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Q&A Website Stack Exchange Debuts App for Android

Crowdsourced Q&A sites like Quora have certainly gained popularity over the years, but arguably non have been propitious as Stack Exchange. What debuted in 2009 as a computer programming question-and-answer website has grown into a network of more than 120 communities covering a diverse range of topics, from writing to cooking to job searching. And starting today, it’s all browsable via the official Stack Exchange app for Android.

To unify the disparate Stack Exchange communities, the team created an entirely new feature exclusively for mobile. Dubbed The Feed, which kind of looks like a Facebook timeline, you can customize the questions that appear based on the communities and tags you follow, see questions tailored to your interest that will intelligently improve over time, and receive updates when you get upvoted or your answers get accept. In addition, all message replies are viewable, and you can see events, blog posts, and recommended jobs from the Careers board.

Notifications made the jump from desktop, and they’re quite thoughtfully implemented. Like every other social media app on your phone, you’ll be notified of activity like answers, comments, and chat replies, but the notifications are also toggleable and include a quiet hours function. (Other apps, take note.)

The app also includes the standard array of Stack Exchange features, like question searching, answering, commenting, voting, and flagging. It’s available from the Play Store for smartphones running Android 4.0 and up, and the team says to expect a version optimized for tablets in the future.

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f8008 MsMeH (1)

  • Finally. The lack of an official Android app was kinda surprising for a while.

  • John Legere

    Stock exchange for people of Boston?

  • Chris

    at first glance I thought that said stock exchange…

    • cool story bro

    • T4rd

      at first glace I thought your comment said stack exchange…

      • Chris

        Thats cool

        • T4rd

          That’s what she said, yes.

    • Guest

      Same here.

      Guess I’m the only one who noticed the FIRST GLANCE in your comment.

      • who cares what he thought it said at FIRST GLANCE? i really don’t care. does anyone care? only thing this type of comment does is contribute to the circle jerk…

        • Chris

          given you took time to make a comment like that shows that you must care somewhat otherwise you wouldn’t have made a comment about it.

          • well, you got me Chris. i’m done. you uncovered my devious ploy. you win.

  • Waschlappen

    This is sweet. Stack Exchange has been my go-to resource for questions about Javascript and learning web dev in general.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Yep. The app is really nice.

      • michael arazan

        Thanks for the app. This is another reason to like DL, because I would have never found this app in the play store. The play store is horrible for searching for apps, especially in sub directories. You Would Think a Search Engine company would have a decent search function for their own services.

  • buildakicker

    Awesome! The third party apps have not been cutting it…