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Swiftkey Beta 3 Released – Introduces Blindtype-esque Engine, New Themes, Smarter Everything

It has long been documented that Swiftkey is the top keyboard amongst users here at Droid Life. When it comes to predictive texting, nothing comes even close to it. Today, Swiftkey released beta 3 of their increasingly popular keyboard, taking their lead in the non-swiping space and extending it. In this latest update, you will find what they are calling “Smart Space,” which is sort of like the ICS keyboard’s Blindtype. You can type and type and type and it will figure out the sentence you were attempting even if you failed to put spaces in between words. They also tossed in two new gorgeous themes, quicker symbol selecting, backups of dictionaries, and more. 

  • Smart Space – We’ve revolutionized SwiftKey’s language engine to cope with missed or mistyped spaces across long strings of sloppy text. So, even if you make lots of typos and miss multiple spaces, it’ll still make sense. For example, “Lleasexqllme” becomes “Please call me” or “Swidykeuvroxla” becomes “SwiftKey rocks”!
  • Two stunning new themes – our ‘Cobalt’ default theme, and the ICS-inspired theme you voted for, called ‘Holo’.


  • A larger spacebar – We joked about it, but here it actually is. One of the largest spacebars you’ll find on a touchscreen keyboard.
  • Smart Symbol – No long-press required, just slide left off the period to quickly access common punctuation.
  • Back-up – Worried about losing your learned words? SwiftKey 3 now supports the Android Backup Service*, meaning your learned language data is saved by Google into the cloud if you opt in. Never lose your personal dictionary again! (*if this service is enabled on your device)
  • Smarter punctuation – Smart, language-specific punctuation (for example: Bonjour !).

New Features:


Swiftkey 3 vs. ICS Keyboard:


Download today from the Swiftkey VIP forums.

  • SupaBrotha

    The haptic feedback defaults at 10ms…so you won’t be able to feel it in most instances. You’ll want to turn it up if you want the haptic feedback when typing. 30ms seems to be about right.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I’ll try it but so far I’ve been pretty happy with the Go keyboard.

  • Trevor

    I wish swiftkey let you choose how long you had to press a key to get the alternative characters.  Thumb Keyboard still has more options overall than Swiftkey, but Swiftkey might have better predictions/corrections.  I haven’t used it long enough to know yet. 

    • KBerstene

      This option actually is available. It’s under haptic feedback. I cut my time to 15 seconds.

  • brando56894

    Does anyone know how to stop making it add a space after every period? Its insanely annoying when you’re trying to type a web address in anything other than a location bar.

  • MichaelThomason

    nice, do swift x users get free update?

  • Doesn’t hold any water in front of Swype. Installed, took it for a spin and disabled.

  • I was really disappointed with Swiftkey.  Swype isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best there is at the moment.

  • This keyboard looks so nice and has the function to match. I’m not switching back to X.

  • A big THANKS to the Dereks’!

  • This keyboard is quite nice (I just tried beta 3), but I don’t know if it’s that much better than Swype. All this has going is it’s great prediction. But if Swype improved their prediction a bit, this advantage would disappear, too.

  • Geronimogman

    I love the bigger spacebar now i actually hit the spacebar instead of just adding periods in between most of my words..the slide punctuation will take time to get used to..but with the large portrait keyboard on my galaxy nexus with no home keys..IMO PERFECTION

  • The only problem is that this does not seem to integrate the nifty, and endless, Android voice typing.  It just does like all the others and takes a sample of a sentence then inputs that, rather than typing it in as you speak.  If it would integrate the proper voice typing then this would be my default.  Until then, I rely in voice typing too much to not have that readily available.

  • kselby

    I have the file downloaded on my phone, but I can’t figure out how to get it installed. Can someone help me?

  • Derek Stiles

    I love that I can type a whole sentence without hitting the space bar.

  • I keep going back and forth between Swiftkey and Swype, but as well as Swiftkey is working for me now, I may have to keep it 😀

  • anezarati

    finally got through, looks pretty slick

  • the video really isn’t fair.. because if you miss a space on the ics keyboard, it corrects it. even if you put a letter between words.

  • Brandon Parvin

    Wish it had tablet support

    • Derek Stiles

      It does.

      • David Henry

        As in the same apk has the tablet optimized version too? Or would that be a different apk like it is a different item in the Market (which bothers me, but I bought both anyway because it’s awesome).

  • Kiter86

    I think this is better that the ICS Keyboard.  I really like it

  • Have they got ICS’s voice-to-text working yet? I couldn’t find it on any of my alternate keyboards (thumb, swiftkey, swype) so I’ve defaulted back to (gasp!) the stock Android on my GNex, since it’s so useful. Also seems like it’d be so easy to change regular voice recording to the ICS ‘type as you go’ button, but apparently not?

  • EvanTheGamer

    Well…this is exceptionally incredible!

