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Is This Our First Look at the Front of the Moto X (3rd Gen)? (Updated: More Pics!)

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Next Tuesday, Motorola is going to show off new products to us at an event in New York. Some of us think we’ll only get a new Moto G (3rd gen), while others are hopeful that a new Moto X (3rd gen) will join the party as well. For those on the new Moto X wagon, we present to you the photo below, which is purportedly of the front of the device, fitted with all the marks necessary to get someone fired.

Is it the real deal? I don’t know, but I kind of hope so. 

The photo comes courtesy of a guy on G+ named Paul Faz, who included accompanying text of “Moto X 3rd generation front flash.” That does appear to be a flash in the top right corner, and yes, early rumors for the new Moto X did suggest that it may have a front-facing flash.

Paul did mention in the comments of his G+ post that the display is 5.5-inches on this phone, but that there may be a second phone joining it called the “Moto X Sport” with a 5.2-inch display. (Edit: Paul more than likely is just passing on internet rumors, so I wouldn’t buy into what he’s dropping. He grabbed this photo from another location.)

Other than that, we are seeing a similar shape to the past couple of Moto X phones, though hopefully the front speakers are actually stereo this time around. There is little bezel, a familiar boot animation, and what is more than likely some shine off of a metal frame.

You tell me – does this look like what could be the front of this phone or any of these phones?

moto x 3rd gen

Update: And would you look at that, more pictures! This time courtesy of this Peru Android Facebook page. According to this page, Motorola may have included a fingerprint sensor in the bottom speaker (would require a swipe), though I have my serious doubts about that being possible. We are seeing that front flash again too!

Moto, here we come.

11755735_1067622526599124_6992033643532358119_n 11760053_1067622546599122_2634793366485401067_n 11760218_1067587213269322_6900497867691262821_n

Update 2:  And another, now in white and gold.

moto x 3rd gen gold white

Via:  +Paul Faz
  • Question why purchase the higher storage when you can add up to 128 gigabyte SD card

  • Ravi

    HI Bought my MOTO G today.It is giving heat like a stove. I just saw 20-30mins video in you tube and it started like a frying pan.Please don’t buy MOTO g 3rd generation.When i checked with flipkart they said they cant do anything they are only retailers and refund or replacement is not possible.
    MOTO G is giving so much heating issue. Please dont buy.
    Tip : Once you get any handset please keep it charging for atleast 8hrs continuously with mobile turned off.I am ready to speak to anyone and if atleat i can save 5 people not to buy MOTO G 3rd Gen i would be happy taking revenge against them

  • Alpha Drew

    Kinda glad to see that the screen is larger. I have the Moto x 1st gen and at first I loved the small form factor, but its hard typing in a small screen.

  • Sheritajspeidel

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  • hyp3rdr1v3

    things that aren’t needed:

    quad HD display
    >5″ screen

    it’s almost as if moto looked at everything that made the original moto x popular.. then decided to abandon it to be be just like every other phone

    • hoosiercub88

      I’m fine with the screen, anything smaller than my Nexus 6 is going to feel small at this point. QHD can go though 1080p is just fine for a phone. It will be better on the battery and will still look just as well.

    • guesswhat

      they will be 1000’s shouting here in the same forum, if moto didnt include quad hd display and call it a non flagship/mid range phone ..OEM’s need to hit these spec points to get there phone qualified as flagshipseven if it doesnt really make any difference to the end user,

  • Tohe

    I hate the back ornamental design around the camera. A step back in design as far as I’m concerned.

  • chris_johns

    guess ill be with my moto x 2013…forever it seems :'(

  • psuturtle

    Three new smartphones and two companion products are going to be announced from what I’m hearing.

  • Joe Freund

    Yeah… I’m still not buying that these are 5.5″. Paul pulled these pictures from a different source, and those sources say nothing about the screen size. The only thing confirmed so far is the Moto G at 5 inches.

  • GJV
  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    I wonder what the available customization’s will be? I’m hoping similar to the 2nd gen X. I love my cognac leather back.

  • Turd_Ferguson

    Held on to my Moto X (2013) for as long as i could. Unfortunately it took a slight fall from the couch and broke the bottom of the digitizer :(. Screen still works but the home/back etc buttons no longer work. Picked up a 2nd gen X last night and definitely missing the size of the 1st gen.

  • ROB

    Making it hard to keep my Nexus 5… smaller screen would seal the deal.

  • Mordecaidrake

    This growing size of phones needs to friggen stop. Being 5.5″ already knocks this off my future buy list. The 2nd Gen is as big as phones should go, any bigger you need two hands. Getting really tired of your sh*t android manufacturers!

  • AxemRed

    I’ve owned the last two Moto Xs. 2013 was too small, but 2014 was just right. I’m not a fan of the increased size for 2015. Samsung and HTC stopped closer to 5″ which I think is the sweet spot. Moto is taking aim at LG with 5.5″, but I think its kind of a bastard size in between a phone and a real phablet.

    I mostly take issue with larger phones because lack of comfort in my pocket and comfort in my hand. I don’t watch movies or play games on my phone, so the increase size doesn’t benefit me in that way. I do a lot of messaging, and I usually pull my phone out of my pocket, pull up the notifications, and pull up a message all with one hand. I type with two, but I want to be able to check my messages comfortably with one.

    I think one reason for the trend of larger phones that isn’t mentioned a lot is people carrying purses and backpacks. A large phone is a lot better if you don’t have to carry it in your pocket. But when you have to put it in your pocket, big phones can get uncomfortable. This is especially true if you do more physical work and are often bumping into things, lifting things or crawling on the ground.

