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Sprint Bolsters Its Total Equipment Plan With Help From Asurion


Once we get our hands on a shiny new phone or tablet, top priority is keeping it safe. Sprint is helping to keep its customers even more safe starting today, with the announcement of its upgraded Total Equipment Protection Plus plan. The addition of Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection Plus, along with a new Protect app, takes its device coverage to a new level. 

Before today’s announcement, Sprint’s Protection Plan covered the basic physical problems that you could run into – loss, theft, damage, and malfunction. With the upgrade to TEP Plus, Asurion comes on board and protects your device’s information, as well as the device itself. There is a whole list of features that Asurion brings to Sprint owner’s devices:

  • Automatically back up and secure data
  • Identify threats with built-in antivirus and privacy protection
  • Access monitoring and optimization tools to maximize battery life and improve a phone’s overall performance*(Android only)
  • Remotely find a phone from the secure web portal using GPS or lock and erase personal information from a missing phone (lock is Android only)
  • Provide one-click direct access to a tech expert for premium support to address any smartphone issue – no matter how simple or complex.

Sprint’s regular Equipment Protection plan costs $11 each month, and they are offering the TEP Plus plan for only $2 more each month. If you are a Sprint customer, and have trouble keeping your phone safe physically safe and cyber secure, you might want to check this new Plus protection plan out.

Via: Sprint
  • flosserelli

    “Provide one-click direct access to…premium support to address any smartphone issue – no matter how simple or complex.”

    Brilliant. Now Sprint has another buffer to absolve them from culpability when their subscribers can’t get a signal.

    “No service? You probably have a defective phone, so send it to Asurion. Aren’t you glad you got that extra protection plan?”


      I get a signal just fine

      • flosserelli

        I am glad someone does. The vast majority of Sprint customers that I know have nothing but bad experiences.

        • Jedi_Skote

          Sad thing is, in Vegas my service has been at the same level with sprint as it was with verizon.

          • bronxboi

            Tell ’em, they love to bad mouth Sprint but they don’t have the service and do not see the day to day improvements.

        • The Narrator

          That’s a ploy. He actually has the speed of a sloth.

  • ToddAwesome

    Hey Asurion, you know what would be nice? If you replaced our phones with the actual model owned, not the most low end version of said phone. Yours truly, a VZW Dev Edition owener who Asurion would only replace it with the base 16gb model in black. Thanks, ya jackwagons.

    • T4rd

      Did you try to dispute it? You should have at least got a better phone out of it. I thought their policy was “the same phone or better” for replacements?

      • ToddAwesome

        I literally spent half a day over the course of a week on hold or talking to someone about it, both Asurion, Verizon, and made the usual social media rounds. Each side passed the buck to the other. In the end, Asurion would not replace it with anything but the ONE model they had in their system. All Verizon would do is transfer me back to Asurion, saying they weren’t aware of why Asurion wouldn’t replace my phone with the same model. I would have at least been more appreciative of the 32gb standard black model, nope, 16gb was all they had in their system. My head hurts just remembering back to that fateful week.

        • T4rd

          Yeah, that’s pretty ghey. Not sure why Asurion would defer you to Verizon since Verizon doesn’t have much to do with it. Asurion is the insurance agency responsible for replacing the phone. I wouldn’t have let them forward me to anyone. But I’m sure at some point you’re tired of dealing with them..which is probably what they’re counting on.

          • ToddAwesome

            Considering I spent the first 2 hours on the phone with Asurion explaining to more than a few reps that there was more than just that one Moto X version, you can just guess at the level of talent in the place. At one point they forwarded me to a rep who started building a MotoMaker version for me, when I explained that I had the Dev Edition they forwarded me back to someone else, who after another half hour flatly denied that they were able to replace MotoMaker models. Round and round we went. Clearly that’s their plan.

    • michael arazan

      Asurion tried to replace my GNex with some low end LG devices I never heard of, told them I hate LG, and they offered me a Samsung GS3. 6 months newer than the GNex, because my GNex was EOL.

      Just talk to them, and treat them like a person.

      • ToddAwesome

        I’m happy that worked out for you. I spent the first two days doing that, they simply refused to do anything for me as there was nothing else they could do. They lied to me on multiple occasions just to get me off the phone, I could go on and on for days. Asurion is garbage.

  • Ralph Bretz

    I had really considered moving to Sprint even though the network is not all that great. Slow data speeds and what not but the price would have been $70 cheeper than what I pay on Verizon and I’d get unlimited data on all lines. After the most recent comparison It would only be $5 cheeper a month. I had thought Sprint was going to be the carrier to compete with the big 2 but it seems their window has come and gone.

    • bronxboi

      No that is not true, they finally now have the backing to build their network and is taking time. In Houston, their service is very very good but it will take another year before you see that type of service nationwide.

      • Ralph Bretz

        I’d like to see it around my area. We were suppose to get the Wi-Max or what ever that was years ago before they switched to LTE and now still waiting on LTE.

  • Cael

    So basically what everything else does for free?


      Others offer free protection plans?

      • Cael

        Yeah and theyre free.


          What exactly does it cover?

  • Disqus_n00b

    Geek Squad has lost the title for worst “protection” plans! What will they do to recover the crown?


      They are still worse