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First Wave of Google Play Nexus 7 Pre-orders Begin Shipping, All Will Ship Within 3 Business Days

Finally, orders of the Nexus 7 have began to ship from Google. In an automated recording that can be heard through Google’s Support line, they announce that the first wave of Nexus 7 orders will ship today, with all pre-orders shipping within the next three business days. Once your tablet ships, you will receive a confirmation email straight from Google. Calling them will get you no where – you have to sit back and wait for the shipping email to arrive. 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

To hear the good news for yourself, you can listen to the recording by calling Google Support at – 1-855-83-NEXUS (63987). Let us know if your order ships!

Cheers Wayne!


    I paid for 2-day shipping. UPS says shipped/billed on 7/11. On 7/16, UPS says “a label has been created.” I am not hyper, but I do not like paying for something that I do not receive — in this case, the 2-day shipping charge. If Google does not act fast to correct this, I envision class-action suits to recover. Which would be a shame. But they have to learn not to over promise and under deliver.

  • Eric Sweetheimer

    Still no confirmation Email and I ordered it from Google Play Store the day they announced it…

  • Charles

    Nexus 4 life

  • Oakman

    Agreed that Google should have shipped their pre-orders earlier than brick and mortar, but I’m happy with my Google order because it costs me $10 in gas for a round trip to a Gamestop. Not only that, when I pre-ordered (the 8Gb model), Gamestop was only taking orders for the 16Gb model. Was notified by Google of unit shipped Saturday.

  • Maybe Google should have contracted Apple to do the “menial administrative” task of actually shipping their tablet out to purchasers….

  • I received my email this morning at 2:05 a.m. Interestingly enough, my tracking order doesn’t work. Anyone else have this issue? I just hope it arrives at my door soon….

  • I received my shipping notification, oddly enough, at 3:33 am.

  • Jeremy Beaver

    Got the confirmation e-mail last night. According to UPS I’ll have it Monday.

  • pedrodepacas

    I got my email @1:46 am pst, I ordered one 16 gb the night of the 27th. Hopefully will have it in hand by Tuesday.

  • zemo munro

    Calm Dwn!..Yikes I’m Dribbling at th meare mention of the word Nexus 7.
    Pre-ordered 2 from PC World in Uk on 11th. It was one step ahead of Google play by offering free delivery saving a few quid just hope the free delivery is up to scratch…its bad enough waiting for goggle to sort out and communicate their shipping dates just hope that PC World doesnt add insult to injury with its delivery…We will see!

  • Kurt Edens

    Just got my shipping email at 10:33 EDT… I ordered on 7/10 but ordered 2 8GB units. I know some people commented earlier that they ordered on day 1 and hadn’t gotten shipping notices…. Not sure what determines the order but Google Play told me I wouldn’t ship til next week as it went in chronological order based on the order the orders were placed in. I bet there are seperate lists for 8GiB and 16GiB units though.. I would be curious to see if those that ordered ealier than I but did not ship today, had ordered 16GB units, as I would expect they would be on shorter supply as those are what retail stores were selling also…

  • stupidllama

    my card….has been….CHAAAAARRRRRRGGGGED!! Im guess this is a good thing, i check earlier today and it hadn’t but now it has, (i kinda figured it would be at some point today, since i preorder on the 27th of june. i have not recieved any shipping info yet though, but im sure i will, this is nicei honest was really hoping to get it by the end of next week, so im sure i will now. It maybe make up for people getting it before me, which isnt right, but its ok, im glad for them.

  • sway

    No one said theres a bonus ordering from google. I cant recall google saying that, hey if you preorder from us, youll get it first…Just sayin.

    • stupidllama

      yes but in the intrest of “first come first serve” those who ordered weeks ago should have gotten thiers before someone that ordered a few days ago from a retailer. but i aint mad, im happy for those who got it, i dont get a cookie for being first.

  • alpine2g

    Just called my local gamestop, they have 25 in stock with no pre orders.. WTF? I ordered on the 10th from the play store. DAMNIT!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Question: Anyone who got their Nexus 7 today, did you buy a protective screen for it? Just curious as not really sure if I should yet. Thanks!!

