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Play Store Update to 4.3.10 Causing “Package file is invalid” Error for Many During App Updates

google play 4.3.10

The newest version of Google Play (build 4.3.10) is apparently causing a number of problems for users who are trying to update apps. Both our comments and a variety of forum threads are filled with readers who are receiving a “Package file is invalid” error during updates. The error isn’t showing for all apps, nor have we been able to figure out a pattern. At times, the error presents itself with Google apps, while at other times they update fine. We’re also seeing the error for non-Google apps, but again, it’s tough to figure out why and when it will happen.

Feel free to weigh in if you are having any issues with 4.3.10.

As soon as we know a fix or hear something official, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Update:  This is not guaranteed to fix you, but some have had success by going into Settings>Apps, clearing cache or data on Google Play Services, and then restarting their phones.

Update 2:  Some users are reporting that the issue showed up before the 4.3.10 update, so it could just be a general Play store issue.

Cheers Terry, BulletTooth_Tony, and everyone else!

  • pepper4

    fwiw… I’m using a Droid X2… got the error message when trying to load any apps while sitting at a Starbucks connected to their wifi; when I switched to my connection with Verizon, had ZERO problems.

  • leah

    it wont open on my kobo!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • your name here

    brand new lenovo android tablet out of the box. Android 4.2.2. out of the box I get package file invalid error trying to install the kindle app.,,, and one other free game. havent tried any other app. 0 for 2.

  • mike

    I have an LG Android 4.3.10 and I have trouble with a Mobage games. only one of them Marvel war of heroes. I can download any of their other games except for this one. I get that same message package file is invalid. please help

  • Jeremy Martin

    doing an adb logcat while trying to download an app i get this message:

    W/Finsky ( 2079): [1] OnCompleteListenerNotifier.onPostExecute: Signature check failed, aborting installation.

    It appears there is a signature check that has failed when we get the invalid package message.

  • Derek D

    I found the solution for Droid Razr Maxx and Maxx HD. Go to settings>security and screen lock>check “unknown sources.” Most likely an update in the Google play store made the device not recognize it and when an app doesn’t install its like what the heck

  • Lydia Gypsylove McCoy

    i uninstalled the update, and it STILL isn’t working… this S*** is ridiculous. seriously. GOOGLE PLAY IS KIND OF A REALLY BIG DEAL WHEN OWNING AN ANDROID, YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOUR S*** TOGETHER AND FIX IT. FOR F*****G REAL.

  • shaylyngxoxo

    OMG! Thank you so much for the VPN suggestion. I was trying to download Instagram FOREVER and nothing was working. Just kept saying package file invalid. Seriously…THANK YOU THANK YOU! ( :

  • Lee Alan Bartholomew

    thinking 4.3 means the version. I have 4.1 so obviously 4.3.10 wouldn’t work on 4.1 Jelly Bean. So I have 4.1.10 but really didn’t have a problem but now across the board. HTC Evo 4G LTE, Motorola Xoom (now 4.1.2, which is actually newer than most devices), Samsung Tab 2 7 inch, Samsung Galaxy 2 and 3 and Asus Transformer all have issues and only certain apps. one denies it exists (Vplayer but another is how I found this link. and well I type fast so I type this link into my laptop by hand missed a – but I got it ..) Most app developers tell me to uninstall and then reinstall. Major mistake. Especially if you’ve paid for it. It won’t reinstall I’ve tried the clear data thing. It works for awhile then messes up a day later. Google better fix this very soon. Or they’ll be left with a Key Lime pie in their face. 🙁

  • thebigB

    Im running 4.1.6 and im still getting the same issue

  • aki

    use “hideninja vpn” it will work…

  • Celeste

    i have the sam eprobelm ‘package file is invalid’ for instagram, twitter and some games… i got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and ive tried over two diferent wifis and none are working…

  • darrl

    I have the Samsung galaxy admire metro pcs does anyone know what to do for that phone ?

  • quita

    I’m having this problem rite now

  • enigmaco

    I haven’t had this problem until recently, started happening with both of my phones. Just got a new phone yesterday, and it was giving me that error. Has anyone figured out why is happening or how to fix it?

  • Justin

    Update and install on data connection (1x, 2G, 3G or 4G) not WiFi

    • enigmaco

      Still didn’t work for me, tried it through wifi, celluar, even through the desktop very weird just started happening recently.

