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Pocket Casts Updated to Version 4 – Complete UI Overhaul, Syncing, Playlists, Tablet Support and More

pocket casts

Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcast apps on Android, received a major update this evening to version 4. The previous version was nothing more than an iOS port bult to Android 2.2, so this massive upgrade was a long time in the making. With its new Holo theme and UX that matches up to all the best parts of Android’s latest design language, it should satisfy you in all sorts of ways on both phones and tablets (Yep, it has a new tablet UI). 

pocket casts1

In this latest update, Pocket Casts can sync your podcasts and subscriptions in the cloud, so that your progress is saved with all of your other devices. All you have to do is login and you’ll pick up where you left off. You’ll find “powerful smart playlists” to build lists of the kinds of episodes you want to listen to, options to play back podcasts at variable speeds, others to jump forward or backwards to skip or re-listen to meaningful parts of shows, and control the app from the notification menu.

It’s a massive overhaul, so if you are a podcast addict, be sure to update today. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to The Droid Life Show.

Play Link ($3.99)

  • gpzbc

    They need a dark theme for this. Otherwise it is good.

  • Sean

    Does anyone know if any the podcast apps being discussed has The Alan Cox Show? I am from Ohio and listen to his show. The only reason I still really use my iPod is to listen to his podcast

    • Abe Lincoln

      Using the new version of Pocket Casts from this article… did a search for you and I see his show, podcast, and after hours podcast. I can see episodes going back to Feb. 18th for the show, the podcasts are much longer and look like they have 10-15 episodes each.

  • Liquidretro

    This might be the app to get me off of the ancient ipod touch. Fair price too.

  • Chris King

    Never tried one of these, might have to

  • George L

    So, I guess no one else is using AntennaPod? Open source and holo themed. Yeah, it doesn’t list every single podcast available, heck it doesn’t list any at all. But it’s easy enough to add them and the extremely minimal interface makes it beyond easy to figure out.

  • Josh Cramer

    I’ve been using Stitcher since the recent feature here on DL, but the one thing I dislike is being able to go back and listen to older episodes. Does Pocket Casts have a better back catalog of shows?

  • Terrance Thompson

    I need to get this app ASAP!!

  • catalyst 7

    They removed the widget now I have a big hole on one of my screens

  • I’ve been a big fan of Pod Kicker… not sure if I need another Podcast app.

    • Tim242

      Podkicker Pro FTW!

  • Love this app, but the old version definitely had some inconsistent navigation as a result of being a port. Can’t wait to try the update!

  • Tim242

    I tried it before. I didn’t like it then. I have been using Pod kicker Pro for a while. How does this new version compare?

    • D L

      It will remove a podcast after listening to it. If you want to manually remove an episode you long press then swipe to the right

  • Been a long time user, just upgraded and I really like the look so far. I really liked the old microphone icon though, it’s gonna take some time to recognize the new one.

  • Heck yeah I’ve been loving this app for 2 years and now it really kicks butt. Never even have to touch iTunes!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    LOVE this app. At some point last year I want hunting for a do it all Podcast App. End up choosing this one… Now with this (much needed) UI update it’s even better. Plus there’s so many PODCASTS

  • Pejanene

    They took away the widget though – why?

  • how does this stack up against doggcatcher?

    • Sanders

      Interested to know this as well, Looks much nicer than DC but I’m wondering its features match up well.

    • Devin Embelton

      I’d like to know as well, been loyally using DoggCatcher since my OG Droid days. Nothing else has quite met my needs as far as I’m aware, but I’m willing to be surprised.

    • D L

      I’ve been a loyal user of Doggcatcher for years also, but am giving this a try. I tried the previous versions and it didn’t quite meet my needs. The main reason I’m trying Pocketcasts is because I really, really, want sync across multiple devices. In the previous version the auto-download feature didn’t work well, but it looks like it works okay on Pocketcasts4. You have to create a smart playlist, and choose the auto-download feature. It also has built in variable speed playback now instead of using another app. The one thing i wish it had was the ability to have all the different options for each feed like doggcatcher has.

  • Cody Stamps

    What’s better, Stitcher or this?

    • Stitcher is equally good but has one down side. It cannot download podcasts, atleast from what I know. So if you dont want to use data, then you can download it using this app

    • David Coiner

      Stitcher has never had all the podcasts I wanted to listen to and I have tried several times to use it but it just couldn’t compare.

  • Yea im loving this update