    • David Wilson

      A differnet perspective, 2013 size was just right, 2014 was tolerable size but not worth putting up with without better improvements elsewhere, 2015 looks like it will be the same, more intensely on each side of equation (more appealing feature/spec bump, but also even more “phabletish” annoyance to offset it)

  • David Wilson

    Yuck, even larger yet. I love my 2013 X *because* of the size, not despite it!! There was no way I would ever trade it for a 2014, and it’s looking like the same will be true of the 2015. The “Sport” version rumor had me excited a moment, but even if real, if it’s the size of the ’14, not the ’13, what’s the point?

  • Jeff

    Man, and I thought my 2nd Gen Moto X was big (still miss the size of my 1st Gen Moto X, but don’t want to give up my 64gb of storage)

  • disastrousrainbow

    I’m down if they managed to increase screen size by trimming up the bezel. The rest of the phone looks nice. Premium indeed.

  • MariaMBurkhart
  • Eelly

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  • wabs74

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  • theluxscientific

    I’m happy the back dimple looks small again, but it looks like it’s placed way more centered than before. I wonder if it’ll be functional like the first gen X or unpractical/gimmicky like on the 2nd gen X…..

    • needa

      my finger sat in the 2nd gen crater a lot better than the first gen dimple, and gave a lot more stability imo.

  • erikiksaz

    Even more new pics from HellomotoHK.

    Looks very clean. Chamfered edge on the camera/flash cutout looks premium.

    • kirko77

      Looks nice although I don’t get why SIM card cover gotta be so huge and it doesn’t look like it fits well.
      If the dimensions are much bigger than 2014 then it’s a big letdown.

  • alberteezy

    This is sad.

  • Johndwedwards

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  • Mel823

    In the last picture, what’s that white button near the headphone jack?

  • Ahku Droid

    Why won’t manufacturers make a premium device that isn’t a phablet? This is getting ridiculous… I don’t want a giant phone bulging out of my pocket waiting to be pushed out. I hate to say it, but iFruit has it right with offering a usable sized device, then also offer a larger one with the same specs. The Moto G isn’t something a gadget geek like me wants, I want an unlocked Moto X with a big battery, and a screen no larger than 5.2″ (assuming no bezel).

    • hoosiercub88

      Then go buy an iPhone 6S when it comes out, nobody will miss you.

      • Ahku Droid

        Welcome to a 2 day old conversation, troll. How was your rest? The quality of your relevant and meaningful contribution is astounding. You must be quite the thinker and enjoy your walks with your trendy phone manbag.

        Yeah, I’m an Android Evangelist and have been so since the OG Droid. Typing that I prefer a reasonably sized screen because I’m active and not fat enough to wear XXL shorts to exercise in does not make me an iPhail lover, nor does it give you a reason to be unnecessarily rude.

        • hoosiercub88

          Welcome to having a life, I’m catching up on reading I haven’t been able to do since I’ve been away from ‘the real world’ that you live in every single day, reading Droid-Life stories the moment they pop-up on your G+ newsfeed. I’m a pretty regular guy, my size L shorts and pants fit my Nexus 6 just fine, if you’d stop shopping in the tweens section of Hot Topic, your pants probably wouldn’t have any issues with larger phones either.

          Cool of you to go straight to the fat side of things, talk about rude. Phones are getting better, and they’ve pretty much peaked.

          I respect that you want a smaller phone with top-of-the-line specs, or I did, until you started insinuating that only fat people with large size pants can use larger phones. That said, nobody is making them anymore, so deal with it, the market is what the market is, until people stop buying large phones, OEMs won’t stop making them. Since most people enjoy the benefits of having a larger battery and more screen real estate, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Hey though, the Gen I Moto X is getting Lollipop eventually, maybe you can just go back to using one of those.

  • Synacks

    Dumbass should’ve blurred his name out

  • Robert

    Why is the headphone port still on top???? WHYY!!!!

    • bluebanzai

      ps you can hold it upsidedown…

    • Raven

      So you can plug it in a desktop charging dock and still plug headphones in the top. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      • David Wilson

        Exactly. This is what I did too, until I got bluetooth headphones

  • Me

    Moto Phablet is here to stay

  • Justin Larmay

    Side bezels are looking pretty thin.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Sorry, but that back is ugly. It reminds me of an electric razor.

  • Kris Cortez

    At least we can still customize em right?

  • synplex

    5.2 – 5.4 inches is a sweet spot for me, but then again it all depends on the Side screen Bezels and thickest of phone for that perfect in hand feel.
    My Galaxy Note 4 is slightly to big, and the 2nd gen moto x is a little too small. I like the LG g4’s size for my hand.

  • 5.5? Nooooooo!!!!!
    I’ll pass up LG and Samsung all day everyday for a Moto phone. But I need it to be 5.0-5.2!!! Got to have Moto Assist!!!

  • Craig P

    I just want a phone with a stellar camera, good battery life, and runs stock android. Is that too much to ask? =P

    • Mech_Engr_09

      n6? pretty good camera, all day battery life, runs stock android

      • Craig P

        Lol, that’s what I have right now. 🙂

  • John Clausen

    I don’t like the way the back looks. It’s not terrible, but I think it’s a step back from the pervious 2 Xs.

    • jboogie1289

      This ^^^^^^

  • John Motschenbacher

    Gawd that back is fugly