  • leelew

    I whiped my phone and it won’t download most of my apps because of this problem. Very frustrating.

  • johned

    I was unable to solve it with any of the suggestions I read, but after reading the posts about the VPN and IP making things change I found that as long as WiFi and mobile data were both on I was getting the error. With mobile data off I continued to get the error, turning off WiFi and using mobile data only I was able to download apps and update apps without the error.

  • Loretta

    Just got a new phone an an to install apps. I get the package file invalid message for some buy not all. Called my provider (at&t) and was told about the problem with the play store. Apparently it’s been about 5 days now….

  • sam

    Fix asap. Please google I cant even update youtube . Wow. let there be a new update for google play soon please.

  • Jeremy

    Update: I recently tried installing/updating my apps that weren’t working, and they worked. Give it a try everyone

  • marie

    Google play store needs to fix this soon! Its driving me crazy. I cant even update yotube without it saying package file invalid. So annoying. Please come with an update soon to fix google play store.!

  • AndrewMD

    This has been happening to me for the past few days… today I wiped the phone (forget to run my SMS backup) and the issue is still occurring. I did however link it to my wifi which does seem to work.

    Is this an AT&T isolated issue perhaps?

  • derekmski

    I’m getting this error with random apps on both my Galaxy S3 with Slimbean 4.2.2 as well as my Nexus 7 running stock 4.3.

  • Jeff Reyes

    use hideninja vpn from google play store run the app then go ahead start updating apps or downloading news ones i had problems having invalid package file hideman vpn is good but this is better.

  • Jason

    Happening on my nexus 10. Have tried everything to no avail.

  • montanadays

    I’m going out on a bit of a limb here, but I’m thinking it is a wifi related issue. Was having invalid package errors on my GT2 tablet and an old GS. I started my Mobile Hotspot app on my GS3 and connected both devices to that access connections and BINGO, perfect downloads and installation on the first try. I had used several wifi access points in different locations, even different communities and the invalid package error still occurred. Go figure.

    • enigmaco

      Not just wifi tried on celluar verizon lte and still had the same issue.

  • I been using 4.3.10 for a good few months now and the errors only started popping up a day or two ago.

  • Dan Zimmer

    I’ve tried clearing the cache, uninstalling the update, a factory reset, wifi only, and mobile data only and I still can’t get the error to stop. It started first on my GS4 but I started seeing the error on my Nexus 7 yesterday too. I did download the hideman app on my GS4 and it seemed to work but it wouldn’t work when I put it on my Nexus 7. I really don’t think I should have to use hideman as a work around on this, Has to be something wrong with the playstore itself or the update.

  • accolade

    This is not only an issue with Android 4.3.10, and simply updating installed software.

    I’m experiencing the same Error: package file is invalid message across 3 different devices when trying to install software, like Instagram.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Android 4.1.2
    ASUS Nexus 7 running Android 4.3

  • JemapelleMarie

    Update to my problem yesterday with FB and Instagram:
    1. Called Verizon
    2. Solution: None
    3. Went to Google to look for info on my problem
    4. Solution: Was directed to an Android forum site
    5. Went to the forum and read how hundreds (maybe even thousands) of other Android users were experiencing the same problem
    6. Found several fixes
    7. Installed a non-Google App Store VPN app called Hideman
    8. While using the Hideman VPN, went back to the Play Store to uninstall and re-install my Instagram and FB apps
    10. Disconnected from the VPN app
    9. Signed in to both Instagram and Facebook apps, but they still wouldn’t perform properly
    10. Sitting here frustrated, a little voice says to me “Connect to a Wifi network, then try again”
    11. Following the little voice’s advice, I just connected to a Wifi network in my building, and VOILA!!!!! both FB and Instagram are working beautifully

    The major downside to all of this is as soon as I disconnect from the Wifi network, my FB and IG accounts will stop working right. I thought I would never say this, but I’m thinking I want an I-Phone now. These problems with Android phones, I am so over it!

    • mobilkin

      agree with you 100%. I love android, but i never ever had similar issues with iphone. I paid $500 for SG4 for what? to update and download apps thru some hideninja? common google – wake up! Do not make me go back to iphone again

  • Guestt

    Incredibly annoyed with this. I wasn’t able to download or update apps and after several attempts to use the solutions I found on the internet, I decided to reset my phone to factory settings, wiping away all of apps and now I cannot download any apps at all! This is ridiculous.

