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Google Invites Developers to an Event Centered Around Project Glass

google glasses

The big hit of Google I/O last year was the announcement of Google Glass, the augmented reality headset that they are working on. Developers who were really interested could sign up for a $1,500 Glass Explorers package to get their hands on a device and work on making it awesome. Google has announced today, in late January, that there will be two “Glass Foundry” events over the next couple of weeks.

There will be an event in New York and San Francisco that developers can attend for the two days and be able to hack to their heart’s content. Google will have Glass units on-site so developers can really get down to the nitty gritty. If you signed up for the Glass Explorers program, check your inbox for details on the Foundry event.

Still interested in Glass? Any hopes Google announces a release date at I/O this year?


Via: AllThingsD

  • Who’s attending is under NDA?

  • redbar0n11

    Google Glass + Flexible Display = Better form factor! This thing still looks like something the Borg would wear on Star Trek! I would love to see them transform into something more like a Fighter Jet HUD where you can almost ignore it’s presence, rather than it being hard to take your focus off of it.

    Granted – I know this is still ALPHA, and as groundbreaking as it is, I just feel it’s gonna be hard to adopt in this form factor. I WOULD LOVE to have a pair, but I’m not sure I would love to wear them in Public 🙁

  • strider_mt2k

    Please come up with an app for our product.
    Not too wasteful.

  • EraserXIV

    In the past 5 years, I feel like THIS kind of stuff is what separates Google from Apple. You constantly see Google pushing the very bleeding edge of technology and taking risks at developing things that people would only speak of in dreams. Google has innovated in so many different areas of tech, it is pretty crazy to think they are mainly a search engine company. Google Glass, Google Maps/Earth, Google Fiber, Google Self-Driving cars, Google Music, Google Drive, GMail, Google+, GTalk, Google Voice.. the list goes on.

    On the other hand, Apple has repeatedly released the same thing year after year with only a couple things slightly tweaked around. When people fawn over Apple and talk about how “innovative” of a company it is, I wonder if we are living in the same world, or if they are still stuck back in the 2001. I agree that iTunes, the iPod, and the iPhone were REVOLUTIONARY for their time, but the world of technology moves fast and those who dwell too long in their past accomplishments will be left behind in no time (just ask Microsoft, RIM, IBM, the list goes on here too).

    The iPhone was Apple’s golden goose, and it was amazing for a couple years. An absolute feat of engineering both on both software and hardware fronts (I remember fawning over it when it came out). However, Apple took this one good idea and just extrapolated it to other form-factors.. I don’t really see much “innovation” in that. The iPad (which is essentially a big iPhone) is a decent product, but not much has changed since it was first released. There is now the new iPad mini (or is it the iPhone mega), again extrapolation of the same product.. where is the “innovation”? One of the few things Apple has tried to “innovate” on has been Apple Maps and we all know how that turned out. Everyone with an iPhone downloaded Google Maps the instant it became available, skyrocketing it to the top of the App Store.

    The markets have caught on with Apple’s one-trick pony circus show and it is only a matter of time before the public does too. For the sake of the consumer and healthy competition, I hope to that Apple is cooking up something fierce in Cupertino. Or maybe they got what was coming to them with all the recent patent litigation.. karma’s a bitch

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Google fanboy, I have owned several variations of the iPod and the Macbook pro. I smartened up and moved on to Android though once I saw it was clear that Google was headed in the right direction and Apple remained stagnant.

    • ^This

    • itznfb

      The iPhone wasn’t even amazing. The Blackberry was still a better smartphone at the time it’s just that the iPhone looked better. Which apparently was all that mattered.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Frequently is.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      While I completely agree with you, I hate how long it takes for Google to finish something. Google Fiber is very limited and still in a research phase. Self-Driving cars is still experimental. Google+ seems abandoned and not competing well with Facebook, Twitter, etc. Google Maps is great but Navigation is in it’s 4th year of beta and still has flaws that even Tom-Tom has mastered. I love Android and I love my Google but I just want more of their products to launch in a polished and ready state for the masses. That is where Apple does kinda have a niche. Love em or hate em, generally their products launch ready to run and polished. Albeit, bugs in maps, antennagate, and SIRI were some serious failures but then you look at the iPad, the Mac Airbook (or whatever that thin laptop is), Macs in general are pretty, the iPod anything, and the success of iTunes and you can’t help but feel that they have some good stuff out there. Unfortunately though, your comment is correct, they are simply living off of the past and if they don’t get their butts in gear, they will be quickly playing catchup instead of pioneering.
      I hope Apple does well because their innovation really drives the competition. People love to develop against Apple and the iPhone is what led to the all-out, balls deep, development of the original Droid and that is still a benchmark to beat. Not the device, the groundbreaking “mark.” While everything that was in my Droid has been mastered, fine tuned, and put into new devices, not since then has there been such a groundbreaking device that was designed to compete and dominate in the market.
      What would something like that look like? How about a device that has a Samsung flexible screen that has been molded all the way around a device? Although the body is a screen itself, the standard display could be boxed onto one side, in the middle. The rest of the display could then be manipulated to scroll a marquee, change colors of the entire device, maybe even be used in conjunction with the cameras to appear transparent. I dunno, but it is different. Then make it last for 20hrs on a battery and make it waterproof. Who knows, I just want to feel as amazed at something new as I did when I first got my hands on my Droid all those years ago.

