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Giveaway: Win One of Ten Tersus “HD” Icon Packs From kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

Tersus HD

Last month, we gave away ten sets of updated Lustre icons that look gorgeous on these new high-res displays. Today, kodev has updated his highly popular Tersus pack and we have another ten copies to give out. Each individual icon has been upscaled, by hand, to XXHDPI for the ultimate clarity. Inside the pack are over 700 custom icons, which also go along with a fantastic set of wallpapers that many of you constantly email us about. And before you ask, the above pictured wallpaper is in this pack.

Ready to win one? Let’s do this. 

Update: We have picked and emailed our 10 winners. Thanks!

How to enter:

  1. Tell us below in the comments section what your favorite Android experience is.


Tomorrow morning at 9AM (PST), we will pick our 10 winners and email them.

If you want to check out Tersus or all of kovdev’s other icon packs, you can find them on Google Play here.

Play Link ($1.49)

Thanks to kovdev for hosting the prizes!

  • My favorite android experience is the little easter egg in the settings and playing with the little jelly beans floating around on the screen and also the widgets from androids accessibility plus using google now for things

  • mwjii

    I love my nexus 4 with google now. It gives me scores,weather, my packages when they will be delivered,so cool.

  • Jpm7714

    The first time I used google now to help me in a real life situation

  • Favorite Android experience has got to be Ingress. I’ve been playing since late November and the novelty has yet to wear off like I had initially thought it might. It’s tough to make a mobile game this addicting and have lasting appeal for users but it absolutely has for me and the best part is that it’s only in beta!

  • martyhalpern

    Jeez… fave Android experience(s)… probably being able to do nearly everything I can do on a laptop, but on a handheld device. Always learning something new — a new app, a new trick or technique, a new option, etc. (and often from Droid Life — how’s that for a plug). Cheers, and thanks for another cool giveaway.

  • pappy53

    Coming back to Android, and realizing what I have been missing!

    • Dean Milord

      Never should have left – trololol. 😀

  • Watching youtube videos at night. Ah…

  • Zander Stefani

    My favorite part of the android experience is definitely being able to customize each and every little thing.. from the launcher to the icon theme to the keyboard. I have used it for years and will continue to use it! Its the best!!!

  • My favorite part is customizing my homescreens!

  • El Big CHRIS

    Is it OK if I say everything? All of Android is great. Ability to customize software? Check. Ability to choose hardware? check.

  • dannydarko

    I have literally been around since the beginning. I love every aspect of Android ie;openess, customization, user experience and most importantly the Android Community as a whole. I feel proud to be part of such an awesome community and the fact that I have seen its growth from the beginning.So, that is my favorite experience. Live It, Love It, AnDroid-Life….Drooooiiiid!!!!!!

  • Dan H

    favorite time is just lounging on the couch at the cabin reading a book on the awesome Note II. True story.

  • i need one please

  • JMonkeYJ

    i love it when i really get into multitasking and i’m flying between apps and sharing data between them. it makes me feel like i’m really using a mini computer

  • Favorite experience? I’d have to say the liberating feeling of using a streaming music service like Spotify for the first time in my car. I never felt so free to listen to anything I freaking wanted to at a whim.

  • N8shon

    It’s a very simple one for me. Just being able to listen to a podcast on my Note 2 while I take hand written notes on it at the same time has been a life-changer for me lately. I love it.

  • Rooting my phone for the first time was a great feeling.

  • gp126904

    Rooting my og droid and flashing CM 7 on it!

  • will

    Awesome apps

  • DanPatrickFlores

    Customizing it with another launcher

  • JB Kania

    Rooting my phone and customizing it to be mine. And of course chasing roms a few times a week.

  • Patrick Millican

    They allow smaller developers to get their apps out in the market for all to enjoy. This gives equal opportunity for sharing games. It also allows us to enjoy a vast amount of different games.

