Deal: Grab a Few ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulbs for $49 a Pop

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For a limited time on the DL Deals Store, you can pick up a ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb, or multiple of them, each priced at $49. Considering these bulbs were priced $90 at launch, grabbing them for $50 is a solid deal. 

With these bulbs, like other smartbulbs, users can control colors and mood settings directly from a smartphone. Users can also set up pulse shows when the bulbs are synced to music, turning your home into the ultimate rave station.

The bulbs offer a ton of neat tricks, all programmable for those who want to take the dive into LED bulbs. And plus, it’s better for the environment.

Follow the link below to pick a few up.


  • Sync ilumi to pulse w/ the beat of your music
  • Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise lighting effect
  • Create, save & replay your favorite lighting scenes
  • Choose from millions of colors
  • Program your light to make it look like someone’s always home
  • Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room

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