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Throwback Thursday: Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi Tablet (Update: Winner Picked)

Sometimes, you just need take it back a bit. Introducing our new Throwback Thursday contest where we’ve partnered up with NVIDIA to offer up some older, but still fantastic prizes. Today, up for grabs we have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi 16GB. To today’s specs, it’s still a great tablet featuring a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 8.9″ TFT LCD display.

With this device, you’ll have access to Tegra-enhanced titles on Google Play such as ShadowGunDead Trigger, and many more. So, enough with all of this fluff. Let’s give some stuff away! 


Update: We have picked our winner! Jason Pettit wins the Galaxy Tab 8.9! Thanks so much to all that entered!

How to enter:

1.  Follow us on either Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
2.  Follow NVIDIA Tegra on Twitter.
3.  Share the contest through whichever of those social networks you feel like.
4.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite movie from the 90s is.



Tomorrow at 3PM Pacific (8/24), we will choose one winner randomly from the comments.

Thanks to NVIDIA for making Throwback Thursday possible.

  • edwoordd


  • edwoordd

    Boy’z N The Hood

  • Deep Impact!

  • edwoordd

    Universal soldier

  • edwoordd

    Face Off

  • EGilk


  • rafaelvalezquez


  • edwoordd


  • edwoordd

    The Devils Advocate

  • Boyz n Da Hood!

  • edwoordd


  • edwoordd


  • Daniel Maginnis

    favorite 90s movie is groundhog day

  • edwoordd

    Rush Hour

  • I should change my choice to national lampoons senior trip

  • @ReggieCLim


  • edwoordd


  • edwoordd

    James Bond: The World Is Not Enough

  • Berggalicious

    Dumb & Dumber…HANDS DOWN!

  • edwoordd

    The Bone Collector

  • my favorite movie from the 90’s has go be Menace II Society

  • edwoordd


  • beng8686

    5th element for sure.

  • edwoordd

    End Of Days

  • xboxkid

    Shawshank Redemption. I cant tell you how many time we watched that movie in the wrestling locker room in HS. hahaha

  • TLAM

    Pulp Fiction…

  • Hackers.

  • edwoordd

    Duece Bigalow: Male Gigalo

  • Edgar

    Easily Clerks.

  • amosk

    Office Space because, incidentally, I think I was officially laid off years ago, but due to a glitch in payroll, I keep getting paid 😀

  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day!!!!!

  • Matt N

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was my favorite

  • Tommy Thompson


  • edwoordd

    Boyz N the Hood

  • Titanic <3<3<3

  • in it to win it – Pulp Fiction

  • King of Nynex

    Fav 90s movie…Hackers!

  • thecharrr

    The Matrix

  • The Mask!!! no other compares!

  • lamenting

    Best has to be Pulp Fiction..

  • Die Hard 2 for sure,

  • LittleBiscuit

    Dances With Wolves

  • Schindler’s List

  • edwoordd

    The Usual suspects

  • edwoordd

    I still have all of these movies on vhs

  • edwoordd

    Point Break

  • edwoordd

    The Devil’s Advocate

  • edwoordd

    Total Recall with the govenator

  • edwoordd

    Cube was a good movie very weird though.

  • edwoordd

    Falling Down

  • edwoordd

    Star Wars: Episode 1The Phantom Menace

  • edwoordd


  • edwoordd

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  • edwoordd

    Friday!!! 😀

  • edwoordd

    12 Monkeys

  • edwoordd


  • Christopher X

    The Matrix fo sho!!!

  • Torn Soul

    Deep Blue Sea

  • Friday

  • SStewart654

    Jurassic Park

  • SStewart654

    Matrix for sure

  • Best movie from the 90’s – The sixth sense.

  • Forrest Gump

  • Drew

    Jurassic Park

  • Drew

    Ohhhh Saving private ryan as well

  • Drew

    Toy story is also really good.

  • Drew

    Gotta go with Ace Ventura

  • matrix

  • DroidDoug

    Pulp Fiction!

  • Jean-Luc Ibrahim

    Has to be Men In Black!!! Just saying…

  • sure The Fifth Element

  • American History X m/ Se7en B-) and ‘course Shawshank Redemption…

  • Terminator 2

  • hwm

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  • IlanAlpert

    Sweet prize!

  • amugofjava

    Terminator 2 for me. Following and shared.

  • Speed is the movie with that bus jump.

  • George Ortiz


  • BAD BOYS BAD BOYS, WATCHA GONNA DO, WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU..? You want badges, I give you badges.!!!!! 🙂

  • John-Mark Strange

    It’s got to be Groundhog Day.

  • MJ

    I wouldn’t say this is my #1 movie from the 90’s but since this is a tech site I will go with my #1 Sci-Fi movie…The Matrix

  • Sporttster

    Schindler’s List…best of the best….

  • jurassic park

  • Tryshell Mark

    The hunt for the red october

  • Tryshell Mark

    The piano

  • Tryshell Mark

    Fight club

  • Tryshell Mark

    Dead man walking

  • Tryshell Mark

    to story

  • Tryshell Mark


  • Tryshell Mark

    the green mile

  • Tryshell Mark


  • Tryshell Mark

    shawshank redemption

  • Tryshell Mark

    Love and basketball

  • Dante’s Peak…


  • overclock

    Primal Fear

  • Love reading through these comments… the 90’s produced a lot of great movies!

  • yoyoyo nvidia tegra and droid life. ijust wanna say top gun is the best. you know that movi is g.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Easy one: The Shawshank Redemption – Easily one of my all-time favorite films, bar none.

  • Dumb and Dumber

  • ashburn013

    The Silence of the Lambs

  • Hackers definitely +1… A very young Angelina Jolie

  • The Shawshank Redemption is a CLASSIC!

  • James Pare

    ooo… 90’s… Jurassic Park!

  • Terminator 2 – “I’ll be Back” to pick up a Samsung Tab (I hope)

  • Brian Bell


  • Anthony Tyler

    Definitely gonna go with Fifth Element. “Big ba-da-boom”

  • JustinRhode

    The Matrix.

  • back to the future. It is the third movie which was on 1990, but it counts. right? 🙂

  • ajaxman93

    Forrest Gump. Stupid is as stupid does sir!

  • Cindy Quintana

    Pulp Fiction is where it’s at!

  • Norbert Cartagena

    Favorite movie from the 90’s… Probably “The Matrix” (1999). Watching “Toys” (1992) right now, though, which I love.

  • I’m gonna go with The Matrix

  • Hmmm…that’s a hard one…but I’m a bit of a Disney nerd so I’m going to have to go with The Lion King

  • Fred

    Toy Story was the best

  • Too many awesome movies to choose from! I’ll have to say Schindler’s List, Shawshank Redemption, and Independence Day.

  • d503

    Toy Story

  • I would have said kung pow but looking it up seems like it was from 02. Guess I did like The Matrix!

  • pheroo

    Forrest Gump.

    Drill Sergeant: Gump! What’s your sole purpose in this army?
    Forrest Gump: To do whatever you tell me, drill sergeant!
    Drill Sergeant: God damn it, Gump! You’re a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160. You are goddamn gifted, Private Gump. Listen up, people…
    Forrest Gump: [narrates] Now for some reason I fit in the army like one of them round pegs. It’s not really hard. You just make your bed real neat and remember to stand up straight and always answer every question with “Yes, drill sergeant.”
    Drill Sergeant: …Is that clear?
    Forrest Gump: Yes, drill sergeant!


  • skiinblue

    The Matrix!! 1999, they did new things that moved movie tech forward. Was a lot of fun to watch 🙂

  • Larry

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

  • Tyson Young

    Fight Club takes the cake – It came out Sept. 10 1999 =]

  • Stud Muffler

    Star Trek The first contact.

  • There’s a lot of 90’s movies that I liked… But i would have to say Fight Club. If I could choose another, I would say Schindler’s List.

  • Ayad AlMashhadani


  • American Beauty!

  • Fifth Element

  • Tarique Khan

    Shawshank Redemption

  • The Shawshank Redemption.

  • David Simmons

    Happy Gilmore!

  • skimiks11

    BRAVEHEART. No more questions.

  • Fight Club. Hands down the best movie of the 90’s

  • Fargo, eh?

  • khare


  • Kevin Simpson

    Forrest Gump

  • ryanmmoore

    What about Robocop 2… he was like the first real ‘android’

  • Ryan Lim

    Fifth Element’s a good one… but I gotta go with True Romance. Walken vs. Hopper, classic!

  • Brennan Clairoux

    The Matrix

  • carluverdrm2004

    Forrest Gump is still a favorite of mine.

  • jason pettit

    Shawshank Redemption “I wish I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that – but prison is no fairy-tale world.” you know you read it as morgan freeman

  • Carlos

    Definitely Jurassic Park (the original one)! I remember having an intense fascination on dinosaurs because of the movie. I wasn’t able to see it in theaters (can’t remember why) but watched it in VHS!

  • rmoon

    happy gilmore

  • Cole

    Shawshank Redemption hands down.

  • Shadowman360

    Dark Knight. You can’t beat joker

  • Forrest Gump!

  • My favorite movie of the 90’s was “Boomerang” with Eddie Murphy.

  • Eric Bassett


  • tuzzah

    Good way to do soldier work while out and about.

    • tuzzah

      Forgot movie title, The Green Berets.

  • Lee


  • Heather Koch

    Home Alone!

  • Two words Pulp Fiction!

  • ouch1976

    Point Break — I AM AN FBI AGENT!

  • ian

    Best 90’s movie: Pulp Fiction. Life Pro Tips throughout: where to hide a nice watch, maximizing revenue in diner robberies, and where to stick the adrenaline needle; just to name a few.

  • Travis Gary

    tommy boy

  • Jose Castro

    Goodfellas!!!! (1990)

  • Edward Scissorhands. A Classic with Top Notch Music to go with it. One of the best movies to come out in that time.

  • GuidZilla

    Would have to go with a combo of Hackers and Fight Club… both are still go to movies for just chillin.

  • Brett Koger

    The Matrix

  • Dániel Marlen

    Forrest Gump

  • My favorite movie from the 90’s is space jam with Michael Jordan

  • Chris Nelson

    heat, never have anything in your life you can’t walk away from if you feel the heat coming around the corner… sounded better at the time

  • Jason Guy

    Dumb and dumber

  • Lucas Jones


  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • jaxxmjd

    Pulp Fiction

  • oooh, tough one… gotta go with Braveheart

  • mwalker

    12 MoNkEyS…what did you do with your time bob?
    great movie.

  • Good Will Hunting

  • Shawn Hickman

    Pulp Fiction… Bring out the gimp!!!!


  • nrf

    Yeah, gotta be The Matrix.

  • Taylor Engle

    I also agree Ace Ventura is the best 90s movie!

  • Wow, that’s a hard one. I’ll go with tie between Pulp Fiction and Braveheart

  • Saving private ryan hands down

  • Mortal Combat is the movie of that time for sure!

  • Titanc, as it managed to mix fiction with historic fact to get people interested

  • JHolland


  • Pulp Fiction

  • Mathieu

    Forrest Gump

  • Jeremy Price

    I gotta go with Fight Club

  • Leon McLaughlin

    Ok ima keep this one old skool but so funny people want a sequil (1994) in the army now

  • “The No. 1 Rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.”
    Fight Club FTW!!

  • The usual suspects. Brilliant movie

  • Leon McLaughlin

    I will deffonetly keep it old skool and easy & Fun (1996) bio-dome woot yeah I went there bring out the pauly shore! Have fun people’s

  • terminator 2 judgement day

  • I know there are lots of cult movies but mine is The Mask!

  • Randy useGNU


  • Onur ŞATIR

    Forrest Gump, my all-time favorite!

  • Christopher Parris

    Star Trek: First Contact. There are many movies I like, but this is the one I’ll try to get my kids to watch with me.

  • braveheart brillant film

  • Waynes World was the best

  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • gtomaszek


  • Tibbz

    Pulp Fiction of course.

  • John-Mark Strange

    Groundhog Day

  • Twelve Monkeys. Awesome film 😀

  • Forrest Gump. Hands down.

  • Krzysiek Drozdowski

    Matrix. 🙂

  • Mary Morgan

    Without a doubt it has to be “Schindler’s List” – faithful to the original Kenneally “Schindler’s Ark’ that I chose at random when it was first published. Liam Neeson did a superb job by playing down the hero aspect -making Schindler the real, flawed human being he was and avoiding the sentimentality that often devalues and trivialises holocaust material.

  • Brian Wingert

    My favorite movie has to be pulp fiction!

  • retezatmaraton

    a necessary tool!

  • Pablo Rindt

    There is not one! The Matrix, Jurassic Park, Shawshank Redemption, Saving Private Ryan and more 🙂

  • Definitely hard to narrow down to 1. Top 4: Braveheart, The Matrix, Point Break, and Fight Club. I would say the best has to be Braveheart!

  • Сергей Сомов

    Shawshank redemption, the best one

  • reevester

    It most definitely has to be The Jurassic Park!

  • michael arazan

    Army of Darkness. Sam Raimi and Bruce Cambell’s Third in the trilogy of Evil Dead. This has to be the movie with the most popular quotes of all time. Sam Raimi won awards for his special effect for the first evil dead. Army of Darkness is now being remade and Produced by Sam and Bill, even though they won’t be hands on in making it this time.
    Also being disabled I could really use a tablet for when not in my wheelchair. Twitter @Zombielove69

  • Karla Nney


  • “The Mask” takes the cake as long as you’re talking about the 90s

  • Trainspotting

  • Jpm7714

    Independence day for me.

