 2.  We sort of knew this was coming after watching Verizon swap out the Droid X in the last spot for the Droid Pro.  I mean, all they had to do was change one word in the end of the video plus toss in a new voice-over.  Give their marketing department credit for this Swiss Army Knife commercial.   (more…)