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UK Accessory Site Claims It Knows Moto 360 Pricing

UK accessory dealer, Mobilefun, announced today that it has the “first UK price” for Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch, the Moto 360. So how much will it run you? For £199.99.99, the most anticipated smartwatch of the year can be yours, through a pre-order. We should point out that Mobilefun also has a US-based site, which now lists the Moto 360 for $279.49.  So, what do we make of these prices? 

Well, Motorola has yet to announce a thing in terms of pricing or specs for the Moto 360, which means these numbers are far from official. Keep in mind that we previously saw Motorola value the Moto 360 at $249 (before distancing themselves from it), so $279 could be either high or low.

And keep in mind that accessory companies do things like this often to try and build up buzz around their site prior to the launch of a product. Look at all the case manufacturers who hypebeast cases and dimensions of upcoming phones before OEMs can even announce them. That could be exactly what we are dealing with here. Actually, I would almost guarantee that this is exactly what is happening.

If I were in the market for a smartwatch, and the Moto 360 was topping my list, I wouldn’t jump on this pre-order. Motorola could come in at a price that is far lower than $279 in the US. Plus, when launch arrives, you may be able to purchase and receive it more quickly through another outlet, like say, Motorola’s own site.

See, we aren’t the only ones around these parts who hypebeast.

Via:  Mobilefun
  • in all reality im glad its a decent size…larger watches are in style(and one i like) and if i can make the face look like almost any watch i want its gonna be something i can wear with anything…plus the benefits of smart watch and android go…im excited esp with the under 300 pricetag

  • All of you b*tching and complaing that its “to big and looks ridiculous”…arent you guys that are in love with the lg g2 being 5.5″ and the notes and all the new flag ships being 5” plus…i figured you all be jumping for joy! hoping for it to be bigger!…../s

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  • Joyfi

    This is going to have to be a killer product, no one has a samsung gear crap, so if this fails then you will be wearing a apple on your wrist with an android in your pocket. Just wait and see! When I say no one I mean you fans boys that rock one. Go and find one person with one on….please in public. Apple a google are getting more in bed every day…. Face it.

    • Justen DeBowles

      There’s over 1 million samsung Gear devices in the wild… and every time there’s a sale on refurbs through best buy they tend to sale out… So no one has one huh?

      • Adrynalyne

        I think the fact it has to be a sale on refurbs is a dead giveaway(your words not mine) .

        People don’t mind spending money on things if they are cheap.

        • Justen DeBowles

          True, at $300 it had slow sales. But that will go for any smartwatch. Don’t expect the Moto 360 or G watch to sell a lot at a 200+ price tag if even Samsung can’t push sales like that and their devices outnumber all other manufacturers combined (cept apple of course).

  • NexusMan

    I’m guessing that will translate to $299.99 in the US.

  • coolsilver

    I’m going to wait a while. I’d be happy to throw my cash down but $200+ is something to consider of course.

  • DGBlair

    Moto360 is a day one purchase for me 🙂

    • NexusMan

      Me too. Since it was announced, I already committed to set the cash aside for it.

  • ROR1997

    No thanks. I’ll wait for Casio to release a Smart watch.

  • qazyjc
  • ckeegan

    I love the dainty wristed people who keep saying it’s too big.

    • That’s…. interesting ¯(ツ)/¯

    • michael arazan

      Too Big = Baller

      People argue over flat brim hats and curved brim hats as well, I’m a curved brim myself, but at 6’2 that watch will look normal size for me

      BTW is 199.99.99 a price or an ip address?

    • Adrynalyne

      You have to be dainty wristed for things to be too big?

      • ckeegan

        Yes, if people are going to whine about it without even knowing the actual size. I’m estimating that it has a 46-48mm face, which is really not that bad.

        • Adrynalyne

          Not when the current trend is to not wear watches at all. People are equating wrist watches to fanny packs.

          So large and in charge isn’t a good way to rekindle a trend.

          • Guest

            Ha! What planet do you live on? I don’t see watches going out of style at all. GQ’s Spring 2014 Trend Report had an entire section on watches, and you can’t find a single recent article that supports your claim. OK, maybe something in PC World, written by a guy who hasn’t had sex in a year, and puts his smartphone in a holster. Out of style my ass.

          • ckeegan

            No clue why that says guest, and why my pic is upside down.

