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First Wave of Google Play Nexus 7 Pre-orders Begin Shipping, All Will Ship Within 3 Business Days

Finally, orders of the Nexus 7 have began to ship from Google. In an automated recording that can be heard through Google’s Support line, they announce that the first wave of Nexus 7 orders will ship today, with all pre-orders shipping within the next three business days. Once your tablet ships, you will receive a confirmation email straight from Google. Calling them will get you no where – you have to sit back and wait for the shipping email to arrive. 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

To hear the good news for yourself, you can listen to the recording by calling Google Support at – 1-855-83-NEXUS (63987). Let us know if your order ships!

Cheers Wayne!


    I paid for 2-day shipping. UPS says shipped/billed on 7/11. On 7/16, UPS says “a label has been created.” I am not hyper, but I do not like paying for something that I do not receive — in this case, the 2-day shipping charge. If Google does not act fast to correct this, I envision class-action suits to recover. Which would be a shame. But they have to learn not to over promise and under deliver.

  • Eric Sweetheimer

    Still no confirmation Email and I ordered it from Google Play Store the day they announced it…

  • Charles

    Nexus 4 life

  • Oakman

    Agreed that Google should have shipped their pre-orders earlier than brick and mortar, but I’m happy with my Google order because it costs me $10 in gas for a round trip to a Gamestop. Not only that, when I pre-ordered (the 8Gb model), Gamestop was only taking orders for the 16Gb model. Was notified by Google of unit shipped Saturday.

  • Maybe Google should have contracted Apple to do the “menial administrative” task of actually shipping their tablet out to purchasers….

  • I received my email this morning at 2:05 a.m. Interestingly enough, my tracking order doesn’t work. Anyone else have this issue? I just hope it arrives at my door soon….

  • I received my shipping notification, oddly enough, at 3:33 am.

  • Jeremy Beaver

    Got the confirmation e-mail last night. According to UPS I’ll have it Monday.

  • pedrodepacas

    I got my email @1:46 am pst, I ordered one 16 gb the night of the 27th. Hopefully will have it in hand by Tuesday.

  • zemo munro

    Calm Dwn!..Yikes I’m Dribbling at th meare mention of the word Nexus 7.
    Pre-ordered 2 from PC World in Uk on 11th. It was one step ahead of Google play by offering free delivery saving a few quid just hope the free delivery is up to scratch…its bad enough waiting for goggle to sort out and communicate their shipping dates just hope that PC World doesnt add insult to injury with its delivery…We will see!

  • Kurt Edens

    Just got my shipping email at 10:33 EDT… I ordered on 7/10 but ordered 2 8GB units. I know some people commented earlier that they ordered on day 1 and hadn’t gotten shipping notices…. Not sure what determines the order but Google Play told me I wouldn’t ship til next week as it went in chronological order based on the order the orders were placed in. I bet there are seperate lists for 8GiB and 16GiB units though.. I would be curious to see if those that ordered ealier than I but did not ship today, had ordered 16GB units, as I would expect they would be on shorter supply as those are what retail stores were selling also…

  • stupidllama

    my card….has been….CHAAAAARRRRRRGGGGED!! Im guess this is a good thing, i check earlier today and it hadn’t but now it has, (i kinda figured it would be at some point today, since i preorder on the 27th of june. i have not recieved any shipping info yet though, but im sure i will, this is nicei honest was really hoping to get it by the end of next week, so im sure i will now. It maybe make up for people getting it before me, which isnt right, but its ok, im glad for them.

  • sway

    No one said theres a bonus ordering from google. I cant recall google saying that, hey if you preorder from us, youll get it first…Just sayin.

    • stupidllama

      yes but in the intrest of “first come first serve” those who ordered weeks ago should have gotten thiers before someone that ordered a few days ago from a retailer. but i aint mad, im happy for those who got it, i dont get a cookie for being first.

