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Play Store Update to 4.3.10 Causing “Package file is invalid” Error for Many During App Updates

google play 4.3.10

The newest version of Google Play (build 4.3.10) is apparently causing a number of problems for users who are trying to update apps. Both our comments and a variety of forum threads are filled with readers who are receiving a “Package file is invalid” error during updates. The error isn’t showing for all apps, nor have we been able to figure out a pattern. At times, the error presents itself with Google apps, while at other times they update fine. We’re also seeing the error for non-Google apps, but again, it’s tough to figure out why and when it will happen.

Feel free to weigh in if you are having any issues with 4.3.10.

As soon as we know a fix or hear something official, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Update:  This is not guaranteed to fix you, but some have had success by going into Settings>Apps, clearing cache or data on Google Play Services, and then restarting their phones.

Update 2:  Some users are reporting that the issue showed up before the 4.3.10 update, so it could just be a general Play store issue.

Cheers Terry, BulletTooth_Tony, and everyone else!

  • pepper4

    fwiw… I’m using a Droid X2… got the error message when trying to load any apps while sitting at a Starbucks connected to their wifi; when I switched to my connection with Verizon, had ZERO problems.

  • leah

    it wont open on my kobo!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • your name here

    brand new lenovo android tablet out of the box. Android 4.2.2. out of the box I get package file invalid error trying to install the kindle app.,,, and one other free game. havent tried any other app. 0 for 2.

  • mike

    I have an LG Android 4.3.10 and I have trouble with a Mobage games. only one of them Marvel war of heroes. I can download any of their other games except for this one. I get that same message package file is invalid. please help

  • Jeremy Martin

    doing an adb logcat while trying to download an app i get this message:

    W/Finsky ( 2079): [1] OnCompleteListenerNotifier.onPostExecute: Signature check failed, aborting installation.

    It appears there is a signature check that has failed when we get the invalid package message.

  • Derek D

    I found the solution for Droid Razr Maxx and Maxx HD. Go to settings>security and screen lock>check “unknown sources.” Most likely an update in the Google play store made the device not recognize it and when an app doesn’t install its like what the heck

  • Lydia Gypsylove McCoy

    i uninstalled the update, and it STILL isn’t working… this S*** is ridiculous. seriously. GOOGLE PLAY IS KIND OF A REALLY BIG DEAL WHEN OWNING AN ANDROID, YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOUR S*** TOGETHER AND FIX IT. FOR F*****G REAL.

  • shaylyngxoxo

    OMG! Thank you so much for the VPN suggestion. I was trying to download Instagram FOREVER and nothing was working. Just kept saying package file invalid. Seriously…THANK YOU THANK YOU! ( :

  • Lee Alan Bartholomew

    thinking 4.3 means the version. I have 4.1 so obviously 4.3.10 wouldn’t work on 4.1 Jelly Bean. So I have 4.1.10 but really didn’t have a problem but now across the board. HTC Evo 4G LTE, Motorola Xoom (now 4.1.2, which is actually newer than most devices), Samsung Tab 2 7 inch, Samsung Galaxy 2 and 3 and Asus Transformer all have issues and only certain apps. one denies it exists (Vplayer but another is how I found this link. and well I type fast so I type this link into my laptop by hand missed a – but I got it ..) Most app developers tell me to uninstall and then reinstall. Major mistake. Especially if you’ve paid for it. It won’t reinstall I’ve tried the clear data thing. It works for awhile then messes up a day later. Google better fix this very soon. Or they’ll be left with a Key Lime pie in their face. 🙁

  • thebigB

    Im running 4.1.6 and im still getting the same issue

  • aki

    use “hideninja vpn” it will work…

  • Celeste

    i have the sam eprobelm ‘package file is invalid’ for instagram, twitter and some games… i got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and ive tried over two diferent wifis and none are working…

  • darrl

    I have the Samsung galaxy admire metro pcs does anyone know what to do for that phone ?

  • quita

    I’m having this problem rite now

  • enigmaco

    I haven’t had this problem until recently, started happening with both of my phones. Just got a new phone yesterday, and it was giving me that error. Has anyone figured out why is happening or how to fix it?

  • Justin

    Update and install on data connection (1x, 2G, 3G or 4G) not WiFi

    • enigmaco

      Still didn’t work for me, tried it through wifi, celluar, even through the desktop very weird just started happening recently.

  • leelew

    I whiped my phone and it won’t download most of my apps because of this problem. Very frustrating.