          • Adrynalyne

            Go to a mall and look around. There are 2 to 3x as many people not wearing them than are. Those that do wear them are as tasteful jewelry, aka not huge and gaudy.

            Go outside instead of studying Internet articles looking for evidence. Sometimes experiencing life is more informative.

          • JRomeo

            the reason so many people walking around the mall DO NOT wear one…… is because good looking ones are expensive, and they don’t want to wear cheap ones, so they rather not wear one at all…. they can’t afford the nice ones. or don’t want to wear a nice one to go to the mall…. better to wear it to a formal dinner or something else.

          • Adrynalyne

            “Those that do wear them are as tasteful jewelry, aka not huge and gaudy.”

  • valapsp

    sub $180 shut up and take my money.

  • calculatorwatch

    Honestly if it’s got a 36 hour standby time there’s no way I’m gonna pay $279 for it. I’m sure it’ll be worth it for some people, but I’ll just wait until it drops in price or the next generation comes out, hopefully with better battery life.

    • dizel123

      what makes you think its only got 36 hour standby time?

      • calculatorwatch

        This article:

        Considering the 360 is about the same size and probably has roughly the same internals as the G Watch, the battery life will likely be about the same.

        • dizel123

          That is the absolute most ignorant thing I ever heard. Seriously, how many phones have a similar size and totally different battery life? To look at rumors for one watch by one manufacturer and assume that a different watch from a different manufacturer will have similar battery life is just stupid. There are so many factors that go into battery life and we have absolutely no clue what the internals in the 360 are. The fact that it is round instead of square demands that it has significantly different internals. You really need to get the idea out of your head that anything about the G watch will have any impact on the 360s performance. It won’t. None. Zero. Zip. Nil.

          • calculatorwatch

            I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one, but prepare yourself for the disappointment. They’ve got roughly the same size screen, the same version of Android Wear, probably the same SOC. The battery size can’t be that much different and if anything it’s harder to fit a larger battery in a circular design. About all Motorola can do is optimize the software and make the sensors and radios more efficient. I’m willing to bet the most they’re gonna get is 48 hours.

          • dizel123

            You know what, the Droid Ultra has the exact same size screen, exact same version of Android and exact same SOC as the Droid MAXX, but guess what? It lasts half as long because they found a way to fit a much bigger battery in a not much bigger space. Like I said, expecting two different watches from two different manufacturers with two different shapes and two different sets of internals to have similar battery life is just plain stupid. Period. Is it possible? Of course. But to make that speculation at this point is stupid.

          • calculatorwatch

            That would make sense if smart watches were comparable in size to phones, but they’re not, and adding a bigger battery to a smart watch is gonna have a big impact on weight as well. As far as I can tell, the 400mAh battery in the G Watch is going to be bigger than just about any other smart watch already out. So why does it only have 36 hour standby time? Probably because of Android Wear.

            I’ll just say this. I hope you’re right and Moto does pull off something great. And while I’m well aware that my speculation is essentially meaningless, I still think it’ll end up coming true.

          • dizel123

            It has to be Android Wear? Come on, man. It can’t be the screen? Or the processor? Or the (lack of)optimization between hardware and software? Or whatever methods of connectivity? Or any of a dozen other reasons? It has to be Android Wear that’s causing the(alleged) 36 hour time? Now I think you’re being intentionally obtuse.

          • calculatorwatch

            Since I just finished watching the third season of Sherlock on Netflix, all I can say is “balance of probability”. I never said it has to be anything, but do I think it’s likely to be more Android Wear related than anything else considering LG has never had an issue with battery life before? yes.

          • dizel123

            They’ve never had a smartwatch before! Sherlock would just shake his head and walk away if he met you. Wouldn’t even bother saying a word.

          • calculatorwatch

            Missed the point… And I’m sure he would think you were fascinating! hahahahaha

          • guesswhat

            Moto 360 will have at least 325 hrs of standby time at least on paper as moto actv came with 325 hours standby ..and moto is great with battery optimizations ..moto x always on capabilities proves it ..no one is able to get always on working reliablly yet other than moto with good battery life ..I’m sure they used similar tech in moto360 and lg will not have access to it ..

          • vzwuser76

            I think the main reason you’d be seeing a difference between the G watch’s 36 hour standby and the performance of something like a Pebble or Gear is due to a full color screen. The Pebble has a monochrome screen and the Gear while not monochrome is black with white digits and a few colors for notifications. Whereas the LG and Moto smarwatches appear to be like a mini smartphone display, at least going by the promo shots. That would make a big difference in battery life.