  • alpine2g

    Just called my local gamestop, they have 25 in stock with no pre orders.. WTF? I ordered on the 10th from the play store. DAMNIT!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Question: Anyone who got their Nexus 7 today, did you buy a protective screen for it? Just curious as not really sure if I should yet. Thanks!!

  • LTE4G

    Says complete, yet not shipped, so wth?

  • I have a pending authorization from the Google Play store. No shipment notification, so it’s anyone’s guess when I will actually receive the Nexus 7. I’m patient. This is not life-ending, or life-altering stuff where talking about; but like any good techie … I’m anxious.

    I certainly hope, as a goodwill gesture, that Google will post something on its blog about this.

    Before some smart ass comes flying in with a witty retort — this is not about whining, or pissing and moaning. Customers of Google have legitimate questions about the process. In my opinion, the viability of the Google Play store — for ordering devices — has been compromised.

    If Google truly wants to build trust with customers, it would do well to “proactively” offer some insight into why third-party retailers are handing out devices before people who pre-ordered through their store even received shipping notifications. The Google brand is strong, but being cavalier with your customers can be one way to find tarnish spreading on that polished image.

    • philstx

      I agree 100%. While I did not pre-order the day of the announcement, I definitely have no reason to pre-order from the play store in the future if there is no incentive to doing so. In fact, pre-ordering from the play store looks like a disadvantage in receiving the device as an early adopter AND you have to pay for shipping… and if they ship on a Friday the 2-day shipping you pay for is not truly 2 days (I know that’s not Google’s fault, outside of shipping on a Friday).

      I truly hope they provide an explanation and possibly some sort of post-pre-order incentive because of this snafu.

      • Interestingly, Google sent out a message on Twitter yesterday that pre-orders were beginning to ship. That’s cool, but what about people who aren’t on Twitter or social media (me), or weren’t on Twitter in that moment? Using social media should just be one avenue, but Google had to be aware of the dustup. Just sending a tweet is like breaking up with me by text message.

  • MZPilotGuy

    Has anyone checked their bank account? I just checked mine and I’ve been charged for the device. I believe that it only happened just this afternoon, as I checked early this morning and nothing was there.

    • same with me, amount hasn’t show yet, just shows about $290 missing (tablet plus probably lunch)

    • DizoAZ

      Yes. I’ve also noticed that Google just moved my order to “Completed” status, no tracking # yet.

  • DizoAZ

    Ordered mine on June 28th from the Play Store. I can confirm my credit card has a pending charge on it from Google today. I’ve not yet received my tracking #, but I’m pretty sure they’re only supposed to charge once it’s in the process of shipping out.

  • GotMines

    I just pick mines up today from GameStop.

  • rocketpunch

    Google: “Look at all these pre-orders from our hardcore fan base immediately after the launch event!”; let’s ship it to them last! WAHAHAHAHA! (troll face)

  • I just don’t get how the shipping is going… my buddy and I ordered within 15 mins of each other on 6/29… there was a glitch with his card today, so he had to fix it and received shortly thereafter received a confirmation, he’ll have it Monday. The guy he works with ordered on the 7/3 and has a confirmation. I haven’t heard a peep. I know, according to the recording, everything will be shipped by Wednesday, but I’m leaving for vacation at the end of next week and I’m going to be super pissed if I don’t have my new toy to play with.

  • adam

    I was at Gamestop yesterday to use some of my in-store credit on a game and i saw one of these and picked it up. great so far

  • Justin McDermott

    Sweet! Finally went through! CHKCARDGOOGLE *DevicesGOOGLE CHCAUS

    • I’m hoping that means it ships from Chicago. For a nice tidy monday delivery.

  • Just got an email from google saying my order was on hold. Called US Bank and she said they get a lot of fraud alerts from google devices so it was flagged, a few SUPER courteous conversations later and the charge went through. Wonder if it will still ship today.

    Either way, super pleased by the ALL ENGLISH experience with USBank!

  • Question. Since the Nexus 7 is still in pre-order status, does that mean if I pre-order another one it will still ship in three days? How solid is this “all [pre-orders] will ship within 3 business days” business?