  • johned

    I was unable to solve it with any of the suggestions I read, but after reading the posts about the VPN and IP making things change I found that as long as WiFi and mobile data were both on I was getting the error. With mobile data off I continued to get the error, turning off WiFi and using mobile data only I was able to download apps and update apps without the error.

  • Loretta

    Just got a new phone an an to install apps. I get the package file invalid message for some buy not all. Called my provider (at&t) and was told about the problem with the play store. Apparently it’s been about 5 days now….

  • sam

    Fix asap. Please google I cant even update youtube . Wow. let there be a new update for google play soon please.

  • Jeremy

    Update: I recently tried installing/updating my apps that weren’t working, and they worked. Give it a try everyone

  • marie

    Google play store needs to fix this soon! Its driving me crazy. I cant even update yotube without it saying package file invalid. So annoying. Please come with an update soon to fix google play store.!

  • AndrewMD

    This has been happening to me for the past few days… today I wiped the phone (forget to run my SMS backup) and the issue is still occurring. I did however link it to my wifi which does seem to work.

    Is this an AT&T isolated issue perhaps?

  • derekmski

    I’m getting this error with random apps on both my Galaxy S3 with Slimbean 4.2.2 as well as my Nexus 7 running stock 4.3.

  • Jeff Reyes

    use hideninja vpn from google play store run the app then go ahead start updating apps or downloading news ones i had problems having invalid package file hideman vpn is good but this is better.

  • Jason

    Happening on my nexus 10. Have tried everything to no avail.

  • montanadays

    I’m going out on a bit of a limb here, but I’m thinking it is a wifi related issue. Was having invalid package errors on my GT2 tablet and an old GS. I started my Mobile Hotspot app on my GS3 and connected both devices to that access connections and BINGO, perfect downloads and installation on the first try. I had used several wifi access points in different locations, even different communities and the invalid package error still occurred. Go figure.

    • enigmaco

      Not just wifi tried on celluar verizon lte and still had the same issue.

  • I been using 4.3.10 for a good few months now and the errors only started popping up a day or two ago.

  • Dan Zimmer

    I’ve tried clearing the cache, uninstalling the update, a factory reset, wifi only, and mobile data only and I still can’t get the error to stop. It started first on my GS4 but I started seeing the error on my Nexus 7 yesterday too. I did download the hideman app on my GS4 and it seemed to work but it wouldn’t work when I put it on my Nexus 7. I really don’t think I should have to use hideman as a work around on this, Has to be something wrong with the playstore itself or the update.

  • accolade

    This is not only an issue with Android 4.3.10, and simply updating installed software.

    I’m experiencing the same Error: package file is invalid message across 3 different devices when trying to install software, like Instagram.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Android 4.1.2
    ASUS Nexus 7 running Android 4.3

  • JemapelleMarie

    Update to my problem yesterday with FB and Instagram:
    1. Called Verizon
    2. Solution: None
    3. Went to Google to look for info on my problem
    4. Solution: Was directed to an Android forum site
    5. Went to the forum and read how hundreds (maybe even thousands) of other Android users were experiencing the same problem
    6. Found several fixes
    7. Installed a non-Google App Store VPN app called Hideman
    8. While using the Hideman VPN, went back to the Play Store to uninstall and re-install my Instagram and FB apps
    10. Disconnected from the VPN app
    9. Signed in to both Instagram and Facebook apps, but they still wouldn’t perform properly
    10. Sitting here frustrated, a little voice says to me “Connect to a Wifi network, then try again”
    11. Following the little voice’s advice, I just connected to a Wifi network in my building, and VOILA!!!!! both FB and Instagram are working beautifully

    The major downside to all of this is as soon as I disconnect from the Wifi network, my FB and IG accounts will stop working right. I thought I would never say this, but I’m thinking I want an I-Phone now. These problems with Android phones, I am so over it!

    • mobilkin

      agree with you 100%. I love android, but i never ever had similar issues with iphone. I paid $500 for SG4 for what? to update and download apps thru some hideninja? common google – wake up! Do not make me go back to iphone again

  • Guestt

    Incredibly annoyed with this. I wasn’t able to download or update apps and after several attempts to use the solutions I found on the internet, I decided to reset my phone to factory settings, wiping away all of apps and now I cannot download any apps at all! This is ridiculous.

  • Sabastian

    I have a Samsung Stratosphere and their are now 3 apps I use everyday that deleted them selves, and when tried to re-download it says “Package File Is Invalid”, I tried to un-install google play and its updates, then re-install google play without the update and its still not working, ( Instagram Is A Big One ), anyone know what I can do to fix this issue?

  • tianzhen126