  • LTE4G

    Says complete, yet not shipped, so wth?

  • I have a pending authorization from the Google Play store. No shipment notification, so it’s anyone’s guess when I will actually receive the Nexus 7. I’m patient. This is not life-ending, or life-altering stuff where talking about; but like any good techie … I’m anxious.

    I certainly hope, as a goodwill gesture, that Google will post something on its blog about this.

    Before some smart ass comes flying in with a witty retort — this is not about whining, or pissing and moaning. Customers of Google have legitimate questions about the process. In my opinion, the viability of the Google Play store — for ordering devices — has been compromised.

    If Google truly wants to build trust with customers, it would do well to “proactively” offer some insight into why third-party retailers are handing out devices before people who pre-ordered through their store even received shipping notifications. The Google brand is strong, but being cavalier with your customers can be one way to find tarnish spreading on that polished image.

    • philstx

      I agree 100%. While I did not pre-order the day of the announcement, I definitely have no reason to pre-order from the play store in the future if there is no incentive to doing so. In fact, pre-ordering from the play store looks like a disadvantage in receiving the device as an early adopter AND you have to pay for shipping… and if they ship on a Friday the 2-day shipping you pay for is not truly 2 days (I know that’s not Google’s fault, outside of shipping on a Friday).

      I truly hope they provide an explanation and possibly some sort of post-pre-order incentive because of this snafu.

      • Interestingly, Google sent out a message on Twitter yesterday that pre-orders were beginning to ship. That’s cool, but what about people who aren’t on Twitter or social media (me), or weren’t on Twitter in that moment? Using social media should just be one avenue, but Google had to be aware of the dustup. Just sending a tweet is like breaking up with me by text message.

  • MZPilotGuy

    Has anyone checked their bank account? I just checked mine and I’ve been charged for the device. I believe that it only happened just this afternoon, as I checked early this morning and nothing was there.

    • same with me, amount hasn’t show yet, just shows about $290 missing (tablet plus probably lunch)

    • DizoAZ

      Yes. I’ve also noticed that Google just moved my order to “Completed” status, no tracking # yet.

  • DizoAZ

    Ordered mine on June 28th from the Play Store. I can confirm my credit card has a pending charge on it from Google today. I’ve not yet received my tracking #, but I’m pretty sure they’re only supposed to charge once it’s in the process of shipping out.

  • GotMines

    I just pick mines up today from GameStop.

  • rocketpunch

    Google: “Look at all these pre-orders from our hardcore fan base immediately after the launch event!”; let’s ship it to them last! WAHAHAHAHA! (troll face)

  • I just don’t get how the shipping is going… my buddy and I ordered within 15 mins of each other on 6/29… there was a glitch with his card today, so he had to fix it and received shortly thereafter received a confirmation, he’ll have it Monday. The guy he works with ordered on the 7/3 and has a confirmation. I haven’t heard a peep. I know, according to the recording, everything will be shipped by Wednesday, but I’m leaving for vacation at the end of next week and I’m going to be super pissed if I don’t have my new toy to play with.

  • adam

    I was at Gamestop yesterday to use some of my in-store credit on a game and i saw one of these and picked it up. great so far

  • Justin McDermott

    Sweet! Finally went through! CHKCARDGOOGLE *DevicesGOOGLE CHCAUS

    • I’m hoping that means it ships from Chicago. For a nice tidy monday delivery.

  • Just got an email from google saying my order was on hold. Called US Bank and she said they get a lot of fraud alerts from google devices so it was flagged, a few SUPER courteous conversations later and the charge went through. Wonder if it will still ship today.

    Either way, super pleased by the ALL ENGLISH experience with USBank!

  • Question. Since the Nexus 7 is still in pre-order status, does that mean if I pre-order another one it will still ship in three days? How solid is this “all [pre-orders] will ship within 3 business days” business?

  • Scott Swanson

    Great customer service from Google. My local Sams Club had it in stock. I called and was able to cancel my preorder for a full refund. The agent was very appologetic and understood that Google did a poor job with retail embargo pending delivery of preorders.