  • American Beauty, it defined life.

  • TrayeLynch

    Favorite 90’s movie would have to be Menace 2 Society

  • Léon: The Professional

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Rohan Jit Singh

    the shawshank redemption

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Phil

    Dogma and most other Kevin Smith movies

  • monoik

    Pulp Fiction!

  • Fran

    Fight club.

  • Troy Walbaum

    Tough choice but I think I’m going to go with Pulp Fiction as well. Great movie.

  • Is it possible to say anything besides Good Burger? White Men Can’t Jump is a close 2nd though

  • The Matrix

  • Friday

  • Safry Natrio

    Independence Day

  • Vikram Mahant

    I want it!

  • Heat the best action movie I have ever seen.

  • Kie

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for sure. Amazing movie and still one of my favorites

  • Mallrats

  • KillerAngel

    I’m going with Braveheart.

  • michael o’brien

    My favorite 90’s movie has to be Fight Club

  • sam morton

    Good Will Hunting

  • Waiting To Exhale

  • Braveheart!

  • The Hunt for Red October

  • Matthew Antwi

    I’m sorry it has to be Toy Story (don’t judge that movie was my childhood)

  • Zacharypt

    Independence Day!

  • Joseph L Hemrick III

    Shawshank Redemption!

  • mtweeman

    Pulp Fiction

  • It is a hard choice, but I have to same Tremors. Kevin Bacon is a total bro.

  • I would have to go with the Matrix its an awesome movie.
    It was then & still is now.

  • Brian Kratos Hanson

    the crow

  • Antonio P.

    Vanilla Sky (tom cruise)

  • nwd1911

    American Beauty

  • Kuldip Shah

    Fav movie: Terminator

  • Legends Of The Fall. Great Book, Great Movie.

  • M Gehringer

    The Matrix

  • Matthew Milliken

    Tommy Boy, shnikes

  • its_lucky

    teenage mutant ninja turtles II: the secret of the ooze
    Turtle Power!!!

  • james

    wifi is the best way to connect to internet and through internet connect to the world.

  • Forest Gump

  • matrix

  • Favorite 90’s movie? Just one?

    I guess I’ll go with Heat! That was one awesome movie, just for the shoot-out scene alone!

  • James Jeffery

    The Matrix. I couldn’t get enough of it!

  • Esteban Aquino

    The Matrix, best movie

  • Zulfaqar

    Fave movie : sixth sense

  • raoul duke

    90’s is difficult. everyone is going with the big choices (which are all still great flicks) but i think i will have to go with dark city.

    followed closely by: fight club, cable guy, truman show and the rocketeer

  • I would tell you but the first rule is I’m not supposed to talk about FIGHT CLUB.

  • Frank Ortiz

    The cable guy

  • Jignesh Dhua


  • Kernschatten

    Hunt For Red October

  • Gareth Rose

    Home alone well funny

  • Pulp fiction

  • SamPaasch

    Jurassic Park definitely!

  • The Big Lebowski!! that movie has infinite re-watch potential!

  • blackknight937

    pokemon the first movie come on you know it was a good movie when you were little

  • Da Queen

    I think my favorite 90s movie might just be GoodFellas 🙂

  • soccorgoddess

    Austin Powers…… oh behave.

  • Dianna Munro

    FernGully The Last Rainforest

  • Aditya Lele

    Of course… Ace Ventura!

  • zpartal

    Toy Story!

  • Kevin Crossley

    Blast from the Past is my favourite movie from the 90’s.

  • the first Matrix movie would have to be my favorite!

  • ForrestTracey

    The Fifth Element is by far the most kick butt moves of the 90’s!!

  • Men In Black because it was the first PG-13 movie I watched at my friends house and I remember calling my mom and asking her if I could watch it. It was also a great movie!

  • Skyskioc

    The silence of the lambs. I can watch it again and again absolutely amazing.

  • Steve Martucci

    Jurassic Park. It still amazes me when I see the first dinosaur after they land on the island.

  • Adam Hughes

    kindergarten cop

  • Justin Mims

    The Pest

  • This Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi Tablet is mine 😀

  • Pulp Fiction, “Zed is dead.”

  • Andrew Brown

    Lion King. Hands down.

  • wanderer82680

    I have to go with fight club, one of the only movies i didn’t have the ending completely guessed before half way.

  • bartclantrash

    Hackers was and still is a great flick. It wasn’t realistic, but it did shed a light on how much work it took to be a cracker/hacker.

  • derrickmcc

    A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

  • kibbyster

    dumb and dumber is the best

  • Thomas Schmid

    Shawshank Redemption

  • Flight Club owns all 90s movies

  • Bill Joyce

    The Matrix definately wins for me.

  • Fifth element.

  • PudgyPanda


  • Fight Club

  • 53
    The Shawshank Redemption is definitely up there for me.

  • Matrix

  • Moazzam Naeem

    Speed 1 is my favorite movie.

  • The movie, “Jerry Maguire” Hands Down!!!!

  • desiman26

    Jurassic Park! Truly one of the best during that decade.

  • threpac

    Pulp Fiction.

  • batman returns

  • Snake eyes with Nicholas cage

  • Clueless

  • Leandra Blair

    Pretty Woman

  • Josh Abadie

    I could watch Contact, based on a book by Carl “I am more awesome than you could ever be” Sagan!

  • David Moralez

    Forrest Gump “Stupid is stupid does!”

  • Br_d

    Dumb and Dumber!

  • evebo91

    Forrest Gump

  • Narith Sok

    Back to the future

  • ewilliams1009


  • Adam Corley

    Toy Story

  • davertr99

    dumb and dumber

  • Maxwell Bloch

    I’d have to go with Pulp Fiction. Check next week and I might pick something else though, so many good ones.

  • V Calima

    Jurassic Park

  • letmewin123

    Dumb and Dumber

  • Paul Grimes

    Dumb and dumber, JIm Carey lowered the bar to an all time great.

  • justin lewis

    White men can’t jump

  • Angela Cortal

    Robin Hood: Men in Tights!

  • shockerfred

    Water World. Masterpiece!

  • Karl Wooster


  • Eric Moersalim


  • Die hard 2

  • Pulp Fiction.

  • Ega Rinaldo D

    Jumanji, the first movie that i watched when i’m still a little kid :3

  • The Terminator

  • Carlos Ravelo

    I will go with Pirates of Silicon Valley 🙂 hehe

  • Mallrats. It’s Kevin Smith imitating John Hughes.

  • Shadesmctuba

    Oh, Batman Returns, hands down.

  • Sotah Hanh


  • Matrix

  • Has to be Fight Club

  • Forrest Gump by far!

  • Juan Crespo

    Practical Magic ! Samsung!

  • Saving Private Ryan.

  • Florence Hudson

    This one`s for savvy.

  • My Favourite Movie is ‘Mission Impossible’!

  • Total Recall. Not really actually, but you’re telling me the remake doesn’t even take place on Mars??

  • Clerks best movies for slackers everywhere

  • Joshua Elwell

    Boondock Saints, by far the best movie of the 90’s!!

  • AMGala

    Too many too choose from, but The Matrix is definitely up there for me!

  • My favorite movie from the 90s has to be The Boondock Saints

  • I’m a nineties kid so I got to go with my childhood favorite, the mighty morphin power rangers

  • Ronnie

    Ace is crazy

  • Brian Morford

    The Hunt for Red October… I have the movie, and but for some reason I just can’t pass it up if I come across it on tv.

  • Blue

    Nice. Need one of these bad

  • BigFonz

    The Usual Supects… obviously. Only the greatest movie ever made!

  • @ericmosley83

    Dumb and Dumber!!!

  • Soldier (starring Kurt Russell)

  • Matt Horan

    Swingers! The discovery of Vince Vaughn!

  • bmtchssn

    +1 for Throwback Thursdays!

  • Verro84

    Total Recall (1990)

  • Robert Brantley


  • Batman Returns


  • Dirty Work

  • SynK

    I also have to say The Matrix, it was a good end to the 90’s and really gave a lot of kids my age motivation to go fight eachother in the yard kung-fu style.

  • yeh, gonna hafta go with Fifth Element here folks. Definitely one of the most underrated movies of that decade.

  • jose

    Dumb and dumber all the way

  • deluxity

    Clockwork orange

  • Connie Northrop

    Gotta go with Silence of the Lambs.

  • fromo

    Godfather 2 is still number 1

  • Pulp Fiction

  • ostensibly


  • Alex Williams

    Tommy Boy! Greatest movie of all-time actually.

  • The Usual Suspects was a great mind trip. Loved that movie.

  • The fifth element.. Love that movie

  • The Matrix

  • Ivan92116

    Reservoir Dogs

  • Rushmore for sure! 🙂

  • Ben Freund

    Big Trouble in Little China.

  • Bently Wong

    pulp fiction

  • Boomerang!

  • The Last Boy Scout…for sure.

  • jurrrasssic park!

  • davesurber

    pulp fiction!

  • غسان داغستاني

    I think one of the best series movie ” Indiana johns ” which I like soon much

  • Krish Masand

    Independence Day

  • William Nearhood

    alien 3

  • Muertamas

    12 Monkeys

  • My favorite movie from the 90’s was The Fifth Element

  • Jason Demers

    Forest Gump!!!

  • Todd Dunham

    Groundhog Day

  • ARS

    Godfather part III. NO WAIT, Cool As Ice!

  • Dumb and dumber

  • Guest

    Dumb And Dumber

  • Anuj Velankar

    Saving private ryan. One of the first movies to show war for what it really was. A total waste and such a tragedy.

  • Iven Jacobson

    Matrix for sure watching it right now actually.

  • Harold Bentley

    The matrix

  • Archuthan Vijayaratnam

    Good Fellas : One of the best movie ever I watched!!!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! Cowabunga dudes!

  • Jared Hininger


  • MrCrusha

    BraveHeart = Epic = nuff said!

  • Fight Club

  • angermeans

    Goodfellas (I had to IMDB it to make sure it made the 90s and it was in 1990). Still probably my favorite movie to this day.

  • Jason Guy

    My favorite movies from the 90’s is Dumb and Dumber

  • So many good movies came out in the 90’s.

  • Ryan C

    Saving Private Ryan

  • What about Bob

  • Casey Wigginton

    Fight Club all the way

  • Evolver

    Fargo. Great movie.

  • Guest

    Saving Private Ryan

  • tdhucks

    Shawshank. Best movie ever

  • Princess Mononoke

  • Achilles Richardson

    My favorite is not well known at all but it’s the movie “kids” the original superbad in my opinion lol

    • Verro84

      Kids was also a really good movie

    • red014

      I have no legs.

  • N8shon

    Batman Returns!

  • Jodey Salazar

    “The Rock”… Eff Yeah..

  • Daniel Stubbs

    American Beauty

  • Pravas Kumar

    Loved Jurassic Park.

  • Gregory Terrell

    Ahhhh, so many good movies! Guess I will have to go with Princess Mononoke. Headshot with a bow and arrow blew my mind!

  • cfb

    Pulp Fiction with Shawshank Redemption a close second

  • Dumb and Dumber!

  • One of my favourites has always been “Man on the Moon”

  • JayBeeZee

    So many good movies in the 90s…. This is hard. But one that I know I will stop and watch whenever I see it on is Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

  • joe strawder

    Pulp Fiction fo’ sho’

  • Fav 90s movie: The Matrix

  • My favorite movie from the 90’s is Titanic.

  • Ramesh Pondhe

    Jurassic Park

  • Debbie f..

    The silence Of the lambs outstanding!

  • Gotta be forest gump.

  • Weston Burroughs

    The Usual Suspects

  • Meredith McKenna

    Gotta go Pulp Fiction!

  • There are too many good movies from the 90s, that was the last decade that Hollywood actually hired writers with ideas. I’m going to go with Underworld since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet.

  • Ninja Turtles

  • Chad Butler

    Army of Darkness.

  • I’m going with The Usual Suspects. Kaizer Soze! #droidlife

  • EExkang

    Lion king…. everyone who saw it knows it.

  • Fight club.

  • Frank Yang

    6sense starting Bruce Willis

  • Wild at Heart

  • Set It Off. We all saw it more then once… pick me i need ti win.

  • Bettina Ascaino

    Pulp Fiction!!!!!!!!

  • Goodfellas. Yes, you ARE a clown.

  • Maribel Schilling

    pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me.

  • SonOfadroid

    I loved pulp fiction, especially the bandiad on the back of Marcelius’ neck

  • Boy this is hard! Gotta go with The Matrix even tho it was all the way at the end of the 90’s cuz that movie changed the game!!! Have a lot of other 90’s favorites tho: T2, ID4, Jurassic Park, Forest Gump, Ninja Turtles I & II, Cruel Intentions, Fifth Element, Interview with the Vampire, Higher Learning…loved the 90’s!

  • Matthew Karger

    The Silence of the Lambs

  • Mike

    I would tell you but the first rule is I’m not supposed to talk about it.

  • zach


  • Shaun Heckman

    teenage mutant ninja turtles 2: the secret of the ooze!

  • A Few Good Men….”You can’t handle the tablet” hahahahaha

  • Seriously. The Silence of the Lambs. Not only was Anthony Hopkins crazy creepy, but also “Buffalo Bill” Ted Levine went on to be police captain Leland Stottlemeyer, soo…… “It puts the lotion on it’s hands”?