  • tagrzadz

    The customization options that you have within Android. Whether you want full control by rooting and installing a custom ROM, or you just want to load a different launcher, Android gives you the ability to choose for yourself.

  • duke69111

    Watching cashiers eye light up in excitement when I pay via NFC on my phone.

  • Iamjackspost

    The first time I tried rooting I bricked my phone. I really didn’t know what I was doing, so I spent DAYS researching how to restore my DROID 2 global on my old mac. The moment I got the phone to finally boot up was awesome, and I’ve been careful ever since

  • TrivTheRenegade

    My favorite Android experience is connecting with other people who have Android, but haven’t unlocked the true potential of their phone. Every time I pull my phone out, my friends or family ask about some feature I’m using (Google Now, LMT, gestures in Nova, a ROM feature, etc.), and I delight in teaching someone a new way to use their device.

  • Liderc

    Ironically enough one of my favorite parts of android is being able to make my icons whatever I want. It’s a nice way to quickly customize your phone and differentiate yourself from others.

  • Patrick Maher

    Getting a new Nexus and unlocking the bootloader, flashing a custom recovery, rooting, etc. It’s simple on a Nexus but still gives you that great feeling of knowing you are in control of your device.

  • My favorite Android experience is one that doesn’t lag.

  • Customizing my phone the way I want it. Not adhering to a one size fits all model…

  • faganm24

    I love whenever I get to do something that someone with an iPhone cannot do. It always reminds me why I don’t have an iPhone.

  • custom roms and beam!

  • I love the ability to do anything with my phone. The freedom to customize and have whatever content I want from multiple sources is what makes android the best.

  • Rooting and installing a custom ROM is the best thing to keep my phone running at peak performance!!!

  • I love being able to customize my android any way that I see fit. I have a galaxy nexus and a nexus 7, each with their own personality.

  • reggie1225

    I’d have to say Google Now, especially since they’ve added college sports scores.

  • brandito

    Learning all the new things I can do with it.

  • My favorite Android experience is theming it up to that next level, everything from icons to the crazy widgets that let you make your Android look like an entirely different phone.

  • maratu

    The face of the guy at 7-11 when I paid with Google wallet.
    “What the hell was that? It was so fast!………. Is that like a special phone?…… Oh man that’s cool, can I get it too?”

  • Jared Grizzle

    Unlocking the bootloader on the DNA. Always fun not knowing if your phone will turn on 5 mins from now.

  • pretty much everything to making it highly customization able to the users to put roms to even further with making slower or higher clock speed. OPEN source man.

  • George264

    My favorite is actually what kind of things third parties can do. I realized this when I read Verge’s review on the Pebble. While iOS version, it’s all based on your phone settings, Android app has all the settings in one place. I can’t say I have 1 favorite feature, because while Google Now and Notifications are fantastic, they don’t strike me as something that really changes my life. Daily commute and weather and some package tracking Google Now can do, but that’s about it. Notifications are self explanatory. It’s really what third-party apps, launcher, accessories can do that wow me. A lot of Google Now features(Siri, get directions to home, i.e.) and Notifications can be replicated by iOS, but it’s the accessibility to the OS that wow me.

  • I love rooting my phone. The android community is awesome. I am not a techie by any means but the information and willingness to help from other Android users is awesome. I also love Google now. Those traffic updates before I leave work everyday are very handy.

  • Derek Duncan

    Probably using Lustre icon pack!

  • Themanhere10

    My favorite expierence is when a iOS user sees my G s 3 and says wow, look at how much easier that is with your phone.

  • Nick Carter

    My favorite Android experience was when I first used Google Maps Navigation for the first time ever – it completed changed my expectations as to what a phone can/should be able to do.

  • S2556

    Customization and all the options you have in the OS.

  • I just love the seemless experience across all the platforms and services… you don’t get that kind of unity anywhere else

  • Knowing that I can do everything the way I want it, not the way other companies want it!

  • Going from a locked bootloader with the droid razr to the openness of the galaxy nexus.