  • Scott Swanson

    Great customer service from Google. My local Sams Club had it in stock. I called and was able to cancel my preorder for a full refund. The agent was very appologetic and understood that Google did a poor job with retail embargo pending delivery of preorders.

  • well there goes my weekend plans. anyone else bummed about not being able to watch Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon until next week!?

    • It’s available for streaming on Netflix if you have an account. But that’s not why i’m bummed

  • nascpats

    called gamestop they said they had one went down and got it said someone cancelled there order lol happy friday th thirteenth lol

  • Ryan Powell

    “Merchant: GOOGLE 275.44” is a beautiful thing to see on my pending transactions. Finally!

    • $275? Shouldn’t it be $281?

      • Ryan Powell

        My taxes could be different than yours.

    • Trevor

      Haha, I felt the same way when I saw the pending charge on my card! It’s a sad day when we’re happy to see our money disappear.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    So, I ordered the 16g on the first day, then days later went back and ordered an 8g for my daughter, my bank has been debited for the the 8g first 🙂 just can’t win! And for those that voted down my ‘Receive by Tuesday’ Post. HA! who’s laughing now…

  • SeanBello

    walked into Gamestop and bought one, no pre-order. got the salesperson to take a pic of the sale screen with the street date on it.

    Proof: https://twitter.com/sean_bello81/status/223857132582342656/photo/1

    • vito

      i can no longer be mad with Google as it appears to be the kids working at game stop who have cause all this irritation!

  • Raven

    Pre-ordered during the Google I/O Keynote when it was announced. Google charged my credit card at 2:03 PM CST today. With the 2-day shipping it is a pretty safe bet that I will be getting mine early next week. Woot!

  • Foe

    There was no advantage in pre ordering it, that’s what upsets me, looks like everyone gets the pre order goodies on top of that the postage charge. Good one Google.

    • Yeah stupid jerks being even MORE nice to people. Those people should be screwed! I mean you sat there for literally minutes on the internet, probably in a comfy chair, in the air conditioning.

      This is DISGUSTING google…

      Just handing out Play credit like it’s candy to people who did nothing to earn it.

      • Foe

        What are you going on about? My point is there was no advantage as the play store suggested in ordering from them when you could get the same ordering outside the play store and save on postage?

  • r0lct

    That’s it I’m leaving Verizon when my contract it up over this!!!!!

    • Chris

      Verizon? How are the two related?

      • r0lct


    • lol

    • Alex Schechter

      I lol’d

  • Got to love a company that when you sit on the phone for over half an hour, the guy that you get gives no help and when you ask what Google plans to do for their customers who made the mistake of ordering from them, as i did on June 27th, instead of ordering from Game Stop, he avoids the question and just keeps saying that most orders will be processed and shipped in 1-3 days. THANKS GOOGLE I’M SURE I’LL ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN!

  • I ordered BEFORE it was even announced, and still nothing. Booooo!

    Order Date: June 27, 2012 12:36:05 PM UTC-4

    • My bank is down $290+ dollars, should be posting soon it looks like.

      • LionStone

        Just checked…$283.00 processing!!

  • Kevin McClain

    On my way to Gamestop to pick up a nexus 7 bcuz fortunately someone decided to cancel their preorder. Try your local store guys. You might get lucky.

  • Sameer Ahmed

    god i ordered the nexus 7 on july 1st is there any chance of getting the tablet today ( friday)

    • nhizzat

      Nope. I pre-ordered on the 28th and I haven’t received an email from Google.

      • ddevito

        same here (06/27)

  • Trevor

    There are tons of complaints about how this Nexus 7 ordeal was handled (I’m upset I don’t have it in my hands yet from the Play store, but whatever, I’ll live), but no one has commended Google on setting a release schedule of mid-July and actually hitting that mark. I feel like so many product releases get pushed back further and further, but it seems that the Nexus 7 will actually come out on time (assuming we get them next week that is…). Kudos to Google for that!