  • Terminator 2 the best 90’s sci-fi movie

  • Favorite movie from the 90s = Babe

  • Akkumaru Rz

    the matrix, indeed

  • Tough call, Stargate, T2, Matrix, Die Hard. I guess I’ll choose Matrix.

  • Matrix

  • tombstone

  • That’ll be The Matrix. ..

  • master94

    Really liked Independence Day and MAtrix.

  • Got to be Saving Private Ryan.

  • My favorite 90s movie is Tommy Boy! Never gets old!

  • Favorite ’90s move? The Matrix, hands down.

  • The Lion King

  • Favorite movie from that era: Clerks.

  • Teddy Caito

    The Sandlot no doubt

  • Guest

    Sweet! Great older tablet. Hope I win!

  • Steven Martin

    House party!!

  • Bryan Clementi

    The Big Lebowski is definitely my favorite movie of the 90’s.

  • “Army of Darkness” nuff said. 😉

  • Angel Valenciano

    The Shawshank Redemption, Awe Yeah, Awe Yeah!!!

  • Jacob Brown

    The Unforgiven

  • Armageddon 😉

  • Tyler Simpkin

    Toy story as i used to love watching it when i was younger. its from 1995 (i think) 🙂

  • Jepoy

    Best movie of all is “Braveheart” in 1995.

  • Hmm… I’ll go with Robin Hood Men in Tights…

  • space jam!!!!

  • Scott Werner

    Scream, movie scared me to death as a kid.

  • Kayouu

    Im with the Matrix movement!

  • Danny Cordero

    My all-time favorite movie would have to be A few good men. Jack Nicholson as the general is pretty classic Jack.

  • DeeMat

    Dumb and Dumber

  • Alfredo Cisneros

    The Matrix

  • Theo

    Pulp Fiction, is there even another option?

  • Idk if back to the future counts eventhough I know it was made before the 90s but I watched it in the ninetys. If it doesnt count then I would also go with the matrix

  • Matrix

  • LordStickMax

    yeah i’m thinking the matrix or Jurassic park but i keep coming back to army of darkness. i know its early 90s but i still watched it hundreds of times.

  • chnsawalex

    Die Hard 2

  • felipeghale

    A Few Good Men

  • kalub romero

    I want 2 win and I am

  • David Bekoscke

    Dumb and Dumber

  • terich22

    I think i will go with the shawshank redemption

  • Shawshank Redemption

  • Seith

    Fight Club

  • Bigredandroid

    Ace Ventura! And the sequel

  • Power Rangers

  • James Bond: Golden Eye also the best first person shooter from the 90’s

  • Gardenwife

    Loved Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

  • …but…Clerks..I forgot about Clerks!

  • DanSciortino

    Might be an odd one but I liked Good Will Hunting. nice to see robin williams in another type of role that wasn’t comedic.

  • Pulp Fiction by far!

  • Adam R

    Jurassic Park is my favorite!

  • I Distinctly remember Kids and how at the time I thought it was funny that “old people” were so shocked by it.

  • dhruv

    Booôooooôoooooôooooooooooooom!!!! Love u guys pick me 🙂

  • moew

    Why do you have to follow on other networks? Not so sure that there is a free “sweepstakes” option here.

    movie: some boring thing about stuff like the matrix

  • Dan LeFebvre

    Lots of great movies in the 90s so its tough to pick just one, but the first that comes to mind is The Matrix.

  • The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter

  • curtis206


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… I was a child during those years

  • Dan

    The Rock with Nicholas Cage was my favirite movie…

  • Total Recall! now just send that sweet tablet my way will ya 🙂

  • Alexander King

    The Fifth element, i would say unbreakable but its 2000 :/

  • toy story!!!

  • Aaron Kirk

    My favorite movie from the 90s is “Schindler’s List”!!!

  • Rafa

    Apollo 13 – (1995, Ron Howard) (Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton)

  • Derek Paone

    My favorite movie – The Fifth Element

  • Fave 90’s film: Tombstone

  • wandy

    Well I hope I win cause I’ve never won anything in my life.

  • Jarasic Park.

  • alfonso cavazos

    Reservoir Dogs “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?”

  • Green mile for sure!

  • Chris Mullins

    Home Alone! Grew up watching it with my Dad.

  • Men in Black

  • Darek Z

    The Fifth Element. Opera part is excelent.

  • Clement

    Silence of the Lambs…love Anthony Hopkins as the villian…

  • Demolition Man is my fave movie of the 90s

  • Chris Schreiner

    The Matrix.

  • James Bond: Golden Eye, still one of the best bond movies ever and the best 90’s first person ever

  • danielghossein


  • Tryshell Mark

    i love the Matrix

  • Casey Finch

    Wayne’s World for comedy… lots of great flicks from 90s though

  • Luis Benitez

    Easy, “Toy Story”

  • Reality Bites. I had just graduated from college when it was released and so many things in that movie rang true to life.

  • Mighty Ducks!

  • Ron Javier

    Pulp Fiction

  • Okan Arabacioglu

    The Big Lebowski

  • Andrew Prevatte

    The Matrix. It was so totally awesome. Just…whoa.
    Also, 8/24 is my birthday!!!! ^^

  • Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels!

  • evltwn

    The greatest movie of the 90’s and one of my all time favorites was Pulp Fiction.

  • ccivil91

    Tarzan for the win!

  • Jurassic park gotta love the dinosaurs

  • Roy Harrigan

    The Matrix

  • Andrew Prevatte

    The Matrix. Totally. Just…whoa.

  • Smitty

    Caddyshack – enough said!


    Dumb and Dumber. “You’ve had two pairs of gloves this whole time?” “Yeah.. We’re in the Rockies…. “

  • silence of the lambs

  • Mckinley Davis

    Big trouble in little China, and The Golden child are classic’s. Lo-Pan and MY DEAR BROTHER NUMPSY, lol 

  • Miranda Forte

    The Silence of the Lambs
    scariest movie!!

  • kminer1

    Forrest Gump

  • Simon Crowley

    american beauty. what a film. hope i win 🙂

  • Brian Costello

    Dazed and confused best movie from the 90s

  • leomomva

    Still love “Men in Black”

  • jake57

    Army Of Darkness

  • Loin King

  • Michael Rotunno Jr

    Reservoir Dogs

  • robertlwalters

    The Matrix groundbreaking for the time!

  • Big lebowski

  • Saving Private Ryan…

  • wow, so many — I’d say The Usual Suspects

  • AgustinRodriguez

    Batman Returns

  • Men in Black

  • The lion king lol

  • Can not name just one!

  • Chiperi Dani

    The Matrix

  • Jason Grizzard

    The big lebowski

  • Justin Marden

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, don’t even have to think about it.

  • Rob Howard

    Hackers no question 🙂

  • Gavin Holle

    Most certainly Jurassic Park. Lovin’ me some crazy dinos.

  • Kevin Green

    I have to go with the Matrix. Great story, Great action, and ground braking special effects.

  • Favorite Movie of the 1990s: Wild Wild West “I’m a sucker for Will Smith in some cowboy boots”

  • furrari

    Jurassic Park!

  • monique

    The sandlot!

  • Stephen Crocker

    Gattaca wins hands down,it is thought provoking and fun

  • Davros

    Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood is the man.

  • The best movie, ever, and I can watch it and never get bored from watching it, easily, is Tommy Boy. Chris Farley was just epic.

  • My favorite movie from the 90’s is
    Shakes the Clown
    This movie is the Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies. Thanks for the contest… fun reading the other comments…

    Cheers. And don’t forget to watch Shakes. Unless you’re a mime…

  • Corderro Galvin

    Toy Story hands down!

  • My favorite: L.A. Confidential – (1997, Curtis Hanson) (Kevin Spacey, Russell

  • Matrix for sure.

  • Wei Wang

    I would agree that Jurassic Park really left a big impression, although the Matrix movies are also up there.

  • Armegedon is one of my favorites.

  • Greg Petrick

    The Fifth Element.

  • Jurassic Park best movie ever …..

  • Dan Lopez

    Dazed and Confused. Best movie ever!

  • The Shawshank Redemption, definitely one of the greatest movies ever and an inspiring story about the human spirit

  • JarrodSimpson

    Definitely The Matrix

  • It has to be The Matrix. But only the first one….

  • Erik Cho

    The always awesome classic Jurassic Park.

  • melan26

    As if! Clueless!

  • The Matrix if i can only pick one. Was like a wake up to reality.

  • Brandon Campbell

    Favorite 90’s movie has got to be The Matrix!

  • Brenette John Cusi

    mighty ducks

  • Sincere

    The Matrix

  • Maurice Cowley Jr

    Did anyone say Goodfellas yet? Because it’s my favorite of the 90’s

  • ScottyByrd

    Bram Stokers Dracula

  • Fight Club.

  • Dumb and Dumber!

  • I say Pulp Fiction

  • The movie that meant the most to me growing up was probably Toy Story.
    I would have picked Matrix but I didn’t see it til 2000…mind was officially blown.


    Matrix is my favorite from the 90’s…

  • C Glenn

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze. Ninja Rap for life!

  • Jurassic Park

  • Carsen Yates

    Spanish prisoner is one of the best directed movies from the 90’s

  • Matt Collins

    Hands down, The Big Lebowski has gotta be my favorite movie of the 90s!

  • “House Party”Robin Harris was classic in that never gets old watch it every time it comes on.

  • The Matrix……ALL DAY!!

  • Office Space hands down… yyyyeaaahhhh

  • gsteele023

    i would have to go with braveheart and the matrix

  • Kevin Sims

    I need this for my little girl. She would squeel.
    Oh and I would go with the matrix

  • My favorite would have to be Jurassic Park. One of my all time favorites!

  • Jerad Fisher

    My favorite movie from the 90s….The Usual Suspects

  • It’s gotta be The Matrix! Anytime, anyday! 😉

  • abqnm

    Jurassic Park for sure. Is the 8.9 velociraptor-proof?

  • J Nano

    Definitely “Fight Club”! A classic one!

  • 1995’s GoldenEye!

  • Milton Baxter

    So many: probably Pulp Fiction wins – its got so many great lines in it
    “Sprite, good. You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?” (Jules)

  • “DUMB AND DUMBER” – anytime. Let me see how dumb & dumber brightens up on this beautiful Samsung galaxy tab.

  • Mine is Pulp Fiction!

  • Vladimir Gareski


  • Peter Delarge

    Terminator 2, have watched so many times

  • Trevor

    Liar Liar

  • Jonathan Levin

    my favorite would be the matrix

  • Mitch

    Seven was my favorite…..can’t believe no one has said Sister Act

  • kenneth smith

    ground hog day

  • Saving private ryan

  • dieringer scott

    I have to go with the Lion King. Was a child hood favorite and still can bring me to tears.

  • Beto Vega

    Mine has to be The Matrix.

  • Jurrassic Park

  • I will also vote the matrix. That movie was awesome. (Just the first, the others sucked. Don’t care what anyone says.)

  • ProfessAndObey

    Forest Gump

  • Anish Shah

    Without any doubt… Independence Day. Love to see those Aliens get their *ss kicked!!!

  • Arief Pratama

    The matrix

  • Peter Tighe


  • My favorite movie from the 90’s would have to be “Dances with waves”. It was an amazing movie..

  • Shawshank redemption

  • Vaygh

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day ftw.

  • I have to go with Pulp Fiction. One of my favorites, even today.

  • Szandor Xint

    I was 15 years old. And the movie ‘Hackers’ had come out. I had never seen anything like it since ‘War Games’. To this day, even if a little cheesy, it’s one of my favorites.

  • TimeCop

  • Blade

  • Cyrus Yunker

    I believe the best movie of the 90’s is Pulp Fiction! (Would love to watch my copy on an awesome Tegra-enabled Tablet!)

  • The Shawshank Redemption –Amazing Movie

  • jweav

    Tombstone is definitely one of my favorites! I’m your huckleberry!

  • Kurtis Schlepp

    Clerks for sure.


    The professional

  • Aaron Lee

    i’d go with the Usual Suspects

  • Stephanie Bradley

    Terminator 2, best movie of the ’90s, hands down!

  • Sean Grindrod

    Terminator 2, Arnold was GOD back then!

  • Ashmawy


  • Damadegyptian

    Die Hard!!!

  • Lion King (1994)
    Caaaan You Feel The Looooooove Tonighht~

  • Clerks. Hands down.

  • Brosco!! Choose me!!

  • Franciscah

    I gotta go with Good Fellas, that movie was hot and I secretly had a crush on Ray Liotta a.k.a. Henry back then.

  • Fight club

  • Susan Lambert

    Braveheart is my favorite!

  • BrianR76


  • Binh C. Dao

    ninja turtles movies!

  • The GodFather Series

  • Jurrasic Park

  • AngeloMiguel

    Terminator 2: To this day I still have nightmares about shape-morphing individuals chasing me. Lol!

  • Jay Barnes

    Jurassic Park nothing can top JP

  • Either Mall Rats or Clerks.

  • Eric Shelley

    Guess I would have to go with clerks.

  • The Matrix

  • Forest Gump… Hands down….

  • Fight Club……All the way

  • As sporttster said there were so many great movies from the 90s it is very hard to pick just one but Shindlers List was awesome

  • Mike M

    Pulp fiction

  • Dushyant Mehta

    The Silence of the Lambs

  • rme25

    Shawshank Redemption

  • MTBrad

    office space, have it loaded on all my phone and reader

  • S2556


  • Goodfellas

  • Titanic

  • bboyzala

    my favorite movie from the 90s is ace ventura: when nature calls. jim carrey hands down my favorite comedian of all time.

