Google Now Officially Supports Favorite College Basketball Teams

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google now college basketball

A couple of weeks ago, a handful of readers noticed that Google Now was starting to display scores for their favorite college basketball teams. While awesome, without an announcement from Google or the ability to manual add teams as you did in other sports, it seemed like something half-baked or that Google had not yet finished implementing. As of today, it appears to be fully added to Google Now. 

If you cruise into Google Now, go into Settings>Google Now>Sports and tapp the “Add team…” option, you can type in your favorite college basketball programs. The score card will then show up when they have games to play.

For whatever reason, college football is not yet supported, however, we have a few months to go before we need to worry about that. I’d imagine by then, that Google will have put in the work to make Now your sports powerhouse. After all, Google I/O is between now and then.

Via:  Android Police



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