  • Sabastian

    I have a Samsung Stratosphere and their are now 3 apps I use everyday that deleted them selves, and when tried to re-download it says “Package File Is Invalid”, I tried to un-install google play and its updates, then re-install google play without the update and its still not working, ( Instagram Is A Big One ), anyone know what I can do to fix this issue?

  • tianzhen126


  • Alix McDowall

    Tried updating and downloading on network instead of wi-fi and it worked! =)

  • Johnathan Katz

    Yeah it happened for me during the 4.29 version, but overnight it silent updated to 4.3.10 and still the same issue, however repeatedly hitting the update button or closing out and trying again usually works.

    Just hope a patch or fix is inbound.

  • Frankie Barrios

    Yep getting it on my nexus 7 (2012) when trying to update vine, Google play books, and Opera browser over WiFi. My Google play store is at version 4.2.3. Don’t know if that’s even the updated version?

  • Andy Talsma

    Happened to me when trying to update instagram on Samsung galaxy tablet. Deleted the app and tried to reinstall but it won’t even let me do that. This needs to be fixed asap!

  • Ralph Basile

    Me too. On my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

  • N2fw

    Don’t think its a Play store problem, think it’s a developer problem updating their apps to be compatible with new versions of the store https://plus.google.com/u/0/110459363140605384170/posts/QUnUxzufStD

  • ashley

    So dumb I disconnected wifi used 4 g in play store and it worked they better fix this!

  • Bud

    Happening to me the last couple of days on my brand new Samsung GS2 (t-mobile, JB 4.1.2), but only on wi-fi. If I disable wi-fi and switch to 4G, updates are installed fine with no errors.

  • Tyson Edwards

    Error occures every time I try to update fb messenger or play books (only ones ive tried) stock galaxy s4 att

  • Angela Davis

    This is happening for me as well. I had two games that would not install and gave me this message. One is the Hidden Object: Mystery Estate and the 2nd is Virtual Families 2.
    I went to app setting and cleared cache for Google Play store,restarted my phone and the Mystery Estate game then updated just fine, howeve, the Virtual Families 2 is still giving me the same issue.

  • Troy

    INSTAGRAM UPDATE SUCCESS. Tried clearing cache, data, uninstalling Google play updates, logging out and logging back in to my Google account, restarting the phone… none of which worked. USED HOTSPOT SHIELD VPN and Instagram downloaded and updated instantly.

  • Chris Heery

    I had 2 devices do this (Tab2 7 & Droid3) & neither was at the
    newest version of Google Play. Even if I installed an app from my PC
    (via Google Play website) it would still give the invalid package
    error. The fix was the following: Force Stop Google Play –>
    Uninstall Updates on Google Play –> Clear Data from Google Services
    Framework –> Shutdown & restart device. This basically resets
    your login with Google. I also had to wait a bit while Google Play
    automatically updated itself. Both devices are downloading/updating
    fine now.

  • Steven
  • Raymond Todaro

    I was able to download from Google play by going through Chrome instead of the Google play app. Try that… It might work for you too.

  • Eric Morley

    Turning the wifi off and updating seems to work for me. Clearing the cache did not. Sucks to have to do without wifi, as I am on a limited data plan.

  • B J Books

    Had this problem on my S3. Cleared data/cache on the Google Play Store app in the Application settings. Solved the problem.

    • B J Books

      Posted too quick: fixed the problem for one app i was having issues updating, but not the other. sigh

  • Turning off wifi and installing over 3G worked for me. Too bad that isn’t an option with my new N7…

  • Andrew Lausen

    SamsungLink also will not update-package invalid

  • Andrew Lausen

    This has happened several times in the last few days. Instagram wont update..nor can I install it. I thought something was wrong and I uninstalled the app now it wont reinstall. Battle Alert game will not update. But Google Talk did. This sucks please fix.

  • Colton DRG

    Having this problem on all my devices… Using 4G LTE on my Bionic did fix it, but my other two are tablets that don’t have that functionality. I dug around a bit in my router settings, everything looked fine except for me having 16Mbps down when I usually have/pay for 12Mbps down… But whatever… Time to give the phone company a call…

  • Johnmore

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  • from562

    Wow why is my playstore so far behind I have a nexus 4 running 4.3 yet my playstore is 4.2.3 and I’m still experiencing all these problems although clearing cached fixed it

  • hobgoblyn

    the fix that worked for me was deleting my google profile in settings and then adding it again.

