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New Android Shirt: “Mountain View Mashers”

android shirt1

The newest shirt from the Andy Unlimited crew is now available for those of you who have continued to collect these over the years. This release is called “Mountain View Mashers,” a baseball-inspired tee to take us into Spring training and the 2013 baseball season. And as you can see from the logo, a little dig has also been taken at our friends down in Cupertino to keep this once heated rivalry alive.

As always, the shirt is American Apparel 100% cotton, an Asphalt grey color, and printed with soft-hand ink. The quality, should be as good as ever. If you haven’t owned an American Apparel cotton tee, you are missing out. They are the best. 

android shirt2

Buy. ($17.00)

  • Willeminx

    I have to say that Dion is really easy to want to purchase from! Fast email response, ready answers to all questions, and…he had the shirts I was looking for…

  • Melissa A. Polk

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    • michael arazan

      Who has loans on their apartment?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    this shirt is FIYA. Must have.

  • Bruce Purvis

    I just ordered mine!

  • Make sure you go a size up because AA shirts shrink!

  • mjmedstarved

    In 4 1!

  • sc4fpse

    In all honesty: I couldn’t care less about this shirt, or any of the others showcased on Droid Life. I’m only here to back up the comment re: American Apparel t-shirts. I love them to death. They seriously *are* a treat among shirts.

  • guest

    Bummer the hands are backwards. Lead hand should be on the bottom. 🙂 Glad to see Andy is a lefty though! Or hopefully he isn’t a righty and swung through the apple!

    • zwade

      I believe this is a post-swing shot of Andy, making his hands in proper position.

      • I’m going with post-swing as well. Just looks like he whiffed heh.

        • Dion’s brother here. I made this design. 🙂 Correct, it’s post swing, hands are correct. I tried having the apple coming at us, all smashed with motion lines, and it didn’t work. (the Applesauce version) So I went on the working theory that a bunch of apples were coming at Andy from that washed-up, turtlenecked knuckleballer Tim Cook, and Andy hit most of them out of the park (a few of the apples struck the light towers like in The Natural) and to torment Cook, Andy left one apple suspended by Android mind control hovering over home plate to show us how awesome he is.

          Cook complained to the umpires, and after checking the scoreboard and seeing how far behind they are, his team is now considering a lawsuit because they can’t compete with Andy.


          glad you guys like the design.


  • I wouldn’t be surprised if a team in the AA Cal League copies this. Most minor league teams have ridiculous names that are way worse than the Mountain View Mashers. Perhaps the Stockton Ports or the Modesto Nuts would be willing to re-brand…

  • 第一幅图下面有个UGG的弹窗广告, 我以为是图片的一部分,我以为是UGG生产的,真是笑死我了。

  • bob

    Samsung makes more money off of Android than Google makes in total.

  • jzwerlz43

    ordering mine now!!! now i really cant wait for baseball season.

  • As a bay area resident…I will GLADLY purchase one of these =)

  • ddevito

    Just ordered me one. Thanks DL!

  • Guest

    Ever since I bought one of these shirts, all of my shirts are now from American Apparel

    • AlphaNoble

      I never shop at AA. Though I admire what they do about things like being manufactured in the US and without the use of sweatshop labor, there are just too many reports about how it is a super slimy company. It’s all over Reddit, where I first learned about it, but here is an article on Salon:


    • Mack

      Their shirts fit perfectly.