    • ddevito

      I don’t want to sounds like a downer, but let’s face it – it’s not new hardware. This tablet was (in theory) ready to go months ago, but was pulled by Asus and Google to make the Nexus 7. Yes, it’s nice to see them launch on time, but I’d be impressed when a new Google product (that people want, so exclude the Q) launches on time.

      • I ordered a Q.

        I want it more than I want my N7. But I also have a Transformer Prime.

  • goatodoom

    Just got the updated order email from staples (If you prordered, they list your order as cancelled, and then put it as another order when they go to ship it) saying it should be delivered Monday

  • I’ve been getting so anxious and impatient, this is the best news I have heard all day. I almost called Gamestop and Office Depot!

  • Jeff Tycz

    OMG my nexus 7 tablet didnt ship yet….#firstworldproblems

  • JeffE

    Google told me that shipments are delayed due to Drew Brees buying a surplus with his new contract.

    • brooklyn nets were buying up the tablets to include in a trade package that would land them dwight howard

  • KnowYourEnemy462

    That guy is British? BRITISH!? I’m cancelling my order!

    • Salvatore Bracco


      • Alpha_Axl

        Yes, because British people are a race of their own.

        • Chris

          lmao! BAZINGA!!!!!!

        • McBain


      • KnowYourEnemy462

        I sincerely apologize for my anglophobic outburst.

  • Gerret Walczak

    You commenters are starting to sound as stuck up and entitled as Apple users.

  • More confirmation:


    We’re now shipping Nexus 7 preorders. The first wave of orders are going out today and all preorders are scheduled to ship within the next 3 business days.

    Once your order has shipped you’ll receive a confirmation email and tracking number. Though our agents are unable to provide a specific delivery date for individual preorders, please rest assured that our shipping team is working to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.

  • RobertStrayer

    You can go into SAMS right now and buy the 16gb(as long as they still have stock).

  • MPS

    So when they say, “within the next three business days” do we figure they mean Friday, Monday, Tuesday or do they mean Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?

    • well considering today is friday and “next” means after, that means MTW

  • Holy cow I can see who here is a child and who isn’t. Who cares if people got it from gamestop before you. I’ve had mine since IO. You mad?

    • Trevor

      Haha, technically you paid to get yours that early, plus a bunch of other goodies. I hope you’ve been enjoying it!

    • nhizzat

      What’s the point in pre-ordering an item only to receive it after people who can simply walk into a retail store and have it before you?

      • Because aside from MAYBE one guy, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is saying there is retail stock. ALLLL of these stories have said the same thing. Gamestop got it’s first wave in, it’s fufilling MOST of its pre-orders, VERY few MIGHT have a unit or two left. Same with staples.



  • Zuk

    Anyone received their email yet? Any idea how they’re going about sending them out? If it’s alphabetical order, that’s not good news for me, but if it’s by date of order that helps a little.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that someone else getting an item first at retail put a damper on your own purchase? Google did not give a hard release date upon ordering and are still within the 2-3 weeks that you accepted when you purchased from them.

    Honestly, is a 2-3 day difference for a device you will own for months or years really something to be worth canceling the order or stopping doing business with Google over? When did everyone become so impatient?

    • Salvatore Bracco

      I wouldn’t cancel the order, but it’s really hard to wait for something like the Nexus 7. It’s so great.

    • Drise

      Sounds like first world problems to me

    • dhirensavalia

      I must agree. Google has never really dealt with such a large amount of retail orders by themselves. While Gamestop, Office Depot, and Staples deal with retail orders/deliveries everyday. But, at the same time, Google should have thought of the people that pre-ordered as soon as they could. Those people should have got their tablets as soon as the retail stores. Google should credit the shipping and handling cost to those customers that pre-ordered the first week.

      • I don’t want my shipping refunded. They flew the damned thing from taiwan, and then to the midwest.

        For ~$20…

        Bitching about this is bordering on offensive.

        • dhirensavalia

          I wasn’t bitching. I was just making a logical conclusion based on the fact that Google usually is a customer/user first business. If they do not issue a refund, it won’t make a bit of difference to me. (I didn’t even order the first week.)