  • tony

    this happen to my gs3 before the new update any help plz????????

  • Rhea

    I’ve done everything in the book, even reseted my phone back to factory setting :'( I’m just going to have to wait it out.

    • Thanks for the heads up about the factory reset. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but now I know it probably won’t help.

    • Thanks for the heads up about the factory reset. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but now I know it probably won’t help.

  • its normally because of poor internet connection, try downloading with an wi-fi connection, it works……

  • Randy Casey

    Happens to me when trying to install a new app.

  • Kyle

    Clearing cache and data in Google Play Services worked for some of my apps, but still no Jetpack Joyride… 🙁

    • Penguin

      I am still having problems also with this. Nothing is working. It’s very frustrating.

      • I can’t install anything from play store no matter which version of the play store I install. So here I sit with a fresh ROM, and basic gapps. No gmail. No anything. Offs Google.

  • Richard Krajewski

    Users without 4.3.10 were also experience the problems. Apps affected included Facebook Messenger, Chrome (Beta), Instagram and a few others. You could use a VPN like Hideman and actually install the update through the Play Store App as normal. Clearing the cache as reported in your story did not seem to work for anyone reporting the problem. Sometimes even just disconnecting wi-fi and installing over your carrier’s wireless service helped an app update/install. You could also install the app straight from the web Play Store with success. It got progressively better as the day went on. My money is on the new ADM remote features playing havoc with location services or something similar.

  • allywal

    I just bought my phone 2 hours ago and have tried everything you guys have talked about and I still get the message

  • Sean Bello

    I fixed this issue yesterday by clearing data and cache in Play Store, Play Store Services, and Google Play Framework and now I’m not getting notifications on my new Nexus 7. awesome.

  • DrDiff

    Cleared the cache on my phone, but still can not update or download Instagram.

    • Megan

      Same! I tried updating my apps, but I kept getting that message. This is the first time this has happened to me. So I tried uninstalling instagram and reinstalling the app, but it won’t install. I get that message too. I use instagram for work, which just makes it really bad. I tried uninstalling updates for both google play services and Google play store. I cleared my cache. I restarted my phone multiple times. Nothing works. I hope they fix the problem soon. This is super annoying.

    • brandon

      me either idk what to do

  • Tower72

    Happened to me today trying to update Netflix and Google Books over mobile connection.. Got home to WiFi and they worked first shot

  • terry12s

    My Nexus 7 2nd Gen keeps giving me error 497 now when trying to update apps

  • Patrick Crumpler

    N4 here. Just had this happen updating one if my office apps. Retry and worked fine.

  • radi0

    I started getting this issue this morning trying to update on AT&Ts LTE network. When I connected to my home Fios network, everything worked fine. AT&T is the culprit for me. I even set up my phone as a hotspot and connected my new Nexus 7 to it and ran into the same issue — invalid package file. Then back to FiOS and all was well. Both devices have different versions of the Play Store. Seems as though the IP addresses are showing as suffering other than the store’s origin.

  • Joey Funk

    only happening when i try to install chrome, no where else though. weird stuff.

  • Lars

    I’ve received this error message every now and then on different phones for years. O_o

  • mike dunham

    This was happening to me well before Android 4.3 and the latest Play Store 4.3.10

  • Jeremy

    There is a pattern, sort of, on my phone. It’s bascially any social networking or google related app. Youtube won’t install, Facebook wont install, google chrome browser is giving me the error. This is ridiculous

  • Stewie

    This just hit my GNex on it’s own, updated books no issue, but don’t have any others to try, but based upon others saying issue existed before this release, I’m figuring it’s a google server thing … running 4.3 AOSP, no mods that would affect GP services.

  • Rick Jacobs

    I just flashed CM 10.1.2 to my vzw SG3 and started getting the page file is invalid. So far on Dropbox and Twitter. Wish I had found this article before I spent the last couple of hours going through all the usual ROM flashing diagnostic processes to fix this. I did try the Update 1 listed above but it did not fix the issue.

  • RLJSlick

    Yeap same with me, I’ve tried it over 4G and Wi-fi, I’ve now rebooted my phone and cleared the cache.

