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Elusive Red HTC One Appears at UK Retailer, If Only It was Coming to Verizon


If you were quick on the news when the HTC One was first announced, you might have caught a glimpse of a red variant of the phone on their launch website. It was quickly taken down, but rumors of the mysterious device have not quieted. Word from HTC as of now is that Silver and Black will be the only two hues, but a UK retailer has posted this image to give us all hope. 

This is far from any kind of official announcement from HTC, but it is curious to see the image resurface again. It is currently “out of stock” so you can’t snatch one up even if you wanted to. Even though it seems less and less likely that Verizon will be getting a One of their own, we can hope can’t we?

Via: Phandroid | HandTec

  • Eric

    I would predict a black with red polycarbonate accents for a droided out verizon variant

  • redskins59rocs .

    Even if the one would come to verizon it would take a while to come out and I am already tired of waiting til the end of the month for the S4. Not only that but I would not want a red one, because the black looks awesome and reminds me of the black iphone 5 which looks great being all black.

  • Curtis

    I’m more jealous that customers in other countries get 24 month warranties included while we are stuck with 12 month limited warranties.

  • I loved my 8X when I had it. Just didn’t care for WP8. But yeah I’d nab that up and then get a case if it did make it to VZW. Which it won’t.

  • chris125

    That would be awesome if verizon had an exclusive on the htc one in red. Sharp looking device.

  • SuperDave

    Looks a lot like a photoshop I made last month showing what it would probably look like if it came to Verizon. That said, I like the white better.

    • emoney

      verizon logo needs bigger font

    • the Photoshop looks better than the picture they have

  • RaptorOO7

    Nice color option for Big Red VZW. Maybe they will get a clue and pick this phone up. I mean other than the S4 which is still about 3 weeks out they haven’t added another new phone this year.

  • chucklehead322

    Wow!! I just might have wasted an upgrade on this!

  • Michael1234

    If Only It Were* Coming to Verizon

  • jamie stevens

    negrielectronics had this color up as soon as phone was announced. http://negrielectronics.com/htc-one-801e-64gb-oem-unlocked-red.html

  • Looks awesome… These bitches are blind lol

  • Points out the ugly bezels even more. Ew.

    • Tim242

      Without a doubt!

    • George264

      The ugly bezels also bring you the front facing speakers. It’s worth it in my opinion than having speakers on the back and only one.

    • michael arazan

      Well they paid apple a ton in licensing,guess they think people will buy it if it looks like an iphone. But I like the speakers, I can’t wear ear buds so a loud speaker is great. Hopefully some stock roms will come out to get rid of sense

  • Bionic

    X phone Ghost in red is better.

  • troy studnicka

    Who cares, non removable battery, can’t add more storage via sd card, FAIL, regardless of color!!!!

    • gomez a lot

      Oh, don’t be so embarrassed you have a tiny pen!s. I hear it’s a common problem among little girls named Troy.

      • troy studnicka

        well gomez a lot…number one, I don’t have a small penis, just ask your girlfriend :-O and I don’t have a vagina like you brah Aw snap!!! lol!!!!

        • Anon

          It takes a small mind to respond to a small mind with shallow insults in kind.

          • troy studnicka

            Oh COME ON Anon my come back was funny and you know it hence the lol after it 🙂

        • George264

          You sound like when I was in 5th grade.

  • Pretty ugly looking. Maybe black with red accents would look nicer.
    PS. The title is grammatically incorrect.

  • EC8CH

    MKBHD themed!

  • Mike DeBlock

    Fugly… I wouldn’t buy it. What is HTC’s obsession with red??

  • Tim242

    That is ugly. An all red phone is not cute. BTW, it was only taken off of the US site.

    • Ronaldo


      • Tim242

        What are you talking about? I said it would never go to Verizon. I knew it was on their site. It was my tip that let them know it was gone from the US site…

    • I like it

      • Tim242

        Well, order you one! Pun intended

  • Inquizitor

    Ugly, but if that’s the only phone Verizon would carry then I’d buy it. After waiting a month or two to make sure no other model was coming. And then either use a case or send it to Colorware to get that nice gunmetal grey.

    • earljohn325

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  • Guest