          • I don’t think “logical” means what you think it means.

            They said 2-3 weeks. It’s shipped in two weeks.

            Random crabby internet people decided this is a travesty. Rational people. Have not. The logical thing to do is ignore the people who have grown accustomed to using any excuse possible (even when nothing that was claimed was left undelivered) to eek a buck back from someone and just let it die.

            If they lose business over this, it isn’t the kind of business you want in the first place.

        • soccer42

          Uh that is there job. If they did not fly it here no one would buy it and they would have a tablet that failed. Yes it is offensive that they charge that much, you can go to USPS and ship that for 5 dollars priority and have it to anyones house in two to three days. Google rips people off period.

    • nhizzat

      I’m just trying to figure out why they had us pre-order directly from them before any other retailer only to receive it after other retailers opened their pre-orders.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      When you preorder a Google product directly from Google you expect to get treated better than this. Why could they ship to retailers at the beginning of this week but can’t ship directly to their customers until the end of the week or beginning of the following week? It doesn’t make sense and the lack of communication from Google makes even more annoying. Also, the lack of a firm release date at any point is bad too. It makes people wonder constantly when the thing is going to start shipping. Then you hear about retailers receiving shipments and you wonder what’s going on, so you double check your order to be sure that it will ship correctly. Then you hear that retailers are selling their units, but you still haven’t heard anything from Google about your order that you placed over 2 weeks ago. Huge anticipation, no direct communication, lots of rumors, and generally just feeling slighted have a way of making people upset.

      • b_to_the_randon

        I think too that part of this is compounded frustration from the VZW Galaxy Nexus debacle. Admittedly Google isn’t to blame for that (not directly, but they could have required something firm from Verizon to be the sole release carrier), but it always feels like for me (and perhaps others) that getting hold of a Google product is a real pain.

        • Southrncomfortjm

          If I’d been an Android user at the time of the GNEX debacle, and therefore would have know about it, I probably would have not pre-ordered from Google. They simply do not know how to handle hardware distributions, especially for hot items.

      • soccer42

        your so right

    • Absolutely, wait until next week at this time when everybody is happily playing on their nexus 7s and will have forgotten that they got their toy a couple days later than some people.

      Of course we’ll remember this next time google launches a product like this, but we know now how it was handled and can see if this will be the norm or if they will learn from this ordeal.

      I do understand a little frustration.. but some people need to relax.

      • b_to_the_randon

        I’m patient — I’ll get it next week and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. But the lesson learnt here is that Google treats brick and mortar’s more seriously than their own storefront. It’ll be a lesson remembered the next time we’re pre-ordering a Google product.

    • mike

      When did everyone become so impatient?

      When the internet went mainstream. duh.

    • Anonynoymous

      When that difference means not having it to use for a 2-week period away from home.

  • My gamestop is only offering preorders of the 16 gb version

  • Droidzilla

    People are really upset at Google for maybe getting their tablet one or two business days later than others? Wow.

    • nhizzat

      What’s the point in pre-ordering then if you’re not going to receive the item before those that can walk into a retail store?

  • Victor Amaya

    ..I’ll be hitting that refresh button in gmail starting 5 minutes ago…

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Thing that bothers me most, really, is not that Gamestop got it first, but that I didn’t get it before this weekend when I have lots of time to unlock/root it and play around with any roms floating around. This thing is now going to arrive on Monday or Tuesday when no one is home, so I won’t get it until the following day, and then I’ll have to wait until the weekend to set it up to my liking. Not a huge deal, but lame.

    • nhizzat

      It doesn’t take all that much time to unlock. Are you telling us that you’re so busy during the week that you don’t have a couple hours to play with your new tablet?