      • Hunter

        Do you realize how huge Google Fiber and Self-Driving cars are in comparison to all other Google ventures? Of course they are going to take a while. In the mean time I applaud Google for keeping us abreast of what is happening with those projects as they move forward.

      • EraserXIV

        Yes I agree with you, Apple does tend to release products that appear to be more polished and that “just work”. But I feel that has a lot to do with their ambitions, or lack thereof. Apple plays things pretty safe and as such it is easier to release things in a more polished state since they are less complex. I’m not saying that it’s easy to do what Apple has done, all of their software is definitely complex at the core level. But when they release a new version of software, I can’t help but just feel that they are glorified patch releases with a couple cool features built in. There hasn’t been much game-changing development and a lot of their software doesn’t change much from its original form.

        Although it would be nice if Google released some of their products and services in a more polished state, I think it’s an inevitable result of the nature of the products and services they are releasing. Some of these projects are, to be quite frank, absurd and ridiculous.. but that is the beauty of it. Google has tackled and made massive strides in projects that other companies would be too afraid to even attempt. If some of these projects were proposed in a board meeting at almost any other Fortune 500 company, you would be laughed out of the room. Google Glass, Self-Driving Cars? They don’t sound too crazy now because we have seen what Google has done with it, but before that they were only things you see in Hollywood. I applaud Google for tackling something like Google Fiber, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the company, which started as a modest search-engine, extend their reach and innovation into fields that people never would have imagined. Yeah, there will be growing pains and it’ll take a long time. Heck, it might even end up being a complete failure, but “you miss all of the shots you never take”.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Well put. I suppose I am impatient from time to time. Although, being here in the Android universe since eclair has been pretty fun to be part of the evolution. Out of all of the things I listed, the only one that bugs me is Navigation. Silly features like being able to add waypoints or multiple stops irks me and also the fact that on one screen i can have an eta while the other only shows the amount of time left but i can’t flip flop them. I am excited for fiber but simply am impatient. Google glasses seem cool but you never know what will happen by the tine they launch. Will they become a niche? Will they become an industry standard? Will they be used in modern industry settings?

          • EraserXIV

            Yes Navigation has been a pet peeve of mine. They put out such a great product and then just stopped improving upon it. There are a lot of flaws to it that make me reach for my Garmin much more than I should need to. I find myself getting frustrated a lot with it too with simple tasks that should be easy for them to fix and/or implement. A nice app but not up to par with its competitors, and Google has no excuse for that

  • Dray

    I cant wait to see what this turns out to be. I would like to see a instant translation program for travellers. Take a photo and see the text converted to english.. I would pay anything to do that.

  • master94

    Cant wait for the day we are all wearing Google Glasses. I only wonder if this is will lead to more academic dishonesty like the invention of the phone SMS was. Oh well, cant wait.

  • It would be nice to have this glass while you are in the beach

  • Brent Cooper

    I hope they can mass produce these for the consumer with a low price. I am definitely interested in these!

  • Definitely interested. I can finally convince people I am a robot!

  • elemeno

    Google Glass looked less stupid when Sergey Brin was wearing it at I/O than it does in this video.

  • David Arensdorff

    I wonder what the retail pricing will be on these. $1500 for developers!!! Aren’t they supposed to get a break on pricing since THEY are the one’s progressing the development and usage of it?? If so, and that is considered a “break on pricing”…then I dont even wanna know what the retail will be. just my 0.2!

    • Nathan Buth

      There has been speculation that the devs will get the explorer model and the final model. Also pricing has been said to go up or down. 🙂

      • plus these are likely prototypes not produced on a very large scale

        • Nathan Buth

          You are correct, when they had us sign up for it they said that we would be getting/working with prototype models.

    • mikey

      why are you putting in 20 cents and not $0.02?

      • Raven


    • Daistaar

      I always though developers paid more. Thinking S3 Dev edition, Razr Dev edition, Sony’s Net Yaroza for the PS Devs, etc.

  • Why is Sarah making up and down head gestures while she is talking? It looks odd. Her head is just bouncing up and down as she talks.

    • michael arazan

      You can control feature with Google Glass by making head gestures similar to the movement gestures on samsung phones that open and close apps and also make the apps do stuff. Tilting the glasses in certain ways operates it hands free.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I thought it was supposed to be controlled by your eye movements, not your head. If you think people look silly talking to themselves in a bluetooth headset, wait until they look like they have parkinsons operating their glasses while babbling on to themselves.