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“Recommended For You” Section Appears in Google Play Store

Hey, look! Recommended apps in the Google Play store! At some point in the last 24 hours, Google activated a new section to help you find apps that are liked by your friends, popular in your area, or that are popular with users similar to you. Once in the “Recommended Apps” section, which can be visited by entering the main Apps section and scrolling down a bit, you can either tap to install or click the “Don’t show me this app anymore” button, aka the circle with a line through it.

It’s a welcomed move by Google. The Play store can be overwhelming now that it has thousands of apps, so anything to help make the experience more user-friendly is a plus. Depending on how well they recommend, this may remove the need for the other dozen or so “Recommended Apps” apps.

Feel free to cruise around in this new section and let us know if you find anything fun.

Cheers Archit!

  • Alex Woodby

    Was nice when it was just apps. Now mine’s full of recommending me teenie bopper music, books and movies. Loved this when it was apps, now that it’s media it just offends me.

  • Answer2K1

    I like how the Play Store on the N7 has that key that takes you directly to your downloaded apps, they should do that for the smartphone Store too…

  • zomygodowned

    I’ve had this for 2 weeks!

  • cns2007

    Hope they get the “Wishlist” functionality activated soon.

    • michael arazan

      Thank you, i want a wishlist too. A way to save apps that i may want to download in the future, i live on a budget.

  • shehippie

    LMAO…..it recommends a Deer caller app for me. Is Google calling me a redneck??

  • Alan Burnstine

    Needs some work. Recommendations include apps I have disabled, apps I already own, the lite version of apps I have already paid for, language packs for languages I don’t speak and have never searched for information about, way more games than I would be interested in since I only have like 3 on my phone (although I do have maybe a dozen on my Xoom), stuff I have installed previously, rated low and uninstalled.

    I think Appbrain is currently doing a better job at recommendations based on what is on my device. I would have expected better from Google since they have my search history and other stuff too. It is a start though. There were a couple that popped up that I may take a look at,.


  • Ben Baird

    Haha, “popular among Verizon Video users” well that would not be me now, would it. At least you have the option to ignore recommendations.

  • John

    The frustrating part about the Play store is that when I got to my apps, “installed” and “All” ok, the “All” section has tons of apps. My question is why can’t this listing be alphabetized? it sucks that you have to keep scrolling slowly to find one darn app that happened to be a the very end of my list. And when I’m installing an app from the middle of my list and then go back while that’s downloading I have to start all over from the beginning of my list again. That really sucks. Why can’t the my apps be in categories? or set it up on the computer and when I go to my phone its in category already? I hope the future updates allows this feature.

  • NAM37

    Google will soon be selling “recommendations.” Write it down.

  • 4n1m4L

    Widget for that came with the n7 I got last week.

  • I really just want the ability to delete apps from my “Apps Library.” I don’t need or want to remember that I actually downloaded “4 teh birds lite” (not a typo) three years ago on my OG.

    In the mean-time though, I guess this is a welcome upgrade.

  • now they just need to add purchased apps

  • lukad

    Pretty useless.
    I’m not interested in any the the apps recommended for me.

  • What do you suppose the little “No” icons mean on the right side of the screen above the price (where it says “Free” in that screenshot) of each app?

    • PuzzleShot

      you can either tap to install or click the “Don’t show me this app anymore” button, aka the circle with a line through it.”

    • Read the article….

      • Ah crap, I did, sort of. I skimmed it quickly, just missed that sentence.

  • bob

    Wow, this is wonderful, Google thinks I’m gay:(