      • Southrncomfortjm

        Not that busy, but I have a lot more distractions during the week (full time and part time job, etc). On the weekend I can veg out with a movie on and my laptop, GNEX and N7 and get everything to my liking in an afternoon since I will want to test out a few different Roms. I don’t know what all roms, kernels, etc, do since I’ve only been rooting for about 3 week, so it will probably take me longer since I don’t know what the difference between a “Popcorn” or “Liquid” kernel is just by reading the name. So, yes, I could do it during the week, but I’d like a nice uninterupted time on the weekend to do it all at once.

  • No problem! Glad to spread the info.

    – Wayne

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Kudos on the tip. So you already received your notification? Or you just discovered the recording?

  • AHHHH CAN’T WAIT!!! I hope it gets here by next thursday…. eeek im going on vacation for a couple days

  • G-Nex

    I ordered from B&H back on 7/4. Today they updated the estimated ship date to 9/1!!!

  • TheWenger

    I just bought mine from Gamestop. They only had pre-orders in, and the guy working there was the only one to pre-order. So he sold me his. It was awesome.
    Sorry to all that ordered from Google. That really sucks.

    • Serious question here…Did it come with the $25 in Play store credit? I am wondering if there was ANY benefit to pre-ordering with Google.

      • $25 is with everything, no matter where you order.

        • Southrncomfortjm

          So, yes to the first one and no to the second one. On the plus side, you got to pay taxes *and* shipping!

  • DroidzFX

    Untwist the panties….

    • Trevor

      I’m not wearing any…

  • No email yet. I hope to get it this weekend since I am off work for once!

  • Jason

    Lest we all forget guys and gals, they originally said 2-3 weeks, and 3 weeks is next Wednesday from the annoucement. The only part that ticks me off is that retailers may have it first. I was one of many google-ites that watched IO online and feel like you should reward your most loyal first, However that is awful optimistic these days.

    Sadly they seemed to have learned how to handle product launches from ASUS.

    • nhizzat

      Google hit their timeline but they really have me scratching my head trying to figure out why I pre-ordered the Nexus 7 when I can walk into 2 Gamestops and walk out with one today instead. I still end up paying tax (I still don’t understand why we pay tax on an out-of-state internet order) but save ~$20 in shipping.

      • Southrncomfortjm

        What is with the tax on the Play Store anyway? That came out of nowhere.

  • rocketpunch

    It is pointless now.

    Proves Google have not clue how to do retail and I would never order hardware directly from them again.

    • SeanBello

      me either. one major time is all it takes. shudder to think how this will go when they try to do it with multiple nexus phones later in the year.

  • Michael_NM

    Google: Search for anything but your Nexus 7 order.

    • r0lct

      I think we have today’s winner.

  • napppppppz

    Psh no shipping conformation yet…doesn’t help either that there’s a gamestop just a short walk away with probably more nexus devices then they know what to do with

  • Chris

    Guys, calm down! You have to understand that Google is not set up for such a wide distribution of product to consumers. They are not (dare I say it…) Apple. They have some things to iron out and I am sure they are the type that learn from their mistakes. Just enjoy your weekend and dont let materialistic “drama” run your life! —-(says the guy hitting *refresh* every 20 seconds….)

    • WalterWhite

      What’s a few days going to hurt? lol

      • Salvatore Bracco

        Are you kidding me?!?!?! I must have it now!!!!

        • WalterWhite

          I know…I’m fighting the urge too! 😀

      • nhizzat

        I don’t mind not receiving it for a couple more days but I’m trying to rationalize why I pre-ordered the tablet when I can walk into a retail store today and be posting this comment on it. Sure the $25 Play Store credit is nice but I end up paying ~$20 in shipping and for some reason many of us are paying tax on an out-of-state internet order.

        • What store can you walk into and buy it? GameStop is pre-orders only.

          • Knows Everything

            GameStop has Extras, Sams Club has them in stock, Adorama. You obviously know nothing.

          • At least you are polite about it. Adorama isn’t exactly a brick and mortar for 99% of the population. Gamestop MAY have SOME extras.

          • nhizzat

            People are walking into several different B&Ms to this day and walking out with a Nexus 7. What were you saying again?

