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Facebook Releases Pages Manager for Android, Currently Unavailable for Download Though

Pages Manager

If you currently manage any Pages on Facebook, you have no doubt come to the realization that you are unable to properly care for them through the native Facebook app for Android. That has now changed, kind of. 

Facebook has released Pages Manager to Google Play, but it is currently unavailable for download. No word from FB when they will be giving it the green light, but we are sure it should be any time now.

  • Post new updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages
  • View and reply to private messages sent to your Page
  • Get notifications about new activity on your Pages right away
  • View your latest Pages Insights

Play Link

Via: Android Guys

  • Dario Kršek-Novoselec
  • Chad

    Here’s the apk for those in the US who’d like it.


  • Ryan Chapman

    I found the APK online, and it’s working… It’s basically just like the normal app, just for my business page.

  • DJ SPY

    Someone pulled the Jellybean update for the OG RAZR so can someone post the APK for the rest of us?

  • About damn time. I agree with everyone’s concerns about multiple apps for a single service but frankly, I’ll be using this more than my personal Facebook app anyway so I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the other one all together.

  • kaufkin

    Interesting to see reviews on it already, even though it’s not available… Can you say Paid Reviews?? Nice and Honest I’m sure….

    • Ryan Chapman

      They did a soft release, I have a copy of the APK and it’s working fine

  • shooter50

    I know I shouldn’t say this, but I have it on my iPad and it works great. Looking forward to having it on the Note 2

  • Crank

    Ugh – enough with the Facebook.

    • michael arazan

      agree EFF FaceBook

  • oaxican509

    Anyone have the facebook 2.0 all? I feel that the lastest updates made it much slower like it was before…..

    • oaxican509

      Apk *

  • I can post to my Fan/Music page with the native app. But that’s about it. Will be glad to see this app.

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Really wish they would just build all the features into one app. Having to download 2 or 3 apps to use one service is a little lame!

    • foob0t

      Agreed. Thats what I was screaming when they released “facebook messenger”