  • ericbugosh

    GoodBurger!!! home of the goodburger.

  • Tito Vides

    Dumb & dumber

  • Matrix for sure….

  • terminator 2

  • Pratik Chikhaliya

    My favourite movie from 90’s is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grapes”

  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • It might just be because Tony Scott just died but I am really aching to watch True Romance again.

  • Danno

    LA Confidential – best shootout ever!

  • Looks like most of my favourites miss the ’90s one way or the other but I’d say Con Air for ’90s fave.

  • Sridhar Nagunuri

    I would go with
    Jurassic Park.. Great movie for that time.

  • My favorite movie is American Pie. I laugh every time I watch that movie.

  • Jurrasic Park is my fav 90’s movies! I would love to have this!

  • Groundhog day will always be up on my list.

  • philnolan3d

    Favorite 90’s movie? Jurassic Park.

  • Caleb Martin

    Toy Story? 😛

  • Shawshank Redemption

  • For me it’s either Clerks, Liar Liar ( I quote the movie too much), or Legend of Fong Sai Yuk 2. I’m a sucker for Jet Li slapstick.

  • Lord of the Rings.

  • My favorite movie was definitely Rush Hour.

  • Werdna Salinas


  • Clueless

  • Major Payne any day of the week

  • Wayne Booth

    The Shawshank Redemption

  • Corbin Elliott

    Tos up Ground Hog Say w/ Bill Muray or T2 w/ Arnold….

    Gotta Be T2…

  • Clif

    Favorite Movie: Titanic

  • Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. BOOM

  • Wyveryx

    Michael Keaton’s Batman!

  • Must be
    Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

  • Too many but here are a few Clerks, Fight Club, and Office Space

  • Billy Madison… Because you aren’t cool unless you pee your pants!

  • Rob

    Saving Private Ryan

  • matt marino

    the matrix

  • Interview with a vampire

  • Clerks.

  • From the 90’s….. wow. That is difficult to say. The 90’s had some good movies, but not as classic as the 80’s. Hmmmm. From the 90’s…. Independence Day was pretty amazing at the time. So I would have to say Independence Day, then Jurassic Park.


  • farmerbrian

    gonna have to go with TMNT: secret of the ooze

  • Ch Bush

    Friday! Chris Tucker FTW!

  • Micah

    Gotta be Pulp Fiction!

  • Andrew Stern

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  • Have to say American pie. I would have loved to be in their group.


  • Rodric Allen

    American History X,

    Boyz N The Hood

  • UmangKedia

    Oh sir! I am from India so my fav is Sholay 😀 !! I know you all never heard abt it 😛

  • Rodric Allen

    Pulp Fiction- Best!

  • T4rd

    Favorite movie from the 90s is American Beauty.

  • Fargo

  • sideshowbob

    Diggstown is hard to beat

  • The Net – Ahh.. Sandra Bullock.

  • FRazzley

    Hard to choose just one, but I’ll say Titanic.

  • BillJude56

    Saving Private Ryan

  • The Matrix. It was awesome and it blew my mind.

  • Chris Kampmann

    The Matrix, my wife rolls her eyes whenever I watch it.

  • Office Space (1999) – no questions asked!

  • I’d have to go with jurassic park. I couldn’t tell you how many times I watched it as a kid

  • Preston Richmond

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Tyson Hamilton

    True Romance – fantastic movie

  • dtm4

    Pulp Fiction

  • No doubt it’s Fight Club

  • dark_funk

    That’s a tough one, but I gotta go Wayne’s World.

  • Silence of thew Lambs

  • The Matrix

  • Elwin

    Clerks and Dogma took the cake for anyone who was a teenager in the 90’s!!! Absolute Classics to this day!

  • Unforgiven.

  • rpmarsh

    Fight Club. It blew my mind and made me question my life.

  • Toy Story!
    You just can’t get better than that…

  • b0bmiller

    That Galaxy Tab (8.9) would look great next to my Galaxy Tab (10.1)!

  • William Peterson

    Brave heart. Or Diehard. Can’t remember if Sixth Sense was 90s or early 2000s.

  • dumb and dumber!!

  • Probably Saving Private Ryan or Forrest Gump. Though for a bit of clean humor, Home Alone is always a good option.

  • Derek McKinney

    Tombstone is my favorite movie from the 90’s, send that tab on ova!

  • V


  • martin scott

    The Big Lebowski, maaaaaaaaan

  • LinuxDanish

    Saving private Ryan. though there are many good choices!

  • ehoffman557

    I’m going to have to go with Titanic. I’ve seen that movie a hundred times.

  • tattoopunk


  • Everett Bosch

    4 Weddings & a Funeral

  • aero0311

    My favorite movie from the 90’s is definitely Saving Private Ryan. I still watch it every now and then.

  • villian1998

    Boyz n da hood

  • Friday

  • The Mighty Ducks….nuff said

  • Kal5El

    Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space. Had the most plot development of any of the Leprechaun movies.

  • Mine is from the 80’s, Beaches.

  • Armageddon.

  • Mark Flory

    Pulp Fiction….
    I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.

  • Favorite 90s movie … Forest Gump! Can watch that movie repeatedlyaand not get bore with it.

  • Dave Wolnik

    Best movie of the 90’s hands down, nuff said, The Crow!

  • christoph411

    Definitely Independence Day!

  • Moldovan Cosmin

    Snatch….an all times masterpiece!

  • stubbX

    Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. Best movie ever.

  • TimXer

    FIGHT CLUB! For Sure…

  • Total Recall! The original. It has a chick with three boobs. THREE BOOBS!! And it came out in 1990. It set the trend for movies in the 90’s.

  • Christian Quinonez

    Kill Bill! 1 & 2!

  • Adam92Wilkins

    Definitely the matrix

  • Dustin Ward

    The Matrix!

  • Fresh

  • Luis Martínez

    My favorite would have to be The Land Before Time II. I was going to say the first one was my favorite, but I believe it came out in the late 80’s.

  • Lance kortesoja

    Fight club obviously. (that came out in 1999 right?)

  • The Matrix is the first one that comes to mind. I don’t think that will ever get old… until it comes true =X

  • Definitely The Matrix.

  • Harold Goldner

    Has to be “The Matrix.”

  • Dazed and Confused

  • Goodfellas

  • Tremors!

  • Stretch44

    Sandlot, watched that movie over and over!

  • Clerks…. 37??? lol

  • Jumbieman

    The Matrix was my favorite.

  • glee24

    Reservoir Dogs

  • Cesar Flores

    Reservoir Dogs!!!

  • Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorites from the 90’s


    The Matrix! Woah!

  • Jason Pillow

    “Hail to the king, baby” Army Of Darkness 🙂

  • Mustang5Oh

    Under Siege of course because Casey Ryback is a badass!!!

  • Jon

    The Usual Suspects…
    Phenomenal as it was back then on DVD, the Blu-ray is exquisite.

  • The Usual Suspects and still my favorite movie to this day

  • Arianna


  • Hieu

    Kindergarten cop

  • Phillip Williams

    Hackers with Angelina Jolie and Jason Lee Miller

  • Joel Hegeman

    Mall rats

  • Unforgiven

  • jarrodaydelott

    Jurassic park

  • Mine would have to be fight club

  • Ace Ventura: pet detective

  • Kenneth Su

    The MATRIX

  • Barlog

    I’d have to say Terminator 2 Judgment Day all the way!

  • Demolition Man!!!


    Favorite Movie….Matrix

  • Easy: Pulp Fiction

  • point break, duh bra.

  • elemeno

    A Bug’s Life, Groundhog Day, Home Alone

  • Tex

    Shawshank Redemption, greatest movie of any era!

  • Terminator 2!

  • Lance Eslick

    A River Runs Through It

  • Nicholassss

    Surf Ninjas

  • tonya moseley

    🙁 how hard to choose just 1!!! “Pretty Woman” for sure!!! So many others…..

  • Janine Addison

    The Matrix

  • Forrest Gump

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Asher Powers

    My favorite movie from the 90’s is Magnolia.

  • Trainspotting is my favourite movie from the 90’s

  • ace ventura pet detective

  • Darkstar

    The Fifth Element

  • jeepguy04

    Billy Madison

  • Mick.

    Best Animated movie TOY STORY, ALWAYS!!

  • Aaron Halbert

    The Last Action Hero. A movie so bad only a kid could enjoy it.

  • muya


  • My favorite movie from the 90s?
    Power Rangers. Nuff’ said.

  • droyd4life

    Saving Private Ryan

  • Reservoir Dogs

  • harryharry

    Fight Club, Dumb and Dumber

  • Disney’s Pocahontas

  • Stephen Sheridan

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Die Hard with a Vengence, a movie I can watch over and over again.

  • Goonies!

  • Jason Meyer

    Probably Surf Ninjas for the sole reason of growing up wishing I had a GameGear that could predict the future.

  • Favorite movie from the 90s? It’s gonna have to be Pulp Fiction!

  • The Matrix, of course

  • Aaron Hutchinson

    The Boondock Saints, without a doubt.

  • Droid_Junky

    For me it has to be The Matrix!

  • MR

    The Fugitive

  • Favorite movie from the 90’s is Heat, staring DeNiro and Pacino. One movie I thought the bad guy was gonna win.

  • Its Marry paupins

  • I probably watched Toy Story 25 times in one week back in the ’90s. Love that movie.

  • Terminator II at the brink of the new networked society it was smth very special for us as kids …thirsty for tech and future ahead :):)

  • Brandon Eason

    Edward Scissorhands

  • disqus_6m5scHlJCK

    Casino, that would be my favorite 90’s movie, DeNiro, Pesci, Stone, it had it all, great movie.

  • Tazmez

    favorite movie of the 90’s? Sneakers. Ahead of its time, period.

  • Dwight Amstutz


  • Nathaniel Hansberry

    or 12 monkeys

  • hands down it will have to be The Professional (1994) featuring
    Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and Natalie Portman

  • Point Break

  • bone2755

    Fight Club!!!

  • magneto198

    i need this

  • I’m going to have to go with Jurrassic Park, i still watch it. Hahaha

  • Tim Burt

    Hackers. Angelina was a babe even then.

  • I’m not on social media, so I don’t know if that automatically disqualifies me.

    My favorite movie from the 90s is Good Will Hunting.

  • Toy Story.

  • DLZ7891

    Space Jam!!!

  • drt054

    shawshank redemption, forrest gump, lethal weapon 3, so many more..

  • eyewhen ewelose

    The Matrix was revolutionary.

  • Back to the Future Part III

  • Nathaniel Hansberry

    fear and loathing in las vegas

  • Dead Presidents was awesome.

  • John Yuan

    Rush Hour by Jackie Chan

  • locks stocks and two smoking barrels, idk i just love guy ritchies humor and story telling 🙂

  • wanted to say Die Hard… 1988
    then I thought, maybe Donnie Darko… 2001
    Requiem for a Dream?… 2000… closer

    Pulp Fiction. 1994.

    Guess I’m a bit unaware of movie release years.

  • jmasterj

    A Few Good Men is one of my favorite movies, period.

  • favorite movie has to be Happy Gillmore…… back when I was younger and didnt have cable in my room I would watch the vhs of this almost every night and it never disappointed

  • RamiKash

    Jurassic Park. Actually watched this last night. The first movie I saw in theaters.

  • Liva action ninja turtles all the way. 🙂

  • Daniel Laruelle

    back to the future!

  • Sean Wood

    Fav is StarGate… it started a long running tv series that branched out into several iterations that, to me, was always great regardless of the repetitive plot….

  • I think The Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies of the 90’s, if not in all of cinema.

  • Joshua M

    The Matrix

  • Greg Robinson

    The Matrix

  • Keith Rusk

    The Rock

  • Aaron James

    Ernest scared stupid.

  • Jim Thornton

    The Fifth Element is still one of my top movies.

  • Rafael Gonzalez


  • Fight club

  • ConCal

    Forest Gump

  • kwubba

    Goodfellas a clear classic!

  • So many! “Pulp Fiction” is one of my favorites.

  • Alex

    The Fifth Element! Super Awesome!!!

  • Terminator II was so badass back in the day.

  • Big D

    Dumb and Dumber………Mary Swanson…..Samsonite…I was way off!!!!!!!!!!

  • Favorite movie of the 90s has gotta be The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Holidays wouldn’t be the same without it.

  • Tobias Niemann

    As Good As It Gets. Seen it in Mexico during vacation. Really good movie!

  • Mike Ampaabeng

    Independence Day is definitely my favorite 90s movie, hands down!

  • Fifth Element.

  • aj34

    this would be cool! I love old school!

  • sungam

    independence day

  • The absolute best movie of the 90’s was Braveheart

  • Jerehmie Cannon

    Above all, Seven.

  • necroscopev

    I am going to have to go Reservoir Dogs followed by a close second of Clerks!

  • My favorite 90s movie is Forest Gump.

  • Guest

    independence day

  • The Matrix. It was pure shock in awe for cinematography. And what the trilogy did for the gothic fashion world is unprecedented.

  • Patrick

    Jurassic park

  • Star Trek First Contact!

  • Pulp Fiction
    All points of «enter test» already done =)

  • matrix!

  • Peter

    The Matrix!

