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Android Device Manager Now Allows Users to Change Passwords Remotely

android device manager

Not too long ago, Google introduced Android Device Manager, a service that allows Android device owners to remotely track and secure their devices. Google continues to develop the service, and this week, Google added in the ability to change your device’s pin/password or even set a new password from a desktop remotely. Even if a password is not set on your device, you can set one if you think your device is in trouble. Pretty good looking out, Google.

If you have yet to activate this service, then we highly recommend doing this. This is the easiest way you can secure your phone from unwanted use. To activate, head into the Google Settings app, choose “Android Device Manager,” and then check both boxes.

To try out the new feature, follow the via down below and find your phone.

Via: Android Device Manager

  • Kim

    I lost my samsung phone this evening while I was out. I do not have a passcode on it. I checked every where including my car but i knew it wouldn’t be in the car since I remember taking it off my car charger and into my bag. I came across this site and have learned about this Android Device Manager and was able to locate where my phone is according to the map and location. The phone is no longer in the area where I had last had it. According to the location on the map, the phone was moved quite a distance 🙁

    There’s an option to “ring” the phone, which I did. I’m not sure how helpful that is for me. I’ve tried calling it. I’ve asked a few friends to send a friendly text to my phone stating that I am in search of my phone and do hope that whomever has it to please return it. It’s annoying when you know where the phone is but you’re unable to take it and bring it back.

    Any suggestions 🙁

  • Tool Belt

    I had to turn off wifi and let it find me once. Then all was well.

  • RaptorOO7

    Google’s got your back, Apple’s got you by the ballz

    • AbbyZFresh

      The NSA seems pretty happy too with Google having our backs, LITERALLY.

  • They should have satellite view as a map option, it lets you more easily see exactly where your phone is.

    • Guest

  • OrangeAttack
    • Spider210

      Been using this for over a year its a life saver!

  • JRomeo

    Android Device Manager does not help me if somebody drives away with my phone and I want to find it using my wife’s phone…… Can I login from my wife’s phone and use android device manager to find my phone? I dont think its possible using another’s phone’s android device manager… so its of very little use in these scenarios….. Even if Google+ Location sharing is enabled between the two phones, there are many times that the location only updates once every 30 minutes, so this is a big FAIL also…

    • Tim242

      You are mistaken on both points. You can log into another Google account from her browser and use your account to track your phone. Also, there’s a refresh button to refresh location as often as you’d like.

      • JRomeo

        the question I asked was to check from another phone’s android app… using a browser is a clunky experience…. and for the record, I just went to my Google+ Locations and noticed that my wife is being reported as still at work….. which is wrong, because she just called me from home…. so there are still flaws to be ironed out… and yes… I clicked the “refresh” button.

        • Tim242

          There is no app. Android Device Manager is meant to be used from a desktop browser. So, if you use it from a phone, you have to use it from the browser. Google Plus is not equal to ADM. If you go to the Android Device Manager site, you will see the location, and it updates when you hit refresh.

          • JRomeo

            Is the ADM website designed for desktop computers? if it is, then this would not be as easy as it should be to check location of my phone on another phone.

          • Tim242

            It is EASY. This is from my S4. See below.

          • Chris Hannan

            I really don’t think this dude wants it to be possible. :/

          • Tim242

            That’s what it sounds like. He is complaining about lack of functionality and ease of use, when he hasn’t even used it. Apparently he finally gets it, or else he took his meds haha

          • JRomeo

            You’re right, it does work from a web browser and I had never tried it. The reason I asked if the site was designed for desktop browsers is because I didn’t think it would be nicely formatted for navigating from a mobile phone web browser. Also, the way I get to the device manager is by visiting play.google.com and then clicking on the gear then clicking device manager… but I had hoped there was an easier method.

          • Tim242
        • PhoenixPath

          ADM is a website, not an app.

          Works fine on phones, tablets and PCs.

          I know, sucks to have it do what you want when all you really want to do is complain about it, but well…there you have it.

  • GVLBob

    Haven’t been able to fully activate my S4 yet. Can find the phone and get it to ring, but the lock and erase boxes are grayed out. I cleared the data for Google Services and reset the phone, but still no joy.

    • Tim242

      You have to go into the Google settings app and check the 2nd box.

      • GVLBob

        I did do that, but I still had to follow the procedure I described to get my phone to fully activate.

    • Rosariorose9

      I did all of the above, but lock and erase boxes are still grayed out. Aarrgghh…..

      • GVLBob

        Did you:
        1. uncheck the boxes under Android Device Manager on the phone
        2. restart the phone
        3. clear data in Google Play Services
        4. check the boxes
        5. restart the phone
        6. wait at least 5 minutes
        7. refresh the browser display for ADM

  • Vimes

    i still can’t find my device

    • Pedro

      Did you check the patio? Maybe your room? Try the car.