    • RLJSlick

      Still no go, I’m still getting “Package file is invalid”

  • that guy

    I’m on 4.1.10 and have had the problem since Tuesday!

  • boychik0830

    Hope this gets fixed soon having a problem with both my gs3 and note 10.1 very annoying. I do not want to uninstall Google play in case something gets messed up.

  • Ibrick

    Was wondering what the deal was.. Seems to have been fixed though, both MX Player and Netflix updated just fine today after giving errors on both my phone and tab yesterday.

  • Jerry

    This is my issue now in most apps

  • willibda1

    I have four android devices and all for are unable to update Facebook
    messages, two can’t update Samsung Links. I have other apps that
    updated just fine. It’s not the device it’s Google play, either the app
    4.3.10 or the store it self. I have tried every trick out there and non
    of them worked, safe your self the grief and wait till Google fix it.

  • Radgatt

    I guess this is why Google does the staged roll outs…

  • singh

    some apps are downloading on 4.3.10 version, I am getting this issue while update chrome, google earth and google play service. Most of the problem is with google apps.

  • Jordan Lee

    Just remove Google Account and add the google account again.

  • Rob

    No update issues here, checked for updates after I read this and had 6. all 6 installed without any issues. phones a moto razr max with avatar rom.

  • Bigsike

    Only happened to me with some Samsung apps, odd.

  • gfacekilla01

    I am so frickin’ sick of updates to the play store, and chrome and gmail and maps, every other day!!!! WTF are they doing?!?!?!

    • hkklife

      Nothing wrong with frequent updates…my beef is that the recent updates have been buggy! And I’m still not getting the new UI of Google Maps, FWIW.

  • Daniel Thomas

    I have the nexus 4 and this has been happening for a few days with multiple apps. What’s worked for me (more times than not) is switching from wifi to carrier data. I tried deleting the cache, like mentioned above, and that does not work either.

  • Eric

    I’m on 4.1.6 and it’s doing the same for me…

  • R

    Unlike other solutions that I have seen, this actually works: Follow the below simply step carefully to solve this problem
    1.download this VPN software(hideman)http://www.mediafire.com/download/4b5mato1mtb7vrk/net.hideman_2.1.apk
    Or you can still download any other vpn software that can change your ip but I used hideman

    2.After you have installed this software on your phone,open it and click on country of connection and choose United State then connect

    3. Now open your playstore and download any app

    • Chad

      This process works great, although it’s annoying that it’s necessary. Just upgraded to the LG Optimus G Pro Tuesday and it’s been like pulling teeth getting apps installed and updated until I used this process

    • imneveral0ne

      But I’m already in the United States…

      • R

        then you don’t have to change the country of connection

        • Gabriel

          Wait , how exactly do you install this on your phone? i downloaded it on my pc, and not sure if i need to put it on my device memory card and flash it or just download it from the browser on my device . and even then i don’t know where to go from there. please help

    • Colin


    • RadOD

      This worked for me!

    • ossito

      dude, this totally worked, thanks bro

    • Terrance G. McClary

      Thank you for sharing this solution. It worked for me!

    • Binky

      thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WVOz1970

      Worked for me. Thanks for the VPN suggestion.

    • Jesse Carroll

      Tried lots of other stuff and this is the ONLY thing that allowed me to install/update anything.

    • Steven Buehler

      This worked for me perfectly. But why would this work for this problem? I tried different networks and even went to the AT&T store to have them figure out what was wrong. They tried on 2 of their wifi’s, plus 4G and 3G and still had the problem.

    • Tae

      Worked! Thank you!

    • Samurai

      Worked for “facebook package file is invalid error” 😉 … THANK U

    • b

      works thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Thank you SO much! This worked for the Instagram app!

    • Joe N

      Worked for me…I’ve read all these posts and this is the only thing that worked for me. I wanted my old version of RootCallBlocker Pro before it updated, without my permission of course, and luckily I had a backup with the older version. I’m running the FrostyJB rom, so then I installed it thinking that this back-up was made before the “Package file is invalid” error popped up and that would fix the problem..yeah right… just wishful thinking. Fresh rom install so all the caches and memory were empty… And because I’ve used the hideman VPN app so much, I ran out of free airtime and don’t see the point in paying for more just for a couple of updates. I don’t mind not having the latest updated apps, in fact sometimes I prefer the old versions. As many of us do I’m sure.
      So someone please figure out a “perm fix” for this, let google know, get job with google for finding “the fix”, rub it in everyone’s face, then quit new job with google (after winning sexual harassment suit) and live happily ever after knowing that you solved the great “Package File is Invalid” error of 2013.

