Google Glass Titanium Collection Now Available for Explorers Starting at $225

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Last night, the Google Glass team unveiled their Titanium Collection set of frames as an option for those needing prescription lenses to work with their Explorer unit. That collection is now available through the Glass store, with four frames made of titanium starting at $225 a piece.

Each frame comes in five different colors (charcoal, tangerine, cotton, shale, and sky) so that you can match your Glass unit to the frame. You could also choose to mix and match colors if you’d like. Orders also include a custom hard case to help protect your frames.

We should point out that the frames come with non-prescription lenses out of the box. Should you require prescription lenses, you’ll have to take your new frames into an eyecare provider, some of which may be “preferred” partners. Your eyecare provider can then send off your frames so that lenses can be cut to match them. Unfortunately for me, Oregon doesn’t have a single preferred provider. (The full list of providers can be found here.)

Explorers, thinking of purchases frames? (We picked up the “Bold” set and will have thoughts once they arrive.)

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