  • Either the sandlot or the mighty ducks!

  • Hands down it has to be “Toy Story” although there were about 50 good movies that decade

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Definitely State of Grace (Sean Penn, Gary Oldman…Irish mob in Hell’s Kitchen). A classic.


  • Avi Shah

    Beverly Hills Ninja!

  • tiptoptommy

    The usual suspects …… I am Kaiser Sose

  • bengo65

    True lies.

  • derek connolly

    The Lion King is my favorite movie from the 90’s. When it went into theaters I was 7years old. My parents took me to see it. I definitely cried when Mufasa died…(spoiler alert)

  • Ashton Sloane

    Ace ventura!

  • The Matrix

  • Boogie Nights. Or Almost Famous,

  • Friday…..u just got knocked the heck out man(In my Chris Tucker voice)

  • Matrix

  • @Timstanley1985 (Twitter) Here. Terminator 2, Best Film Ever

  • M C


  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    1994 Pulp Fiction
    Fabienne: Whose motorcycle is this?
    Butch: It’s a chopper, baby.
    Fabienne: Whose chopper is this?
    Butch: It’s Zed’s.
    Fabienne: Who’s Zed?
    Butch: Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

  • Grady

    TOY STORY!!!! By far the best movie every made!

  • The Shawshank Redemption, definitely.

  • MaxGruber


  • Matthew Abramson

    Pulp Fiction

  • Titanic

  • The Princess Bride, I can probably still cry when I see it 🙂

  • AbbieRosario

    Matrix. Period.

  • Nathan Hearns

    The Matrix. No question in my mind.

  • the Crow

  • no question, army of darkness! and always remember, shop smart. shop s-mart!

  • schmaltzy

    This is an easy one! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!

  • Medemia

    Favorite movie of the 90’s: The Matrix. Definitely one of my comfort movies.

  • takabanana

    Office Space!

  • Gotta be RoboCop

  • G_Romero

    The Truman Show!

  • violator702


  • Adam Howland

    Whoa I have way too many to name just one. I’ll give you three that come to mind: Clerks, American History X, and Se7en.

  • seth

    Saving Private Ryan!!

  • edwoordd

    Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace

  • John47

    shawshank redemption. It’s a crime that it didn’t win an academy award for best picture.

  • Jasonreloaded

    Okay, so it may be kinda of lame, but I absolutely love ‘The Lion King’— LOVE.

  • randompsychology

    The Matrix. Definitely.

  • Frank C.

    “The Fifth Element” is one of my favorite movies

  • Kyle Cole

    Boondock Saints!!!

  • Terminator2 Judgment day

  • Fresh2infinity

    back to the future!


    Pulp Fiction is the best!

  • Mallrats for sure

  • Alex Rondini

    The Last Boyscout

  • I really loved Hercules, From Disney… I was a kid back there 😀

  • Kevin

    Mortal Kombat

  • Robert Butler


  • jpox

    The American President.

  • Kurt Edens

    I dunno man.. tough call… I’d say my top three off hand would be Braveheart, Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas… but there were quite a few classics in my day. During the 90s it would definitely go to Braveheart..

  • It was barely at the end of the 90’s, Boondock Saints!

  • There really are too many to choose from however if I have to pick one it would have to be Dumb and Dumber only because I have fond memories surrounding that movie. Okay make that Sister Act Two only because I was in one of the scenes and had fun on the set with th cast.

  • Andy Moore

    The green mile

  • QQpayne

    I’m gonna have to go with Pulp Fiction. One of the greatest movies of all time, and probably the best movie of the 90’s.

  • FredB

    Fight Club!

  • edwoordd


  • bungadudu

    Terminator 2 – a legendary film!

  • Yep… Forrest Gump. Run Forrest Run

  • I would have to say Fight Club, I think it was the 90s.

  • Manuel Avila

    Shawshank Redemption!

  • Jacob Henry


  • CompCrash

    The Matrix is one of my favorites.

  • cjgoudy

    Groundhog Day…duh…

  • TMNT!

  • My fav 90’s movie is Lion King. Duh! MUFASA!!!!

  • Laura Delgado

    American Pie for sure!!!!

  • will

    fight club

  • Denis Anderson

    Jurassic Park, my kids love this one and I have seen it so many times 🙂

  • Harold

    The Great Escape, Bullitt, or any movie with Steve McQueen.

  • edwoordd


  • Mariusz Dz.

    reservoir dogs

  • I have to say: The Matrix

  • Dan

    Gotta go with Pulp Fiction!

  • maynardtwinn


  • Jacob Terkelsen

    Wayne’s World!

  • American Beauty! it was the first thing i saw that expanded my mind into the craziness of normal people

  • med amin

    Definitly “The Fifth Element”

  • Harry and the Hendersons for sure! It was filmed around where I grew up

  • edwoordd

    Run Lola Run

  • Jory Piccinino

    American Beauty….came out in ’99. Stunning.

  • John Roeser

    Being John Malcovich

  • zeltak brisbane

    no doubt the matrix!

  • Aaron Ramirez

    Terminator 2

  • edwoordd

    Summer Of Sam.

  • Liderc

    Ninja Turtles, can’t beat it.

  • quiklives

    Chasing Amy. I love all the Kevin Smith movies, but that one had a bit more to it.

  • Jerod Estapa

    Good Will Hunting.

    Don’t worry, I won’t be asking anyone how they like dem apples.

  • rubthebuddha

    Dracula. Gary Oldman plays evil better than just about anyone.

  • Pixar’s Toy Story….The one that began the saga!! Toy Story 4 coming in 2013/14 :^ )

  • edwoordd


  • Bulletproof

  • Brett Besa

    Mine is easily Clerks. The low budget helped convey the realism of just the life that the movie was trying to show.

    • Meredith McKenna

      Great movie, my second choice (it was almost too close to call)

  • dmoto


  • Seth Muscarella

    Dumb and Dumber, hands down!

  • Jim

    I’ll be your huckleberry

  • jgheld

    Terminator 2, definitely!

  • J

    Die Hard: With a Vengeance… Yippie Ki Aye Mother *(&$3r LOL

  • kevlar

    Goodfellas….greatest mob movie of all time

  • edwoordd

    Rush Hour!!

  • Mystyleinside .

    Favorite movie = Matrix

  • sporttster

    Man, this is sooo tough! There were ALOT of great movies! Terminator2, Matrix series, Forrest Gump, Silence of the Lambs, Groundhog Day, Dumb and Dumber, so many others, but the absolute best and one of my top 3 films ever made- Schindler’s List. Without a doubt. Intense, real, horrifying yet redeeming in so many ways.

    • Milton Baxter

      Soooooo many great movies came out in this decade.

  • Nick Abdelsayed

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

  • Sean

    Blue Streak w/ Martin Lawrence. So many great one-liners.

  • Favorite 90s movie was definitely PUMP UP THE VOLUME

  • Definitely has to be Die Hard with a vengeance. Best line in the whole movie when Zeus and McClain about to cut through central park and Zeus realizes what he is going to do and utters “Oh dear”.

  • Joshua Temple

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park best movie of 1997

  • Jordan

    Easily it would have to be Reservoir Dogs

  • Clueless! It is the ultimate 90’s movie.

  • Luciano Pitingaro

    Forrest Gump!

  • Silence of the Lambs!

  • Richard Garrison

    Favorite movie has go to be scream.

  • Pulp Fiction

  • mxmumtuna

    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, no doubt.

    • mxmumtuna

      Well, I’m an idiot, it was released in 1989. Has to be Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, then.

  • Nick Sauceman

    Forrest Gump

  • mtkregs

    The Matrix
    I still can’t resist it when I’m flipping through TV channels and see that it is on.

  • Dex Tromethorphan

    Camp Nowhere

  • lion king

  • Amanda

    This is really hard because SO many good movies came out in the 90s! I am going to have to go with Toy Story if I have to pick JUST ONE. 🙂

  • Chad Glocke

    Favorite Movie of the 90’s was happy gilmore, love me so Adam Sandler

  • It has to be shawshank redemption.

  • edwoordd

    Boy’z in In the hood

  • Fresh

    … is it too late to jump on the Fifth Element bandwagon?

  • The Crow

  • Shawnda

    Fav movie Jurassic Park 🙂

  • Independence Day

  • ChuckDz3

    Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore

  • Jon1029

    Fight club

  • YariCavi

    The Hunt for Red October. It eventually lead to reading the actual book and then more Tom Clancy books.

  • edwoordd

    Falling Down

  • Clueless

  • edwoordd

    Boy’z in In Da hood, Se7en, Fight Club, Casino, Heat, American HIstory X, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Total Recall, The Devils Advocate, Blade, Rush Hour!!!

  • Megan D.

    Independence Day

  • JimmyPadgettJr

    Definitely Silence Of The Lambs

  • Specialized425

    Definitely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Micale Eure

    Donnie Brasco 1997!

  • kevintufts

    The Shawshank Redemption – The only acceptable answer!

  • Wesley Laughlin

    Groundhog Day!

  • sofoust

    Princess Mononoke or Braveheart

  • Favorite 90’s movie is without a doubt Army of Darkness

  • Rob Walters

    Stargate. Best movie of the 90’s. Also The Postman.

  • Stephen Ray Lamb

    Favorite movie of the 90’s definitely has to be the Matrix! I still remember me and my friends trying desperately to find one of those pimped out slider cell phones after watching this flick 🙂

  • Joe Pinkney

    Toy Story/Back to the Future III/Jurassic Park

  • Pulp Fiction!

  • cgingles89

    American Pie

  • My favorite movie from the 90’s is gotta be the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • a good decade for David Fincher. One of my favs was Se7en! One pound of flesh, no more, no less.

  • Allan Miller

    ace ventura pet detective

  • WANT!

  • JoshuaNewsome

    What? No love for
    Edward Scissorhands…? Humanity has depressed me this day….

  • balthuszar

    my favorite from the 90s was a new zealand film called Once Were Warriors

  • The Crow, rip Brandon lee

  • eric roylance

    The Fugitive

  • Joshua Casey

    The Matrix. Blew my mind.

  • My Favorite is Jurassic Park.

  • Drew

    My favorite has gotta be Wayne’s World. So many memories!!!

  • American History X has got to be the best 90’s movie out there

  • from dusk till dawn

  • “say what you will about the tenants of national socialism dude, but at least its an ethos.”

    The Big Lebowski

  • Andrew Lumi

    Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump, and.. Forrest Gump

  • Tombstone!

  • Brian Sprague

    The Hunt for Red October

  • Michael Dobbs

    Best 90’s movie is simple: THE MATRIX!

  • yodataco

    The Fifth Element is my favorite 90’s movie.

  • Luís Formigoni

    Gotta watch The Lion King again on it! Please!!!

  • GambitGamer

    The wizard. I think it was in the 90’s anyway

  • DemoManMLS

    Gattaca. Highly underrated sci-fi film.

  • Jurassic Park!!!!!!

  • Larry Franks

    Jurassic Park. No question.

  • Nightmare before Christmas…

  • whoelse79


  • Bharath

    One of my favorite movies from 90s has to be Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

  • PHIL Growney

    Friday! The first one was the greatest!

  • rreich49

    It has to be the Matrix for me. It was my first great DVD experience on my home system.

  • One of only a few movies to make a man cry…ARMAGEDDON (1998).

  • David D

    I still love the move Friday. J..O..B….Job…word for the day is Jobby Job.

  • Life Is Beautiful

  • Forest Gump…
    When Forest talks about how Forest Jr is so intelligent. Not a good moment to be cutting onions…

  • Luís Formigoni

    I wish I could watch The Lion King again on it =]

  • Andrew Darling

    Independence Day!

  • Terminator II

  • epps720

    Dumb and dumber…no contest

  • I gotta go with Shawshank Redemption….great flick.

  • Die Hard for sure.

  • Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas… can’t beat good ol’ Dr. Gonzo.

  • SantoTheWriter

    The Matrix. Definitely changed my perception on a lot of things… pkys the bullet time effect was incredible

  • Glen Feulner

    Gonna have to go with Se7en

  • brarelabben

    Mallrats. Probably watched that movie enough to act it out.

  • mwalker

    12 MoNkEyS – Really great and strange movie.

  • Matt Galloway

    UHF, even though it was in ’89 it was ahead of its time!

  • The Matrix

  • John DiMauro

    Army of Darkness!!!

  • Definitely Forest Gump

  • Kieran Hodgson

    Shaw shank Redemption – Love it. Best film ever.

  • Pulp Fiction

  • My favorite movie from the 90’s is SLC Punk.

  • Fernando Nieblas

    Sexy Beast – best 90’s movie

  • Jarred Sutherland

    This is the largest comment volume I have seen on this site for a single story.

    • Milton Baxter

      And a good topic too. Would make even better reading if more people put why they like the movie.

  • Sean

    Fight Club!

  • The Big Lebowski


  • Rishi Ranade

    Pulp Fiction. You can never go wrong with a cast like that

  • Good Will Hunting

  • Digitalguy31

    Yeah cant go wrong with Pulp Fiction…say what again mofo..say what again i dare ya!

  • Jurassic Park

  • jaybar

    90s…hmmm, SPICE GIRLS!!!

  • Have to agree with 5th Element

  • rodney taylor

    The Crow

  • Tweekex

    Has to be Pulp Fiction!

  • shehippie

    I have two favs, Forrest Gump and Schindler’s List.

  • grounndhog day

  • root4life


  • mardum

    Matrix ftw!