          • Thanks for the… snarky… tip.

        • I don’t think it rises to the level of “rationalize”. NOBODY is saying that ANYBODY has it in stock (DEFINITELY not reliably so) right now. Everyone they’ve found so far who has gotten one got it because they pre-ordered.

          • Alex Schechter

            I just called gamestop and all their preorders were picked up

        • I totally agree with you. I was under the impression that the Playstore orders would come in first… not by a couple of days but I thought the playstore would ship maybe weeks in advance of retail store arrivals. If I would have known GameStop and other retailers would get their products out to customers ahead of Playstore preorders I would not have even used the playstore and saved on shipping. What is the incentive to use the playstore for hardware item purchases? Even the retail stores have the $25 playstore credit with the Nexus 7.

    • napppppppz

      They could make this a lot better by idk maybe giving people who pre ordered through Google play an extra $25 credit? 😀

      • Greedy much?

        • TuckandRoll84

          Not greedy, just good business sense. What is my incentive to order directly from google again if I could preorder from gamestop, pick up my order before google even ships their preorders, not have to pay a shipping fee, and still get the $25 play store credit?

          • Honestly, I think if I were them I’d be getting my money either way so if you wanted to bank on a fluke where gamestop gets theirs early then go for it.

            For every million units shipped AT COST you want them to fork over $25mil.

            I don’t think your business acumen is what you think it is.

          • TuckandRoll84

            Well no. Google is giving a store credit to their store. While it is true they would lose some money it would not be the $25 per unit, they would be losing the base value of whatever the customer chooses to buy. Say a $5 movie rental $2.50 covers the license $2.50 Google profit. (Just an example but you see what I’m getting at)

            So yes it would cost Google some but only a drop in the bucket. On the other hand word of mouth would spread that Google looks after their loyal customers and acquires more loyal customers as a result making them more money. Or they can continue to drop the ball by letting retailers sell them first. (I’m not knocking them for a mid-July launch. I’m actually really impressed they are getting them out on time.) Bad press spreads by words of mouth and they will lose customers.

          • You still got the $25 credit through GameStop

          • gee

            you guys need to get a life and concentrate on what’s important in life. it is not who got their device first! grow up!

          • Jon

            If you are paying extra to get the device first, then it is a problem. A monetary loss is important in life when you don’t gain something from it.

      • DizoAZ

        $13.99 is an awful lot for 2 day shipping on such a small item. I work for a large financial institution and you would not believe how cheap we can ship stuff through UPS or FedEx. I’m talking $5 for something that would cost the normal person $20-30. I would have purchased locally had I known that they would be available there first. I also doubt Google isn’t setup for large distribution. They’ve been selling the regular Nexus line of phones for a while now. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other company is handling their logistics anyways.

    • SeanBello

      then they shouldn’t have done it or cut pre-orders at a certain amount.

    • rocketpunch

      The only thing that Google set-up correctly is when they set us up the bomb.

    • DizoAZ

      I doubt Google isn’t setup for large distribution. They’ve been selling the regular Nexus line of phones for a while now. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other company is handling their logistics anyways.

    • tyler.c

      beautifully said. no one is going to care how long it took get here once we have one in our hands.

    • Funny that you admonish people to calm down by shouting at them. (exclamation mark) Your point is valid, however it’s worth noting that this is not Google’s time with direct-to-consumer retail. The sale of the Nexus One was far from a smooth operation (carrier tomfoolery aside). I think that Google has had a couple of years to figure out, and dry-run, a good consumer retail experience. If nothing else, they should have partnered with a retailer or some other third-party known for its execution of order fulfillment. I hate the constant comparison of anything Android with Apple, but this is one area where Apple, perhaps because of vertical integration, is has the process figured out.