  • nessthiss

    Anyone able to get Facebook, GMail, and Twitter personalization to work?  I’ve only been able to get SMS to succeed.

  • kcmanuel

    How do I get rid of the keyboard icon that pops up on the top left corner?

    Still looking through the settings, but is there a way to rearrange the keys?  Used to having the comma on the bottom left.

  • DanWazz

    The bigger spacebar makes a huge difference. Loving it so far.

  • TheDave1022

    Maybe I type different from most swiftkey users, but why the bigger spacebar? I would rather a smaller spacebar because I type and click predictions to insert word and space.

    Let us customize our layout a bit. For ME, swiftkeyx is the same as swiftkey3 so far.

    • Does anyone know if the longer spacebar is an option that can be switched to and from?

      • TheDave1022

        Nope it’s not. Download it from the post with the dropbox link. sort by popular first

  • No real time ICS voice to text = no sale!

  • Does anyone know what files hold all of the personalization from the paid version?  It would be nice to move the dictionary and such over (on top of doing the usual learn from sms)

  • I believe Sum 41 sums it up pretty well……. Still Waiting

  • Derek Stiles

    Swiftkey 3 beta http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6823341/SwiftKey3_Beta-

    • Kyle Fullmer

      You sir are awesome.  Their site has been running like hell.

    • KPunk

      thank you x10000!

    • Jesusmacabee

      A god amongst men. There is much thanks to be given. 

    • thanks

    • tu3218

      thank you sir!

    • Logan_jinx

      +1 million internets for you good sir

    • I love you! #nohomo

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      tried that download twice. Says application not installed. Removed the normal swiftkey first 🙁

    • Thanks for the link. Just installed. Holo theme looks really nice on my G-Nex (Cobalt is ok too). Only disappointment is that the voice button launches “Voice Input” (no “Done” button) rather than “Voice Typing” in ICS. Voice Typing is far superior. I know this was noted in Swiftkey forums and they were supposedly going to look into it. I kind of expected it to happen here as it is a no-brainer (the ICS stock keyboard already does it).

    • Derek Gelinas

      Another mirror for when Derek hits his dropbox limit:


      • Derek Stiles

        The Dereks on the lookout!

      • brando56894

        FYI you have to rename the extension from zip to apk if you download if from your phone… or at least I had to.

        • John

          He linked directly to the apk tho…?

          • brando56894

            For some reason it renames it to zip.

          • M1ghtysauc3

            No problems here.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Thanks dude!

    • Derek Stiles

      If you like it, be sure to buy it when it gets out of beta.  The devs are great and it’s well worth the money.

      • Howmk

        Will SwiftKey3 be an additional purchase when it releases or if we’ve bought X we can also get 3?

        • Ill want my 10 cents back if its not!

        • John

          Free upgrade for previous version owners. They confirmed it a few hours ago

    • dereklover

      God I love you.

      • Derek Stiles

        Awesome name!!!!

    • Msombloski

      thanks for the link! it is 10x better than the stock keyboard!

    • thanks, i’ve been trying for 10 minutes just to sign into the swiftkey site. theres a fix they should address, getting to the download. 

  • Swiftkey broke the internets.

  • Jak_341

    No joy on the website.

  • Love this, but no voice typing?


    • TheDave1022

      Have you tested that?  The only thing I hate about swiftkey is that they use their own engine for the voice typing

      • This is killer to me.  I will not use Swiftkey until they get this fixed.

        • microdot44

          i know this kills me too. I am so torn because i use the voice typing a lot but swiftkey has a feature that i personally find very very useful and that is to have the dictionary of two languages downloaded so i dont have to constantly go to setting and turn of auto correct when typing in my native language.

          • Ajs

            Killer for me too. I need ICS voice typing to get me to pay for SwiftKey

  • KPunk

    post!, been trying to get this for like an hour.

  • Derek Stiles

    Got it!!!! 

    • Miketoasty

      Post that sucker!

      • Derek Stiles

        Swiftkey 3 beta http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6823341/SwiftKey3_Beta-

        • TheDave1022


  • swype ftw

    • lol.  swypers….

      • belsonc

         Swyper, no swyping!

        • El Big Chris


    • I’m sorry but Swype is overhyped.

  • enigmaco

    I can’t access the website must be pretty busy

  • I cant get it to load either 

  • John

    Anyone have the apk?

    edit; why don’t they just create a beta version in the app store?

  • CharlesHussell

    Their site must be getting blasted, I have not been able to get it to load all morning

  • Derek Stiles

    Been trying to grab it for an hour now.  Can’t wait until I get that magical refresh.

  • Can any of the beta testers even get to the VIP forum?

    • Derek Stiles

      So far I’ve gotten to the topic thread and it says it’s been downloaded 320 times.  Still taking a long time to load any pages.