  • Alex Nicoletti

    I’m your huckleberry…. Definitely Tombstone. Doctor Holiday is a pimp.

  • I’d probably have to go with “The Matrix”. Yeah, it’s sneaking under the wire of the 90’s, but it’s still a 90’s movie, and I can watch that on TV whenever it’s on. And I can easily not think about the sequels when I do it.

  • The mighty morphin power Rangers the movie!!!! Best movie when I was a kid.

  • Hackers for sure!

  • J Dub

    Where do I start? Waynes World and Happy Gilmore are probably tied. I almost weekly reference one-liners from them.

  • Mawhite078

    Good Will Hunting …….how bout dem apples

  • I always thought Strange Days was really well down. It was a really cool sort of hard sci fi that hadn’t been around in awhile.

  • It’s gotta be Hackers. HACK THE PLANET!!

  • Clerks!

  • The Matrix!

  • Has to be blade

  • The Usual Suspects

  • WooBangrrr

    Demolition Man was bad ass!!!

  • David Bell


  • Navy Seal. I love the line “switching to thermo.”

  • Brock T

    The matrix.

  • Pulp fiction

  • Moccor

    Small soldiers.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Braveheart, hands down the best movie of the 90’s!

  • kashif shahzada

    by far the biggest budget movie of the 90s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”….dah dah dund dund….dah dah dah dah….

  • wolfedude88

    A night at the Roxbury. Come on tab

  • Flyinion

    I think I’m going to have to go with Stargate (it was close though).

  • A toss up between Toy Story and Saving Private Ryan.

  • Shazly Makeen

    The Last of the Mohicans

  • Fight Club

  • Randy Short

    Mighty Ducks 2 – Can’t be beat.

  • Gotta be pulp fiction

  • Happy Gilmore.

  • jayant kumar

    this is very good tab

  • Fight Club!

  • The best 90s film must be “Fight Club” !

  • Sid

    Toy Story

  • THE LION KING. Best movie when I was a kid. Still has the same effect on me 18 years later!

  • Greg Alles

    Loved the Matrix!

  • You gotta love Clerks (1994)…37?!?!?!?

  • John Davids

    It has to be Fight Club. Love it!

  • Easily has to be “The Shawshank Redemption”
    What an amazing movie!

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

  • Groundhog Day.

  • trumpet444

    Look at my avatar. Its obviously The Matrix

  • The Game (1997)

  • The Matrix.

  • Kevin Raymond

    Jurassic Park for sure. I loved dinosaurs and the visuals were stunning.

  • Apollo 13

  • Julian Cardona

    My favorite 90s movie is The Rock

  • Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead…LOVE IT!!

  • Patrick Blackwell

    Favorite movie would have to be The last Boyscott

  • Hockey puck55

    The Ninja Turtle movies.

  • Sakina Solomon

    Hmmm I’m gonna go head and go with Toy Story!

  • Raphael Mathias

    The MAtrix

  • Vikky

    Think I will go with Fight Club.

  • The Matrix…all the way!

  • SomeDooD123

    Terminator 2 for sure!

  • Jonik Cannon

    Forrest Gump, hands down, Lieutenant Dan………………

  • Joshua Carnett

    Fight Club. The best movie from the 90s, in my opinion.

  • Army of Darkness – it’s been a constant source of entertainment over the years!

  • Mallrats

  • davehuze

    Gross Pointe Blank, an under-appreciated sarcastic comedy

  • Fight Club has to go down aw one of the best 90’s movie

  • half baked !!

  • Wayne Broder

    Men In Back

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    The Matrix!

  • “Jurassic Park” is my all time fav <3

  • Best movie of the 90’s gotta be Pulp Fiction

  • roswellraygun

    The Matrix

  • Alex blah

    Con Air baby!

  • Matrix, why not?

  • TMNT 2 secret of the ooze!

  • Joshua Endicott

    Game Boy 8-bit version my first droid 😉

  • Neil Lowman

    Dazed and Confused!

  • 9TEN11

    American Pie

  • Ankit Uikey

    The Avengers.. 😀

  • MikeSaver

    Favorite movie from the 90s? Dirty Work.

  • LittleBiscuit


  • PhillipNorris

    Independence Day

  • MattSweeden

    The Matrix was my favorite movie of the 90’s 🙂

  • Hackers was the greatest ever in the 90s

  • Abishake L

    Independence Day,
    Home Alone,
    Baby’s Day Out,
    Forrest Gump,
    Apollo 13,
    Toy Story

  • Fight Club

  • whoelse79

    Braveheart is my all time favorite from the 90’s

  • 90s Adam Sandler movies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, etc.

  • Shawshank Redemption, 1994, how can you disagree with Morgan Freeman?

  • Matrix part 1

  • Troy Fillerup

    Princess Bride

  • Jason James


  • Beavis and Butthead Do America.

  • AG

    The Matrix

  • BAoxymoron

    American History X

  • A life less ordinary…

  • CaptainFalcon21

    My favorite movie from the 90’s is Men In Black.

  • john dechert

    Best movie of the 90’s- -Terminator 2 – crazy special effects, and who doesn’t like a good apocalyptic thriller where the world is dominated by robots!!

  • Jeremy Tregler

    Gotta go with Jurassic Park. Still the best dinosaur movie of all time!

  • SirLandry

    Hackers (1995) was and still is one of my favorite movies…even though hacking is nowhere near as 3D or intense as the movie makes it out to be!

  • I would have to say…. TITANIC, it was the best movie of its time, it deserves to be what it is.

  • abhisahara

    MATRIX – No doubt 🙂

  • Steven Warr

    I really loved 12 Monkeys

  • Gee

    Undoubtedly, the Die Hard films (even it can be part of the 80s with the first one, and the 2000s with the fourth one)

  • Bill Slowey

    Toy Story. I still watch it when it is on tv.

  • MY favorite movie of the 90’s is also my favorite of all time. Shawshank Redemption

  • Luis Martinez

    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

  • Chris Marriott

    12 Monkey’s

  • Tremors!!!

  • Matthew Durst

    Toy story

  • Toy Story. Can’t EVER beat the first fully animated movie ever.

  • Alien Trilogy

  • The Shawshank Redemption (1994) is the best movie of the 90’s, possibly of all time!

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Jurassic Park…hands down!

  • Miles H

    Mr. Nanny

  • Ueck58

    Home Alone is my favorite 90’s movie!

  • Mike Euribe

    Matrix is definitely the best movie in the 90′ at the time that movie was like an evolution and mindfucking for everone! 😀

  • Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels!

  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • Boun Sisayaket

    Beverly Hills ninja.

  • Goodfellas

  • The Ninja Turtle movies.

  • Jake Andrus

    Rudy…best sports movie ever!

  • Blow.

  • 12 Monkeys – Terry Gilliam… Crazed Brad Pitt… Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe… so good.

  • Brian

    New Jack City!

  • My favorite movie was also the big lebowski

  • From Dusk til Dawn..Salma is so hot in this movie!

  • Favorite move of the 90s has to be Shawshank Redemption.

  • Jeremy A

    Boondock Saints

  • david

    Mommy always said, “life is like a box of chocolate”, forest Gump.

  • Joshua Horn


  • ojasp

    Home alone

  • David Chlastosz

    True Romance would be my choice.

  • sciroccohsd

    1995 Hackers – the with Zero Cool and Acid Burn.

  • Michael Marlow


  • sasi kanth

    Pulp Fiction

  • The Shawshank Redemption, one of the best movies of all time.

  • Still loving the Matrix

  • The Matrix

  • Justin Strate

    The Rock with Sean Connery, nichols cage and ed harris. Seen its over 200 times and still love it!

  • Ethan Monotreme

    Matrix. Need I say more?

  • Cruel Intentions fo sho. That movie changed my life

  • The Big Lebowski. Hands down my favorite movie from the 90’s. Careful man there’s a beverage here !!!

  • Kyle Bailey

    Die Hard: With a Vengeance

  • Matthias Widmer

    definitely Boondock Saints!

  • My favorite 90s movie would have to be Toy Story :D. I still love it til this day.

  • jeff stewart

    Pulp Fiction all time gangster movie of the 90’s

  • Mallrats as if there was any other choice

  • The Matrix

  • kels gz

    Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles – cowabungaaa!!!

  • S Allen

    The Lion King 🙂 Who can go wrong with a problem-free philosophy like hakuna matata?

  • Josh Karwoski

    The Lion King!

  • The Rocketeer, without a doubt in my mind.

  • Casey Coleman

    Forest Gump

  • Batman (the first one

  • I have to agree with quite a few commenters and say “The Matrix”.

  • The Matrix

  • Pulp Fiction brah!

  • woadster

    Usual suspects

  • EC8CH


  • dr.droid

    Surfing ninjas 😀

  • Face Off

  • PicoDeGiao

    I’ll cheat a little and say the Back to the Future trilogy, since part 3 came out in 1990.

  • ikmh7

    Cruel Intentions

  • The Lion King!

  • Shawshank Redemption

  • My favorite movie of the 1990’s is Apollo 13!

  • My favorite movie of the 90’s is The Big Lebowski 🙂

  • Jonathan Bond

    I would have to say The Matrix.
    Edit: I saw Tombstone and forgot it was in the early 90’s so I change my vote to it.

  • Just watched it again last week… It never gets old and it’s still creepy as ever!
    Silence of the Lambs!!!

  • tumatos

    The Crow

  • You bastard! The hardest decade for me to pick a favorite! Forest Gump with Saving Private Ryan a close second.

  • Dumb & Dumber

  • The Sandlot! “You’re killing me Smalls!”

  • Clerks. And it’s not even close. But if it was close, Swingers would be number 2.

  • Gareth Chadwick

    Definitely the Matrix.

  • FarmerTechno

    Shawshank Redemption. Easily one of the best 10 movies of all time.

  • T2 – Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Best soundtrack when G&R were good.

  • Night at the Roxbury

  • Florian Niemann

    There are many good movies from the nineties, so hard to decide. But Léon: The Professional is clearly a favourite 🙂

  • Jurassic Park

  • Jurrasic Park

  • My favorite 90’s movie is probably Braveheart.

  • Josh

    Schindler’s list

  • The Matrix

  • KLy

    I need a tablet

  • tyguy829

    Space Jam

  • Favorite Movie from 1996 with Will Smith. ID4

  • Matthew Newman

    The Shawshank Redemption

  • Mallrats

  • Ryan Wright

    A Bronx Tale.

    • There’s a song by The Ataris called “Your Boyfriend Sucks” which has a section from the movie in the song.. Well worth listening to if you like that movie.. I love it.

  • Independence Day

  • Michael Wilson

    Escape From LA

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Ninja Turtles

  • tomn1ce

    I would have to say Terminator 2…..T2

  • Miguel Angel De La Rosa

    Schindler’s List 😉

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Can I claim an entire franchise as my my favorite movie of the 90s? If so, I have to say The Matrix — but only if I can count the entire franchise. Otherwise, I guess Oliver Stone’s The Doors. (that *was* 90s, right? or am I really that old?)

  • Nehal

    Shawkshank redemption. Watch it on tv every time it’s on

  • baldypal

    The Matrix
    March 31, 1999. Best ever.

  • Yancey

    Independence Day! Will Smith kicks some alien butt!

  • rees

    Twin peaks fire walk with me

  • Dave

    Definitely have to go with the Fifth Element.

  • JesterEE

    Goodfellas …
    No more shines, Billy.

  • The Big Lebowski

  • Jurassic park (the first one) still some of the best graphics i have seen yet on something like this. simple amazing for the time.

    as for the movie i watched the most in the 90’s….Stand by me. and i just noticed while looking up the year (1986) Wil Wheaton was the main character…lol never knew that.
    everyone should watch it if you haven’t seen it…its an oldie but a goodie.

  • The matrix number one hands down

  • MUST choose The Matrix. Hands-down, best single movie of the 90’s imho. 🙂

  • Reservoir Dogs

  • Tim

    Welcome to Fight Club

  • Frank Urbanski

    How could it not be Jurassic Park?

  • Levi Wilcox

    Has to be the Crow. Still love to watch it! And the soundtrack is undoubtedly the best ever.

  • Mark Drury

    Gotta split my vote for Silence of the Lambs and Goodfellas

  • Aran Miller

    I must say The Matrix, I know a ton of people will say it, but it was just such a great concept, I have to give props.

  • The Matrix, no doubt.

  • tbaybe

    ok so the 90’s would make me how old? im gonna stick with “Lion king” to be safe 🙂

  • The Sandlot!

  • ramifications

    Jurrasic Park is one of my favs !

  • Sami Kalliomäki

    Back to the Future Part III

  • Clint O

    Tommy Boy

  • Tim Buchanan

    Terminator 2 isn’t just my favorite movie fro the 90s, it’s my favorite film ever.

  • Greyhame

    Terminator 2. It was head and shoulders above the rest with special effects (at the time). And what an awesome plot!

  • Scott Tisoy Leavitt

    I would have to say Jurrasic Park.

  • Swingers. It’s Money

  • Corey Marrier

    Hold on to your butts. Jurassic Park.

  • Short Circuit

  • Die hard 😀

  • Heat or am I talking on an empty telephone line?

  • jstockamp

    Gotta be Happy Gilmore

  • Liquidplasma

    Princess Mononoke

  • Matt

    The matrix!

  • TomStieger

    Office Space – Forget the tablet, I want my Red Swingline Stapler *mumbles to self*

  • Reservoir Dogs!!!