      I’ve said several times in my comments on this topic that my ‘outrage’ is tempered. There are far worse things that could be happening in my life, or in the world, than to wait a few extra days for, in all intents and purposes, a gadget. With that said, I think even the most zen person can understand why people are pissed off. Google really dropped the ball, and made it worse by not communicating with its customers. The best companies proactively, and preemptively, acknowledge blunders and vow to improve. That is how you maintain a loyal customer base, and impress would be consumers.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just called my local GameStop and BAM, they have N7’s in-stock ready to be sold to pre-ordering customers! HELL yeah! And on Friday the 13th of ALL days! Almost makes me believe that today isn’t a “bad luck” kind of day at all(almost). haha!

    Heading to my GameStop now to pick it up! GameStop FTW!!

    • Detonation

      Probably the only time you will ever see “GameStop” and “FTW” together…

      • EvanTheGamer

        Actually, I’ve seen GameStop and FTW quite a bit lately. Again, GameStop FTW!

    • Liquidretro

      I am tempted to go hit up my local gamestop but don’t want to mess with the return on the Google preorder. I have waited 2 weeks a few more days won’t kill me.

      • SeanBello

        calling your credit card company to block the payment from clearing FTW. tell them Google refused to cxl the order and watch how fast they block it.

        • Havoc70

          Yep did the same thing CC company immediately blocked it

    • JoshGroff

      The bad luck is that I pre-ordered yesterday and don’t have the rest of the cash until next week. *smh* Curse you rent and car insurance!!!

  • just ordered on office depot website and it says ill receive it next tuesday :), but now im hearing some sams club got them in and we just got a sams club membership so might run there after work

  • Booyah

    At least we know now.

  • capecodcarl

    Sounds great. Hopefully this means they will start showing up in the brick and mortar stores soon. No sense in paying for shipping and tax from Google Play when I can just pay sales tax and pick it up locally.

    • Droidzilla

      Plus it makes it an easy impulse buy. If it wasn’t for impulse shopping, I might not own anything!

    • ArrowCool

      Unfortunately, once one store starts selling early, all the others will follow suit. Only the first store that starts selling early will face any penalties/admonishment.

      Not to date myself, but the same thing happened years ago when I pre-ordered my Nintendo 64. It wasn’t supposed to go on sale for a couple days, but one of the other stores in the mall started selling it, so I got a phone call from the other retailer I had ordered from saying they could now sell it early.

  • Steve

    Except that retailers also get the $25 play store credit…

    • ddevito

      Really? Son of a bitch

  • Frank F

    Somehow as excited as I should be about this …I am some what dissapointed at how this has went down ..

    • nhizzat

      Why? They hit their timeline.

      • Trevor

        Exactly, that’s what I’m saying!

        • No, you are forced to pay for shipping when ordering via the playstore and they also charged tax for an out of state purchase. It would have been cheaper to walk into the store and pick it up but we were lead to believe that google playstore orders would ship thus arrive first.

          • Southrncomfortjm

            and you can’t cancel your preorder anymore and try to get it from a regular story and try to save yourself the shipping cost. Also, Google never said that N7s would be available at regular stores in short order, much less at the same time (or earlier as is the case) than Play Store preorders.

  • BoyBlunder

    This is still inexcusable. There is absolutely no reason why Gamestop and other retail outlets should get this device before other people that ordered 2 weeks ago.

    Shame on you, Google.

    • bkosh84

      *first world problems*

      • Salvatore Bracco


    • Anon

      ASUS shipped units to all retailers, including Gamestop and Google, at the same time in the middle of the week. The only shame is that Google did not keep a lid on the fact that other retailers were receiving units as well so that everyone could freak out over the fact that they weren’t getting their toy RIGHT THAT MOMENT.

    • JoshGroff

      Besides the fact that they order in bulk and thus get higher priority when it comes to shipping. Do you think they would ship to you before someone buying a few thousand/hundred thousand? Get real.

    • No reason? Shame?

      Man this whole thing is disappointing, and I’m not talking about googles part of it…

  • Top quality B.S. thank you droid life for the only updates keeping me sane

  • ddevito

    Google saved face with the $25 play store credit – perhaps they already knew this was going to happen (in regard to stores already receiving stock). Bastardos.

  • Chris