Motorola Contest Pegs Moto 360 at a Value of $249

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This morning, Motorola announced a new contest that could land one spectacular designer a brand new Moto 360 smartwatch. The contest asks for anyone really, to submit design ideas that represent their vision for the Moto 360. They even included .psd files to help get you on your way. But you know what? That’s not the juicy part of this story, at least for the hypebeasts in the building. No sir, in the contest rules you will find the ARV (average retail value) of a Moto 360, according to Motorola. Is this the potential retail price for Motorola’s smartwatch? Maybe. 

According to the rules document for this contest, the ARV of a Moto 360 is $249.99. In other words, Motorola is putting a value on their smartwatch, which has yet to be fully announced. Does this mean that the Moto 360 will end up costing $249.99 at launch? I would say that the price will certainly be in the ballpark of $249.99. After all, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for Motorola to put a false value on a product they are giving away.

Also, and this could mean something or nothing, the contest winner will be notified on June 24. That could be the launch date of the Moto 360 or it could be late or early. Just know that if a winner will be selected by June 24, that there is a pretty good chance the product will be available within the vicinity of that date.

To fully fuel the conspiracy theorists in the building, understand that June 24 is the day before Google I/O. Take that as you will.

How does $249.99 sound for the Moto 360?

Via:  Motorola (Drive)
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