      Or just post the fix so the rest of us can apply it…….the rest is just wishful thinking…:)

      Joe N.
      Little Rock

    • annoyed

      Worked like a charm. Just picked up a new Samsung Galaxy 4 and thought it wa the new damn phone. Tried all the other suggestions, clearing cache etc. Nothing worked until this. thanks!!!

    • REBobBecker

      Worked for me too. Brilliant!

    • Andrew James

      Worked for me too after trying everything else. Cheers!

  • Malcolm Love

    I think my Play app only updated last night, but haven’t had any problems, just updated about 5 apps actually. Side note question: What ever happened to Google’s “Delta” app updates? Did they ever roll that out? In the process?

  • that moto X sure is good looking!

    • Schism

      it is starting to appear in a lot of thumbnails for articles involving the play store for some reason

    • Sean

      I drool every time I see it… Aug 23, aug 23, aug 23

      • michael arazan

        November, november, november, for us that want to customize it and create an etching on the back like andy taking a dump on the verizon logo

  • ed

    Market doctor on titanium backup fixes the issue.

  • Amanda Garrison

    This is happing to every one in my house hold including on my tablets and phones….VERY ANNOYING!

  • CharlieMikeDelta

    No issues here; stock GS4 on Verizon w/ Play Store version 4.3.10

  • Steven

    Nothing you can do will fix it. I’ve done factory reset on both my S3 and Nexus 7 (2013) and still get the errors sporadically. The one app that will not install whatsoever is Facebook Messenger. But virtually every other app out there gave me the error at least once, only to try again and it worked fine.

    • Steven

      Also, I’m still on Play Store 4.2.9, so its not a 4.3.1 issue.

  • Jamie

    I just cleared the cache in Google Play Services. Nothing else, no restart, and everything works fine now. I’m on a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, Stock 4.2.2

  • 2Berad

    I have the Gplay update on gnex running CM10.1 and acer a510 running 4.1.2 no issues yet. have had several apps update since the play update without issue.

    • jessica702

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  • Ryan

    No problems here. Updated the store then got the google books update fine.

    Maybe a network issue not the new store update…?

  • Daniel Clifford

    Getting error 497 here, nothing about invalid package.

  • btstump

    Here’s what I did and it fixed the issue on my Samsung GS4, which I’d been having since yesterday:

    – Re-added Google account
    – Rebooted phone
    – Killed Google Services Framework, Google Play Store and Google Play Services
    – Rebooted phone

    Updated apps then and everything went great!

  • MildlyAmbitious

    In Regards to the “Update”, there is a thread on Reddit.com/r/android that states that reasons you DO NO want to do that. I am at work at the moment and would link if I could, but sadly we have Reddit blocked.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I still have the old version. This is one of the reasons why I like the new staged rollouts.

  • Justin Rogers

    Happened to me on a fresh install of Android… Dont think the clearing a cache is going to help… Looks like a fix that needs to be done by Google

  • ickyboo

    Ok, I’ve fixed my problem.

    I removed and re-added my Google account and now Play Store works perfectly.

    Settings/Accounts/Google/ then click on the account then Menu , then Remove account.

    Then add just add your Google account back again.

    So that might be a solution for you guys having issues.

    • Tyler Bell

      That’s a fix for some. I’ve done that 4 times today, along with clearing data and caches, but still getting the package file invalid alert.

      • btstump

        I posted this above. Try this, I tried all kinds of stuff on my GS4 and it didn’t work until I did this:

        – Re-added Google account
        – Rebooted phone
        – Killed Google Services Framework, Google Play Store and Google Play Services
        – Rebooted phone

      • aye_winchell

        i believe i had to clear data, force stop and clear cache on play services, google services framework and download manager, then remove and re-add my google account and that worked for me, after going through what you’re going through.

  • Nathan

    logcat is showing “Signature check failed, aborting installation.”. Some apps updated, others did not. Same issue on 2 different phones yesterday and today. My guess is that it’s a change in the Play Store where some apps are no longer valid.