  • Artistan

    Jurasic Park!

  • Big Lebowski definately.

  • Guest

    Heat, or am I talking on an empty telephone line?

  • Tyrian

    White Men Can’t Jump

  • I wish “The Goonies” was made in the 90’s.. But only for this contest..

  • The Matrix!

  • Sami Kalliomäki

    Looks like a nice tablet.

  • bjcroteau

    I’m surprised no one posted this yet..at least that I noticed.
    Mine was Goldeneye Gotta love Bond wonder how the movie would have been if tablets were out then. Would they have used them at all? interesting thoughts.

  • I was a child throughout most of the 90s, so I’m going to say toy story is the greatest.

  • Gage

    1994-The Shawshank Redemption hands down the greatest movie of all time.

  • Whitewolf68

    My favorite 90’s movie has to be “The Net”. I love Sandra Bullock and the movie was so timely.

  • Aladdin! or Lion King!

  • Packratako

    My favorite comedy is Office Space, drama would be Forest gump, suspense shawshank redemption and of course action would definitely be Braveheart “its all for nothing if u dont have freedom!”

    favorite of them all is Braveheart!

  • craig1989

    Fight Club

  • aharrson

    Twister!….well yeah.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Boondock saints ….. one of the best scenes I have seen in a movie … 2 main guys sitting at atable … 3rd guy slams his hands on the table ….. cat explodes all over the wall … then they put up a pic of the cat to cover the stain lololololol …. iI am chuckling just thinking about it 🙂

  • The Matrix

  • Judge Dredd. Courts Adjourned!!!!!!

  • Reservoir Dogs

  • AroundTheFur

    Boondocks Saints for sure!

  • geonautics

    Saving Private Ryan

  • The 5th element! Great movie

  • ryanwv24

    Carlito’s Way – Sorry boys, all the stitches in the world can’t sew me together again.
    Lay down… lay down. Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez funeral home on
    Hun and Ninth street. Always knew I’d make a stop there, but a lot later
    than a whole gang of people thought… Last of the Moh-Ricans… well
    maybe not the last. Gail’s gonna be a good mom… New improved Carlito
    Brigante… Hope she uses the money to get out. No room in this city for
    big hearts like hers… Sorry baby, I tried the best I could, honest…
    Can’t come with me on this trip, Loaf. Getting the shakes now, last
    call for drinks, bars closing down… Sun’s out, where are we going for
    breakfast? Don’t wanna go far. Rough night, tired baby… Tired…

  • Luis Rosso

    Forgot: Hot Shots

  • Madx23

    Pulp Fiction!

  • Marvin Bricker

    The Big Lebowski….the dude rules…although it appears the dude made an appearance in Tron 2 as well.

  • sundar2012

    The Rock

  • Ron Bailey

    Hackers just a cool cast of characters.

  • Hmza Fahz

    I’m already following you guys on G+. Am I included in this?

  • Danny TwoTones

    Cool as Ice… starring the one and only Vanilla Ice.


  • Luis Rosso

    So many but I have to say : Pulp Fiction

  • Jonathan Grubbs

    There are so many great movies from the 90s, I guess I will go with “The Sixth Sense” for this contest.

  • Muddy B00ts

    Heavyweights. Still Ben Stiller’s best movie.

  • Andrei Cocari

    Does the first Terminator counts? Otherwise I’d go with terminator 2 😉

  • The Matrix

  • motta2003

    Coming to America – watch it it everytime it’s on. “Simi, what is a dumbf***?”

  • chssmsterwnook

    Matrix, it’ll probably be one of the most voted movies here, knowing the kind of people we are 😛

  • jhlinka

    Happy Gilmore

  • mystikalrush

    Back to the future III

  • GoodFellas is my favorite movie from the 90s and might be the best movie of all time

  • Mine is Terminator 2 I watched that movie over and over again!

  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park!

  • The Usual Suspects

  • I love me some Space Jam

  • Ahku Droid

    Starship Troopers, because the only good bug, is a dead bug. Would you like to know more?

  • DrewNusser

    Tommy Boy – it’s not even very close.

  • Michael Ciarkowski


  • ankit199

    Pulp Fiction

  • GoodFellas

  • Roga

    The Mummy (1999)

  • Groundhog Day with Bill Murray is my favorite!

  • Zetsumei

    Jurassic Park Amazing!

  • Dumb and Dumber! So… how’s your burger?

  • Big_EZ

    Fight club

  • Doug Dunfee

    Just watched Gattaca last night, so lets go with that 🙂 RIP Gore Vidal and Ernest Borgnine.

  • calicrs

    As Good as It Gets gotta love Jack!

  • John Scott


  • The Big Lebowski (see profile pic)

  • GoodFellas

  • Luis Rosso

    So many but i have to say : Pulp Fiction

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    Pulp Fiction, again and again

  • meowmixman

    Pulp fiction….English mother faker, do you speak it!!

  • James Schneider

    The Insider

  • Jurassic Park

  • Tom J

    Gotta go with The Matrix. It blew my mind!

    • Thank you Tom! I was just about to go crazy here with all these queer choices! LOL

    • I thought about putting this one too, but as I said in my entry, I’m a confessed Disney nerd 🙂

  • Armada3000

    Terminator 2 totally!

  • Mine would have to be The Matrix (1999) as it paved the way for an awesome series.

  • Schindler’s List

  • Terminator 2 (1990, right?)

  • Jon Kipp

    heads down, Heat.

  • mydroidphone

    Friday Daaaaaaaaaaaang!

    It’s puff puff give.

  • Look here ya fruity ass bastard sizzle chest! We all know the best movie of the 90’s was The Jerky Boys: The Movie. Get me one of them damn Galaxy Tab’s before I call the super across the way!!!

  • favorite movie from the 90s? ummmmm the Lion King duhhhh

  • Forrest Gump, I think it’s a classic 90’s movie.

  • American Pie

  • The Crow

  • rambo

  • The Matrix is my alltime favorite

  • the matrix

  • tat2junior

    It’s a toss up between Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction. Two of the best movies ever, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Fight Club.
    What a mind trip… awesome movie.

  • Taylor

    Dazed & Confused

  • Gulfstream

    The Hunt For Red October

  • Marcel

    Toy Story. To me this movie was one of the game chargers.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie!

  • Clerks is still one of my all time favorites.

  • Tommy Mcsquigle

    pulp fiction!!!

  • Butters619

    Ace Venture: Pet Detective

  • Fargo

  • realfoxm

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

  • Tim_KH

    Home Alone

  • Patrik Klinger

    Shawshank Redemption

  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • Forrest Gump – so watchable no matter what your mood.

  • Judge Dredd!

  • The Crow!!

  • What stinks was there was a bunch of amazing movies in 2000 that I wanted to pick but I will just have to say Fight Club.

  • Toy Story. Groundbreaking technological achievement, and an awesome story.

  • Bryan Rapp

    cool runnings, mon!

  • bittrblue

    Army of Darkness without a doubt. That movie never gets old.

  • Brandon Waters

    Dumb and Dumber, of course.

  • North Shore

  • Jimmy Garcia


  • Saving Private Ryan…

  • Cory Parker

    That’s easy, The Lion King. Nuff said 🙂

  • Gurvinder Dhariwal

    Con air

  • pouxonu

    My favorite would have to be Pulp Fiction


  • mgamerz

    Probably Digimon the Movie. Hey, I was young back then!

  • jer85008

    The original Matrix

  • Joe Bradley

    The matrix!

  • Cheetah Ink

    My favorite movies from the 90s is Toy Story. I saw it during a class field trip in high school for some art classes.

  • SagarPatel

    terminator 2

  • Office space fooz

  • kselby

    Best 90’s movie was undoubtedly Saving Private Ryan. “He better be worth it. He better go home and cure a disease, or invent a longer-lasting light bulb.”

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Sandlot!

  • Deep Blue Sea featuring Thomas Jane. They should make a drinking game from the times he falls down

  • Kevin R.

    Favorite 90’s movie (and it isn’t even close): TOMBSTONE

    So many great lines.

  • David Thomas

    The Matrix… without question!

  • Jesse

    12 monkeys

  • Aardvark99

    Pulp Fiction

  • Nelly547

    Dumb and Dumber!

  • JMac726

    Cool Runnings.

    Sanka, ya dead?
    Ya, mon.

  • therealjbriggs

    Gonna have to agree… Big Lebowski

  • Stan Holladay

    Pulp fiction

  • fav 90’s movie is
    Jurassic Park

  • Guest

    fav 90’s movie is

  • MikeOliveira

    The Movie PCU from 1994 I must have seen 100 times or more. I can quote them on almost a daily basis.

  • Robin Hood, Men in Tights

  • Joshua Dudash

    Gotta be pulp fiction. What an iconic movie 🙂

  • Arlind Emini

    Se7en… What’s in the box?

  • Sneakers

    • ArrowCool

      Great movie

  • PULP FICTION definitely is!! Awesome movie!

  • Ian haubner

    My favorite movies from the 90’s? there was so many, but I think the one that really stands out as defining the 90’s was Slackers.

  • How can you pick only one movie from the 90’s?!?!

    Pulp Fiction
    Fight Club
    The Matrix

  • Favorite 90’s movie must be Shawshank Redemption

  • Mrising

    SANDLOT!!!! forrrrreeeeevvvvvvveeeerrrr!! Loved that movie!

  • Pulp Fiction has got to be my favorite movie from that time.

  • Michael Schotborg

    The Mask. End of story!

  • Patrick Burns

    Pulp Fiction

  • badjedi

    Tough to choose, but I got to go with Saving Private Ryan.

  • Derek Manning

    Saving Private Ryan, without a doubt.



  • Fight Club. I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

  • Mike Toczek

    Fifth Element is my favorite 90’s movie. Blows all the others out of the water.

  • Chris

    Home Alone

  • Masta Marc

    Favorite movie from the 90’s? Childs Play – CHUCKY!!!!

  • Easy: There’s Something About Mary. Funniest movie ever.

  • avataranjie

    Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • nightscout13

    The Matrix (1999)

  • ElectricCoil

    Pulp Fiction 😀

  • jpnestel

    Wayne’s World. Party time! Excellent!

  • Kyle Miller

    House Party!

  • tu3218

    Total Recall..great movie to start the 90’s

  • Gordon White

    Die Hard

  • Gremlins 2 (1990) duhhhhhhh! Does no one remember it but me?

  • Jigga_Z

    Apollo 13 all the way!

  • DanWazz

    Jurassic Park.

  • GoodFellas, 1990

  • Fight Club.

  • Term Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • Favourite movie from the 90s was “Boyz n tha Hood”

  • Joseph Ree

    Forrest Gump

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  • Mallrats

  • Mi 90s movie choice would be Terminator 2!

  • Trevor

    The Matrix 1999

  • jxcgunrunna

    The Big Lebowski

  • Adam Cargal

    I can’t more people aren’t saying The Matrix. I know the 2nd and 3rd sucked, but the 1st one was truly groundbreaking.

    • r0lct

      Because of the sequels people may be more associating them with the 00’s, that’s what I did.

  • Casino…I watch that movie once a month.

  • Tommy Huff

    Hackers all the way

  • stupidllama

    white men can’t jump. i got your bean pies right here.

  • Dan Reese

    Die Hard

  • Oh easy one The Shawshank Redemption!

  • Fight Club

  • Larry W

    Pulp fiction

  • Brian Robinson


  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • Alan Phillips

    Definitely The Fifth Element!

  • Derek

    Toy Story. Hands down the best movie of the 90’s.

  • darkcomartist

    I’m gonna go with the Fifth Element.

  • MafiaMM

    I always hate these contest cause I don’t like involving myself in social media so I can never participate 🙁

    • r0lct

      Why not just create a twitter account with a fake name, only take 2 minutes and no on will ever know it is you.

  • Greg M

    The Matrix! And it is still one of my top favorites.

  • shnickburton


  • THE MATRIX!!!! Hands Down

  • Brett McCartney

    My all time favorite movie from 1994 was Forrest Gump!!

  • cns2007

    Wow, that’s a tough decade.

    I’ll pick “The Shawshank Redemption”.
    Though Pulp Fiction and Silence of the Lambs are close behind.

  • red014

    Lion King. Yes I’m a child on the inside, but any movie where Darth Vader has Mr. Bean as a close personal assistant and can father one of Tim the Tool Man Taylor’s kids and have him grow up to be Ferris Bueller has my vote.

  • r0lct

    Well movies I’ve seen the most times over would probably be Jurassic Park, Total Recall and Office Space.

  • SleepySensei

    hello world

  • spideme

    Independence Day (1996). It was the first VHS tape I got as a present. Still a favorite!

  • bmos18

    Terminator 2 judgement day. Hasta la vista baby!

  • I gotta go with Army of Darkness!! My favorite movie of all time!

  • Lambo_21

    Jurassic Park

  • Danny Flores

    Terminator 2 the best

  • David Hess

    Ace ventura

  • Perry Anderson


  • TJ

    Favorite 90’s movie: Dazed and Confused!

  • mattgdk

    Being from Jamaica, I HAVE to say Cool Runnings 🙂

  • The original Total Recall

  • Mission Impossible

  • I say Tommy Boy or Black Sheep. Hands down.

  • Fredy Nativi

    toy story seriously

  • topherct

    Fight Club

  • John Nagy

    Bill Cosby’s GHOST DAD!!!