            While I haven’t seen a Gear in person, the press shots of the display remind me of an old Motorola Timeport, which was basically a silver version of a StarTac with a multicolor display (like around 5 colors) vs the StarTac’s black digits with indiglo backlighting.

          • Justen DeBowles

            dude… the galaxy gear is a full color smartphone display. Amoled if i’m not mistaken. The screen on the gear is VERY similar to what the G watch and Moto360 will have…

          • vzwuser76

            That was news to me, all the press shots I’d ever seen on it show the black background, white digits and a colored notification icon. I wasn’t really interested in the Gear so I didn’t pay to much attention to them.

            And don’t call me dude, buddy. 😉

          • Justen DeBowles

            I’m not your buddy, guy!

          • vzwuser76

            Who you callin’ guy, friend?!

            Gotta love the Mallory brothers. (Oceans 11 for those that are wondering).

        • NexusMan

          um, no.

    • Rodeojones000

      Because charging it every other night while you sleep is a gigantic hassle?

      • calculatorwatch

        Actually not really. Because it’s non-replaceable and charging it every night means the battery life will degrade to less than a day within a year and a half to two years.

    • NexusMan

      Why are you affixing leaks about the LG G Watch, to the Moto 360?

      • calculatorwatch

        Lol they talked about what the LG leaks might mean for the Moto 360 on the DL show. It’s not like I said it’s definitely gonna have 36 hour battery life, I don’t know why everyone’s freaking out so hard about this.

        • NexusMan

          I’m personally, not freaking out, just pointing out that one has zero to do with the other. I have always predicted that the Moto 360’s battery will be far superior to LG’s G Watch, and I maintain that feeling…we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Orion

    At $250, its a definite buy.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I wish my car had wireless charging

    • richie97

      I love my AirDock, which is close enough to having built in wireless charging for me.

    • M3D1T8R

      *Imagines electric car pulling into garage parking over giant wireless charger*

    • Adrynalyne

      That is an easy mod.

  • I want it no matter the price. Bring it on, Motorola.

  • Alec

    Do I get to “try before I buy”? If let us, then yes you have a deal Motorola.

    • I hope they do it because most people would pass otherwise. I assume you could return it though… hoping Amazon covers it.

    • random_fact

      Motorola is almost a bankrupt.
      And soon it will be a made in China “by Lenovo” Motorola.

      • NexusMan

        hmmm. Owned by a multibillion dollar company and about to be sold to another multibillion dollar company. I hardly see Bankruptcy in Motorola’s near future.

      • niuguy

        That is not a random_fact.

      • sirmeili

        Motorola now (most electronics actually) are made in China, so what’s your point? Would you like to point to a piece of mobile tech that is NOT made in china?

        The MotoX is currently “assembled” in the US, and there is nothing to say that Lenovo won’t assemble it in their NC plants that they ALREADY run. I’m really not seeing your point. Would I rather Motorola stick with Google? Sure, but it’s not and Lenovo is actually one of the better options if I had to choose someone for them to sell to.

  • ddevito

    Smart watches are DOA, especially at that price.

    The Moto X does plenty fine on its own, and now that it reads everything out loud at home I have no need or desire for a product like this.

    • droidrazredge

      Moto Assist Home Update was the coolest addition Motorola has added to Assist for the Moto X.

      • mark

        What update was this and what functionality did it give us?

        • Suralin

          It was an update to the Moto Assist app. Your mark the geolocation of your home and whenever you’re there, it will read out your messages/phone calls at home. It is pretty much the same functionality you get when you drive your car.

    • Brandon Miller

      While I don’t agree that smartwatches are DOA, I do agree that the Moto Assist Home thing is absolutely awesome.

    • ckeegan

      At this price, it would be the cheapest watch I’ve bought in a long time, and would do more than any watch I own. I fail to see the logic in your argument.

    • Oblivion_of_mediocrity

      + smartwatches at this point are 100% pointless.
      I have seen 10+ different ROUND watches of different degrees of smartness and coolness and I don’t want them.

      fitness trackers are other thing, a specialized sports-centric- accessory, but smartwatches. FOR WHAT?
      All current smartwatches are useless at any price point, whether it’s $350, $250 or $199.

