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CM10 Easter Egg Plays Off of Jelly Bean’s Quite Nicely

The Jelly Bean Easter Egg that we first unearthed back at Google I/O has quickly become one of our all-time favorites. It’s interactive and a great time waster should you find yourself needing to kill 5 minutes without having to think or blink. Who would have thought that flicking Jelly Beans and wondering what’s up with the random Candy Cane could be so fun?

The CyanogenMod team must share similar feelings, as they decided to spend some extra time in CM10 to customize Jelly Bean’s hidden fun. CID’s head replaces the beans, but the flicking is just as addicting as you would expect it to be. It can be accessed in the same way that you would any other Easter Egg in Android – tap multiple times on the Android build number in your device’s About screen, then long press when you see CID’s face. 


Cheers Sebianoti!

  • Roubaix

    Who’s rom are you using. I am only finding the kangs. Is it in those as well? Haven’t downloaded any yet just wondering

  • Anyone else notice the power controls in the notification bar? One step closer

  • ddevito

    If the GSIII has a physical home button how does CM account for it in the OS?

    • Droosh

      Same as touchwiz 4.0. Press once for home. Long Press for multi-tasking

  • Dan

    I wish I had Jellybean for my S3

    • ddevito

      I thought it was already available for the SIII….?

      • Savan Ghetiya

        so far its only out for the GNex

        • there is a Cyanogenmod 10 preview for SGS3

        • steven sullivan

          Is cm10 for the gnex on rootz wiki?

    • Droosh

      I have CM10 Jelly Bean on my Verizon GS3. Runs great, except the camera is only 3MP right now.

  • I have to tap CyanogenMod Version, not Build number

  • wheineman

    Wow! A story about flickin the bean on Droid Life!

    • justincase_2008

      Its everyones favorite past time.