    • cns2007

      LOL!!!! You almost made me choke on my coffee.

  • jsngrvn

    Hello Pulp Fiction

  • Francis Scardino

    So many amazing movies from the 90’s. I have to stick to Goodfellas as my #1 but I feel compelled to list a few runner ups.

    Saving Private Ryan
    The Big Lebowski
    Bram Stokers Dracula
    Independence Day

  • brandio

    Apollo 13

  • Tombstone

  • Hands down, Big Lebowski.

  • Drew Mills

    Yeah, Fifth Element.

  • Jeff McAfee

    Army of Darkness!

  • Bad Boys!

  • From the 90s….. I’d have to go with Independence Day. Such a good movie.

  • The Green Mile. One of Tom Hanks’ best hands down.

  • John Simonelli

    I would have to say Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore are my throwback favorites.

  • THE MATRIX!!!!!!

  • Pitch black

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    The game snuff said

  • gchahinian

    Surf ninjas…1000%

  • Mina Beshara

    Im going to have to go with Pulp Fiction for this one.
    “Oh I’m sorry. Did I break your concentration?”

  • I gotta go with the best of all time… Shawshank Redemption!!!

  • favorite 90’s movie : wow there was soo many.. Reservoir Dogs

  • Stephen D

    Toy Story!

  • ~

    Shawshank Redemption, but this question is tough

  • Mclovin


  • Fattie McDoogles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Where The Shredder comes back. And Vanilla Ice is in the movie.

  • My fav movie from the 90’s and in my Top 5 is Seven starring Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman

  • Shaunwin

    Saving Private Ryan

  • MontanaMoody

    Looks like a cool tablet!

  • Sapko82


  • Matt Hodson

    Saving Silverman. Guess our invitation must have gotten, lost in the mail!

  • Apollo 13. Houston, we have a problem!

  • Scott Fehrman

    I think I have to say “The Rock”
    I used to watch this a couple of times a week. I knew it line for line.

  • richardsonadm

    Best movie of the ’90’s and of all time is The Swahshank Redemption.

  • Terminator II – How have I not seen this listed? Travi-sha-mockery!

    • r0lct

      Good call, forgot about that one myself.

  • The Matrix

  • Sparky Tweek

    My favorite movie of the 90’s would have to be Twelve Monkeys. Great movie!

  • I have to agree with the people that say Jurassic Park. That was by far the best movie in the 90’s. Spielberg made that movie an absolute MASTERPIECE. You very rarely see any dinosaur movies like that anymore because you can’t beat Jurassic.Park.

  • Going to go with Clerks on this one..

  • The Big Lebowski. “The Dude abides”.

  • Jason Jackson

    The best movie hands down is PULP FICTION.

  • Jurassic Park

  • doug

    pulp fiction

  • NSZ

    Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey!

  • interpol818

    Encino man. This was a funny cool movie.

  • Forrest Gump!

  • MrBlonde04

    True Lies, Easly the Best Arnold swarzzenager film ^_^

  • I think I’d have to go with the Matrix.

  • BigLa

    Reservoir Dogs, undoubtedly.

  • tomgillotti

    Dumb and Dumber! (shooting begins on the TRUE sequel very soon–original actors/producers–not like the stupid prequel)

  • Gerard o hara

    cool runnings 🙂 @GerardOHara on twitter

  • albinosquirrel

    Aw someone beat me to it, but I also say groundhog’s day!

  • It’s ‘Shawshank Redemption’

  • Michael Gilly

    Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

  • pezjono

    Dumb and Dumber. Comedic mastery! Have seen it probably a dozen times and still find myself catching jokes I didn’t catch before.

  • Corey Hass

    Kindergarten Cop!


  • Jeff Jones

    Clear and present danger

  • digitalicecream

    Terminator 2. for the win.

  • 3 Ninjas!

  • Caprica_6

    Groundhog Day, because all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

  • Star Trek: First Contact

  • Big O

    The Fugitive best movie of 90’s!

  • Cowboy Way!

  • I…Can’t Hardly Wait…to get my hands on a Galaxy Tab!

  • Stephen Morrison

    Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

  • Christopher Quan

    Live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies. Back to the Future was the 80’s so I can’t say those

  • CAPerkins22

    Favorite 90’s movie is The Matrix, but Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back is right there….

  • Bradley Ruiz

    The Crow or The Matrix or Silent of the lambs

  • Andrew Stone

    Heat. I mean, c’mon, not only do you have AL PACINO but also Robert De Niro AND they’re both going at it.

  • Jason Thompson

    Forest Gump! You never know what you’re going to get. 😀

  • i love droid-life

  • br_hermon

    Shawshank Redemption

  • Shawshank Redemption

  • NYCdroids

    THE MATRIX!!!!

  • SJ Prettyman

    My favorite movie of the 90’s would have to be Relic, a great classic monster movie!

  • Pulp Fiction

  • tobidashi

    Favorite = Jurassic Park. No contest.

  • Shawshank Redemption.

  • Dale Bloom

    Meet Joe Black…don’t judge me!

  • If its 90’s than probably hook. Robin Williams as peter pan lol

    • red014


  • HollywoodWebber

    Fight club

  • ArrowCool

    My favorite movie from the 90’s is also my favorite movie of all time.

    The Big Lebowski

    [holding up a bowling ball] What the f*** is this?

    The Dude:
    Obviously you’re not a golfer.

  • imnotmikal

    Can’t go wrong with the Big Lebowski.

  • Mario Mendez

    I would say Office Space. Mike Judge made a masterpiece of comedy here.

  • Saving Private Ryan

  • MTPenguin

    My favorite movie from the 90’s was probably Terminator 2. Had friends that worked the theater and got a private viewing before release with all the ‘extras’ that aren’t usually allowed in a theater…. B-)

  • Enemy of the State

  • Pulp Fiction …still great! 94….was definitely a great year!!!!!!!!!

  • Doan

    Boondock Saints

  • Gettysburg; Saving Private Ryan; Stargate; Army of Darkness

  • duke69111

    It has to be Kate Winslet in Titanic.

  • I know its cutting it close but the matrix!

  • mustbepbs

    Definitely TMNT 2: Secret Of The Ooze. Cowabunga!

  • Lion King – “Oom-away-oom-away-oom-away …. AFRICA!!!”

  • collegepunk

    Pulp fiction is my favorite. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Gtmike256

    The Matrix for sure

  • Jason Corder

    Pulp Fiction!! “They speak English in What??”

    • summit1986

      “What ain’t no country I’ve ever heard of!”

  • Rob

    Gotta be the matrix

  • Kcdroid

    Favorite movie from the 90’s has to be pulp fiction. So many great actors and an awesome story line.

  • Billy Madison.. One of the Sandman’s finest

  • Masterminded

    I’m going with Toy Story

  • Jurassic Park for sure.

  • Alex Levy

    Independence Day all the way FTW

  • My first impulse was Top Gun. But I have to go with Slackers. You did say the 90’s.

  • CivilDroid

    Toss up between The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption for me.

  • Anthony Miccoli

    Tied between _The Silence of the Lambs_ and _American Beauty_

  • Sgt. Bilko

  • Michael swaim

    The terminator and Preditor

  • Chai Chhour

    ace ventura pet detective hands down.

    • Butters619

      I definitely beat you to that :p

    • slydell

      “Tombstone” nuff said!

  • Dazed and Confused

  • kismet769

    The Fifth Element. Still one of my favorite movies to watch today. 🙂

  • Rob Black

    Office Space!!! Just got in there in ’99! If you could go ahead and give me that Galaxy Tab, that’d be great. Mmm-k?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      We share favorites. The two guys who wrote the script for it worked at the same place I did years ago .. sold it for 50K .. still too little, IMO, for such a great movie.

      • Rob Black

        That’s crazy! I would’ve held out for more myself! It is a great movie, and unfortunately all too true to my daily work-life . . .

    • The first half of the movie is a visual biography of my office life. Some days I do have six people telling me about one thing.

  • eddie

    The big lebowski

  • Frank Rik

    Terminator 2

  • power rangers the original.

  • Major Payne! ” What Are You Looking At Ass Eyes”

  • 3 ninja’s. My brother and I would pretend to be those guys like crazy.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      ROCKY LOVES EMILY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You have made my day!

  • Pulp Fiction is the best movie of the 90s by far, and one of the best all time!

  • strikeir13

    Mystery Men. Hilarious

  • GoodFellas for sure!

  • HuskerPower10

    Toy Story

  • Favorite 90s move: Office Space

  • Coolblue272

    The Shawshank Redemption. Can anyone see that movie on tv and now watch it?

    • Allen Byrd

      Yes. Love Shawshank. Watch it all the time on TV. I also read the short story by Stephen King the other day.
      I also agree with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Saving Private Ryan, A Few Good Men, and Forrest Gump. 100%.

  • Very tough question but I’m going to have to go with The Matrix.

  • hsteckylf

    Jurassic Park!

  • nsauce7

    Terminator 2

  • Jack Paleczny

    boondock saints

  • hochoch

    phantom menace of course!

  • PalmerAdam

    Toy Story for the win!

  • I would love to win this!

  • Definitely gotta be Forrest Gump!!!

  • Pulp Fiction. I love it!!!!

  • Finire

    How could I not answer the original Matrix… Of course, it’s a better movie if we all pretend that none of the others were ever made either.

  • jofficus44

    Has to be Office Space

  • Dead Alive. Does it get any better :-p

  • Mine has to be: Farewell, My Concubine from 1993

  • Rachael Hedden

    I’m a girl (yes those things with boobs) and my boyfriend told me to enter this contest 🙂

    My favorite movie is: My Best Friend’s Wedding

    • J Dub

      Is that what boobs are attached to? I’ve never noticed.

  • Drop Dead Fred! That movie was awesome.

  • So many good movies to choose from. I’m going to go borderline with 1989 – Tim Burton’s Batman. It was great. Nicholson is fantastic. Led to 3 sequels (won’t talk about the Schumacher films) and paved the way for comic book movies as we know them.

  • In honor of Tony Scott, I’m going with True Romance!

  • True Lies

  • Johnathan Wicker

    Going with Friday

  • The Kiss (1896)… Oh wait… did you mean the 1990’s? Then… The Shawshank Redemption.

  • summit1986

    Pulp Fiction… One of the best movies ever.

  • Men in Black of course.

  • Fight Club…

  • Forest Gump takes the cake

  • Dark City!

  • Starship Troopers!! 1997 baby

  • Adrion Saenz

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day – hands down.

  • Maria Castellano

    Lets see do I have to pick one… Edward Scissors Hands was the ultimate fav.. But Home Alone, Ghost, Flat Liners, Pretty Woman were also all good 90’s movies…

  • Nowayjose

    Pulp fiction

  • Em Hunter

    Independence Day!!

  • JD Rudd

    Mallrats. Hands down, a fantastic film. Long live Kevin Smith!

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    Tombstone. Still just as good now as it was then.

  • zepfloyd

    Shawshank Redemption
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Matrix
    A Few Good Men
    Pulp Fiction
    Silence of the Lambs

    • You definitely nailed a bunch of my favorites. Especially Braveheart, Shawshank, Private Ryan, and Silence. Some of the best ever not just the 90’s.

  • JoshGroff

    The Matrix, hands down.

  • moelsen8


  • Jarred Sutherland

    Office Space … sadly, so sadly, it really models my work environment.

  • Justin Siefert

    That’s a tough question…Matrix, Dazed and Confused, Pulp Fiction, The Hunt for Red October, Goldeneye. Too many good ones to say just one but if forced I will go with The Hunt for Red October.

  • Oh wow, I really don’t remember. I’ll go with Billy Madison.

  • anezarati

    independence day

  • Michael Persico

    Shawshank Redemption

  • Tommy boy…or maybe office space…awesome movies, can’t pick just one…

  • paul

    Hook is my favorite movie.

  • going to have to go with Fight Club

  • edwoordd

    Boy’z in In Da hood, Se7en, Fight Club, Casino, Heat, American HIstory X, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Total Recall, The Devils Advocate, Blade, Rush Hour!!!

  • So many good ones to choose from, but I gotta say The Matrix was my favorite.

  • Wayne’s World! Party time!

  • The Fifth Element

  • B J Books

    Pulp Fiction

  • jmu33

    ninja turtles!!!!!!!

  • Keyan X

    My favorite movie is….well see I would tell you but the first rule is I’m not supposed to talk about it 😉

  • Justin Koch

    My favorite movie from the 90s is Clerks.

  • Radgatt

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The secret of the ooze

  • Harmeet Singh

    The Matrix

  • Kevin Goosie

    Favorite movie from the 90’s is The Net

  • Josh White

    SCREAM! Amazing movie!

  • William B

    The Big Lebowski! The dude would abide winning that tablet!

  • Fight Club

  • will bartlett

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie! i was 6 when it came out lol

  • Eric

    Ace Ventura Pet Dective!

  • Russell Sprague

    Bottle Rocket, greatest film of all time.

  • Jody Barnes

    Office Space hands down!

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! best movie of the 90’s!

  • sweet

    Jurassic Park.

  • liquidsense

    Yes please!

  • humidity

    Home Alone! Totally loved it growing up!

  • John

    hands down…The Big Lebowski

  • Byron Galvez

    Pulp Fiction da best

  • One of my favorites from the 90’s is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. What a great combination of holidays and a unique art style at the time that has since been copied but hasn’t lost the charm.

  • Buckoman

    The Matrix.

  • Favorite Movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles