DROID RAZR M Hangs Out on Video, Shows Off Its Giant Chin

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The DROID RAZR M is sure getting its fair share of play these days, but that’s expected since it will likely be announced next week at Motorola’s NYC event. In today’s footage, we get actual video of the device, giving us a great view of that almost edge-to-edge display. For a smaller device, this thing doesn’t look half bad. Well, if you can get over the giant chin at the bottom of it. While I’m a big fan of thin phones, I’m not a big fan of squashing and flattening (which leads to giant chins) in order to achieve said thin status.

It’s tough to tell from such a short video, but it seems to be speedy while jumping through menus. With a Snapdragon S4 inside, that should be expected, however, if Motorola’s Blur hasn’t been fine tuned, you never know what the experience will be like. Just look at the Atrix HD.

Take a look at the boot animation below and the drop us some candid thoughts in the comments.

Via: Engadget



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