      Time+notification+weather (I see the weather myself) “smartwatches”=pointless.

      • NexusMan

        So because YOU don’t want them, of course they’re pointless.

        • moew

          His point was that it was pointless, so if his point is pointless then you could say that he is pointless, as that was his point. Point taken!

      • What NexusMan said, and…

        Because you see the weather, you don’t want to know what’s coming? GTFO

      • sirmeili

        Having easy access to seeing my notifications without pulling out my phone is pointless? Maybe for you, but I’d much rather look at my wrist than to pull out my phone, especially in social situations where looking at your watch is FAR more acceptable than looking at your phone constantly. Call me lazy if you want, but the same thing could be said for “wrist watches” over “pocket watches”.

    • NexusMan

      Smartphones are DOA (said just about everyone right before the iPhone was released).

    • sirmeili

      except that it doesn’t always read everything aloud on it’s own. It does when I’m driving or when I’m home, but otherwise it does not. So if I’m out in public, it is easier for me to look at my wrist for notifications than to pull out my phone and check. Not that much easier, but easier. I for one am looking forward to the moto360 and I already plan on buying one. I’m that happy with my MotoX that I think that if anyone were do to a smart watch right, it would be Motorola.

  • Justin Kos

    Its a little much for something I don’t need

    • Dan T

      And its the size of a hockey puck. It looks ridiculous.

      • ckeegan

        It looks no bigger than many other watches. It doesn’t even look as big as some invicta models, and about the same as the largest Precisionist.

        • ick

          And most of those watches look rediculous. What’s your point?

          • ckeegan

            That must be why they sell so many. I seriously don’t think this watch is going to be more than 46 or 48mm based on every picture I have seen. It even looked seminormal on Topolsky’s dainty wrist.

        • thank you…a lot of people here i believe dont understand watches or style they only understand mobile products….and with that logic how everyone loves these 5.5″ cell phones im surprised they arent jumping for job……/s

          • moew

            I’ll wait for a 5.5″ screen in a watch 🙂

      • Steveo

        I was worried about the same, until I heard that it was going to be a 46mm diameter face.

        I wear this 42mm Citizen every day, and I don’t think another 4mm is going to hurt: http://www.amazon.com/Citizen-BM8475-00F-Black-Canvas-Eco-Drive/dp/B005DC48VW/ref=pd_sbs_watch_10?ie=UTF8&refRID=0V3G8DWHQQYESE2P1EKC

        • Tee

          That link didn’t make me feel better about your taste in watches. It only confirmed that you like bulky ugly watches.

          • Steveo

            It’s not bulky. Thanks, mate.

          • kyle bonham

            Maybe they’ll come out with a version for women that we’ll fit your needs -__-

          • Chris M

            Guess you are more of a Swatch fan? Ugliest watches ever.

          • Tee

            More like a don’t get a P.O.S. because it looks better than the other P.O.S. type dude…

        • Aiden Richardson

          The Moto360 also looks incredibly thick though.

      • michael arazan

        Once Google makes Glass to look inconspicuous, glass will be a far better and useful product than a smartwatch

        • Kyle Monk

          Disagree, it is far less natural to interact with a touchscreenless HUD that floats in front of your vision that take a peek at a watch.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love glass, but these watches are going to be the next big thing.

    • thats a silly thing to say bc u can say that about 7billion things in the world……

  • tu3218

    I wish they would announce when this is being released. I’m itching for a wearable smartwatch and may just try and find a cheap Pebble for the time being. I’m at the beach a lot and it’d be great to have a way to change music without pulling my phone out of my bag.

    • Brandon Miller

      It’s really just looking like everybody is going to announce date & price at Google I/O. I’d love to see a surprise 3rd (or more) manufacturer pop-up at I/O.

  • Tony Byatt
    • viper1549


  • M3D1T8R

    Well if they come in closer to $200 than $300, myself and a lot of other potential buyers will be pretty happy. I’m guessing it drops at $229. I will see how the reviews go and maybe buy one when I can find it for under $200.

  • Bryan Mills

    I hope it never gets updated to Tizen.

    • Rob

      Lol. Good thing we shouldn’t have to worry about that!

  • inklenotrump
    • Ryan N

      HAHA. Before I launched the video, I was wondering if it would be this clip.

      Point for you sir.