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Google Adds “Permissions” Shortcut to App Listings on Web Store

Ever wanted to see the permissions that an app requires on Google Play without having to tap on the “Install” or “Purchase” button? Google appears to be adding a “Permissions” link under its “Additional Information” area on app listings in the web store today that shows you just that. A click on “View Details” in this section will pop-up a list of the permissions that the app uses. 

Again, this is a similar box to what you would see if you went to install an app, but this now allows you to quickly see the list without having to feel like you are on the verge of installing an app you don’t want. It’s a small change, but I actually like it.


  • I’ve written a custom CSS to move that link to a more visible location: https://userstyles.org/styles/102378/google-play-easy-to-find-view-permissions

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  • connor

    P.S. Firefox beta is super slick and (IMHO) quicker than chrome.

  • Allyn K C

    Glad to see this return. Back when the old Android Market used tabs in the web interface, one of those tabs was for permissions. Granted when they eliminated that, we could still see permissions by clicking install or purchase, then cancelling out after looking at permissions. But I like having the ability to review permissions separate from the installation button.

  • p4

    its about time .. should have been there since day 1

    • p42

      It actually was there since day 1, then they removed it when they revamped the user interface a while back. Glad to see it return finally. I never understood why Google insists upon removing useful functionality with each revision to their popular platforms.

  • jadeveon da destroyer

    And ios has had this for a while. smh

  • Pedro

    This will make my life better.