  • JRomeo

    Google Latitude used to allow LIVE tracking of friends (if those friends accepted)… meaning you could see their movements in real time… then the feature reappeared…. why hasn’t this feature returned for Android Device Manager? so that you could track your own phone if it gets lost in live time? Why can’t I use my wife’s phone to track my lost android phone using Android Device Manager?

    • GoBlue

      dude. Google+ allows for location sharing. Do that.

      • JRomeo

        yea but when someone is driving away with your phone…….. Google+ location will update once every 30 minutes…. Not very useful…

        • Christian

          Google+/Google Now are designed purely for social location sharing. I think there is even a Google Now option that integrates “commute sharing” now. I never used Latitude, but people who did are saying that Google+ is becoming a more complete replacement now.

          There is a clear separation between this functionality and that ADM is meant for. ADM is purely meant for locating a device – every time you load up ADM in your browser, it attempts to get the location of your device at the time of loading. It doesn’t make much sense to give a live update of where your phone is unless you’re aching for some vigilante justice and want to start a high speed pursuit of your phone’s captor.

          In all seriousness though, I don’t think the ADM functionality that Google has in mind requires live location updates.

          • JRomeo

            Stolen phones aren’t the only scenario where live location would be useful. If I go jogging around the block, I would like to allow my wife to see where I am whether I be jogging in one direction or the other direction. and if you can’t do this from another phone, and you have to turn on the laptop just to do this, then it takes away the simplicity and the efficiency in checking location easily. I’m not saying that it should ALWAYS report live location… I’m just saying that live location should at least be able to be toggled for the next X minutes by whomever it is you’ve granted the privilege to. just like how Latitude used to have (albeit for a short time until that feature was pulled)

          • Ray Gray

            Yes it works on a mobile browser should there be a app? yes but there isn’t one as of yet

          • Christian

            I gotcha. Just wanted to point out that if you’re not talking about a missing phone, ADM isn’t your service.

            What you’re looking for is going to be manifested in Google+ Location Sharing. In fact, I think right now it is supposed to be able to show live locations, even as someone is moving, if a person enables the option. Based on what you’re saying, there are bugs that need fixing. Just was pointing out that you’re never going to see this kind of tracking in ADM because it isn’t needed there, but it should be implemented in Google+ Location Sharing eventually.

          • Pedro

            Gotcha. Dude wants to track his wife.
            Seriously, she’s not cheating.

          • Jon

            um…just find an app that does that for you.

          • JRomeo

            there’s one app by Life360 which keeps anyone you’ve added to your “family” list all know where each other are always. I just wished Google would implement something like this… their Google+ Locations is almost perfect but not good enough at the moment.

          • 1bad69z28

            You really want your wife to know where you’re at everyday??

          • JRomeo

            Well its not like she’s going to abuse the privilege. If I decide to unexpectedly pass by the grocery store on the way home, no need to call me if I’m taking longer than usual to get home, this way she’ll know I’m at the grocery store instead of calling me while I have my arms full of things at the grocery store.

          • 1bad69z28

            True True 🙂

    • michael arazan

      Just call the NSA I’m sure they know where they all are at any given time

  • yodatom10

    Wohoo i hope full online backups are next.

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      I agree. Android needs an official and user-friendly way of making a full device backup/restore, kindly like how iTunes doesn’t for Apple devices (adb backup doesn’t count because not even remotely user-friendly in my opinion, have to actively search to find out this option even exists).

      • JRomeo

        I logged into a new android phone once, and all my apps installed straight from google, and all my contacts returned also……. isn’t this what you’re referring to?

        • Open1Your1Eyes0

          Full device backup, settings, apps, data for those apps, etc…

          • PhoenixPath

            The only thing that did not restore of your above mentioned list is the login credentials for apps such as facebook and so on.

            Google will *never* back those up. Ever.

            Can you even begin to imagine the kvetching that would cause from the privacy goons?

            Uh-uh. No way. No thanks. Apps, and settings is good enough.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Credentials sure that should be fine, but what about game progress saves, app settings (like the settings inside the apps themselves (ringtones, etc..), photos/videos/music (auto-backup), etc…? We need full device clone basically (where we can factory reset the device, and then just restore the backup and it’s like it was never wiped or touched since the backup.

          • PhoenixPath

            Engh… I see your point, but I still think that should be up to the app.

            In *my* perfect world (slightly different than yours, but not too much), the apps would sync themselves and Google wouldn’t need to store that data. Google would restore the app, you’d log in, and your app settings/progress would sync.

            Google doesn’t need to be storing that data and frankly, doesn’t get any incentive to do so. The apps should, as it would definitely be an incentive for users to buy/download it.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Data not stored on Google (or any cloud) but local backups (like a locally stored encrypted backup file). Basically adb backup already does all this, we just need a user friendly way of implementing it with a GUI and built-in setting into Android or an application for Windows/MAC etc…

          • PhoenixPath


            Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.backup&hl=en

            Desktop app: http://www.clockworkmod.com/carbon

            I think this is what you are looking for?

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Looks like we already have it 😛

            Google should buy this app from the dev and make it even MORE user friendly!