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Android Distribution Updated for March 2016: Marshmallow on the Rise

android distribution march 2016

Google updated its Android distribution numbers for the month of March, showing slight growth in the Marshmallow department. After just barely eclipsing 1% in February, we saw a jump to 2.3% this month. While I’m sure the world of Android fans would love to see that at 30 or 40%, that’s just not how Android works. 

As for the rest of the numbers, Lollipop has jumped to 36.1% (up from 34.1%), while the rest of the Android versions dropped. Kit Kat is down to 34.3%, Jelly Bean to 22.3%, Ice Cream Sandwich to 2.3%, and Gingerbread to 2.6%.

You can see last month’s numbers here.

Via:  Android Developers
  • Jon

    Are there any numbers and graphs that provide Android distribution numbers by when a phone is released? It’d be a nice metric to see how well OEMs maintain their products. Maybe it can focus on unlocked phones or a separate one for carrier branded phones.

  • Does anyone know where we can get these figures for 2012 and prior? I know people have done charts on these over time but I’m trying to make my own (link below) and can’t seem to find it easily.


  • Trevor

    This is what I think about when I see that pie slice dedicated to Froyo:

    “Everyday I come by your house and I pick you up. and we go out and have a few drinks, and a few laughs and it’s great.

    But you know what the best part of my day is?

    For about 10 seconds from when I pull up to the curb and when I get to your door,

    cause I think maybe I’ll get up there and I’ll knock on the door and you won’t be there.

    No goodbye, no see ya later, no nothing. Just left.

    I don’t know much but I know that.”

  • Froyo just won’t die!!! For god sake

  • Dominick White

    That number will be a lot higher next month, considering all the new people getting their new s7 / s7 edge in the coming days

  • seattle tech

    Would like to see a breakdown by country

  • sc0rch3d

    I still think ICS 4.0.4 was one of the best platforms for the ROM community

  • Magistos

    My old Droid X is doing journeyman’s duty parked in the dock as a bedside alarm clock. Most everything is stripped off of it, but it still updates every now and then. So there’s a Gingerbread statistic. It’s amazing to set it next to my Note 4 and see the changes in Android over time.

  • Justin Martin

    Gingerbread has a bigger install base than Marshmallow.

    • alex

      That’s just sad and embarrassing. Google and the OEMs really needs to work together to fix this.

      • Justin Martin

        what’s even sadder than that, is that we are only two month out from Google I/O where a new version of Android will be previewed, and only 2.3% of the phones out there currently run the latest and greatest version. I’m SO glad I’m a Nexus owner.

      • thereasoner

        So stop making dirt cheap phones for the 3rd world that run years old specs and the old versions of Andriod that run on them?
        No more sub $100 devices running old Android versions for parents that want the cheapest possible device for their young kids either?
        Outlaw people from selling or handing down old devices that are past their 2-3 year update cycles?

        Until those things happen then 90% of Android fragmentation will always exist.

  • WalkerNA

    Downloading Marshmallow onto my DT2 now!

  • burkett375

    Sorry guys, I log in with my OG Droid every once in a while just to play with it. No Eclair love?

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      Every time you turn on an OG Droid a Nexus explodes.

      • TC Infantino

        Sooo, since I use an OG Droid as a bedside alarm clock, that is always on, does that mean that there are Nexi going off like a string of firecrackers? LOL

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    I just smashed my Jelly Bean and ICS devices with a hammer to offset to next distribution chart.

    • Matthew Merrick

      My dad has an old 4.2 Tablet be does absolutely nothing with, but still updates the apps on it every couple weeks. I bought him a new one. I think it’s time for him to stop. xD