  • Guest

    what phone is in the pic? The X?

    • Nathan


  • Kevin B

    I switched to a my first 4.3 ROM yesterday, and had this issue with a number of google apps, but I just thought it was because the apps were included as system apps in the ROM. I was able to grab them from the Play store after using TiB to uninstall them.

  • dannydarko

    I was running MoKee rom on my D2TMO(GS3) and every app update didn’t work. I just flashed Liquid JB v2.9 and haven’t had any issues. Nice to know it wasn’t isolated to the rom or my handset as Mokee rom is a sweet rom as well as Liquid JB. I hope they fix it as it was a huge pain in the ass.

  • Tyler Bell

    Happened to me before the update as well. I’ve had 3 apps (MapMyRun, a stock samsung app, and instagram) that have refused to update. I have a GS4 and this has been going on for about 4 or 5 days now. EDIT: Add Google Play Books to that list as well.

    • btstump

      Try this, my GS4 was having issues as well until I did this:

      – Re-added Google account
      – Rebooted phone
      – Killed Google Services Framework, Google Play Store and Google Play Services
      – Rebooted phone

  • Damien Luna

    dumb question but what phone is that in the picture

    • Moto X.

      • Damien Luna

        thank you kellex i thought it was but wanted to make sure. im with tmobile and the moto x may be my next phone im over specs and all about ease of use

      • ahhh yes

        thanks! i just asked before i read the posts…

  • Newge

    Received my new Nexus 7 yesterday. Many apps have downloaded fine but many have not. I have been receiving “Error 497” and “Package File Invalid” errors since I plugged it in. Frustrating.

    • btstump

      Check out my post above.

  • chico

    Go into app manager and clear cache in Google Play app if you have a problem then try updating the app

    • EdubE24

      The Android “jank” strikes again!!

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        You keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means.

        • EdubE24

          Let me take a stab at it. The glitchy screen action that happens on some Android devices. Things that are suppose to work smoothly not working as smoothly as possible.

          Two reasons my Note 2 was sold last week. How did I do?

          • Cora caroni

            Perhaps it’s user malfunction

    • taksgrv

      worked like a charm…thanks!

    • taksgrv

      worked like a charm…thanks!

      • takgrv

        oops…retract my last comment…it didn’t work. I was on the wrong device.

  • HellRa1SeR

    Was happening since morning. i though it was a problem with google servers. Instagram was not updating.

    But half an hour ago everything started working normal again.

  • Happened to me yesterday for Facebook Messenger. I cleared app data on Google Play Store and Google Play Services….that seemed to fix it.

  • OreoMan

    I’ve been getting this error message for the Firefox Android Browser update for a week now and I’m not even on 4.3.10 yet.

  • DroidRockets

    Had issues yesterday, rebooted phone tried again, problem still there. Tried two hours later everything updated fine. No problems at all today?!?!? Galaxy Note II

  • Zack Stewart

    Jetpack Joyride updated on my VZW Galaxy Note 2, My N7(2012 & 2013), my Asus Transformer TF700, my VZW Galaxy Note 10.1, NVIDIA SHIELD, Motorola Xyboard, and Galaxy Tab however after several attempts it will not on my HTC One Developer Edition, gives me the Package File is Invalid

    • borgey

      Its because you don’t own enough devices. Problem solved, no need to thank ,me

      • Zack Stewart

        Well three of them are company devices 😉 so thats alot more reasonable… I do tablet support for my company so I have a bunch of devices to keep up with, plus Im just a tech geek…

  • Bob G

    Unrelated, but looking that close to the screen, amoled does not look pretty.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Yeah it’s true, but some people here will take offense to this lol

  • Justin Brock

    I was wondering what the deal with that was. Been getting it ever since I got my HTC One on Monday.

  • Mjailme

    Happen to me this morning. Had to delete google account from my s3 and then add it again.

  • Sean

    Clear cache. Works like a charm.

  • gsDroid

    Same problem here, just started today. I have cleared cache & data in Play Store, Play Services, Download Manager, deleted and re-entered Google account, cleared cache and dalvik, and restarted a couple of times. I still get the error.

    • Same here.

    • indy500

      Same here.

    • ashley

      I deleted everyting restarted nothing then turnedboff wifi and 4 g worked let me update and download apps

    • evilpizzaguy44


  • jbegs

    Had this issue this morning on my Verizon (boo) GN2 trying to update Instagram. It failed 3 times. I turned my WiFi off and the app updated in mere seconds.

  • Brady Wassam

    Updated netflix vine and twitter. Only twitter failed

  • bkosh84

    It actually started happening before this update.. I didn’t get an update and sideloaded the new Play Store to my phone to get it so it was happening before 4.3.1 came out.

    • bkosh84

      Just to be clearer.. I sideloaded the update this morning and I’ve been having the “Invalid Package Error” since yesterday morning.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Yeah same here. I don’t know if after this update it does it more, but I’ve gotten that error a few times after the new new UI update

  • Vine and Facebook Messenger both failed updates for me.

  • Will Carter

    Had this happen to me a few times. Got around the error I was having with Samsung app on my GS3 by updating over 4G instead of wifi. Dont’ know if that helps with other apps but it worked for me.

    • Meltdown07

      I was able to get some apps on my GS4 to update the same way, but not all of them were able to be fixed this way. What a pain

      • btstump

        Check my other post. I have a GS4 and was able to fix it.

      • RLJSlick

        Work for me too, thanks

    • fireworksordie

      worked for me this way.

    • Executor

      This happened to me before I got the Play Store update on my GNex. Netflix updated fine, but AirDroid and a few other apps would not. I did the same thing you did to fix it.

    • woodraskam

      Had this happen to my GS4 after rooting it. The fix I discovered was to sign into a second google account on the phone, and then sign back into your main account. Afterwards you can delete the secondary account.

      • Aleksandra Huey

        that worked for me too

      • vyduxawanuxe

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        Was wondering what the deal was..
        Seems to have been fixed though, both MX Player and Netflix updated
        just fine today after giving errors on both my phone and tab yesterday.

    • Zomby2D

      Worked for me too. Was finally able to update Instagram by flipping Wi-Fi off.

      It’s not the first time I get that particular error but usually I just need to update the app one more time and it goes away.

      • BrandonP

        lol exact opposite for me. I turned wifi on and it started working. Weird.

    • Also worked for me. Thank you!!

  • Had this issue when trying to troubleshoot an issue with Cyanogenmod ROM. Go to Settings > Apps and clear data on Google Play Services then restart your phone. It’s not a sure fire fix but it helped me. One other thing to try is uninstalling play store updates, clearing the data for it and restarting your phone.

    • aye_winchell

      I had an issue a couple weeks back before and after 4.3 (tired updating to see if that would fix it, it didn’t) i did all of the things you did and it didn’t work, until i did those AND removed my google account, added it back and rebooted, since then everything has been fine.

      So if this doesn’t work try again only remove and re-add your google account too.

      To be clear this wasn’t just apps not updating, i couldn’t install anything, everything gave me the package error.

      • Yeah. By the time mine finally started working it was after several different ROM flashes from scratch. But after I was in a ROM for a bit I did the data clearing on play store, play store services and for hell of it, play services framework and rebooted and it finally started working.

        • aye_winchell

          I couldn’t believe that it didn’t fix it after i upgraded to 4.3, i thought i was losing my damn mind.

  • mustbepbs

    Seems like par for the course when it comes to Google.

    • btstump

      Apple troll. Move on. Nothing to see here.

      • mustbepbs

        Apple troll? Really? You must be new around here.

        • daddytj

          Apple fanboy at least. Ive been an android user for a year so ffarcrom apple previously. Love my note 2. Never had issues like this in the past with anxroid

          • mustbepbs

            I own exactly zero Apple products. In fact, I’m a staunch opposer of them at my PC repair shop due to their anti-consumer nature of proprietary parts.

            Look at me, I’m arguing about my “allegiance” to consumer product brands on the internet.

  • Mike

    I’ve Been having this problem, tried to download Netflix and this happened. Along with some Samsung apps – Galaxy S4

    • btstump

      I have a GS4. Look at my post above for fix.

  • brkshr

    I haven’t had any problems on my N4 & N713

    Edit: CM10.1 on the N4 & Stock on the N713

  • Peter Blanco

    Yup, definitely having this problem.

    • btstump

      Check my post above. I have a GS4 and the only thing that worked for me were the steps above.

      • Gmac

        I tried the steps you provided on my note 2 and it still gave the error. oh well im not going to worry about it if they want to fix it so be it if not no biggie.